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Merton Secondary Schools

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  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools



    Starting Secondary

    School 2010




    Transer rom Primary to Secondary School

    or Admission in September 2010For children born between 1st September 1998 and 31st August 1999

    Apply online:www.merton.gov.uk/admissions

    by Friday23 October 2009

  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools



    Welcome 01

    Applying Online 02

    Schools in Merton and their location 03

    Key dates 06

    Guide to applying or a secondary school place 08

    Which school should I apply for? 08

    How do I apply? 08How are places allocated? 09

    When will I know? 09

    What if my application is late or I change my preferences? 09

    What is a waiting list? 10

    Can I appeal if I dont get the place I want? 10

    My child has a Statement of Special Educational Needs 10

    Admissions criteria 11

    Mertons Academies 11

    Mertons Community & Voluntary Controlled Schools 14

    Mertons Voluntary Aided Schools 16

    Completing the Common Application Form (CAF) 18

    Schools in Merton 20

    Bishopsford Community School 20

    Harris Academy Merton 22

    Raynes Park High School 24

    Ricards Lodge High School 26

    Rutlish School 28

    St Marks Church of England Academy 30Ursuline High School Wimbledon 32

    Wimbledon College 34

    Schools in neighbouring boroughs 36

    Frequently asked questions 41

    List o educational terms 44

    Translation advice 45

  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools



    Letter from the Director ofChildren, Schools and Families

    Dear Parents and Carers

    Transferring from primary

    to secondary school is an

    important step in your childs

    education. I am delighted

    that you are considering a

    secondary school in Merton.

    This brochure provides

    an introduction to the

    diverse range of learning

    opportunities and specialistfacilities provided in Mertons

    eight secondary schools. While all the schools share

    common features, just as each child is unique, so each

    school is unique in the ethos and qualities offered.

    Please take your time to nd out as much as you can

    about your local schools to enable you to make a fully

    informed decision about which schools to apply for.

    Visit as many of the schools as you can and involve

    your child in this process.

    Merton is committed to developing its schools and the

    opportunities available for students. We already have

    successful 6th Forms at Ursuline, Wimbledon College,St. Anns, Harris Academy and St Marks Academy.

    In September 2010 Ricards Lodge and Rutlish will

    become 11-19 schools operating a joint co-educational

    6th form, and Bishopsford and Raynes Park will each

    have 6th form provision on site in partnership with

    Merton College. The new provisions will complement

    and enhance existing 6th Form learning opportunities.

    If you have access to a computer, consider applying

    online. This is a quick, convenient and secure method

    of applying for your secondary school place in 2010.

    Finally, I hope the application process runs smoothly foryou, and I wish your child every success in their new

    secondary school.

    Yvette Stanley

    Director of Children, Schools and Families

    London Borough of Merton

    Please keep this brochure untilyou have received and acceptedan offer of a secondary schoolplace for your child.

    If you have any questions regarding school

    admissions, please contact:

    School Admissions Team

    Children, Schools and FamiliesLondon Borough of Merton

    Civic Centre

    London Road

    Morden SM4 5DX

    Opening hours:

    Monday - Friday, 9.00am-5.00pm

    Phone: 020 8274 4906

    Fax: 020 8545 3443

    Email: [email protected]

    Website: www.merton.gov.uk

  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools


    This brochure has two main aims:

    to provide parents and carers of children living

    in Merton with information needed to apply for a

    secondary school place in this or any other councils

    area for September 2010; and

    to provide information regarding all eight Merton

    secondary schools.

    Applying online

    Parents of children living in the London Borough ofMerton can apply online for a secondary place at:


    In 2008/9, 51% of Merton residents applied online.

    This has several advantages:

    no forms will get lost in the post

    data validation system prevents you from naming

    incorrect school names and numbers

    you will receive an instant email conrmation of your

    completed application

    it is quick, simple, and no paper is involved

    there are no postage costs

    it is a safe and secure password operated system

    changes and amendments can be made right up to

    the closing date

    there is no risk of data input errors once the online

    form has been completed.

    The online application form is straightforward and asks

    the same information as the paper form. If you have any

    doubts about the information you should enter, please

    see pages 18 -19 of this guide.

    Once you have registered to apply online, please keep

    a note of your user name and password below, so that

    you may return to your form to make amendments until

    the closing date of 23 October 2009 and to view the

    outcome from 2 March 2010.

    If you apply online, please do not also submit a paper

    form. Submitting more than one application could, at

    the very least, delay your application.

    Applying Online


    For online admissions




  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools


    Bishopsord Community School

    Lilleshall Road, Morden SM4 6DU

    Headmaster: Mr A Barker

    Tel: 020 8687 1157

    DCSF number: 315 4061

    210 places for Boys & Girls:

    211 preferences were received last year. All those who

    applied by the closing date were offered a place, if they

    did not receive a higher preference offer.

    Harris Academy Merton

    Wide Way, Mitcham CR4 1BP

    Principal: Mr A Halpin

    Tel: 020 8623 1000

    DCSF number: 315 6905

    180 places for Boys & Girls:

    618 preferences were received last year. Please contact

    the Academy for details of how places were offered.

    Raynes Park High School

    Bushey Road, London SW20 0JL

    Headteacher: Mr I Newman

    Tel: 020 8946 4112

    DCSF number: 315 4052

    240 places for Boys & Girls:

    614 preferences were received last year.

    Places were offered as follows:

    7 SEN/LAC/Social/Medical

    53 Siblings

    180 Distance (to 5162 metres)

    Ricards Lodge High School

    Lake Road, London SW19 7HB

    Headteacher: Mrs A Jerrard

    Tel: 020 8946 2208

    DCSF number: 315 4050

    240 places for Girls only:

    691 preferences were received last year.

    Places were offered as follows:

    8 SEN/LAC/Social/Medical

    54 Siblings

    178 Distance (to 3260 metres)

    Rutlish School

    Watery Lane, London SW20 9AD

    Headteacher: Mr A Williamson

    Tel: 020 8542 1212

    DCSF number: 315 4500

    240 places for Boys only:

    427 preferences were received last year. All those who

    applied by the closing date were offered a place, if they

    did not receive a higher preference offer.

    St Marks Church o England Academy

    Acacia Road, Mitcham CR4 1SF

    Principal: Ms E Holland

    Executive Principal: Mr P Evans

    Tel: 020 8648 6627

    DCSF number: 315 6906

    180 places for Boys & Girls:

    311 preferences were received last year. All those who

    applied by the closing date were offered a place, if they

    did not receive a higher preference offer.

    Ursuline High School Wimbledon

    Crescent Road, Wimbledon SW20 8HA

    Executive Headteacher: Ms J Waters

    Tel: 020 8255 2688

    DCSF number: 315 5400

    196 places for Girls only:

    763 preferences were received last year.

    Please contact the school for details of how places

    were offered.

    Wimbledon College

    Edge Hill, London SW19 4NS

    Headmaster: Father A Porter SJ

    Tel: 020 8879 9355

    DCSF number: 315 4701

    199 places for Boys only:

    651 preferences were received last year.

    Please contact the school for details of how places

    were offered.

    Schools in Merton


  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools


    Location of Mertonsecondary schools


  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools


    1 Bishopsford Community School

    2 St Marks Church of England Academy

    3 Raynes Park High School

    4 Ricards Lodge High School

    5 Rutlish School

    6 Harris Academy Merton

    7 Ursuline High School Wimbledon

    8 Wimbledon College


  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools


    September 2009 If your child lives in the London Borough of Merton, you should receive yourCommon Application Forms (CAFs) and this booklet via borough primary schools

    or by post from Merton School Admissions Team.


    - October 2009

    Secondary schools open days and open evenings. Prospectuses are available for

    collection from the schools at these events.

    Friday 23 October 2009 Closing date for receipt of online applications, Common ApplicationForms and any supplementary forms.

    After this date your application will be considered as late.

    27 November 2009

    - 15 January 2010Admissions authorities rank applications according to admissions criteria.

    Friday 11 December 2009 Closing date for applications from people moving into the borough, or changingaddress after 23 October 2009.

    Monday 1 March 2010 National Offer Day. We will post letters by rst class post to tell you the resultof your application.

    Monday 15 March 2010 Date by which you must accept or decline your offer of a school place.

    June July 2010 Admission appeals.

    June July 2010 All students transferring to Merton secondary schools spend a day at theirnew school.

    Key dates 2009/2010


  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools


    Open evenings and mornings


    Bishopsford Community School

    Lilleshall Road, Morden, SM4 6DU

    020 8687 1157 www.bishopsford.org

    Open Evening: Tuesday 29 September 2009 6.008.30pm

    Personal Tours: Tuesday 6, Wednesday 7, Tuesday 13 andWednesday 14 October 20099.3010.30am

    Harris Academy Merton

    Wide Way, Mitcham, CR4 1BP

    020 8623 1000 www.harrismerton.org.uk

    Open Evening: Wednesday 16 September 2009 5.008.00pmLast entry 7.30pm

    Raynes Park High School

    Bushey Road, London, SW20 0JL

    020 8946 4112 www.raynespark.merton.sch.uk

    Open Evening: Thursday 1 October 2009 6.009.00pm

    Open Mornings: Monday 5, Tuesday 6, Wednesday 7and Thursday 8 October 2009Tours start at 9.30am and at 11.30am

    Visitors are welcome at other times, please contact the schooloce to arrange

    Ricards Lodge High School

    Lake Road, Wimbledon, SW19 7HB

    020 8946 2208 www.ricardslodge.merton.sch.uk

    Open Evening: Tuesday 22 September 2009 5.308.00pm

    Open Mornings: Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 September 20099.30am12.00 noon

    Rutlish School

    Watery Lane, Merton, SW20 9AD

    020 8542 1212 www.rutlish.merton.sch.uk

    Open Evening: Tuesday 22 September 2009 6.009.00pm

    Open Mornings: Thursday 24 and Friday 25 September 20099.0011.00am

    St Marks Church of England Academy

    Acacia Road, Mitcham, CR4 1SF

    020 8648 6627 www.stmarksacademy.com

    Open Evening: Wednesday 30 September 2009 5.308.00pm

    Open Mornings: Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 September,Thursday 1 and Friday 2 October 20099.3010.45am

    Ursuline High School Wimbledon

    Crescent Road, Wimbledon, SW20 8HA

    020 8255 2688 www.ursulinehigh.merton.sch.uk

    Open Evening: Wednesday 23 September 2009 6.308.30pm

    Open Mornings: By appointment only rom Mrs Martinon 020 8879 4381Friday 11 and Friday 18 September,Thursday 1, Friday 2, Tuesday 6 andThursday 15 October 200911.15am12.40pm

    Wimbledon College

    Edge Hill, London, SW19 4NS

    020 8879 9355 www.wimbledoncollege.org.uk

    Open Evening: Thursday 24 September 2009 6.308.30pm

  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools


    Which school shouldI apply or?Before deciding which schools to apply for, gather as

    much information about the schools as possible using a

    variety of sources:

    visit the schools

    (see page 7 for details of open events)

    obtain their prospectuses

    look at their website

    research their Ofsted reports at www.ofsted.gov.uk

    read the descriptions in this guide.

    Please do not base your decisions on previous exam

    results of the school or what other people say about

    it. We recommend that all families make up their own

    minds and that your child is involved in the application

    process. Visit the open days/evenings with your child

    and remember that different children thrive in different

    environments, not just those that the parents feel are

    appropriate. Also take into account the accessibility

    of the school from your home address and your childsfriendship groups.

    It is also important that you consider the admissions

    criteria for each school - how places are awarded and

    who gets priority when a school is oversubscribed.

    These may not necessarily be the same (see pages 11

    to 17 to view the criteria for Merton schools).

    If you are considering applying for a selective school in

    one of our neighbouring boroughs, speak to your childs

    primary school headteacher who should be able to give

    you a guide on your childs likely chance of passing the

    entrance test.Merton schools do not have selection tests as Merton

    has a fully comprehensive system. However, due to

    the banding system operated by the Harris Academy

    Merton to ensure a comprehensive intake, all applicants

    for this Academy will be required to sit a test (see page

    11 for details).

    If you are thinking about applying for any schools

    outside Merton, please also get a copy of their brochure

    (see pages 36 to 40 for details).

    How do I apply?Decide which schools you would like for your

    child in your preferred order and apply online at

    www.merton.gov.uk/admissions . You will receive

    an automated reference number to show that your

    application has been submitted.

    If you do not have access to a computer, complete

    the Common Application Form (CAF) and send it

    to the address shown on the form. If you require an

    acknowledgement, please also send a stamped

    self-addressed envelope.

    You may also need to complete supplementary

    forms for some schools that require additional

    information. The school prospectuses will tell you which

    schools need these.

    Each applicant in London is limited to a maximum of

    six preferences on their Common Application Form.

    It is recommended that you name at least one school

    for which your application is likely to be successful,

    for example, your local community school. If you need

    advice about this please contact the School Admissions

    Team on 020 8274 4906.

    Guide to applying for asecondary school place


  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools


    How are placesallocated?Merton Council will always try to offer a place at the

    school you have named as the highest preference.

    Mertons admission process is operated within an

    equal preference scheme. The admissions authority will

    consider applications without referring to the preference

    order on your Common Application Form. This system

    means that, if your child is unsuccessful at your rst

    preference school, they will not get overlooked byschools lower down your order of preference.

    The admissions authority, which can be the Local

    Authority or the school itself, will make the decision

    on whether a place can be offered. Where a school is

    oversubscribed, the admissions criteria are used to rank

    the children. This is the order by which children will be

    offered places.

    If a child is only eligible for one school within the listed

    preferences by this ranking process, this will be the offer

    made. Where a child is ranked highly enough to receive

    an offer from two or more of their preferred schools, theoffer will be made for the highest preference school.

    Any lower preferences will be automatically withdrawn.

    Where you have applied to schools in more than one

    London borough, these boroughs exchange details

    electronically and the process is repeated. Again,

    the highest potential offer is retained and the others

    discarded. This process continues until each child has

    no more than one offer.

    If your child is not eligible for any of the schools you

    applied for, and you are a Merton resident, Merton

    Council will offer you a place at the nearest Merton

    school with a vacancy.

    When will I know?All councils will send out letters to their own residents

    on Monday 1 March 2010. These letters are posted rst

    class on that date. You should send your reply slip back

    to accept or decline the offer you have been made by

    Monday 15 March 2010.

    What i my application

    is late or I change mypreerences?If your application is made after the closing date of

    Friday 23 October 2009 or if you change your existing

    preferences after this date, your application will be

    treated as late.

    A late application will not be considered until after all

    those that were received on time and may jeopardise

    the possibility of your child being offered a place at one

    of your preferred schools. If the application is late, or

    preferences are changed for good reason, such as a

    change of address, these will be considered as on timeproviding the evidence of the change is received by 11

    December 2009. Any applications or changes after this

    date will not be considered until after 1 March 2010.

    To help us decide whether cases are late for good

    reason, parents must submit written evidence giving

    details of their case. A copy of their new Council Tax

    bill together with a solicitors letter regarding contract

    completion or a copy of the new tenancy agreement,

    must accompany changes of address. If you are unsure

    whether your circumstances would be regarded as

    good reason, please contact School Admissions Team

    for advice (see page 01 for contact details).


  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools



    What is a waiting list?Where a school is oversubscribed and has more

    applicants than places available, offers are made

    according to their admissions criteria. Those who

    cannot be offered a place will be added to a waiting

    list, providing they are not offered one of their higher

    preference schools. Waiting lists are kept in the same

    order as the admissions criteria of the school.

    All applicants will be automatically held on waiting

    lists for the higher preference schools than the one

    offered. If the schools are outside Merton, we will passthe childs information to the relevant borough(s) to

    add to their waiting lists, providing they are eligible

    (e.g. a child cannot be added to the waiting list for a

    selective school if they did not pass the entrance test).

    If you want to know if your child is on a waiting list for

    a school in another borough you should contact its

    admission authority (Local Authority or school).

    Waiting lists for Community and Voluntary Controlled

    Schools are maintained by the Local Authority;

    Voluntary Aided Schools and Academies maintain

    their own. Waiting lists will remain open until the end

    of the 2010 Autumn Term. If you wish to remain on thelist after this date you must write to the admissions

    authority (Local Authority or school).

    Waiting lists can change; for example, if a child moves

    into the area after the initial allocations have been

    made, their name will be added to the waiting list in

    accordance with the admissions criteria. If they live

    closer to the chosen school than you do, their name

    may go above your child on the waiting list. Once your

    childs name reaches the top of the waiting list, if a

    vacancy occurs you will be offered a place.

    Can I appeal i I dont getthe place I want?All parents have the right of appeal against a decision

    not to offer a place for a child, providing an application

    has been made. For Community and Voluntary

    Controlled Schools these should be lodged with

    the Local Authority. For Voluntary Aided Schools or

    Academies, they should be lodged directly with the

    governing body of the particular school.

    Information about how to appeal will be sent to allapplicants who do not get offered their rst preference

    school with their letter on Monday 1 March 2010.

    Appeals are likely to be heard during June and July.

    Only a few appeals are upheld; recently experience

    shows approximately 1 in 10 have been successful.

    Those that are upheld tend to have signicant

    supporting professional evidence. If you do have

    supporting evidence, please supply this with the

    original application as it may help avoid the need for

    an appeal hearing.

    My child has astatement o specialeducational needsIf your child has a statement of special educational

    needs and you live in Merton, you will need to call

    the SEN Team on 020 8545 4811 as your application

    process is different to that described within

    this brochure.

    Guide to applying for asecondary school place

  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools



    Harris Academy Merton

    The Academy has an agreed admission number of 180

    pupils and a total pupil number of 1200 (including the

    Sixth Form). The Academy will accordingly admit at

    least 180 pupils in the relevant age group, each year,

    if sufcient applications are received.

    The Academy will consider all applications for places.

    Where fewer than 180 applications are received, the

    Academy will offer places to all those who have applied.

    Where the Harris Academy Merton is oversubscribed,

    the allocation of places will take place within aframework of fair banding whereby all applicants

    are placed in 9 ability bands based on Nationally

    Standardised Results (NSR) depending on the score

    an applicant achieves in a Non-Verbal Reasoning test

    (ranked from the lowest to the highest band). The

    number of places offered from each band is based on

    the NSR suggested intake. This process is to ensure a

    comprehensive intake into the Academy.

    Where the number of applications for admission

    is greater than the published admissions number,

    applications will be considered against the criteria,

    and in the order set out below:a) students in public care/looked-after children;

    b) students for whom it is essential that they be

    admitted to the Academy because of signicant

    medical needs evidenced by written medical

    evidence. The Academy will make a judgement

    based on the evidence provided as to whether it

    is the only school able to meet the childs needs.

    50% of the remaining places in each band will be

    offered to students living within a two mile radial

    distance of the Academy on the basis of proximity.

    Distance to be measured using the straight line distance

    (dened by the Academy) between the main entrance

    to an applicants home and the main entrance to the

    Academy site. Where a pupil lives for part of each week

    at different addresses, the home address shall be

    that address where the pupil spends the majority of

    the week.

    The remaining 50% of the places in each band will

    be offered to applicants living within a four mile radialdistance on the basis of proximity.

    If at the end of this process there are unallocated places

    in any band these will be lled by unallocated applicants

    from the next nearest band alternatively above or below

    using the same allocation criteria set out above.

    If the number of applications from within four miles is

    exhausted then applicants outside of the four mile zone

    will be considered using the same criteria as above.

    If an applicant does not sit the test, they will be

    considered after those who have, and will be considered

    on a straight line distance basis only. Given the level ofoversubscription that the Academy has, it is most likely

    not to be in a position to offer places to children who do

    not sit the test.

    Admissions criteria forMertons academies

  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools


  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools



    If there are more than 120 applicants, places will be

    allocated according to the following criteria. These

    are stated in order of priority: (i) looked-after children;

    (ii) children with known medical or social or pastoral

    needs who have an exceptional need for a place in this

    particular Academy; (iii) children who will have a brother

    or sister in the Academy at the time of admission; (iv)

    the nearness of the home to the Academy, measured as

    a straight line measurement from the applicants home

    address to the Academy entrance gate.

    In the event that two or more applicants have equal right

    to a place under any of the above criteria, the governingbody will apply the subsequent criteria, in order of

    priority, to these applicants. If applicants live equal

    distant from the Academy the governing body

    will draw lots to decide between applicants.


    Faithful and regular worshipper is dened as worshipping

    twice a month for two years prior to application.

    Brother or sister is dened as blood relatives, step-siblings,

    foster and adopted children living at the same address.

    Any application based on medical or social or pastoralneeds must be supported by (an) appropriate professional

    reference(s), e.g. specialist health professional, social worker,

    educational psychologist, priest or faith leader. Applicants

    should be able to demonstrate why St Marks Church of

    England Academy is the most suitable school and the

    difculties that would be caused if the child had to attend

    another school.

    The straight line distance to the Academys main gate will be

    calculated through the Local Authoritys computer system.

    All applications will be considered on an equal preference


    Waiting lists will be held for each of the three admissioncategories (Foundation, Governors and Open places). Where

    in any year St Marks Church of England Academy receives

    more applications for places than there are places available for

    any of these particular categories, a waiting list will operate.

    This will be maintained by St Marks Church of England

    Academy and it will be open to any parent to ask for his or

    her childs name to be placed on the waiting list, following an

    unsuccessful application.

    Childrens position on the waiting list(s) will be determined

    solely in accordance with the oversubscription criteria

    set out above. Where places become vacant they will be

    allocated to children on the waiting list in accordance with the

    oversubscription criteria.

  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools



    These apply to Bishopsford CommunitySchool, Raynes Park High School, RutlishSchool and Ricards Lodge High School.

    Bishopsford has applied for Trust school status. If this

    takes effect before September 2010, the school will

    become responsible for implementing their admissions

    policy and appeals process. However, the policy printed

    on this page will apply for September 2010 entry.

    If a community or voluntary controlled school has more

    places available than applicants, then all children will be

    offered places there. If there are more applicants thanplaces, all applications are ranked according to the

    admissions criteria. The criteria for the allocation of Year

    7 places in oversubscribed schools are as follows, and

    applied in the order shown:

    First Criterion

    Children in public care (i.e. children looked after by

    a Local Authority). If you make an application under

    this criterion, it must be supported by a letter from the

    relevant Local Authority.

    Second Criterion

    Children with an exceptional and professionally

    supported medical or social need for a place in a

    particular school. You must submit evidence from

    a professional person with the application form (or

    separately if applying online) otherwise it will not be

    possible to take the particular need into account. The

    School Admissions Team will consider if the evidence

    shows a need for the child to attend a particular school,

    which could not reasonably be supported in another

    school. Please note that the Admissions Team will notseek evidence on behalf of an applicant, and that it

    is the responsibility of an applicant to ensure that all

    evidence is made available with the application, or sent

    separately to the Local Authority if an application is

    made online. In the case of a medical need the Local

    Authority will consider if it is essential, on medical

    grounds, for the child to attend the school of the

    parents preference. If you require a place at a particular

    school on the basis of a medical need, please contact

    the School Admissions Team on 020 8274 4906 for

    an additional form to be completed by a relevant

    medical professional.

    Please note we cannot accept letters from yourself or

    from other members of your family, nor from your health

    visitor. We do not consider childminding or parents

    working arrangements as evidence of social need.

    Third Criterion

    Children who have a brother or sister (sibling) registered

    at the school who will be attending the school at the

    time of their admission. A qualifying sibling is a brother

    or sister (or step brother or sister, adopted brother or

    sister) who is part of the same family unit living at thesame address. This does not include a sibling in Year 11

    at the time the application is made.

    Fourth Criterion

    All other students in order of nearness to the school.

    We measure the straight line distance between the

    childs home address and the school concerned. The

    distance between these points will be calculated using

    a computerised mapping system. The childs address

    should be that of the childs permanent residence.

    You may not give the address of a relative or carer

    unless they have legal custody of the child. If parents

    are separated and share custody of the child, the

    address given should be that of the parent with whom

    the child spends most of the school week, which will

    normally be the address where Child Benet is payable.

    If the parent making the application lives at a different

    address from the child, a letter of explanation should be

    attached. An application can only be made from a single

    address, and only a single application can be made

    for each child. It is not acceptable for a family to use a

    temporarily rented address to secure a place of their

    preference. In disputed cases, the School Admissions

    Team will make a judgement based on the evidenceavailable to them.

    It should be noted that the computerised system,

    which uses Ordnance Survey Maps, measures from a

    start point plotted within the centre of the property at

    which the applicant lives to the appropriate school gate

    and the measurement calculated. Where a school has

    more than one entrance gate, the one closest to the

    applicants home will be used for this purpose. Where

    computerized maps are unavailable the same procedure

    is followed but measurements are undertaken using A-Z

    maps and a map distance measurement wheel.

    Admissions criteria for Mertonscommunity & voluntary controlled schools

  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools



    Where more than one applicant has the same

    straight line distance measurement and distance is

    the determining factor, lots will be drawn to determine

    the rank order.

    Applicants wishing to query a distance from home

    to school or a route used should contact the School

    Admissions Team on 020 8274 4906.

    In cases where a distance calculation is disputed

    applicants should write to the School Admissions

    Manager, 10th oor, Civic Centre, Morden SM4 5DX. All

    disputes will be investigated. Where it is agreed that thebasis of the calculation was incorrect the measurement

    will be recalculated. The calculation will be re-run for

    both the applicant in question and any other applicant

    shown to be affected by the issue.

    Applications relating to twins, triplets or

    other multiple births

    Where a parent applies for entry into the same year

    group for more than one child and it is not possible to

    offer a place to all of them, the names of the children

    who were unsuccessful will be added to the waiting listin accordance with the published admissions criteria,

    in the same way as for other children. Where distance

    is the determining factor, and these children have the

    same home to school distance, lots will be drawn to

    determine the rank order.

    Where there is one school place available and there is

    more than one sibling who is eligible for a place under

    the published admissions criteria, lots will be drawn

    to determine the rank order. The parent can then

    determine whether to accept or reject those places on

    an individual basis.

  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools



    Admissions criteria for Mertonsvoluntary aided schools

    Ursuline High School WimbledonThere are 196 places in Year 7. If the number of

    applicants exceeds the number of places the

    governors will apply the following criteria selection

    in the order stated:

    1. Looked after Catholic (i) girls or Looked After girls in

    the care of Catholic families;

    2. Girls who are baptised and practising Catholics;

    3. Other looked after girls;

    4. Girls who are practising of other faiths;

    5. All other applicants (i.e. applicants who do not meetthe criteria above).

    If the number of places available is oversubscribed in

    any one of the above categories priority will be given to:

    1. Girls who have a sister at the Ursuline or a brother at

    Wimbledon College (ii);

    2. Girls who have a strong social or compassionate

    need which makes the school particularly suitable;

    3. Girls who live nearest to the Ursuline. Distance will be

    measured in a straight line from girls homes to the

    school (iii).

    Denition of practising Catholic:

    a) The applicant is baptised;

    b) For at least the last three years the applicant has

    regularly attended mass on Sunday or Saturday

    evening (as a minimum, three out of four) and

    regularly on Holy Days of Obligation (as a minimum,

    three out of four) except in times of sickness or for

    other urgent reasons.

    In relation to category 1 and 2 parents or carers:

    a) Should submit a certicate of baptism for their

    daughter with the Ursuline supplementary form;

    b) Should also complete the information required of

    them on the Catholic practice section of the Ursuline

    supplementary form. The school will then ask the

    nominated priest to complete section D;

    c) Applicants enrolled in the catechumenate will be

    considered in category 2.

    In relation to oversubscription criteria No 2:

    Strong and relevant evidence in the form of a letter must

    be provided by the present school and an appropriate

    authority (e.g. qualied medical practitioner, education

    welfare ofcer, social worker, priest). This must be

    submitted with the supplementary form otherwise it will

    not be possible to take the particular need into account.

    In relation to category 4 parents or carers:

    Must submit a written reference from the familys

    minister or religious faith leader stating their daughter is

    a practising member of the relevant faith.


    (i) Catholics include Latin Rite Catholics (Roman Catholics)

    and Oriental Rite Catholics in communion with the See of

    Rome: the Maronite and Italo-Albanian Catholic Churches; the

    Chaldean and Syro-Malabar Catholic Churches; the Armenian,

    Coptic, Ethiopian, Syrian and Syro-Malankara Catholic

    Churches; the Melkite, Ukranian, Ruthenian and Romanian

    Catholic Churches; the Greek Catholic Church, the Byzantine

    Catholics in former Yugoslavia, the Bulgarian, Slovak and

    Hungarian Catholic Churches and the Eastern Catholic

    Communities (Russian, Belarussian, Georgian and Albanian)

    without hierarchies.

    (ii) Brothers and sisters include blood siblings, and also

    siblings by marriage (stepbrothers and sisters). The sibling

    must be in the school at the time of the applicants admission.

    (iii) The distance is measured by the London Borough of

    Merton on behalf of Ursuline High School using a GIS system,

    from the girls homes to the main gates in Crescent Road.

    These oversubscription criteria have been

    extracted from the schools admissions policy.

    Please contact the school directly to obtain the

    full policy.

  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools


    These schools require a supplementary form to assess faith elements of theadmissions criteria. If applicants do not submit a supplementary form, they will onlybe considered after applicants who have submitted this form. These schools arenormally oversubscribed with Catholic applicants.


    Wimbledon CollegeWimbledon College will admit 199 boys into Year 7.If the number of applicants exceeds the number of

    places, the governors will apply the following criteria of

    selection in the order stated:

    1. Catholic boys in public care (looked-after children);

    2. Boys who are baptised and practising Catholics (i);

    3. Other boys in public care (looked-after children);

    4. Other boys.

    If the number of applicants in any one category above

    exceeds the number of places available, the governors

    will admit boys in the following order:1. Boys who have special circumstances which, in

    the judgement of the governors on the evidence

    submitted to them, makes Wimbledon College

    particularly suitable for the boy;

    2. Boys who are currently pupils at one of the following

    primary schools in the Archdiocese of Southwark and

    the Deanery of Merton (ii):

    Sacred Heart RC Primary School, New Malden

    St John Fisher RC Primary School, Morden

    St Marys RC Primary School, Wimbledon

    SS Peter and Paul RC Primary School, Mitcham

    St Teresas RC Primary School, Morden

    St Thomas of Canterbury RC Primary School,


    If the number of places available is oversubscribed in

    any one of the above categories, priority will be given to:

    1. Boys who currently have a brother (iii) at Wimbledon

    College at the time of admission (September 2010);

    2. Boys who live nearest to Wimbledon College.

    Distance will be measured in a straight line from the

    boys home to the school (iv).

    Religious Practice

    Catholic practice means being baptised and attending

    liturgy on Sundays (v) and Holydays. A baptismal

    certicate is required for those wishing to be considered

    as Catholic applicants. The supplementary information

    form is used by Wimbledon College to assess whether

    an applicant meets the schools admissions criteria.

    If you choose not to submit the supplementary

    information form, Wimbledon College is unable to

    assess your application and will be unable to offer your

    son a place.

    Special Circumstances

    Special circumstances include educational, medical,social and compassionate reasons why the applicationof one boy should be given precedence over others.Other circumstances which may merit specialconsideration include the children of Crown servants,diplomats and forces personnel, those returning ormoving to the UK from overseas, refugees and asylumseekers, and social or family circumstances in whichthe child is adversely affected. Each application madeunder the special circumstances category mustinclude at least one letter from a relevant professional(such as a social worker, doctor, priest, primary

    school headteacher or educational psychologist)which sets out evidence in support of the applicationto be considered under special circumstances. Theapplication and supporting evidence will need to setout the particular reasons why Wimbledon College isthe most suitable school for the boy and the difcultiesthat would be caused if he had to attend anotherschool. The governors will weigh each application on itsindividual merits, considering all and only the evidencesubmitted to them, also taking into consideration theability of the school to meet individual needs and theoverall balance of the school population. On the basis ofthe case presented to them, the governors will decide

    whether or not an application is eligible for admissionunder special circumstances.


    (i) Catholics include Latin Rite Catholics (Roman Catholics)

    and Oriental Rite Catholics in communion with the See of

    Rome: the Maronite and Italo-Albanian Catholic Churches;

    the Chaldean and Syro-Malabar Catholic Churches; the

    Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopian, Syrian and Syro-Malankara

    Catholic Churches; the Melkite, Ukranian, Ruthenian and

    Romanian Catholic Churches; the Greek Catholic Church,

    the Byzantine Catholics in former Yugoslavia, the Bulgarian,

    Slovak and Hungarian Catholic Churches and the Eastern

    Catholic Communities (Russian, Belarussian, Georgian andAlbanian) without hierarchies.

    (ii) The schools listed will be given equal consideration.

    (iii) Brothers include blood siblings, adopted children and

    siblings from marriage (stepbrothers) who reside at the same


    (iv) The distance is measured by the London Borough of

    Merton on behalf of Wimbledon College using a standard


    (v) Mass attendance on Sundays and Holydays includes the

    vigil Mass on the Saturday evening or the day before the


    These oversubscription criteria have beenextracted from the schools admissions policy.Please contact the school directly to obtain the

    full policy.

  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools


    We recommend that you apply online (see page 2) via

    the Merton website www.merton.gov.uk/admissions .

    If you do not have access to a computer, or your childs

    school is unable to support you in making an online

    application, please use the paper Common Application

    Form supplied with this brochure.

    If you need to complete a paper form, each Local

    Authority issues its own application form and you

    must obtain one from the borough in which you

    live, regardless of which schools you are naming as

    preferences. Please do not complete the Merton form

    unless you and your child permanently reside in Merton.

    You may only complete ONE Common Application

    Form. If you apply online, please do not complete the

    paper form. If more than one form is completed for a

    child, the one with the latest date on it will be accepted

    and the earlier one withdrawn.

    Guidance notes and help with completing the online

    application are available when completing the online

    form. If you apply online, the form will validate as you

    complete it to help ensure mistakes are not made.

    The following notes will be of help if you need to

    complete the paper form. It is essential that theapplication is completed fully and accurately. The paper

    form is divided into six sections. Please ensure that you

    complete them all.

    Section 1 Your child

    We need your childs full name, date of birth and


    The childs address should be that of the childs

    permanent residence. You may not give the address

    of a relative or carer unless they have legal custody of

    the child. If parents are separated and share custody

    of the child, the address given should be that of

    the parent with whom the child spends most of the

    school week, which will normally be the address

    where Child Benet is payable. If the parent making

    the application lives at a different address to the

    child, a letter of explanation should be attached.

    Please give the name and address of your childs

    current primary school. You can check the DCSF

    number with the school.

    Section 2 Parent or Carers details

    We also need your name and address. We will check

    your address against Council records and may request

    supporting evidence in the name that matches the one

    given on the application form. If you move house you

    should notify the School Admissions Team immediately,

    providing proof of the new address.

    It is not permitted for a family to use a temporarily

    rented address to secure a place of their preference.

    The Council will investigate any cases:

    where there are any doubts;

    where information has been received from a school

    or member of the public to suggest a fraudulent

    application has been made;

    where records show a recent change of address.

    The Local Authority reserves the right to seek evidence

    from parents, council records, primary schools or any

    other source deemed appropriate. The Local Authority

    may also make a home visit and refer cases to the

    boroughs Investigation Ofcers where benets are

    being paid. An application that uses false information

    may be subject to legal proceedings. If an application isfound to be fraudulent after places have been offered,

    the place will normally be withdrawn.

    Section 3 Children in public care

    You need to state whether or not the child is in care.

    If they are, you must enclose a letter from the social

    worker conrming the legal status of the child.

    Section 4 Special Educational Needs

    Please tick the appropriate box. If your child isundergoing the statementing process but it is not yet

    complete, please tick NO and complete the form as

    normal and attach a letter telling us that this is the case.

    We will then liaise with the SEN Team before the offers

    are made. If your child already has a statement you do

    not need to complete this form. Your preferred school

    will be named on the statement.

    Completing the CommonApplication Form (CAF)


  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools


    Section 5 School preerences

    You may name up to six schools on the form. The

    schools can be in any borough, and do not have to

    be in Merton. Please give the name and the DCSF

    number (available in this brochure for most local

    schools). Schools in adjacent boroughs may have

    similar names so it is important that we know which

    one you prefer. Limiting the number of schools you

    name will not improve your chance of securing a

    place at your rst preference school but please do

    not name schools that you do not wish your child to


    Please think carefully about your preference order.

    If you receive an offer at a preference school, it may

    not be possible to offer a place at a lower preference

    school later on if you change your mind.

    Private (fee paying) schools are not part of the

    scheme and should not be included on your


    Please name any sibling(s). You should check the

    admissions criteria for the school concerned as

    sibling rules may not be the same for each school.

    You may state a reason for your preference if you

    wish. If you are attaching supporting documents, you

    should state this in the reason box.

    Section 6 Declaration and signature

    Please read the declaration carefully and sign the form.

    We cannot process forms that are not signed.

    Both Wimbledon College and Ursuline High School

    require a supplementary form to assess faith elements

    of the admissions criteria. If applicants do not submita supplementary form, they will only be considered

    after applicants who have submitted this form.

    These schools are normally oversubscribed with

    Catholic applicants.

    St Marks Church of England Academy requires a

    supplementary form for Foundation and Governors

    places. If applicants do not submit a supplementary

    form, they will only be considered for Open places.

    Harris Academy Merton only requires a supplementary

    form if the applicant has any special educational or

    medical needs that the Academy should be made

    aware of before the test day.

    Where do I send my completed orm?

    If you are completing a paper form rather than applying

    online, and your child attends a Merton community

    primary school, your form should be returned to the

    school by the closing date, Friday 23 October 2009.

    Forms for children who attend any other schools should

    be sent to School Admissions Team, Children, Schools

    and Families, London Borough of Merton, Civic Centre,

    London Road, Morden SM4 5DX.

    We recommend sending a stamped, self-addressed

    envelope so that we can acknowledge receipt of yourapplication form.

    Please note that, if you send a paper form in an A4

    envelope, postage will be in excess of a single rst class

    stamp. If insufcient postage is paid, the form may not

    reach our ofce and your application will be jeopardised.

    Online applicants will automatically receive a

    reference number to conrm that their application

    has been received.


  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools


    Challenging, extending

    and developing all students

    whatever their ability

    Challenging all to achiee, respect and excel


    A school committed to excellence, with high expectations and a

    caring and sae ethos.

    Vs a Specas

    At Bishopsord, our mission is lie-long learning through participation and perormance.

    We provide excellent acilities and resources, a high quality stimulating learning

    environment and a rich and varied curriculum. We have talented and committed sta

    who challenge and support our students to develop and achieve their ull potential and

    are committed to ongoing school improvement. Our students are condent, articulate

    individuals ully involved in the school community.

    Bishopsord is a Specialist Arts College, with Artsmark Gold accreditation and was

    recently recognised by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust as one o the most

    improved schools in the country. We are ast becoming a centre o excellence or

    Perorming and Expressive Arts. The Arts enrich and extend our curriculum and help

    raise standards o student learning and achievement.

    Our excellent specialist acilities include a purpose built industry standard multi-media

    perormance suite, dance studio, art rooms, main hall with lighting and public address

    system, music and music ICT rooms and drama studio. Our students have access to

    the latest ICT sotware and technology in all the Art subjects.


    We oer a broad and balanced curriculum that challenges, extends and develops

    all students whatever their ability. Our curriculum is tailored to individual needs

    and abilities, with a gited and talented programme and additional support or those

    experiencing diculties.

    In Years 7 to 9, students ollow the National Curriculum with an emphasis on literacyand numeracy. All Year 7 students have the opportunity to take two hours o specialist

    learning to extend their ability and talents. They also ollow modular programmes in

    the Creative Arts, Humanities and Technology, a Modern Foreign Language, ICT, Physical

    Education (PE) and Personal and Social Education.

    In Years 10 and 11, all students take English Language and Literature, Science, ICT and

    Mathematics as well as a BTEC Perorming Arts course. They also choose a urther

    three subjects to match their own interests. All students continue to take PE.

    An exciting new curriculum development in 2009 has been the start o our

    Media diploma.

    Bishopsford Community SchoolHeadmaster: Andrew Barker

    Lilleshall Road, Morden

    Surrey SM4 6DU

    Telephone: 020 8687 1157

    Email: [email protected]

    Website: www.bishopsord.org

    Places in September 2010:

    210 or boys and girls in Year 7

    Open Evening:Tuesday 29 September 2009


    Personal Tours:

    Tuesday 6, Wednesday 7, Tuesday 13 and

    Wednesday 14 October rom 9.30-10.30am

    Bishopsford Community sChool

  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools



    Each student is valued

    as an individual and

    celebrated or the

    unique qualities they

    bring to our school

    Exa-Cca Acves

    Bishopsord oers a varied programme o recreational and academic extra-curricular

    activities, which develop students skills and enhance their ability to succeed in all

    areas o the curriculum. Students can develop their interests in a variety o sports

    (trampolining, ootball, rugby, basketball and athletics); the Arts (dance, drama, music

    and art) as well as ecology, ICT and journalism.

    We organise requent visits to theatres, galleries, universities and museums as well as

    residential trips at home and abroad. Throughout the year we celebrate our students

    talents in a number o dance, drama and music perormances.

    We work hard to develop positive links with local businesses, charities and residents

    and we provide opportunities or students to show initiative and take positions oresponsibility. The School Council meets regularly and their views inorm many o the

    decisions taken in school.

    Cae, Gace a Spp

    Each student at Bishopsord is valued as an individual and celebrated or the unique

    qualities they bring to our school. Students are supported at every stage o their

    education in a culture that praises and rewards hard work and positive behaviour.

    On admission to the school, all parents are oered an interview with a senior member

    o sta to discuss any issues or concerns. When they start at Bishopsord, each student

    is placed in a tutor group and, as ar as possible, will remain in the same group or the

    next ve years. Their tutor sees them daily, developing a relationship which enables

    them to oer personal support and guidance.

    We are keen to involve parents in school lie as much as possible, so that there can

    be continuity o support between home and school. Each Year Team is managed by

    an experienced pastoral leader, who is the rst point o contact or any concerns

    rom home.

    Sxh F

    In September 2010, the exciting opening o our Sixth Form will enable our students to

    stay at Bishopsord through to Year 13 to complete their studies.

  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools


    Harris Academy Merton, an independent Academy sponsored

    by the Harris Federation o South London Schools, provides

    education or students, aged 11-19, with specialisms in

    Enterprise and Sport.


    The Academys overriding aim is to raise aspiration and achievement through

    transormational teaching and learning, enhanced by the specialisms o Enterprise

    and Sport, which support the work o the Academy both organisationally and through

    the curriculum.


    All students are allocated to one o our aculties that include tutor groups o students oall ages. The aculty system is eective in providing students with a sense o belonging,

    as well as promoting healthy competition.

    Committed subject specialists deliver the curriculum with strong support rom teaching

    assistants and innovative technology within the Academys excellent acilities. Class

    sizes are suciently small to provide or individual attention but large enough or

    students to interact with each other and the teaching sta. The average class size in

    Key Stage 3 is 24 and students are set according to attainment.

    There is a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy and the Academy provides a

    rigorous programme to ensure that all students acquire the basic skills that underpin

    academic perormance.

    The Key Stage 3 curriculum ollows the ull range o National Curriculum subjects. The

    Key Stage 4 curriculum provides a cross curricular vocational dimension based onthe Academy specialisms o Enterprise and Sport, and delivers BTEC diploma courses

    alongside traditional GCSE subjects.

    The Key Stage 4 curriculum provides a oundation platorm or students to progress

    onto Level 2 and Level 3 courses in the Sixth Form.

    The Sixth Form will oer Level 2 and Level 3 BTEC courses, as well as AS and A levels.


    The Academy specialisms o Enterprise and Sport, integrated into the curriculum and

    the overall ethos o the Academy, are designed to help students develop academic

    knowledge and important lie skills.

    HArriS ACAdEmy mErton

    Achieement is Success

    Harris Academy MertonPrincipal: Mr A Halpin

    Wide Way, Mitcham

    Surrey CR4 1BP

    Telephone: 020 8623 1000

    Email: [email protected]

    Website: www.harrismerton.org.uk

    Places in September 2010:

    180 boys and girls in Year 7

    150 boys and girls in Year 12

    Open Evening:

    Year 7: Wednesday 16 September 2009

    5.00-8.00pm. Last entry 7.30pm

    Sixth Form: Thursday 22nd October 2009


    Testing for new entrants:

    Monday 14 December 2009

    Raising aspiration and achievement

    through transormational teaching

    and learning


  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools



    The Sports element o the

    specialism stresses healthy,

    sae and enjoyable activities

    The Enterprise specialism helps students to develop a range o skills, knowledge

    and understanding that includes decision making, team working, problem solving,

    presentation skills and risk analysis, as well as promoting condence, initiative taking

    and workplace awareness.

    The Sports element o the specialism underpins a culture that embraces the Every

    Child Matters agenda and stresses healthy, sae, enjoyable activities. Specialist coaches

    and training clinics are provided and participation in sporting events and competitions

    is encouraged.

    Exa-Cca Acves

    The Academy oers a wide range o extra-curricular activities. Teachers and students

    work together through the Student Council to provide a programme o activities.

    As part o a Federation o Academies, students at the Harris Academy Merton have

    access to acilities in the Federation with opportunities to participate in cross

    Academy competitions.

    Se Wefae

    Parents/Carers o incoming Year 7 students are invited or an induction evening in

    July to learn more about the Academy. Students spend one day in the summer term

    at the Academy in their tutor groups getting to know their classmates and tutors,

    and participating in taster lessons.

    As well as giving students the best opportunity to achieve academic success, the

    Academy maintains an excellent level o pastoral care. Students have access to the

    School Nurse, Saer Schools Police Ocer or a trained Counsellor i they have a

    problem or eel they need condential help.

    Asss PceeStudents who apply or a place at the Academy are required to sit the National

    Foundation or Educational Research (NFER) non-verbal reasoning test. The test ensures

    that the Academy admits a representative intake o students across all ability bands.

    In the event o oversubscription, places will be oered in each band, ensuring an even

    distribution o ability. Priority in each band will be given to students with special needs

    and children in care, with the remaining places oered on the basis o proximity to

    the Academy.


    We believe that parental involvement is vital to students academic attainment and

    personal development, and we expect parents/carers to support us in ensuring theirchildren attend regularly and arrive punctually in ull uniorm, ully equipped and

    ready to learn. Parents/carers make an invaluable contribution towards ensuring that

    homework is completed and helping us to know when students need extra support

    or more challenges. The learning environment is calm and orderly because policies

    on behaviour and uniorm are strictly enorced. Achievements are celebrated and

    rewarded with certicates and cash prizes.

  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools


    rAynES PArk HiGH SCHool

    To each his need, fom each his power

    Raynes Park High SchoolHeadteacher: Ian Newman

    Bushey Road

    London SW20 0JL

    Telephone: 020 8946 4112

    Email: [email protected]

    Website: www.raynespark.merton.sch.uk

    Places in September 2010:

    240 or boys and girls in Year 7

    Open Evening:Thursday 1 October 2009


    Open Mornings:

    Monday 5, Tuesday 6, Wednesday 7

    and Thursday 8 October 2009

    Tours start at 9.30am and at 11.30am

    Visitors are welcome at other times - please contact

    the school oce to arrange.

    Committed to identiying,

    encouraging and developing our

    students talents and skills


    Raynes Park High School is a successul specialist mixed

    comprehensive school, with a tradition o academic excellence

    and an active House system, which supports the social, cultural

    and sporting lie o the school.

    Vs a Specas

    We have high expectations o all our students and are committed to identiying,

    encouraging and developing our students talents and skills so that they achieve

    their best.

    Our Technology College status has provided additional resources or the teaching

    o Mathematics, Science, ICT and Design, as well as the impetus or continuing

    improvement across the whole curriculum. We value the need or students to acquire

    Inormation Literacy skills to equip them eectively or their post-16 education

    and employment.


    We provide a broad and balanced curriculum that challenges and develops all students.

    During their rst hal term, Year 7 students study a transition curriculum Me, my amily

    and my London, designed to help them settle in secondary school, develop their

    abilities to work independently and collaboratively and enjoy making new riends.

    The culmination o this work is an exhibition o student work, a competition and a social

    event or students, parents and sta.

    At Key Stage 3, students study the ull range o national curriculum subjects. Teaching

    is a balance o mixed ability and setting according to ability and as appropriate to

    the subject.

    At Key Stage 4, students study English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Science

    (two GCSEs), Design Technology (Graphic Design, Resistant Materials, Textiles and Food

    Technology or a BTEC Catering course) and Religious Education. Students who achieve

    well in Science have the option to study three separate Sciences or a BTEC Applied

    Science course.

    Students also have the opportunity to study a oreign language (French, German or

    Spanish) and may choose rom the ollowing options: Art, Drama, Geography, History,

    ICT, Media Studies, a second oreign or community language, BTEC Sport, Music,

    RE (GCSE ull course), Diploma in Society, Health and Development and BTEC Dance.

    Students can also study, during and ater school, or a GCSE in either ICT or Business

    and Communications Systems, or the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL).

  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools


    A broad and balanced

    curriculum that challengesand develops all students


    Exa-Cca Acves

    Raynes Park High School oers a rich variety o sporting, musical, artistic, dramatic,

    debating and technological extra-curricular activities, opportunities to take part in

    recreational and competitive team sports and participation in the Duke o Edinburghs

    Award scheme.

    The Air Training Corps based at the school provides a range o trips and accredited

    activities, including gliding and fying.Our Learning Resource Centre (Library) is accessible to students beore and ater school

    and hosts a ully staed homework club every evening. We organise a variety o ski

    trips, eld trips, modern language visits and study-linked educational trips within the UK

    and abroad to urther enhance our curriculum.

    Cae, Gace a Spp

    Our programme o pastoral care is designed to encourage students to be happy at

    school and have a sense o purpose. Mentoring days are provided in the Autumn and

    Spring terms or tutors to interview each student to assess their progress and set

    targets or the coming months.

    We oer all new amilies a personal interview in the term beore entry and work with

    sta in our eeder primary schools to place students in tutor groups where they will eelhappy and secure.

    We have a House system which provides new students with a sense o identity and

    belonging. There is a tradition o house competition in Debating, Drama, Music,

    Technology and Sport. Through the House system and the School Council, students

    have opportunities to exercise responsibilities and leadership, such as the production

    and direction o plays and undraising or charities.

    We have high expectations or behaviour and our Behavior or Learning policy is based

    on consideration or others and personal responsibility.

    Wg tgehe

    We recognise that parents involvement in their childrens education helps to raiseachievement. We keep parents up-to-date with their childrens academic progress

    through termly reports, their attendance at one o the mentoring sessions with tutors

    as well as consultation evenings to meet with subject teachers. We encourage parents

    to contact the school should they have any concerns.

    The Raynes Park High School Association, open to all parents, sta and riends o the

    school, arranges social, inormation and und-raising events throughout the school year.

    raes Pa Hgh Sch Sxh F Cee

    We are delighted to conrm that rom September 2010, our students will have the

    option to continue their post-16 education at Raynes Park. There will be separate

    accommodation or our Sixth Form Centre and a ull range o academic and vocational

    courses available both on-site and through our partnership with Merton College.

  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools


    Ricards Lodge is a successul, vibrant and innovative school with

    specialist status as a Perorming and Visual Arts College. Our girls

    study in an atmosphere o achievement within which we value their

    success as individuals.

    The school is set in beautiul and spacious grounds with excellent

    acilities or learning.

    Vs a Specas

    Ricards Lodge is dedicated to providing a stimulating, secure and purposeul

    environment within which each student is motivated to strive or excellence in both

    academic achievement and personal growth. We aim to ensure all our students are

    able to take ull and equal places as women, who take opportunities and assume

    responsibility in a changing global society.

    Our specialist status as a Perorming and Visual Arts College enables our students to

    access up-to-date and industry standard resources to support achievement in the Arts

    and wider curriculum and to extend opportunities or students to experience the rich

    cultural and artistic lie o nearby London.


    Our curriculum is designed to provide students with a broad, balanced and fexible

    programme o study, enabling each and every girl to become a successul learner,

    condent individual and responsible citizen. Our girls are taught by well-qualied,

    dedicated and orward thinking sta who challenge and motivate all students to develop

    their individual abilities and talents to the ull. Ricards girls study in an atmosphere that

    celebrates and rewards academic excellence as well as good conduct, good citizenship,eort and improvement.

    At Key Stage 3, girls ollow the national curriculum. At Key Stage 4, there is a common

    core o English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Core Science, Technology, Careers

    and Citizenship, PSE and RE. In addition students select rom our complementary options

    including Modern Foreign Languages, History, Geography, Art, Drama, Music, Triple Science,

    Media Studies, Perorming Arts, ICT and Sport and the Creative and Media Diploma.

    Eche Acves

    We actively encourage and reward students or their ull involvement in enrichment

    activities. Our sports acilities and extensive grounds allow or a ull range o sport and

    health related activities and a number o our girls are selected to train as ball girls at the

    Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships.

    Educating Successul Women o the Future

    riCArdS lodGE HiGH SCHool

    Ricards Lodge High SchoolHeadteacher: Mrs A Jerrard

    Lake Road, Wimbledon

    London SW19 7HB

    Telephone: 020 8946 2208

    Email: [email protected]

    Website: www.ricardslodge.merton.sch.uk

    Places in September 2010:

    240 or girls in Year 7

    Open Evening:Tuesday 22 September 2009


    Open Mornings:

    Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 September 2009

    9.30am-12.00 noon

    Our curriculum is designed to

    enable each and every girl to

    become a successul learner,

    condent individual and

    responsible citizen


  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools


    As well as regular trips to museums, galleries and theatres to enhance school-based

    study, our students may visit France, Germany and Spain to support their linguistic skills

    and to extend their understanding o other cultures.

    We develop students condence, sel-discipline and maturity by encouraging each

    girl to take on responsibilities within our developing school community. We have a

    Head Girl Team o eight who run the School Council. We have a trained team o student

    counsellors (Youth That Care) and a structured system o tutor group and department

    representatives throughout the school.

    ng a devepe

    At Ricards Lodge, your daughter is treated as an individual and will benet rom a high

    level o pastoral care and support.

    Our high standards o achievement are based on good working relationships supported

    by our system o rewards and sanctions. We expect all students to behave responsibly

    and courteously both on and o the school premises. Form tutors and subject teachers

    closely monitor academic progress and tutors regularly meet with their students to

    review achievement and set targets or uture progress.Our Inclusion Team have a highly eective system o assessing individual need and

    work with appropriate sta to provide additional help and support while ensuring equal

    access to the curriculum.

    Through our dedicated Gited and Talented co-ordinator we ensure our most gited

    and talented students access an enriched curriculum. Girls are given opportunities to

    extend and develop their skills through a series o activities tailored to meet their needs

    including master classes, university visits and shared activities with other state and

    private schools.

    Wg tgehe Paeshp

    We believe that education is a partnership and we need, and rely on, your support in

    encouraging your daughter to aim high and give o her best to support the school andthe wider community in which we work.

    We regularly contact parents through student planners, our termly newsletter, school

    reports, parent and teacher consultation evenings and invitations to attend special

    perormances and events. Parents contribute to school planning and development

    through our Parent Governors and the Parent Teacher Association.

    Sxh F

    In September 2010, the exciting opening o our joint Sixth Form with Rutlish School will

    ensure continuity or our students, allowing them to remain at Ricards in Years 12 and

    13 to complete their studies. A separate prospectus will be available with urther details

    on our website giving inormation on the range o courses and opportunities available in

    our new acilities.


    Your daughter is treated as an

    individual and will benet rom

    a high level o pastoral care

    and support

  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools


  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools


    Our subject areas are accommodated in specialist, modern acilities including six ICT

    suites, three art studios, two proessionally equipped drama studios, two ICT linked

    music classrooms with six practice rooms, seven ully equipped technology workshops

    and ten science laboratories. The school ICT network provides high-speed internet

    access to all classrooms, all o which have interactive whiteboards.

    Our attractive Learning Resources Centre provides students with access to sta, books,

    computers with internet access, CD-ROMs, DVDs, photocopiers, television, video and

    careers advice.


    At Rutlish, we try to develop our students talents by ensuring that they take part in a

    range o enhancement activities.

    We have a long history o individual and team sports played at all levels. The more

    traditional games make up the core o our provision but we are constantly expanding

    the activities we oer in order to give every student the opportunity to take part in the

    sport he enjoys. We have an impressive record and enter competitions at Borough,

    County and National level in athletics, basketball, cricket, cross-country, ootball

    and rugby.

    Our excellent on-site sporting acilities include; a sports hall, gymnasium, climbing wall,

    rugby and ootball pitches in winter and, in summer, a 400 metre athletics track, cricket

    nets and square. We also have access to tennis and squash courts.

    There are many opportunities or students to work within the community, raise unds orvarious local and international charities and support our linked school in The Gambia.

    Primary pupils regularly visit to use our acilities and Rutlish students have hosted them

    in projects in Art, Mathematics, Science and PE.

    Cae, Gace a Spp

    At Rutlish, our caring and committed teachers, oer support to students when needed.

    Sta in our Progress Centre teach individual or small groups o pupils or literacy and

    numeracy catch-up and booster classes. I needed, students have access to expert

    help - speech and language therapists, counseling, or the advice o a learning mentor.

    Sxh FIn September 2010, the exciting opening o our joint Sixth Form with Ricards Lodge

    High School will ensure continuity or our students, allowing them to remain at Rutlish

    in Years 12 and 13 to complete their studies. This will be a broad oer o traditional

    A level subjects and a range o vocational courses.

    We try to develop students

    talents by ensuring that

    they take part in a range o

    enhancement activities


  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools


    St Marks Church o England Academy is committed to

    creating an outstanding learning environment or your

    child and or the community.

    Vs a Specas

    At St Marks our vision is to raise the achievement and lie chances o our students and

    to serve our community by providing access to a range o activities, rst class resources

    and opportunities.

    St Marks is an 11-18 mixed Academy situated on extensive grounds near the new

    Mitcham Eastelds mainline station. Our specialisms o Science and Perorming Arts

    mean that we have the resources and expertise to encourage students to develop

    condence, understanding and skills in these areas.

    As a Church o England Academy, we promote the development o the moral and

    spiritual well-being o our students. We embrace Christian tradition and belies and

    support unity between dierent religions, culture and belies.


    St Marks is an exciting and inspiring place to learn. The development o literacy and

    numeracy are key eatures o our curriculum.

    We have a specialist programme that supports the individual needs o our Year 7

    students at transition. Homework is an important part o every students programme

    o study.

    In the rst three years at Key Stage 3, students ollow the National Curriculum, working

    in either set or mixed ability groups as appropriate.

    In Years 10 and 11 at Key Stage 4, students ollow a two-year course leading to GCSE

    examinations and a common curriculum that includes: English Language and Literature,

    Mathematics, Science (Double Award), PE, RE and ICT.

    As well as these core subjects, students are able to select rom a broad range o

    additional GCSEs, and other vocational options, enabling them to make choices that

    refect their aptitudes and interests. These include: Art and Design, Business and

    Communications Studies, Dance, Graphics, Drama, Geography, History, ICT, Leisure and

    Tourism (Double Award), Media Studies, French/German, Music, PE, RE, Triple Science

    and vocational courses in Construction, Painting & Decorating, Sports Leadership and

    rom 2010 Hair and Beauty.

    St Marks Church of England AcademyAssociate Headteacher: Esther Holland

    Executive Principal: Peter Evans

    Acacia Road, Mitcham

    Surrey CR4 1SF

    Telephone: 020 8648 6627

    Email: [email protected]

    Website: www.stmarksacademy.com

    Places in September 2010:

    180 boys and girls in Year 7

    75 boys and girls in Year 12

    Open Evening:

    Wednesday 30 September 2009


    Open Days:

    Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 September

    and Thursday 1 and Friday 2 October 2009


    Raising the achievement and

    lie chances o our students

    Inspiring the talent and imagination o our community

    St mArkS CHurCH oF EnGlAnd ACAdEmy


  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools


  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools


    Ursuline High School WimbledonExecutive Headteacher: Julia Waters

    Crescent Road, Wimbledon

    London SW20 8HA

    Telephone: 020 8255 2688

    Email: [email protected]

    Website: www.ursulinehigh.merton.sch.uk

    Places in September 2010:

    196 girls in Year 7

    A prospectus and application orm are available rom 1September. Applications must be made on our schools

    Admission Form in addition to the common application

    orm. Support or applicants will be sought rom parish

    or other nominated priests/ministers o religion. The

    closing date or applications is Friday 23 October 2009

    Open Evening:

    Wednesday 23 September 2009


    Open Mornings:

    For Year 6 students starting in September 2010,

    by appointment only on:

    Friday 11 and Friday 18 September, Thursday 1,

    Friday 2, Tuesday 6 and Thursday 15 October 2009.


    To book an appointment please contact

    Mrs Martin on 020 8879 4381

    Ursuline High School Wimbledon is an 11-18 Roman Catholic

    Business & Enterprise Specialist and Languages Specialist School

    or Girls. It is part o a worldwide network o schools that draw

    their inspiration rom the lie and work o St Angela Merici.

    The school was designated as a lead school or Gited and

    Talented students in 2009, and our programme allows more

    able students to achieve the highest academic standards.

    Ursuline Education is characterised by academic excellence,

    addressing individual need, service in the spirit o St Angela and

    developing young women as leaders. Here at the Ursuline we are

    very proud o our strong sense o community.


    Our curriculum aims to develop those skills which will equip our young women or the

    21st century. We aim to develop them as independent and critical learners who are

    condent and articulate communicators.

    Students make outstanding progressin Years 7, 8 & 9 with GCSE resultsconsistently well above averageand rising

    1 in 3 grades at GCSE are at A or A*

    Our curriculum allows or choice so that students can ollow courses which both

    motivate and challenge them but prepare them or university and urther learning.

    The personalisation o the curriculum at all key stages allows students the reedom

    to develop at the pace which is right or them.

    Students enjoy school and greatlyappreciate the opportunities providedby the schools broad curriculumas well as those offered outside

    school time

    urSulinE HiGH SCHool WimBlEdon


  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools


    Exa-Cca Acves

    We strongly believe that our extra-curricular programme enriches the experience o

    young women and supports both their personal development and enjoyment o school.

    Opportunities or extra-curricular involvement include Choir, Orchestra, Drama, Sports,

    Dance, Art, Music and The Duke o Edinburghs Award. We hold a number o school

    perormances each year including annual drama and musical productions, variety nights

    and a St Cecilias Day concert.

    Over the school year there are numerous residential opportunities or students including

    Language trips to Paris and Barcelona, cross-curricula trips to Normandy, Business &

    Enterprise to New York and China, and supporting communities in Arica and India.

    Cae, Gace a Spp

    Students are known and valued as individuals. Every young woman receives the highest

    possible standards o care, guidance and support as she moves through the school.

    Tutors, Heads o Year and our non-teaching Pastoral Support Assistants are oremost in

    supporting the personal development o our students.

    The school seeks to encourage mutual respect, sel-discipline and understanding in its

    students. We also keenly recognise achievement and improvement.


    Our chaplaincy oers a wealth o opportunities or students to develop their aith. Our

    school motto Serviam is at the heart o what we do, and is clearly seen at work in the

    range o charity work and involvement o students in community projects.

    Inclusion is a strong feature ofthe school which is a diverse butharmonious community ...studentstake excellent advantage of thepresence of students from manydifferent cultures and faiths

    Sxh F

    The great majority o our students continue on into the Sixth Form which provides not

    just a very broad range o courses but opportunities or leadership through our preect

    system, or mentoring students in the lower school, and opportunities in sport, music,

    school productions and cultural trips.

    Sixth ormers make a much valued contribution to the lie o the school.


    Personalisation o the

    curriculum at all key

    stages allows students

    the reedom to develop

    at the pace which is

    right or them

  • 8/14/2019 Merton Secondary Schools


    Wimbledon College is a Catholic secondary school or boys, ages11 to 18. The school is in the trusteeship o the Society o Jesus

    (Jesuits) and ollows a 450-year old tradition o Jesuit education

    or improvement in living and learning to the greater glory o God

    and the common good.

    Wimbledon College is a specialist Science and Mathematics school.

    199 boys will be admitted to Year 7 in September 2010.

    Christian belie and practice lies at the heart o the school. Morning prayers are said

    and the great easts and seasons o the Church are celebrated.

    A key characteristic o Jesuit education is the service o others and boys are involvedin service and charity activities, including a weekly luncheon club or the elderly and an

    annual visit to India to build and resource a school or the dalit.

    The curriculum is broad and traditional (with separate subjects in History, Geography

    and Religious Studies and separate Sciences at GCSE or the more able, or example).

    Boys are assessed every ortnight and their progress closely monitored to

    ensure progress.

    The Arts are strong and there are many opportunities to perorm in Drama and Music.

    Instrumental lessons are oered in almost every instrument and voice and there is also

    a Saturday Music School which is open to everyone. Major productions are staged in a

    ully equipped auditorium.

    Most boys will take 7 or 8 core subjects and a urther 3 options at GCSE. GCSE results

    are good with 70% achieving ve or more A*-C grades with 65% including English andMaths. 20% o GCSE grades were A* and A. At A Level 81% o results were A-C grades

    with 23% at grade A.

    Boys are set according to ability by subject rom the beginning o Year 7. In this way

    they can be taught, encouraged and challenged, with others o similar ability.

    Academically able pupils will take some GCSEs early. They will also take

    additional GCSE in Statistics, a Higher qualication in Mathematics and an

    AS Level in Critical Thinking.

    The school has an extensive extra-curricular programme o Sport, Music, Drama and

    other activities. Boys are expected to participate in at least two activities. The school

    has its own Army Cadet Detachment.

    The school suits boys who

    thrive in an ordered, sae and

    demanding environment which

    sets high ex

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