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Mobile Media & Convergence

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Mobile Media & Convergence
  • 1. Mobile & Media Convergence Mobile marketing forum 2010 30 April 2010 Carole LamarqueBusiness Unit Manager Mobilehttp://be.linkedin.com/in/carolelamarquehttp://twitter.com/caroberry 1

2. WHO Media Madam in love with TechnologyCaroberry Bio Media & Mobile convergence Runner &Music fan Member of the General Assembly of ABConcerts Mobile Business Unit Manager SanomaMagazine Founder m.Humo.be "Carole Lamarque is Solvay HEC Master Marketer with over 15 years experience in Consumer Marketing,having started at Belgian Shell in 1994 in BtoB Sales & Marketing, and moving to Belgacom in 1999. AsBelgacoms Senior Marketing Strategy Manager, Carole was responsible strategic implementation CustomerCentric focused programs, after launching several innovation as Phonemail, free Internet calledBelgacom.net, creating the Winback activities and joining the Fixed/Mobile convergence. In 2007 she wentfor Mobile & Media convergence by taking a new challenge at Sanoma Magazines Belgium as BusinessUnit Manager Mobile, and founded the Proximus partnership and HUMO on mobile internet. The VlerickBusiness School, Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship broadened her marketing know how, with theability for innovation & change management within large organizations." 2 3. WHAT The end & future of advertising3 4. WHAT Agenda 1. Whats mobile marketing2. Why advertising on mobile3. How big is the market4. Mobile today5. Who: Segmentation6. Conclusion 4 5. Augmented WHAT SMS reality Mobile QR-codes banneringiPhoneMobilebrandedsearchappsMobileMobilevideo games CouponingLocation BasedServices5 6. SMS SMS Number 1 communication worldwideMobile Messaging Futures 2009-2013 6 7. Mobile Flair Love Wheelbannering Spin Love Wheel Share Love on Facebook Or just Play again Concept The real Love Wheel was published in print as well Spin the Wheel Get Romantic or Spicy suggestions for your loved1 Post them on Facebook or Twitter ConceptBusiness Models Advertising sponsored Pricing Customer : Free Launched 15.02.2010Business Model 7 8. Mobile Attracted several advertisers in 2009 banneringAdvertisingvia Pre-roll 8 9. Mobile searchGoogle dominates both PC andmobile search market Still a niche behaviour + $20 bln in revenue by 2015 Use Add advertisements or POI attributes to underlying map data (TomTom, TeleAtlas, ) Forrester study (19/10/20009): Gen Y points mobile future for local search 9 10. Mobile video State of Mobile video Growth of 52% in Q1 2009 2008 13,4 mln US consumers watch + 3,5u mobile video/month Same experience on mobile as online Mobile video ad inventory offers innovative options beyond just the banner Mobile video ads beat online video ads in every measure: 8x higher increase in purchase intent Audience is smaller than online, but engagement and efficiency isthe best of any digital media Highest recall rate (55%)23/03/2010: Nielsen A2/M2 Three Screen Report 10 11. Mobile video Belgian Mobile Internet will triple in the next 5 years -> 28% in 2015 Mobile data traffic will double every year through 2014 Increasing 39 times between 2009 and 2014 66% of the world's mobile data traffic will be video by 2014 Overall mobile data traffic is expected to grow to 3.6 Exabytes (3,6bln GB) per month by 2014 [Cisco] Global mobile data traffic forecast 2009-2014 11 12. Mobile videoMorgan Stanley The Mobile 12 Internet Report 15.12.2009 13. LBS Location Based Services One of the biggest differences with PC users We can know where you are define the context show relevant informationThe The ReferenceReference 14. iPhone branded apps14 15. WHAT App store versus Mobile Browsing Whats the difference? Application stores versus Mobile SurfingConsumers DiscoveryDelivery Usage Mobile Web browser built in Mobile Web browser built into the handsets to the handsets Operator mobile portal ordirect address entrye.g. http://m.flair.be Browsing Mobile searche.g. http://m.google.com 1Consumers DiscoveryDelivery Usage Mobile application Downloadstore on the handsetover the air [3G, Wifi]e.g. iTunes app store Download to PC, Operator portal then onto the phone via a App Storecable Browse PC Web site 2 Source : based on Forrester Research April 152009 summaries for Sanoma MagazinesBelgium15 16. WHY Agenda 1. Whats mobile marketing2. Why advertising on mobile3. How big is the market4. Mobile today5. Who: Segmentation6. Conclusion16 17. WHY Why should you go mobile? Mobile ad campaign norms 5x more effective than online norms Effective advertising medium Mobile Internet campaigns resulted in 9% points for aided & unaided awareness & 24% points for ad awareness Mobile Online Product Purchase 3x higher Entertainment purchase intent 4 Travel purchase intent effect 5 Technology purchase intent 7 Advantage over online when it comes to the engagement people have with the device/environment ads are being served in 05/02/10 : Mobile ad campaigns 5 times more effective 17than online by InsightExpress http://ow.ly/14fA0 18. WHY Mobile advertising more successful than internet advertising Response Mobile: 3 - 7% 96% of SMS are readwithin 20 minutes Conversion Mobile: 10 - 20% Source: AIMIA 6th conference on the Future of Digital Advertising Click through rates Mobile Advertising 2009Average click through rates for Mobileadvertisements on m.humo.be in 2009 are 6times higher than for online advertisementsMedium rectangle Banner Source: Sanoma Mobile Belgium data 2009 18 19. WHY Extending to new medias allows to adapt to consumers new lifestyleIncreasing fragmentation of places and times for information reading Mobility Office Office Mobility EveningWE 7-9 am 9am -1pm1-2 pm 2-7pm7-8 pm 8-9 pm 9-10 pmTVPrintRadio InternetMobile Different media are used at different time slots for different purposes Sanoma has access to 3 channels: Print, Internet & Mobile The combination of these 3 channels provide full coverage of the information reading time slots Sanoma Mobile Belgium 200919 20. WHY Source : Comscore Webdevelopersnotes Marketingcharts20 AdMob Metrics Tomi Ahonen March 2010 21. WHY Bron: Comscore Webdevelopersnotes Marketingcharts 21 AdMob Metrics Tomi Ahonen 22. WHY Number of mobiles for 100 people Bron: Comscore Webdevelopersnotes Marketingcharts 22 AdMob Metrics Tomi Ahonen 23. HOW Agenda 1. Whats mobile marketing2. Why advertising on mobile3. How big is the market4. Mobile today5. Who: Segmentation6. Conclusion23 24. HOW iPhone fastest growth IN HISTORYAccording to App store metrics dd 29.04.2010 : +191.000 apps on US-store. On15.01.2010 only 133.979.24 25. Apples dominance HOW Popularity of mobile is clear browsers per country What about the USmarket shares?Android has a groundin UK & US Twitter : Carole Lamarque [@caroberry] 04/03/10 06:44 25 [Market Share] Mobile Browser market share map http://bit.ly/cGACyr 26. HOW Print media hail iPads potentialThe technology sector is gaining vs. Telco as the mobile Internet market develops & a large portion of incremental profits go to companies that drive innovation & gain scaleMorgan Stanley The Mobile Internet Report 15.12.200926 27. HOW Purpose: What will tablets be used for? 12/04/10 IAB UK http://www.iabuk.net27 28. HOW Location: Where will they be used?12/04/10 IAB UK http://www.iabuk.net 28 29. HOW Marketing: Opportunities for brands?12/04/10 IAB UK http://www.iabuk.net 29 30. TODAY Agenda 1. Whats mobile marketing2. Why advertising on mobile3. How big is the market4. Mobile today5. Who: Segmentation6. Conclusion 30 31. TODAY When do Belgians surf? Mobile Internet is used when: 54%: when they have to 18%: at workwait 33%: at home, in their free 13%: in the cartime 10% always and everywhere 31%: during public transport DESKTOPWEBSITEMOBILEWEBSITEThe ReferenceBed surfingWake up / Lunch surfing TV surfing Bed surfing Traffic jam surfingBus/Tram/Train 32. TODAY Mobile adoption and sales forecast Belgian figuresForrester Research 33. TODAY Mobile adoption and sales forecastForrester Research 34. TODAY Mobile adoption and sales forecast Mobile internet penetrationForrester Research 35. TODAY 36. TODAYMorgan Stanley The Mobile Internet Report 15.12.200936 37. TODAY Android grows, iPhone not http://ow.ly/1evEP 37 38. TODAY Android passes iPhone Web Traffic in U.S. 27/04/2010: Admob Mobile Metrics38 39. TODAY 40. TODAY 41. TODAY 42. TODAY 43. TODAY 30/03/10:How are mobile phones changing social media43 44. TODAY 30/03/10:How are mobile phones changing social media44 45. TODAY 30/03/10:How are mobile phones changing social media45 46. TODAY 30/03/10:How are mobile phones changing social media46 47. WHO Agenda 1. Whats mobile marketing2. Why advertising on mobile3. How big is the market4. Mobile today5. Who: Segmentation6. Conclusion47 48. WHO iPhone Age Segmentations & Comparison iPod touch is particularly popular among younger users2/3 iPod touch owners are now under 17 24/03/10: iPhone Age Segmentations & Comparison: Say hello to the i[Phone] generation 48 49. WHO Quarterly US study Twitter : Carole Lamarque [@caroberry] 28/02/10 49http://ow.ly/1c7wf 50. WHO Mobile phone users go quicker online than online users to be part of a community Twitter: Carole Lamarque [@caroberry] 28/02/10 50 http://ow.ly/1c7wf 51. WHO Men use their mobile phones more than women Twitter: Carole Lamarque [@caroberry] 28/02/10 51 http://ow.ly/1c7wf 52. WHO Women are more likely to entertain others/ share with others Twitter: Carole Lamarque [@caroberry] 28/02/10 52http://ow.ly/1c7wf 53. WHO Youth uses mobile phones to personally express Twitter: Carole Lamarque [@caroberry] 28/02/10 53http://ow.ly/1c7wf 54. WHO Seniors use their mobile phones to educate Twitter: Carole Lamarque [@caroberry] 28/02/10 54 htt

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