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Miraculous Time

Date post:27-Mar-2016
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April to June News Letter
  • Vol. II, Issue VI

    Graduation DayBanquet 2011Page 4

    Snapshots Inside He Lives In You Page 3

    Mistaken IdentityUpcoming EventsPage 5

    ResourcesPage 6

    April-June 2011

    United in Love For A Worthy CausePage 2


  • Vol. II, Issue VI Page 2

    The seniors were also presented with gifts and many words of encouragement. Sis. Alga Brown accompanied by her sister sang a delightful duet. Bro & Sis. Levy shared a little of their experiences during their courtship and marriage, much to everyones amusement. The seniors were well cared for throughout the event. The goal was not to only allow them to feel special just for that day, but the day was arranged for them to know that MTM love our seniors since they are the ones who has set the path for the younger generation. It was a remarkable experiences, and we all can say, it was good for us to had been there. To God be the Glory!

    By: Sis. Hall

    United In Love for a Worthy Cause

    Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity (Psalms 133:1). A fitting verse reflecting what took place on December 4th, 2010 in the Miracle Temple Ministries (MTM) Manor. Sis. Althea Jackson along with Sis. Angela Green saw it fit to gather all the seniors together from the MTM congregation in one place to honor them, and letting them know that they are loved and ap-preciated. Food and drinks were in ad-equate supply. The tables were beau-tifully laid out for this wonderful occasion. The musicians were ready to strike their first notes. The public address system was set up and ready to amplify the voices of the chair-person and singers; escorts were

    standing at the door ready to take the honored guest to their seats as Dr. Roxie Irish announced their arrival. The cheers of the waiting audience echoed as Dr. Irish announced each name. Once everyone was seated the program began with the opening prayer offered by Sis. Leoni Henry. The event was memorable; solo offerings were given by Bro. Adale Jackson and Sis. Dionne Thomas. Bro. Asshur Cunningham presented a slideshow, showing the seniors in their early years. Sis. Angelena Edwards sourced valuable pieces of information about the different benefits that are available to the seniors.

    Miraculous Times

  • Page 3

    Snapshots Inside HeLives In You

    It was wonderful; very creative and inspiring.-Ayasha Charles

    It was really, really good. It was funny.-Jenique Alleyne

    He Lives In You was full of creativ-ity. I loved the Salon and the African scenes. Im just speechless!-Gregory Davey

    The play was pretty good; Everything was good. I am proud of the young peo-ple.-Carla Evans

    A theatrical celebration honoring our ancestors who had to endure hardships for the advancemet of our culture.-Anthony Maxwell

    The play had powerful messages and was presented in a way that the youth could relate to. The acting and stage management was excellent. High-ly recommend to all audiences.-Nick Melendez

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    On Sunday, February 6th, 2011 all the children gathered in the manor for a very special occasion. It was time for all the children,ages 12 and up, to graduate and move on to the sanctu-ary with the grown-ups. The chairs were all lined up in neat rows; the little kids all waited with an-ticipation as the proud parents of the graduates took their seats. Our guest speaker Dr. Roxie Irish was escorted to her seat by Eboni Russell. Before Dr. Irish spoke, friends and well-

    wishers took the time out to encour-age the graduates and tell them how much they will be missed. One of the things that made me cry was when a student said that she was sorry about her behavior throughout the year. It was finally time for Dr. Irish to speak to the graduates. She spoke about David in the bible and how he graduated, and that God can use any-one, but you have to make yourself available. The presentation was really good. We had lots of food, so much food that we had seconds and thirds. There was hotdogs and the desserts

    were cake, Oreo cookies, along with juice. After we all ate, everyone gathered to-gether to take pictures. The pictures came out very well. This day was really exciting for me and everybody who was apart of it. I cant wait to see what next year holds for our upcoming graduates.

    By: Okelia Holder


    Miraculous Times

    Banquet 2011By: Stacey Ricketts

    Banquet 2011 was great! We were blessed with two songs by Tiffany Obi. Our speaker was none other than Brother Lenworth Grant; he gave a message to both young and seasoned saints. Barrington Henry and Tremaine Somers ministered to No Looking Back by Damita Had-don. Our married couples danced showing that they still got it. The fashion show was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!! We would like to thank Deeper Life World Outreach Ministries for attending and extend a special thank you to all those who supported through attendance, donations, and prayers. See you next year!

    Psalm 103:1-4Praise the LORD, O my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name.Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits-who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases,who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion.

    For Thought

  • Page 5

    Mistaken Identity God has been good to me. One of my deepest testimonies occurred in January of 2008, when I went to court to pay a traffic ticket that. While waiting on line, the court clerk called my name. Not know-ing what was about to happened, I answered the clerk and was then escorted outside where they pre-ceded to arrest me for a crime I did not commit. I was accused of committing a robbery, after which they then accompanied me to the precinct to do a line up. I confident-ly walked into the line up room, knowing that I wouldnt have been chosen because at the time of the robbery I was out of town. Unfor-tunately that wasnt the case. The victim of the robbery chose me, my heart fell to the floor when the lawyer told me that I was the one that the victim chose. I was ashamed, disgusted, and angry that God would fail me this way. I was innocent. At the time of the crime, I wasnt even in the same borough, let alone the same state. I

    was angry with God that he had allowed this to happen to me. They then took me to the court house where the judge set bail for $10,000. I cried and was extremely devastated, knowing that I was charged for a crime I had no knowledge of. They then transported me to Rikers Island where I was imprisoned for 10 days. There, I came face to face with some of the most ruth-less criminals I may ever come across. I was scared, alone and felt betrayed by God. I began to asked myself, how could God have allowed this to happened to me, his faithful servant. Then I remembered that God had promised us that he would never give more than we could bear. It was that scripture that reassured me that God was keeping me. After the 10 days I was then taken back to the court house, where the judge increased my bail from $10,000 to $30,000. My church family was present

    in the courtroom to show their support and my pastor posted the bail which allowed me to be released. However, trial went on for almost a year before all charges were dismissed. My re-cords were expunged and sealed. At first I doubted God and blamed Him because of what happened to me. However, through this experience Ive learned that if I have faith as small as a mustard seed my God will take me through anything. I was a victim of mistaken iden-tity; I could have had a record for life as a thief. But God! He is so real to me, He is so amazing. This universe is puzzled and only God alone holds the right pieces. We should never give up on God or doubt the unusual situations that God sometimes places us in, because they help us to get closer to Him.By: Rasan Cole(A regular visitor)

    Upcoming EventsMay 8th, 11AM: Mothers Day Service

    May 22nd - June 4th: 40th Anniversary & ConventionMay 28th: Banquet

    June 4th, 6:30PM: Convention Concert (Free)June 18th, 9AM: Mens Prayer BreakfastJune 19th, 11AM: Fathers Day Service

    July 16th, 11AM: Street FairJuly 11th- August 4th: Explore NY VBS

    (Register in the sanctuary foyer after our 11 a.m. Sunday services)

    Miraculous Times

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    Call 311 for information on ALL SERVICES Listed :Transportation, Streets & SidewalksMotor vehicles, traffic, parking, and towing.Buses, subways, trains, bicycles, and air travel.Bridges, tunnels, trams, and ferries.Environment & SanitationGarbage and recycling.Noise, air quality, pollution, hazardous materials.Water, trees, animals, and conservation.Property, Buildings & HomesAffordable housing, construction, utilities.Tenant, landlord, and property owner resources.City planning and projects.Education & EmploymentSchools, literacy, educational programs.Job training and placement and worker protection.Business & FinanceBusiness assistance, licenses, and permits.Consumer protection and assistance.Personal finance and taxes.Social ServicesBenefits, food, and homelessness.Community, family, and individual support.Volunteering and donating.Health & MedicineCare, insurance, and healthy living.Facilities, equipment, and workers.Violations, reports, and statistics.Public Safety & LawCrime and quality of life.Courts, legal resources, prisons, and corrections.Disasters and emergencies.Government & Civil ServicesGovernment officials and workers.Birth, death, marriage, and domestic partnership records.Elections and taxes.Culture & RecreationA

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