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Millennium: A New Hope WalkthroughPosted on October 11, 2009 in Other

Welcome to the Millennium: A New Hope Walkthrough! Marine enters a crazy journey that could change the world of Myst forever. She must confront the thirteen powerful warriors of the heartless government of Mystrock in a legendary showdown. If she wins the lands of Myst will never be the same again. But in a country poor and devastated by diseases and drastic natural conditions, can she find the twelve persons that will allow her to pursue her dream of a better future? Whether you use this document as a reference when things get difficult or as a road map to get you from beginning to end, were pretty sure youll find what youre looking for here. Help yourself to our complete Millennium: A New Hope game walkthrough, featuring annotated screenshots and video from actual gameplay!

We hope you find this information useful as you play your way through the game. Use the walkthrough menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with. Remember to visit the Big Fish Games Forums if you find you need more help. Have

fun! This walkthrough was created by TheRealBoo.

Walkthrough Menu1. Game Basics and General Tips 2. Green Grass 3. Midlands of Myst 4. Chantefleur Woods 5. Eastern Lands 6. Marshlands of Myst 7. Rogue Territory 8. Monastery 9. Hirado 10. The Djinn

Game Basics and General Tips

You may play this game in full screen or windowed mode by pressing Alt + Enter.

There are 4 types of Game Modes: Very Easy, Easy, Normal and Hard.

The mode you pick will determine the number of Animal Kings you will be allowed to fight at the end of the game (4 in Very Easy or Easy, 6 on Normal and 8 on Hard).

All Animal Kings are optional.

It is recommended to play Easy mode first and move to Normal or Hard once you are more familiar with the gameplay.

Using the mouse will allow you to see several icons that give information about the game.

The glove icon indicates you can grab an item, the bubble icon shows you can speak to a character, the eyes icon shows you can read an item, the magnifying glass icon to examine something and the boots icon shows if its a spot where you can jump.

You can walk around by using the mouse to left-click on your desired location or by using the arrow keys.

Press ENTER to check something on the map.

To access the game menu press ESCAPE or right-click.

Use the mouse or arrow keys to scroll through the options and left-click or press ENTER to choose an option.

Press ESCAPE or right-click to close the menu.

Middle-click to buy or sell an item while in the Shop menu.

Jumping is part of the navigation in this game.

When you see a small gap between two points, move your mouse over and if it changes into a pair of shoes it means you can jump.

To talk to a person, click on them with the mouse or use the arrow keys to get close to them and press ENTER.

The same technique is used to open doors and chests and to pick up items.

Whenever a message appears, left-click or press ENTER to close the box and continue the game.

To load a game, choose LOAD from the main screen.

A list of saved games will be shown.

There are 15 available slots that you can choose from.

Use the arrow keys to scroll through them and left-click or press ENTER to load one.

You can save anywhere in the game.

Use the mouse or arrow keys to select the slot in which to save the game and leftclick or press ENTER to save it.

You can replace a saved game by saving again in the same slot.

To use an item select Items from the Menu.

Some can be used during battle, some outside of battle and some are always unavailable.

Items that are unavailable are shown in grey text.

Some items are used by selecting them from the Menu, other require a target.

Select the item from the Menu, then select its target from the list of active players.

Many items can be sold for gold.

The selling price varies depending on who you are selling it to.

To view your characters skills, choose Skills from the Menu, and select your character.

Skills are shown with MP (Magic Points) requirements.

Highlight each skill to view its description and power at the top of the screen.

Some skills may only be used during battle, some only outside of battle.

Skills that are unavailable for this reason, or because you dont have enough MP are shown with grey text.

To equip a character with weapons or armor, open the Menu and choose Equip, then select the desired character.

Current equipment is shown on the top right part of the screen.

Highlight each item to see its description at the top of the screen.

Alternate available equipment is shown in the Equip panel.

The statistics panel provides a comparison between the currently equipped item and the highlighted item in the Equip panel.

To view character profiles, choose Stats from the Menu, and select the character you wish to view.

Right Hand, Left Hand, Head, Body, and Other will show a character's currently equipped items.

When walking in the wilderness, monsters might attack and you will enter the Battle screen.

Millennium uses a turn-based battle system, which allows you to select actions for each of your characters, then watch them and the enemies take turns at fighting.

You can choose to ATTACK, RUSH or ESACPE.

Attack will give you more control over the battle.

RUSH orders all characters to perform a simple hit on a random enemy.

ESCAPE is an attempt to run from the enemies and has a better chance of success if the partys overall speed is high. .

At each turn in battle, choose whether your character should attack, use a skill, defend or use an item.

ATTACK is a melee/physical action against a single enemy.

Choose ATTACK, then left-click or use the arrow keys followed by ENTER to pick the target.

SKILL is a magical spell that can be cast on one or all enemies as an attack or on on or all allies as a healing action.

Choose SKILL, select the skill from the available list, then chose the target if needed.

DEFEND makes your character skip a turn in battle but attacks on him or her will inflict much less damage.

ITEM allows you to choose an item that can be used against one or all enemies as an attack, or on one or all allies as a shield or heal.

Choose ITEM, select the item from the available list, then choose the target if needed.

The Battle will go on, with you choosing actions for each party member, then watching the results, until a party is defeated.

Characters can be revived by using certain spells or items.

Battle is affected by the Game Mode chosen.

In Very Easy mode your characters are 160% stronger than normal, in Easy mode 130%, and in Hard mode 70%.

When the enemy is defeated, your characters gain Experience (EXP) and possibly a new level.

After a battle ends, enemies will provide items you can sell or save for later use.

When a character reaches level 20, he or she can be promoted in the Temple of Myst. Promotion gives additional powers.

There are four types of Orbs in this game: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

The orbs can be exchanged for Stats points in Guilds.

There are four Guilds in this game: Mind, Strength, Speed and Resistance.

There are five magical attributes in this game: Green, Blue, Red, White and Dark.

Green Grass

The game starts with a cut scene at Marines house.

You are given the option to use a Tutorial.

Move one screen to the right.

Go inside the second house to the right and Florette will give you your first quest: Find Florettes Teddy Bear.

Move two screens up.

Go inside Dahls Excellent Shop and buy the Broken Paladin Helmet.

After entering the Green Grass Fields move one screen up and one left.

Inspect the Teddy Bear and return it to Florette.

You have just completed your first quest!

Go back to the Green Grass Fields, move one screen up and go left until you find Sabor.

Talk to him and he will give you your next quest: Find good quality honey.

Go to Green Grass Pond, left of Green Grass Fields.

Collect all 6 Big Frogs to be used later on in a future quest.

Go to Green Grass Fields from the village.

Move one screen up and pick up the Wood Stick to help during your first fights.

Go right after entering Green Grass Fields and jump onto the bridge.

Inspect the second pylon going down to find your first Secret Room.

Go up from the Green Grass Fields to the Temple to collect many items, gold and a quest: Find the missing piece of the pillar.

Near the Green Grass Fields exit you will find the fairy Jeanne.

You will be able to summon her for 10MP.

She can do two things: a large magical attack and a normal Heal spell cast randomly on one of your fellow companions.

Keep going north until you find a small hut where you can rest and find several items.

Go up one screen then right and you will find another hut.

Talk to Florian and he will give you a quest: Find and kill the Animal Kings.

Here you will find a butterfly once you acquire the Misty Bag, which can be found later in the game in the Sapphire Cave.

Go up one screen and you will get to your first world map, Midlands of Myst!

Midlands of Myst

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