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Mobile and desktop browser based video conferencing

Date post: 04-Jun-2018
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  • 8/13/2019 Mobile and desktop browser based video conferencing



    Learn HowOne Hyperlink ClickCan Transform Your Business and Increase Your Global Competitiveness

  • 8/13/2019 Mobile and desktop browser based video conferencing


    Table of Contents

    p3 Change or Fail

    Foreward by Ashan Willy, Senior Vice President

    Worldwide Systems Engineering and Product Management at Polycom

    p5 Consider the Possibilities of Borderless Collaboration

    with Just a Web Browser

    p7 The Opportunity to Streamline Business Efficiency

    p9 The Network Effect: Designing your Network

    for Video-enabled Applications

    p10 About RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite

    p12 Resources and Offers


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  • 8/13/2019 Mobile and desktop browser based video conferencing


    The way we communicate is changing, driven by

    global economic and social shifts and the influx of

    technologies to support cloud computing, mobility

    and social interactions. These trends are causing

    us to rethink the way we do business and the

    opportunities are limitless.

    Technology is shrinking geographies in ways we

    never dreamed possible; networks are becoming

    ubiquitous and mobile devices accepted for

    conducting business in a fast-paced world where

    business is happening around the clock.

    The people in our workforce are also changing.

    Technology-proficient millennials are working in

    our organizations and they will soon be joined by

    digital natives.Social networking has transformed what and how

    we communicate both at work and home.

    Any device can now create and publish video

    content either real time or using recorded content.

    Technology has:

    Set high expectationswe want it all

    Created a culture of immediacy and

    accelerated decision making

    Made us more productive while achieving abetter work/life balance

    However, one constant remains in this

    technological shiftthe need for human

    collaboration. And the best way for people to

    collaborate and interact is still face to face, by

    seeing one another.

    Change or Fail

    A quick introduction. Im Ashan Willy, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Systems

    Engineering and Product Management at Polycom. Being successful in my role

    requires me to anticipate the future and develop the innovative technologies

    and solutions our customers will need to succeed today and tomorrow.

    Use of desktop and

    mobile video conferencing

    continues to rise:

    23% of companies have

    deployed desktop videoto more than half of their


    27% of companies

    are extending video

    conferencing to tablets

    49% are evaluating or

    planning to enable video

    conferencing on tablets

    Video-enabled workplaces are creating high performance,

    high collaboration cultures. But it doesnt end there

    Nemertes Research 2013, Pervasive V ideo Collaboration

    Ashan Willy

  • 8/13/2019 Mobile and desktop browser based video conferencing


    Creating a high collaboration, high-performance culture

    In the same way mobile phones have liberated

    us from our desks, video has taken us out of

    the office. Today, making or joining a video

    call is as easy as using the phone, fromalmost anywhere desktop to tabletand

    this increased familiarity is encouraging more

    people to make video their communication

    mode of choice.

    Video is solving the business challenges

    of today and tomorrow, including reducing

    downtime, improving business workflow and

    accelerating decision making. Projects are

    getting completed faster, geographically

    dispersed teams are sharing ideas more

    frequently and workplace training is reaching

    employees sooner.

    In short, video-enabled workplaces are creating

    high performance, high collaboration cultures.

    But it doesnt end thereImagine what would

    happen, if that same video network you

    implemented to create a high performing

    workplace is now extended to customers, to

    suppliers, and others outside your company?

    What could this mean to the operational

    efficiency of your organization?

    Here are a few ideas:

    Reduce the time it takes to hire and on-board

    talent anywhere in the world

    Reach new markets successfully without

    having physical presence

    Close the gap for product development,

    bring your customers and suppliers into the

    development process early

    Improve customer response by collaborating

    face to face with consultants and outsourced

    operational teams

    It all comes down to a single hyperlink through a

    browser and with that, a change in the way you

    can communicate with anyone.

    Enjoy the rest of the guide. If at any time

    you have questions, please contact us at

    [email protected]

    Ashan Willy

    Enterprise technology leaders must plan for a future in which video is

    pervasive, both real-time conferencing as well as user-generated content.

    The Changing World of Video Collaboration

    Nemertes Research 2013, Pervasive Video Collaboration

    Business Video Room focused Meeng oriented Directory

    Personal Relaonship focused Socially oriented Buddy Lists


    Event focused Content oriented


    BorderlessMeetngs Interoperable Meet-me oriented Invitaon

    CollaboratveMeetngs Parcipate Workstream Shared space

    PolycomInnovaton Borderless Open Collaborave

    Visual Persistent Virtual Powerful

    2012 2013

  • 8/13/2019 Mobile and desktop browser based video conferencing


    Technologies are available today that extend

    the reach of video beyond an organisations

    network. However for those forward thinking

    companies that have deployed them, there are

    still operational challenges for end users and IT

    departments alike.

    As a result of these challenges some

    companies have resorted to using consumer-grade technologies characterized by their

    closed environments with varying quality of

    service, limited or no security and peer to peer

    distribution without authentication or validation.

    To help you create a workplace free of

    network limitations, Polycom has introduced a

    technology game changersecure enterprise-

    grade video collaboration accessible with just a

    browser and web camera.

    Polycom RealPresence CloudAXIS allows

    you to step outside your network in a secure

    environment that delivers the business grade

    experience you expect while harnessing the

    power of human collaboration. Arranging

    impromptu or scheduled meetings is a snap,

    making it easier to bring people and business

    together for B2B and B2C video collaboration.

    As an extension of the RealPresence Platform

    infrastructure that embraces interoperable

    borderless collaboration, CloudAXIS helps your

    workplace connect to anyone, anywhere. It lets

    your people collaborate and share ideas with

    customers, suppliers, partners and others outside

    your company with a presence-aware directory

    that integrates contacts from Skype, GoogleTalk,

    and Facebook and provides simple click-to-

    connect convenience so you can invite anyone tojoin you for a video call by sending a link in an IM,

    email, or calendar invitation.

    Consider the Possibilities of Borderless Collaboration with Just a Web Browser

    Today for many companies, video enables employees to connect with other employees inside

    a network. Imagine the possibilities if you could extend it outside of your own organization.

    businesses are missing out on the opportunity to collaborate

    with partners, suppliers and clients in a secure, compliant, reliable

    and high-performance environment, and maximize the return on

    investment (ROI) of their enterprise videoconferencing system.

    New IDG Whitepaper: Enterprise-class videoconferencing for the masses

  • 8/13/2019 Mobile and desktop browser based video conferencing


    Your managers and HR team can interview

    candidates face to face, regardless of location,

    accelerating the interview cycle

    Legal teams can leverage the expertise of

    external consultants to add credibility to

    their cases

    R&D teams can engage with customers faster

    to test your next product design

    Sales teams can meet face to face withprospects to clarify a tender and start building

    rapport and you can improve face time

    with valued customers at any stage of the

    buying cycle

    Supply chain management improves,

    connecting with outsourced manufacturers

    for swifter collaboration leading to faster

    customer fulfillment

    Engineering teams can collaborate with

    suppliers to trouble-shoot an issue

    Marketing teams can engage agencies from

    anywhere in the world for their next campaign

    Education and learning organizations canbring in remote lecturers from any location and

    extend the classroom beyond the campus

    Healthcare specialists can treat patients from

    the comfort of their own homes or assist in life-

    saving operations no matter the location

    Government agencies can ensure business

    continuity and emergency assessments when

    disaster strikes

    With Polycom RealPresence CloudAXIS your address book just got a whole lot bigger

    If you create a bigger network, you increase innovation.

    New IDG Whitepaper: Enterprise-class videoconferencing for the masses

    No matter how diverse your requirements might be, Polycom

    RealPresence CloudAXIS will help your employees get connected

    securely and when needed, record and stream their video

    collaboration so every aspect of your companys knowledge base

    and process can be optimized throughout the organization.

    Imagine the opportunities for any enterprise, educational, healthcare or government

    organization to innovate and collaborate:

  • 8/13/2019 Mobile and desktop browser based video conferencing


    It doesnt matter what industry you work in,

    there are video-enabled business applications

    available to make your business work smarter,

    regardless of industry.

    All of these solutions are focused on the end

    gameaccelerating the service and ultimately the

    product that reaches your customers. Here are a

    few real life scenarios to give you an idea of what

    can be achieved.

    HR: Speed up your recruiting process

    Many CIOs and IT Managers we talk to have

    concerns about the way their HR teams and

    managers use free consumer-grade video

    solutions to conduct interviews with candidates

    across distance. You know the storyno

    authentication and no security, leaving your

    network at risk.

    We understand that HR teams are working under

    pressure to recruit talent quickly and this is

    business critical to maintain operational continuity.

    Now you can have a secure, high definition (HD)

    video call with the recruiter, the candidate and

    the HR team in one meeting across any distance,

    and on any device including PCs, tablets,

    smartphones, and video room systems. You can

    also share content from your desktop with the

    participants and record the interview for playback

    at a later date.

    The Opportunity to Streamline Business Efficiency

    Business benefits:

    Reduction in time-to-hire, recruitment costs

    and administration

    Flexibility to record the interview for additional

    review and assessment

    Improving the way you use recruitment

    agencies (maximizing fees)

    Improved accuracy of shortlisting and hires

    through face-to-face interaction and bodylanguage assessment

    A great user experience for the prospective


    New hires converted to long term employees

    Once the successful candidate is recruited,

    video collaboration can improve the onboarding

    process, helping new employees gain faster

    access to the right resources in order to

    understand their role and whats expected of

    them in terms of performance. This is critical toensuring new hires are engaged quickly and can

    start delivering in terms of productivityimportant

    in that first year. This alone can reduce the cost

    of administration by up to 50%i.

    i Expertus Inc, 2007 Training Challenges Survey Results.

    Imagine the impact

    on your recruitment

    process. With CloudAXIS,

    more people are able

    to collaborate from

    anywhere in a secure HD

    environment, allowing for

    faster decision making,

    helping ensure you

    select the best candidate

    for the job.

    See this in Action

    Download the Infographic

    Ask a Question

    The experts at Aragon Research believe video-enabled business applications

    will deliver unlimited potential for businesses across industries of all shapes and

    sizes and at Polycom, we tend to agree.

    http://www.polycom.com/cloudaxisdemohttp://www.polycom.com/products-services/realpresence-platform/cloudaxis.html#stab4mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]://www.polycom.com/products-services/realpresence-platform/cloudaxis.html#stab4http://www.polycom.com/cloudaxisdemo
  • 8/13/2019 Mobile and desktop browser based video conferencing


    HR and learning organizations: deliver more efficient training programmes

    Most companies these days are working across

    multiple geographies. This can present its own

    set of challenges when you need to reach large

    numbers of people quickly to share informationand manage their professional development. It

    is not always feasible or practical to bring people

    together for workplace training in one location.

    Recorded and on-demand training can be

    accelerated throughout the company and across

    distance to reach remote employees and even

    suppliers and partners with recorded and on-

    demand sessions. Whats more, live external

    trainers can conduct the lesson from any location

    to participants using any device.

    Business Benefits:

    Improving teamwork and collaboration sharing

    content and ideas to reach decisions faster

    Enabling trainers and product teams to train,

    interact, and conduct live Q&A with partners

    and channels

    Delivery of timely training over video to ensure

    everyone has the same information fast

    Reduce training-related down time for staff

    New employees are 69 percent

    more likely to stay longer than

    three years if they experience

    well-structured onboarding

    Aberdeen Group


    Flexibility in how, when and

    where employees work, can

    bring numerous benefits to a

    business. People are happier

    because they spend more time

    being productive in places

    outside the office, and less

    time commuting.

    There also is a huge benefit to

    the businessvideo improves

    remote employee productivity

    by as much as 39 percent,

    lowering operational costs, and

    making it easier to attract and

    retain valuable team members.

    The One Minute Commute

    Creating Work/Life Balance

    Meet Jo, talent manager for a Chicago-based global engineering

    firm who works from London. See how easy it is for her to arrange

    a training session involving multiple employees across multiple

    locationseach working from a different device and platform.

  • 8/13/2019 Mobile and desktop browser based video conferencing


    SALES: Accelerate your sales cycle, improve sales leads and customer retention

    Increasing the amount of time you see and

    interact with customers and prospects improves

    relationships; helps to solve problems and reach

    agreement faster. When needed, it also allowsyou to invite subject matter experts into customer

    discussions, regardless of their location.

    Imagine if you are a retail store or financial

    services business and have the ability to interact

    face to face with your customers and prospects

    every time they visit your website. You can start

    building a personal relationship from the get go.

    Ultimately, deeper customer relationships lead to

    increased profitability and revenue.

    Once you have secured the deal, it doesnt end

    there. Video collaboration can also help improve

    customer fulfilment and satisfaction. The supply

    chain can be managed more effectively. Your

    sales team can be conducting virtual real time

    meetings with external partners and customers.

    You can manage outsourced manufacturers from

    anywhere, accelerating time to market.

    If you are a manufacturer, you can involve the

    customer throughout the delivery process and

    ensure product training programs can be easily

    delivered to the customers organization whilesaving time and money.

    Business benefits:

    Customers to talk to experts when they are

    needed most

    Market presence expansion without needing

    a physical presence by implementing remote

    working capabilitiesscale up operations

    without incremental costs

    Involve suppliers more closely in your planning

    and innovation process

    Operational cost containment while increasing

    number of transactions per employee per day

    Consulting and services firms to meet with

    clients face to face to agree on actions and

    move projects forward while reducing time and

    cost of travel

    Facebook or web pages to connect live to abusiness via video and solicit direct feedback

    Meet Peter, a sales

    manager in a global

    engineering firm. See

    how easily he solves

    a problem with hissupplier in Asia minutes

    before an important

    customer meeting.

    A European national healthcare service is planning to use Polycom

    RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite to allow patients to consult securely with

    clinicians, remotely, without using special or dedicated video endpoints.

    Register for a Demo

    Download the Infographic

    Ask a Question

    http://response.polycom.com/05-DR-PS-2013-Q4-CloudAXIS_Demohttp://http//www.polycom.com/products-services/realpresence-platform/cloudaxis.html#stab4mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]://http//www.polycom.com/products-services/realpresence-platform/cloudaxis.html#stab4http://response.polycom.com/05-DR-PS-2013-Q4-CloudAXIS_Demohttp://www.polycom.com/cloudaxisdemo
  • 8/13/2019 Mobile and desktop browser based video conferencing


    Insist on an open, standards-based

    solution. This will ensure the broadest

    interoperability with the biggest

    possible ecosystem. This is a critical

    step in video becoming a pervasive,

    enterprise wide resource.ZR Research, 2012.

    IT: Learn how IT can save the day and still leave time for lunch

    An IT decision maker and their team face

    enormous pressures. I often hear these questions:

    How will an investment in unified

    communications and collaboration fit with our

    business requirements and objectives and still

    deliver a return?

    How will I know our employees will use it?

    How do I get the business functional managers

    to buy into the vision so they can support me

    with the internal rollout?

    Its important that you can deliver real-time

    collaboration across devices in an environmentthat is secure and user friendly.

    Lets face it. It does not get much easier than the

    click of a hyperlink to start enjoying enterprise-

    grade collaboration with anyone, anywhere.

    To us, its about making business more human.

    Its about creating a solution that uses a familiar

    interface to replicate human interaction, either

    ad hoc or scheduled. That interface needs to be

    browser-based, simple and familiar to reduce

    barriers to adoption and limit the amount of IT

    intervention required.

    RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite enables:

    Enterprise-grade video collaborationsecure,encrypted, centrally managed and provisioned,

    standards-based and accessible with a browser

    Ad hoc visual collaboration maximizing BYOD

    Directory integration, bringing contacts from

    presence-based social applications together in

    one address book

    Flexibility to be run on premise or hosted within

    a private cloud

    People outside your company to join a secure

    video meeting with your employees

    Easy to use, intuitive interface that doesnt

    require IT intervention

    Point and click simplicity and access through a

    browser provides a familiar user experience that

    reduces barriers to adoption

    If you want to see this in action, please

    contact us for a custom demonstration.

    Youll get to talk to subject matter

    experts as well as see first-hand the

    possibilities for your business.

    Register for a Demo

    Download the Infographic

    Ask a Question

    http://response.polycom.com/05-DR-PS-2013-Q4-CloudAXIS_Demohttp://www.polycom.com/products-services/realpresence-platform/cloudaxis.html#stab4mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]://www.polycom.com/products-services/realpresence-platform/cloudaxis.html#stab4http://response.polycom.com/05-DR-PS-2013-Q4-CloudAXIS_Demo
  • 8/13/2019 Mobile and desktop browser based video conferencing


    The Network Effect:Designing your Network for Video-Enabled ApplicationsEvaluate the various

    areas of your business

    where video collaboration

    and communicationcan improve the ability

    for employees and

    customers to interact.

    Aragon Research, 2012

    As discussed earlier, we now have the

    ability to expand beyond corporate walls

    to deliver borderless collaboration. This

    gives you the flexibility and freedom to

    let your people, customers and suppliers

    collaborate face to face from anywhere

    and on any device. These interactions

    can be scheduled or spontaneous, using

    RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite.

    We also give you the peace of mind that

    no matter how your people choose tocollaborate, they will receive a consistent

    user experience supported by open

    standards technology.

    Enterprise-grade video collaboration

    should be nothing short of a solution that

    provides the highest quality, interoperability,

    reliability, and security that is centrally

    managed and provisioned.

    By making it easy for your employees tocollaborate with customers, partners and

    suppliers, you enable them to come up

    with new and creative ways to utilize the

    video collaboration infrastructure, ensuring

    user adoption increases and you realize

    ROI, fast.

    My top 10 questions and advice for preparing

    your network for video-enabled business:

    1. Lead with real world use cases. It will determine yoursuccess and ROI. Define the needs of your business

    stakeholders and engage them in the process.

    2. Decide on your preferred approach to collaborationand web integration. Do you lead with video or lead

    with web collaboration?

    3. Will this be a virtualized solution?

    4. Security should be priority. How secure are you?Are users entering your network authenticated to

    ensure your network remains secure?

    5. Do you have a mobility strategy in place foryour enterprise and how will you integrate video

    collaboration? If you want to know the differences,

    ask us.

    6. Does the video solution you are reviewing integrateseamlessly into your existing UC platform?

    7. How will you ensure quality of experience to allyour users, regardless of their location or device?

    8. Is the solution flexible to deploy and easy to scalefor your business and supported by your IT team?

    Will it be easy for you to manage and monitor?

    9. Will it support real-time and recorded contentstreams?

    10.Do you have a time-bound roadmap to review keyimplementation milestones and understand how

    your solution will be supported in the future?

  • 8/13/2019 Mobile and desktop browser based video conferencing


    Additional Resources

    IDG White Paper: Enterprise-class

    videoconferencing for the masses

    Infographics: HR:Take your people skills to new heights.

    And to new places with RealPresence


    FINANCE: How RealPresence CloudAXIS

    turns a controller of costs into a champion of


    SALES:Give a new face to your sales force

    with RealPresence CloudAXIS.

    IT:How RealPresence CloudAXIS turnsunsung IT pros into celebrated IT stars.

    EDUCATION: Five ways RealPresence

    CloudAXIS forever changes how teachers

    teach and students learn.

    Four Ways RealPresence CloudAXIS is

    redefining video collaboration.


    Watch the online demo Experience a custom, live demonstration

    Talk to a subject matter expert

    See our available Video SmartStart Offers

    More than two-thirds of

    videoconferencing users

    who use their tablets for

    business also use them

    to conduct video calls.

    Wainhouse Research, 2012

    About RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite

    Unique in the marketplace, RealPresence

    CloudAXIS Suite is standards-based and extends

    the RealPresence Platform infrastructure to enable

    businesses to collaborate with other businesses

    or individuals easily and securely, independent of

    application, system, or device. Using a browser,

    its simple click-to-connect convenience delivers

    a business-grade experience to all users, whether

    someone inside your organization, customer,

    partner or supplier.

    RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite delivers:

    High-quality B2B and B2C video collaboration

    extending RealPresence Platformthe

    industrys most interoperable, scalable, and

    secure UC platform

    Universal browser access enabling users to

    simply join video collaboration meetings, mobile

    and room systems, with just a browser inside or

    outside the firewall

    Industry first presence-aware global directory that

    integrates contacts from Skype, GoogleTalk,

    Facebook and displays presence status

    Simple click-to-connect convenience inviting

    anyone to join by sending a URL link in an IM,

    email, or calendar invitation

    Download the Infographic

    Polycom innovative solutions bring people together to collaborate and

    transform the way they work. We are the leader in interoperable unified

    communications and collaboration. More than 400,000 organizations

    worldwide, and across all industries, rely on secure Polycom voice,

    video and content sharing solutions to get their job done.

    Visit www.polycom.com