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Microsoft Corporation the Introduction of Microsoft Works

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Microsoft Corporation: The Introduction of Microsoft WorksMohit Sharma (400807016) Nimish Mittal (400807017) Pawandeep Singh (400807020)

Contents Introduction Situation Analysis Global Brand Strategy Standardization vs Adaptation Concept Testing Product Customization Local Adaptation Global Product Strategic Options Time of Market Entry: Waterfall vs Sprinkler Strategy Segmentation & Targeting Positioning Special Product Policy: Global marketing of service Testing Market Protecting brand names: Intellectual property issues Conclusion

Introduction How Microsoft to launch their new product Works To decide how to position Works globally Microsoft had to respond to the requests from different country managers request on demanding product features that could make their sales excellent and competitive to the market

Situational AnalysisSWOT AnalysisStrength Brand Image Product Competence Proven Financial performance Good experience in management teams

Weakness Lack of International experience Although 41% international sales, but no mature global product policy

Opportunity Good market potential Significant growth in long run Reduced time and cost due to standardization

Threat Leading competitors No use of copy protection Short International Product Life Cycle (IPLC) Counterfeit products

Situational AnalysisPorters Five Forces ModelNo supplier force restriction

Initial, switch and exit costs were low

Competitive forces were tough

Customer forces relied on its distribution networks

No advanced substitutes

Global Branding Strategies Umbrella branding Brand history Competitive climate Cultural receptivity Penetration in the software product category and usage Differentiated High brand loyalty, name awareness, and perceived quality

Standardization v/s AdaptationStandardization high costs of adaptation no really convergence and similar taste in diverse country markets no predominant use in urban environments - no marketing to predominantly similar countries no really centralized management no scales of economy in production, R&D and marketing partially yes meeting competition when competitors produce standardized product no consumer mobility no exactly if positive home country image (C-O-O) effect exist yes, brand name is the most important

Adaptation different in technical standards some true, but some untrue primarily consumer and personal use products yes variations in consumers needs yes variations in conditions of use yes variations in ability to buy, differences in income levels yes variation in technical sophistication, skill levels of users yes strong cultural differences yes local environment-induced adaptation, differences in raw material availability, government requirements and regulations not exactly use by competitors yes variations in national habits yes

Hofstedes cultural dimensionsCountryGreat BritainNetherlands Sweden France Germany

National Innovative-ness0.890.70 0.59 0.35 0.07

Individualism91.4883.70 74.81 71.11 68.88

Uncertainty Avoidance42.2263.33 32.22 88.33 68.88

Italy SpainPortugal

-0.71 -0.85-1.2

74.81 51.8527.40

75.55 87.77107.22

Conjoint Analysis of Microsoft WorksCountry Low End International Version Compatibility features Perception0.53

Low price or price sensitivity

Simple to use & sell concept

Suggested price (US$)

Forecast (Monthly sales)

USCanada England Australia / New Zealand France (L) West Germany West Germany (L)

-0.120.13 0.32 0.32

00 1 1

0.61-0.61 -0.61 -0.61

3.003.00 3.00 3.00

195215 215 215

6000500 1000 380

0.53 0.53 0.53

0.15 0.07 0.07

0 1 0

3.00 1.96 1.96

1.16 0.00 0.00

0.30 0.00 0.00

254 273 273

650 200 500

Conjoint Analysis of Microsoft WorksCountry Low End International Version Compatibility features Perception2.32

Low price or price sensitivity

Simple to use & sell concept

Suggested price (US$)

Forecast (Monthly sales)

ItalyItaly (L) Netherlands Netherlands (L) Portugal Portugal (L)

0.380.38 0.30 0.30 1.50 1.50

10 1 0 1 0

1.781.78 3.00 3.00 3.24 3.24

0.790.79 1.97 1.97 -5.51 -5.51

244244 224 224 220 220

50160 80 200 25 80

2.32 1.66 1.66 4.01 4.01

SwedenSweden (L) Spain Spain (L)

0.150.15 0.875 0.875

10 1 0

0.000.00 2.97 2.97

2.392.39 2.39 2.39

0.790.79 -2.26 -2.26

234234 234 234

100200 50 200

Product Customization Core product approach Microsoft should adopt the core-product approach that started with design of mostly uniform core-product domestic version of Works and then added attachment that might fit local needs like the special features toggle switch and conversion program. International version of Works fit for the local habits and customs. And finally fit the local language, user manual, and its packaging and documentation. Such approach could save a lot of costing that came from the centralizing the production of the core. The success would be due to the easy product modification.

Organizational Structure umbrella strategies strength of control the technical competence decentralized power to the local teams own resource

Product Standardization high volumes, capitalize on economies of scale and the experience curve, and achieve the lowest possible costs per unit consistent company image shared needs amongst those computer consumers that demanded similar products scale of economies

Local Adaptation Difference in countries and language Difference in hardware Difference in price sensitivity Difference in local habits & customs Difference in package and documentation Difference in Microsofts competitive position and corporation image

Global Product Strategic Options For US & Canada product & communication extension strategies

In other international countries product adaptation communication adaptation

Time of entry Sprinkler Strategy Waterfall Method Time of Entrty.docx


Software Category SegmentationCompany Name Worldwide sales in 1986 ($ millions) Name(s) of few leading products Category of software products Expected sales of individual software 94.3 94.3 94.3 86.7 86.7 86.7 67.7 67.7 67.7 26 26

Lotus 283 development Microsoft corp. Ashton - Tate 260

1-2-3 Symphony Jazz DOS Excel Word Dbase 111 Framework Multimate Wordperfect Executive

GP spreadsheet GP integrated GP integrated SS OS GP spreadsheet GP word processor GP database GP integrated GP word processor GP word processor GP integrated


Word perfect 52

Software Category SegmentationCompany Name Autodesk Worldwide sales in 1986 ($ millions) 50 Name(s) of few leading products AutoCAD CAD Camera Category of software products SP Computer Assisted Design Product Expected sales of individual software 25 25

BorlandMicropro Digital Research Software Publishing

3836 26

SideKick Turbo Pascal

GP Organiser SS Language

19 1918 18 13 13

Wordstar GP word processor Wordstar 2000 GP word processor CP/M GEM PFS: Write PFS: File First Choice SS Operating system SS Operating system GP Word Processor GP Database GP Integrated


8.7 8.7 8.7

TargetingSegment this portion 30.5%Niche program 69

GP database 76.4 SS operating system, environ & language 131.7

GP Spreadsheet 181

GP Word Processor 225.1

GP Integrated 291

Segmentation by different aspects & Microsofts targetComputer Hardware Environment IBMPC or PC compatible XT Professional AT Home PS/2 Hobby Scientific Technical New Users Two byte language like Japanese or Asian countries Usage Situation Customers Depth & Clarity of software needs Depth Breadth Country & Language Domestic One byte language like English, French and German Small Business Large Business


Positioning Macro integrative and simple software Integrative, compatibility and flexibility User-Friendly, Harmonious & Integrative for Eternal PC users Microsoft Works An Integrative solution for The simple harmonious family

Difference between perception & expectationHardware Competitive Importance of position & target market corporate image segments Easy to learn and use The software of simple life Software with a future Public A/Cing Banking Fin. Services Architecture Construction Engg. Medical/Dental Legal Home Other Price Sensitivity Highly Moderate Other difference PC clone English type Local habits, customs & formats: Dimension unit Standard size of paper Time & Date Currency Copyright protection Packaging and documentation

Non EnglishKeyboard, printing program & user manuals


Pioneers in compatibilityPower and simplicity together

Special Product Policy Global marketing of services establish its own global service global service marketing strategies standardized software training customized training course claimed back Information Technology BBS (Bulletin Board System) service real time communication IT complaint box

Testing Market trial version (or version) of international or domestic one could be sent to the global dealers for market testing The new features or the compatible features could be tried with the dealers A prompt response through BBS could be obtained to lead Microsoft to see any bugs inside the software or convert a better product design. Of course such trial version would have a limited usage date that the dealers had to co

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