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Mind Mapping for Girl Scouts

Date post:04-Jan-2016
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Mind Mapping for Girl Scouts. Test your audio. Log on to Blackboard Collaborate. Trouble? Refresh or RE-login 2. iMindMap software should be downloaded http ://www.thinkbuzan.com/us/. Welcome to Mind Mapping for Girl Scouts. [insert instructor’s name] [Insert date]. What you need: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
How To Use This Template[insert instructor’s name]
What you need:
Welcome to Mind Mapping for Girl Scouts
iMindMap software should be downloaded
An interaction is generated at least ever 2-3 minutes
All participants are called upon
Interaction is spread evenly
Commit to bringing what you learn today into your work
Ground Rules
Turn off cell phones, email and other distractions
Use *6 to mute your line, #6 to unmute (please do not put us on hold)
Be prepared to be called on randomly and to respond
Change your status to Step Away if you need to step away Use web tools to communicate
Have Fun!
Write 1-2 words you associate with the concept of mind mapping…..
What would you like to use Mind Mapping to accomplish?
Learning Outcomes
Discuss 3 Mind Mapping Applications in work and in life
Practice Mind Mapping using specialized software
The case for creativity…
Mind Mapping Applications- Practical
Preparing for meetings
Decorating a room
Mind Mapping Guidelines
Draw branches for new thoughts, dimensions or topics
Draw sub branches to cluster related thoughts
Create simple lables
*Look for Connections*
Speed over neatess!
Now let’s work on a map together: Healthy eating & girls
It’s 2020
Now, Create your Own…
Remember to look at the interconnections among the branches
Go as fast as you can, and….
Let it flow!
Let’s debrief
What surprised you?
How many “new” thoughts emerged?
What did you learn?
What will you do next with the information in your map?
Wrap-Up & Commitments
2 lessons you’ve learned today about Mind Mapping
How will you use the Mind Map you developed, after the session?
Name 2 characteristics or ideas about Mind Mapping you’ll share with others in your council
Thank you!

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