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Mentoring Challenges - Dealing with pitfalls in mentoring relationships

Date post:14-Jun-2015
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Mentoring has a valuable role to play in supporting talent management and leadership development in an organisation. But creating and sustaining effective mentoring relationships isn't always easy. This Slideshare outlines some of the mentoring challenges at different stages of the relationship. To find out more about how you can use mentoring as part of your Talent Development Strategy, download your FREE Talent Development Audit at www.antoinetteoglethorpe.com/talent-development-audit The Audit will help you assess how effective your talent development strategy. Learn how to increase your competitive advantage; engage, retain and develop your best people; and save serious amounts of time and money. Download your FREE Talent development Audit at http://www.antoinetteoglethorpe.com/talent-development-audit/
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