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  • 3The Movilizer App as an M2M REST API






    The Movilizer M2M Rest API is an interface in the Movilizer Cloud that manages the security and the processing of inbound data containers coming from external gateways. This interface is uni- directional, meaning that it can only be used for listening to events coming from external agents/gateways, but it cannot send any other commands to the machines than a receipt confirmation. Currently the following protocols are supported or in the near future pipeline to be supported:

    Rest Protocol (therefore called Rest API today)

    This is the first protocol that the M2M API in the Movilizer Cloud supported specially due to its global reach and popularity. The great advantage of this protocol is that nearly every single gateway there is able to send Json strings over Rest. The main disadvantage is that the protocol has unnecessary overhead.

    COAP Protocol

    This protocol is planned to be supported by Movilizer from release 2.6 onwards in the course of 2016. This protocol is very similar to REST but a bit leaner in terms of overhead. Since the protocol is pushed by big players like ARM in the industry, we believe that the Movilizer Cloud should support it.

    MQTT Protocol

    This protocol is the leaner protocol (binary) from the three and therefore the most resource efficient one. This is the main advan-tage. The main disadvantage is that it keeps session open and so requires a message broker to work. This is the reason why its initial implementation is more complex. Originally pushed by IBM (part of the smart cities initiative), it was recently adopted by Amazon as part of the core for the announced IoT Cloud. We plan to support it in Movilizer 2.6 in the course of 2016.

    MovilizerReinvent Your Mobile Enterprise

    The 3 Pillars Approach to the Internet of Things

    Movilizer for IoTAny M2M Gateway /


    External M2M Gatewaysvia Cloud REST API

    Microsoft / Oracleothers


    The Movilizer M2M Client Gateway

    The Movilizer App Gateway

  • The Movilizer Container App can act as Gateway and support any networks and protocols supported by the mobile device.

    This is possible thanks to two interfaces (both bi-directional) built in the Movilizer Container app:

    External Events API Interface

    Via this API the Movilizer Container App is continuously listening to events triggered outside of the Movilizer by registered third party programs.

    This MEL interface supports two modes of operation:

    A Synchronous processing of external events

    B Asynchronous processing of external events

    Use case of synchronous processing: barcode scanners, RFID read-ers etc. where you expect a reaction from the app automatically.

    Use case for asynchronous processing from external events: in-tegration with sensors for example, where you store events in a queue which are processed in batch.

    Module SPI interface

    This MEL interface allows the Movilizer to actively communicate with any external programs. This is used for example to read via Bluetooth or infrared from vending machines, or to read meters, or to send print commands to Bluetooth mobile printers etc.

    1The Movilizer App as an IoT Gateway

    2The Movilizer App as an M2M Client

    The Movilizer M2M Client is a non-UI Movilizer client capable of auto synchronizing and auto-executing Movelets without any human interaction. The M2M Movilizer Client allows bi-directional communication. This means that:

    The M2M Client can gather Machine information

    The M2M Client can capture any Machine information like GPS coordinates or CANBUS data (e.g. car battery status) in the example of a Blackbox.

    The M2M Client can change Machine behaviour / parameterisation

    Since it is bi-directional the Movilizer M2M Client is capable of loading new machine configurations and so influence the behaviour of the machine (e.g. capture and send GPS coordinates every 2 seconds rather than every 10 seconds).

    The M2M Client can be updated over the air (OTA Updates)

    The M2M Client can be updated over the air remotely without the need of any firmware updates. This is a huge benefit of the M2M Client and the main reason why the machine client is writ-ten in JM2E, because unlike in the case of C++ that many times is compiled in the firmware, the J2ME client runs to the virtual machines and can be updated easily over the air.




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