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Miss Garner’s Book Review. Picture Books Harold and the Purple crayon By: Crockett Johnson Grades...

Date post: 27-Dec-2015
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Miss Garner’s Book Review

Miss Garners Book Review

Miss Garners Book Review




Harold and the Purple crayonBy: Crockett JohnsonGrades k-3

Published in 1955Main character: HaroldSummary:Harold creates an imaginary world with his Purple crayon. Follow along as he gets lost inside is imagination.


The Very Hungry CaterpillarBy: Eric CarleGrade Level K-3

Published in 1986Main character: Very hungry caterpillarSummaryFollow along as this VERY hungry caterpillar eats his way through lots of fun foods!

4Fancy NancyBy: Jane OConnorIllustrated by: Robin Preiss GlasserGrade Level: K-3Published in 2006Main character: NancySummaryMeet Nancy, everything she does is fancy. From the way that she dresses to the way she talks. Nancy decides to give her family fancy lessons and ends up learning a valuable lesson herself.

5Madeline By: Ludwig BemelmansGrade Level: 4-6Published in 1939 Main character: MadelineSummaryFollow Madeline and her friends as they explore the beautiful city of Paris.

6Youre All My FavoritesBy: Sam McBratneyIllustrated by: Anita JeramGrade Level K-3Published in 2004Main characters: Three baby bearsSummaryA touching story about three baby bears who want to know who their parents favorite is.

7The Relatives CameBy: Cynthia RylantIllustrated by: Stephen GammelGrade Level: K-3Published in 1985 Awards: Caldecott HonorMain characters: The relativesSummaryIsnt it great when relatives come to visit? This is the story about all the fun that is had when relatives come to visit.

8The Hallo-wienerBy: Dav PilkeyGrade Level: K-3Published in 1995Main character: OscarSummaryMeet Oscar, hes a wiener dog and everyone teases him about it. Oscar cant wait for Halloween, but its not everything he dreams it to be. Read along as Oscar goes from Wiener dog to Hero Sandwich.

9You Can Do It, SamBy: Amy HestIllustrated by: Anita JeramGrade Level: K-3Published in 2001Main character: Sam SummaryIsnt it great when you can do things all by yourself? This is the story of Sam who with the help of his mother makes treats for his neighbors. When they go to deliver them, his mother lets him go up to the doors by himself.


Amy Elizabeth Explores BloomingdalesBy: E.L. KonigsburgGrade Level: 4-6

Published in 1992Main characters: Amy Elizabeth, GrandmaSummaryHave you ever been to New York? Follow along as Amy Elizabeth and her Grandma explore the Big Apple as they try to get to Bloomingdales.


Heavens All Star Jazz BandBy: Don CarterGrades 4-6Multi-cultural bookPublished in 2002Main Characters: Little boy, Grandpa Jack, Jazz starsSummaryWhen the little boys Grandpa Jack dies, he imagines him joining all of his favorite Jazz heroes in a jam session. Read along as Grandpa Jack meets all the greats.


A Bad Case of StripesBy: David ShannonGrade Level: K-6

Published in 2004Main character: Camilla CreamSummaryMeet Camilla. Camilla likes lima beans, but her friends dont. So, to be like her friends, she stops eating them. Then it happensCamilla gets a case of the stripes. Will she ever return to normal?


Curious George Takes a JobBy: H.A. ReyGrade Level: 4-6

Published in 1947Main character: Curious GeorgeSummaryOh no! George has escaped from the zoo. Follow along as his curiosity leads him through the big city doing various jobs.


Walter the Farting DogBy: William Kotzwinkle & Glenn MurrayIllustrated by: Audrey ColmanGrade Level:4-6Published in 2001Main characters: Walter, Betty, BillySummaryWhat if your dog couldnt stop farting? Meet Walter, he just cant seem to stop and its getting him into trouble. Read along as Walter goes from farting dog to becoming a hero all in one day. 15Sector 7 By: David WiesnerGrade Level 4-6 Published in 1999Awards: Caldecott HonorMain characters: Little boys, cloud with the red hatSummaryWhat if you took a field trip to the top of the Empire State building and made friends the clouds? Thats exactly what happens in this book. Read along as the little boy helps his new friends come up with new, fun, cloud shapes.

16June 29,1999 By: David WiesnerGrade Level 7-9Published in 1992 Main character: Holly EvansSummaryDid you ever have a science experiment go wrong? Thats exactly what Holly Evans thinks when it starts raining giant vegetables. She soon discovers that she might be wrong after all.


Flotsam By: David WiesnerGrades 7-9

Published in 2006Awards: The Caldecott MedalMain character: Young boySummaryA young boy at the beach discovers an old fashion camera. He take the film to be developed and discovers a picture of a kid holding a picture of a kid, holding a kid until using a microscope the first picture of the first kid is revealed.


Tuesday By: David WiesnerGrade Level: 7-9

Published in 1991Awards: Caldecott Medal Main characters: flying frogsSummaryYouve heard the expression When pigs fly But flying frogs?!? Follow along one crazy Tuesday night when a quiet neighborhood is overrun with frogs.

19Traditional Literature


Nursery Rhymes & Fairy TalesGrade Level: K-3Published in 2005SummaryRead along as Disneys favorite characters re-create some the best classic nursery rhymes and fairy tales ever told


My Very First Mother GooseEdited by: Iona OpieIllustrated by: Rosemary WellsGrade Level: K-3Published in 1996SummaryA beautifully illustrated version of Mother Goose, that is easy to read.

22The Elephants ChildBy: Rudyard KiplingIllustrated by: Geoffrey PattersonGrade Level: K-3 Published in 2006Main character: Elephant childSummaryHave you ever wondered how the elephant got its trunk? This is the story of a curious young elephant whos curiosity got the better of him.

23The Three Pigs By: David WiesnerGrade Level 4-6Published in 2001Awards: Caldecott MedalMain Characters: The 3 pigsSummary:Follow along as the 3 pigs take a crazy adventure out of their story into other fairy tales as they escape from the big bad wolf.


Hans Christian AndersensFairy TalesRetold By William KingGrade Level: 4-6Published in 1996SummaryA collection of some of Andersons Greatest Works. Meet the Emperor in His new clothes, Thumbelina, The Ugly Duckling, and many more!


The Stinky Cheese Man and other Fairly Stupid Tales By: Jon ScieszkaIllustrated by: Lane SmithGrade levels: 7-9

Published in 1992Awards: Caldecott HonorMain Character: Jack the narratorSummaryYouve Havent read Mother Goose until you read these crazy fracture versions

26A Childrens Treasury of MythologyIllustrated by Margaret Evans PriceGrade Level 7-9Published in 2007SummaryA beautifully illustrated collection of myths from Greek and Roman mythology

27Fantasy28Published in 1968Main characters: Little Bear, animal friends, Grandmother BearSummaryLittle Bear makes a picture for his Grandmother. Because she loves it so much she sends him a kiss in return. The kiss gets passed between friends until skunk accidentally kisses a girl skunk. Little bear finally gets his kiss when the two skunks get married

A Kiss For Little Bear By: Else Holmelund MinarikIllustrated by: Maurice SendakGrade Level: K-3

29Where the Wild Things AreBy: Maurice SendakGrade Level: K-3Published in 1963Awards: Caldecott MedalMain character: MaxSummaryFollow Max on his imaginary journey to the island of where the wild things are. Join in as they have a wild rumpus and crown Max, King of the Wild Things.

30How to Make Friends with a GiantBy: Gennifer CholdenkoIllustrated by: Amy WaldrodGrade Level K-3Published in 2006Newberry HonorMain characters: James, JacomoSummaryWhat if a giant moved in next door and started school with you? Would you become friends with them? This is the story of James and Jacomo, two friends who are complete opposites of each other.

31Magic PickleBy: Scott MorseGrade Level: 4-6Published in 2008Main characters: Magic Pickle, Jojo WigmanSummaryGraphic novel about a superhero who goes out and battles other superhuman veggies

32JumanjiBy: Chris Van AllsburgGrade Level 4-6Published in 1981Awards: CaldecottMain characters: Peter, JudySummaryWhat would you do if the game you were playing suddenly came to life? Join Peter and Judy as they race against time and nature to finish playing JUMANJI

33Ella Enchanted By: Gail Garson LevineGrade Level: 4-6Published in 1997Awards: Newberry HonorMain characters: Ella, Prince Charmon, Mandy, SummaryMeet Ella. She has to do everything you tell her because of a horrible gift her fairy godmother gave her. Follow along as Ella searches for Lucinda so she can live as a normal girl.


The Lightning ThiefBy: Rick RiordanGrade Level 4-6

Published in 2006Main character: Percy JacksonSummaryWhat if you found out that all the crazy things that have been happening to you arent just a dream? What if you found out you were the child of a Greek god? Meet Percy. This is the story of what happens when he finds out the answers to these questions and many more.

35Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley, and me Elizabeth By: E.L. KonigsburgGrade Level 4-6Published in 1967Multicultural Awards: Newberry HonorMain Characters: Jennifer, ElizabethSummaryWhat if your best friends was a witch and she made you an witchs apprentice? Follow along as Elizabeth tries to become a full fledged witch.


The Lion, the Witch, and the WardrobeBy: C.S. LewisGrade Level: 4-6

Published in 1950 Main characters: Peter, Susan, Edmund, and LucySummaryThrough the wardrobe is a mystical land called Narnia. Follow along as Edmund, Lucy, Peter, and Susan battle against the evil queen to save Narnia.

37Lily Dale: Awakening By: Wendy Corsi StaubGrade level 7-9Published in 2009Main character: CallaSummaryAfter her mothers death, Calla moves to Lily Dale to live with her grandmother. She soon discovers that Lily Dale is a town full of psychics and that she is one too.

38Poetry39I can Read with My Eyes Shut!By: Dr. SeussGrade Level: K-3Published in 1978Main character: The Cat in the HatSummaryDid you know that the Cat in the Hat can read with his eyes closed? Follow along his crazy journey what happens when you read with your eyes closed!

40The Mighty SlideBy: Allan AhlbergIllustrated by: Charlotte VoakeGrade Level: 4-6Published in 1988SummaryA collection of story poems from Britain. Take a ride on the Mighty Slide, make friends with The Girl that Doubled, and listen to The Scariest Yet

41A Light In the AtticBy: Shel SilversteinGrade Level: 4-6Published in 1981SummaryA collection of humorous childrens poems


Imagine That! Poems of Never-WasSelected by: Jack PrelutskyIllustrated by: Kevin HawkesGrade Level 4-6

Published in 1998SummaryA collection of childrens poems on things that never-were. Meet The Nonny. Take a ride in Mr. Mads Machine. Visit The Land of Bumbley Boo.


Vile VersesBy: Roald DahlGrade Level 4-6Published in 2005SummaryA Collection of poems taken from Roald Dahls famous childrens books


A Poke in the IA collection of concrete poemsSelected by Paul B JaneczkoIllustrated by: Chris RashckaGrade Level 7-9

Published in 2001SummaryA collection of crazy concrete poems.


Oh, The Places Youll Go!By: Dr. SeussGrade level: 7-9Published in 1990Main character: YouSummaryFollow along as you take a wonderful journey down the path of life.

46Contemporary Realistic Fiction

47The Red ThreadBy: Grace LinGrade Level: K-3Multicultural bookPublished in 2007Main characters: King & Queen, Old Peddler, babySummaryThere is an ancient Chinese belief that an invisible, unbreakable red thread connects all those who are destined to be together. Follow along as the King and Queen take a journey to find their destiny.


Im Gonna Like Me Letting Off A Little Self-EsteemBy: Jamie Lee CurtisIllustrated by: Laura CornellPublished in 2002SummaryA self esteem lifting story about two kids who like themselves no matter what.


Is There Really A Human Race? By: Jamie Lee CurtisIllustrated by: Laura CornellGrade Level: K-3Published in 2006SummaryIs there really a human race? Wheres the finish line? Do people run into each other? These just a few of the questions that this book answers and many more. 50Harriet the Spy By: Louise FitzhughGrade Level: 4-6Published in 1964Main characters: Harriet, Ole GollySummaryMeet Harriet, a young girl who thinks shes a spy. Harriets spying gets her in trouble when her friends find her notebook filled with not so nice comments about them. How will Harriet survive? Will she ever spy again?

51Al Capone Does My Shirts By: Gennifer CholdenkoGrade Level: 4-6Special Needs Published in 2006Awards: Newberry HonorMain characters: Moose, Natalie SummaryThe story of Moose trying to balance living on Alcatraz Island with his autistic sister and having a normal baseball filled life.

52If a Tree Falls at Lunch PeriodBy: Gennifer CholdenkoGrade Level: 4-6MulticulturalGifted and TalentedPublished in 2007Main characters: Walk and KristenSummaryWhat if you found out that the one of your friends was actually your brother or sister? What if one was white and the other was black? Read along as Kristen and Walk struggle to fit in a their preppy day school and along the way become friends and then family.

53The View From SaturdayBy: E.L. KonigsburgGrade Level: 4-6Gifted and TalentedPublished in 1998Awards: Newberry AwardMain Characters: Ethan, Noah, Nadia, JulianSummaryMeet the Souls, a group of friends that make up their 6th grade academic team. But, what makes the Souls the Souls. Read along to find out how a group of unlikely friends bonded together to win it all.

54Silent to the BoneBy: E.L. KonigsburgGrade Level: 7-9 Published in 2004Main characters: Branwell, ConnorSummaryWhat if something so terrible happened that afterwards, you werent able to speak. Thats what happened to Branwell and now its up to Connor to solve the mystery of what happened and why Branwell is silent to the bone.


To Kill A MockingbirdBy: Harper LeeGrade Level: 7-9Published in 1960Awards: Pulitzer PrizeMain characters: Scout, Jem, AtticusSummaryMeet Scout, a young girl from a small Alabama town. This is the story of what happens one summer when tragedy strikes this small town.

56The Westing GameBy: Ellen RaskinGrade Level 7-9

Published in 1978Awards: Newberry AwardMain characters: All the tenants of Sunset ApartmentsSummaryA whodunit mystery involving murder, chess, Uncle Sam, and a crazy cast of characters. Can you solve the mystery before the murderer strikes again?

57Deenie By: Judy BlumeGrade Levels: 7-9Published in 1976Main character: DeenieSummaryA story of a beautiful young girl whos mother wants her to be a model. Deenie just wants to live a normal life. Read along as Deenie finds out that she is far from normal and how she struggles to regain normalcy in her life.

58The Catcher in the RyeBy: J.D. SalingerGrade Level 7-9Published in 1945Main character: HoldenSummaryFollow Holden on his journey through New York City as he struggles to find himself.

59The Heart is A Lonely HunterBy: Carson McCullersGrade Level: 7-9Published in 1940Special needsMain characters: John, Spiros, MickSummaryThis the story of the relationship between John and Spiros who are both deaf mutes. Life changes dramatically when Spiros ends up in a mental facility

60Historical Fiction

61John, Paul, George, & BenBy: Lane SmithGrade Level: K-3Published in 2006Main Characters: John Hancock, Paul Revere, George Washington, Ben FranklinSummaryHave you ever wondered what our founding fathers were like as children? Was George Washington always honest? Di d Paul Revere always yell? What about Ben, did he have a comment for everything? Read and find out!

62The Journal of Ben Uchida, Citizen 13559Mirror Lake Internment CampBy: Barry DenenbergGrade Level: 4-6Multicultural bookPublished in 1999Main character: Ben UchidaSummaryStory of a boys life in an American internment camp for the Japanese following the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Read along as Ben tries to lead a normal life, playing baseball and making friends inside Mirror Lake Camp.

63My Secret War: The WWII Diary of Madeline Beck By : Mary Pope OsborneGrade level 4-6Published in 2000Main characters: Madeline, Mom, Dad, Johnny, Theo , ClaraSummaryA young girls diary of her life in New York at the beginning of WWII. Read along as Madeline takes the call of duty into her hands against German spies.

64Jackie and Me By: Dan GutmanGrade Level 4-6MulticulturalPublished in 1999Main characters: Joe Stoshack, Jackie RobinsonSummaryFollow along on as Joe travels back in time to meet the great Jackie Robinson. While visiting Jackie, Joe learns the hardships of being black in the 1940s.


The Roman NewsThe Greatest Newspaper in CivilizationBy: Andrew Langley and Philip de Souza Grade Level: 7-9

Published in 2000Main characters: Various historical Roman figuresSummaryRead about some of Romes greatest events in the greatest newspaper of all.


Non-Fiction: Biographies&Informational 67Celia Cruz, Queen of SalsaBy: Veronica ChambersIllustrated by: Julie MaronGrade Level K-3Published in 2007SummaryA biography of the life of salsa queen, Celia Cruz. Follow along on her journey from her childhood in Havana to her stardom on the stage.


Accidents May HappenFifty Inventions Discovered by MistakeBy: Charlotte Foltz JonesIllustrated by John OBrienGrade Level: 4-6

Published in 1998SummaryHave you ever wondered where some of historys greatest inventions came from? What if I told you they were mistakes? Find out how bread was discovered, what cracked the Liberty bell, and much more.

69Anne FrankThe Diary of a Young GirlGrade Level: 4-6Published in 1953Main character: Anne FrankSummary Annes incredible diary about her life while in hiding and later in a Nazi concentration camp


Independent Dames By: Laurie Halse AndersonIllustrated by: Matt FaulknerGrade Level: 7-9

Published in 2008SummaryMeet some of Americas finest women who lended a hand during the Revolutionary War. Learn the truth about some of historys myths about women in battle.


I Am ScoutThe Biography of Harper LeeBy: Charles ShieldsGrade Level: 7-9

Published in 2008SummaryA biography of one of Americas greatest, reclusive authors. Learn the history and background that go into Lees groundbreaking book To Kill a Mockingbird.

72The End for Now. Thanks Jen for introducing me to so Many Great kids books! This show would have gone on forever if I added every book I read this semester.(Dont Click or Music will stop)73