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Mobile Email & Mobile Instant Messaging - LG Instant Messaging Slide out the keyboard, and...

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  • Terms and Conditions: Instant Messaging (IM) requires a compatible wireless phone. Service may besubject to certain equipment and service limitations, including memory, storage, network, coverage, accessibility or data conversion limitations. Use of IM will be charged as specifi ed in your plan. Instant messages are charged when sent or received, whether read or unread or solicited or unsolicited. Cingular does not guarantee delivery of messages. IMs not delivered within 7 days will be deleted. Cingular is not responsible for loss or disclosure of any sensitive information you transmit. Cingular Rates and Services are subject to change. Use of IM is subject to the Terms and Conditions of your Wireless Service Agreement.IMs are limited to 160 characters per message.Requires e-mail account with compatible internet service provider and a downloaded or preloaded e-mailapplication for the wireless device. Access and use of Mobile Email is billed by total volume of data sentand received (in kilobytes) in accordance with your MEdia Net service. E-mail attachments can not be sent,downloaded, read, or forwarded on the mobile device. Only a paper clip icon appears indicating an attachment. You must view attachments from your PC. Upgrades to the application may be required in order to continueto use the service. Wireless data usage charges will apply for downloading the application and any upgrades.9200 Mobile/IM Insert/Cingular

    AOL is a registered trademark of America Online, Inc. The Running Man and Triangle logos are trademarks of America Online, Inc. Cingular, the graphic icon and Cingular World Connect are registered trademarks of Cingular Wireless LLC. Raising The Bar and the graphic icon are trademarks and Cingular World is a service mark of Cingular Wireless LLC. 2005 Cingular Wireless LLC. All rights reserved.

    CIN MS P 0705 0650

    IM 2 G0:-)Access your AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) and your Yahoo! Messenger accounts from your Cingular phone*

    Chat in real time

    Access all your IM contacts

    See whos online

    Always stay in the loop

    *Standard messaging rates apply.

    No monthly fees pay as you go

    Easy to sign in and get to your inbox Quickly scan your messages to decide which emails to open

    *Standard data rates apply.

    Mobile Email

    Take your email with youNow its easier than ever to check yourpersonal email from your Cingular phone*

    Mobile IM

    Mobile Email & Mobile Instant Messaging

    Check your personal email quickly and easily with Mobile Email

    And Mobile IM is also easier to use the QWERTY keyboard makes accessing and using your AIM and Yahoo! Messenger accounts easy and fun.

  • Access Instant MessagingSlide out the keyboard, and selectMessaging (2) then select IM (1), byusing ( ) on the Joystick or theOK key on the keyboard.


    Open Mobile EmailSlide out the keyboard highlightMobile Email (6) and press OK

    Signing OnEnter your screen name/IDand password and press OK.

    (This information will automaticallybe saved for future logins if SavePassword is set to Yes in Settings/Preferences)


    Select an IM ProviderUse the Joystick to select the IMcommunity with which you wouldlike to connect, then press OK.

    Note: The following instructionsand screens apply to AOL InstantMessenger (AIM) (left) and Yahoo! Messenger (right) services. Actualscreen wording varies dependingon the IM provider selected.

    A progress bar will show the statusof the connection while it is beingset up. It may take up to a minuteto establish a data link.

    (Once you are connected, if you haveto close the keyboard to take a call,you can return to your last IM screenby sliding out the keyboard.)

    Opening an EmailJust scroll down and highlight theemail subject line you want to openand press down on the joystick.Once the email opens, just selectOptions to reply, forward, or delete.

    Deleting an EmailJust scroll down to the email youwant to delete, press Options,then Delete.

    Log In1. Highlight the ID entry field, press down on the joystick and then type in your existing email ID. 2. Scroll down and highlight the Password field, press down on the joystick, and enter your password. Quick Tip: Your password is case sensitive. Press the (arrow) on the keypad to change to lower case or upper case.3. To save your password, scroll down to Remember me and press down on the joystick to check the box.4. Select Sign In.

    Select an Email ProviderUse the joystick to highlight theemail provider you wish to useand press Options, then Select

    (Note: Not all email providersmay be available on your phone)

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