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  • 1. MFIB Group IntroductionMFIB Group, 2014

2. MFIB Group introduction Our Business: Turning Strategy into Action. Our Formats: War-gaming / Business Intelligence / War room. Our Teambuilding: Leadership skills / Team Building / Communication.MFIB Group, 2014 3. War-gaming War-gaming is a dynamic simulation of a real situation, providing information and experiences to shape strategic decisions and prepare the ground for successful implementation.MFIB Group, 2014 4. What is War-gaming? War-gaming paints a dynamic picture of the battlefield and allows for incorporation of interdependent moves of all relevant players on the battlefield.MFIB Group, 2014 5. War-gaming enhances traditional strategic planning by adding one important step.MFIB Group Business War-gamingFormulation of strategic objectivesDefine Courses of Action to achieve strategic objectivesCOA 1 AnalysesDeveloping strategic options Developments of strategic plansChoice of Strategic optionCOA 2COA 3MFIB Group, 2014 6. Exploiting new Strategic optionsMFIB Group, 2014 7. Exploiting new Strategic options Military war-games to prepare for upcoming challengesBusiness war-games to prepare for upcoming challengesMFIB Group, 2014 8. Deliverables of a War-game 1.A clear understanding of the Commanders Intent within the troops.2.A thorough appreciation of the dynamics of the battlefield (who is moving where, who holds the high ground, who has most resources).3.Own Courses of Action; what are the most effective and efficient options to successfully achieve the Commanders Intent.4.One Team, One Fight mentality among the team.5.Tools and templates for strategy development and action planning.MFIB Group, 2014 9. MFIB Training program Turning strategy into action in a successful way requires a sound strategy and a well motivated team under the guidance of a capable leader.MFIB therefore offers extensive and in depth team-building and leadership development programs.The MFIB team-building and leadership development programs are always based on true and relevant business cases, as we believe that an integrated approach, focussed on strategy, team and leadership, results in the highest return on investment.MFIB operators design and construct relevant and unique interventions that help guide participants to grow in their leadership journey.MFIB can advise on unique training locations that suits best for the type of programme required, ranging from hotels, farms, mansions surrounded by parks, and if required former military camp grounds.MFIB Group, 2014 10. MFIB Customers Royal Ahold. Royal FrieslandCampina; The Netherlands, Russia, Romania, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, China. Heineken. Fonterra; China. Rabo. Bosch. PwC. TNO. Linklaters. Superunie. Univ. MFIB Group, 2014 11. MFIB Group Team Edo OfferhausHans SteensmaPatrick WalthuisRutger van der Leewww.mfib.nl MFIB Group PO Box 5168, 1410 AD Naarden, The Netherlands www.mfib.nl Edo Offerhaus; [email protected]; +31 (6) 5156.1481 MFIB Group, 2014

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MFIB Group Introduction MFIB Group, 2014
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