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Mobile Apps in Healthcare

Date post:24-May-2015
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With continuous changes and increases to healthcare requirements, technical innovations enable medical practitioners to adapt to the changes accordingly. Web and mobile software based solutions are beneficial to both PATIENTS and DOCTORS, providing dramatic improvements in diagnosis, treatment, and management of medical data. This slide deck examines two case studies in which web and mobile apps were used effectively in healthcare.

Mobile Apps in Healthcare

Mobile Apps in Healthcare: 2 Case StudiesBrought to you by TigerLogic www.tigerlogic.com 1

Case Study #1: Patient DiaryBrought to you by TigerLogic www.tigerlogic.com2

#1: Patient DiaryCNM, a software solution provider in Germany, created the electronic PATIENT DIARY mobile app called LifeChart, revolutionizing the treatment of depression and bipolar disorder among patients in clinics across Germany. 3

#1: Patient DiaryUsing mobile devices, patients enter their experiences into LifeChart at any time. Monitoring, diagnosis and measuring treatment are now faster and more meaningful to doctors.4

#1: Patient DiaryThe University Hospital in Freiburg, Germany uses LifeChart to successfully treat thousands of patients with depression and bipolar disorder, offering benefits for patients and hospital staff, from early warning of health impairment to better planned treatments. 5

Case Study #2: Medical OfficeBrought to you by TigerLogic www.tigerlogic.com6

#2: Medical OfficeSwiss application developer, amtiq, created siMed a complete management system for doctors offices and medical centers, which can be accessed via the desktop, tablet, and smartphone.7

#2: Medical OfficeAs an integrated web and mobile app solution, DOCTORS have access to all of their patients complete medical records and practice data wherever they may be, whether in the office, at a hospital, or during out-of-office hours.8

#2: Medical OfficeUsing the siMed mobile app, PATIENTS can manage appointments, get test results, and look up their own medical records. This provides secure, 24/7 access to their personal data. 9

Conclusion:Web and mobile based software solutions are beneficial to both PATIENTS and DOCTORS, providing dramatic improvements in diagnosis, treatment, and management of medical data.Brought to you by TigerLogic www.tigerlogic.com



#1 Patient Diary Reference:Computer nach Ma Systemhaus GmbHRieselfeldallee 2079111 Freiburg, GermanyTel: +49 - 761 - 20 20 460 Email: [email protected]: www.computer-nach-mass.de

#2 Medical Office Reference: amtiq AG Staldenbachstr. 118808 Pfffikon SZ, SwitzerlandTel: +41 (0) 55 420 46 00 Email: [email protected]: www.ametiq.com

The featured healthcare industry applications within were developed using Omnis Studio rapid application development platform for web and mobile software solutions. Using Omnis Studio enables developers of healthcare industry applications to meet the demands of the marketplace.

More information: www.tigerlogic.com/omnis

Brought to you by TigerLogic www.tigerlogic.com11

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