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Memphis - Vocal Score

Date post: 23-Oct-2015
Author: rob-embrechts
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  • 01. Memphis02. Music of my soul03A. Department store transition 03. Summer heart04. Scratch my itch05. Scrath Reprise/I can shake the blues06. Hello, My Name is Huey06A. Into radio station07. Patti Page & Roy Rogers08. Be black I08A. Be black II09. Make me stronger10. Say a prayer11. Colored woman12. Someday13. I don't make the rules Huey13A. Radio intro14. Radio14A. Someday (Pre-Recorded)15. Say a prayer (Gator & Chorus)16. Rock Shop I17. Big love18. Love will stand when all else falls19. Stand up20. Shut up and change21. Rock Shop II22. Tear down the house23. Tear down transition24. Love will stand when all else falls (Reprise)25. Memphis lives in me???? 26. Steal your rock'n roll27. Bows34. Exit music