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Mobile Top Trends 2015

Date post:15-Jul-2015
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  • Top Mobile trends in 2015

  • Retail has hit the mobile tipping point with

    over 50% of traffic from mobile devicesComscore Sep 2014

  • In 2014, mobile browsing made up 35-40% of all web browsing in

    terms of time spent

    Transactions from mobile devices were still low, representing only

    15-20% of all transactions, but

    they are growing

    You need to ensure that conversion rates for your business

    grow accordingly to mobile


    Revisit your entire mobile presence to ensure that

    conversion rates are the same,

    independent of channel.

    Mobile devices generate the majority of all media consumption

  • The growth in Internet of Things will far exceed that of

    other connected devicesDecember 2014, Gartner

  • Smartwatches, home appliances, home entertainment, systems,

    sensors, smart vehicles, security

    and more are being controlled

    through our smartphone and more

    is yet to come

    Think about how you can leverage the smartphone as a hub and IoT

    for your organization

    Smartphone as the control hub for the Internet of Things

  • Consumers are still trying to figure out what mix

    of devices and screen sizes will suit them bestIDC Sep 2014

  • Global sales of phablets, smartphones with screens

    between 5.5 and 7 inches, will top

    sales of portable PCs and surpass

    sales of tablets in 2015

    By 2018 phablets will narrow the gap with other smartphones with

    a share of 24.4% compared to the

    smaller devices 51.2% percent


    Rethink adaptive design based on screen size and navigation

    Phablets - between smartphones & tablets

  • Moment of truth applications will be key to drive

    consumer purchase decisionsForrester

  • In 2015, big data will stop being a separate initiative but rather

    become an integral part of every

    proposition supporting all the

    trends in this analysis

    Ensure that you truly understand the customer, needs, behavior

    and that you develop and test the

    use cases based on this.

    Make your mobile services data and fact driven

    Big data becomesintegral to all mobileservices

  • In 2015, wearables will hit mass market

    Forrester, November 2014

  • Wearables and sensors breakthrough

    2014 was predicted as the year of the smartwatch and wearables by

    media and analysts everywhere but

    how many people do you see

    wearing these devices?

    The launch of the Apple Watch in Q1 2015 and a broad portfolio of

    other wearable devices and

    sensors this year will be the break-


    Brands that are willing to experiment will be perceived as the


  • 86% of clinicians believe mobile apps will become

    important for health management over the next 5 yearsPWC Health Report Nov

  • Medical industry is optimistic about technologies that help

    monitoring of illnesses,

    communicate remotely with

    patients and analyzing aggregated

    data to make predictions.

    User data privacy regulation will still be a barrier in healthcare but

    legislators will be working closely

    with the industry

    Prepare for data intrusion attempts, security breaches and

    for customers wishing to explore

    their data

    Healthcare takesa big mobile leap

  • Shopping is no longer something people go

    and do anymore; its something they are always doingShopify CEO Aug 2014

  • Brands will take a new omni-channel approach based on

    mobility, location and context

    rather then device type

    retailers need to rethink the use case of mobile in shopping from a

    customer perspective based on

    location, context and needs.

    We need to collect data from a myriad of different sources

    New approach toomni-channel

  • Apple Pay is going to be a slow-burn successJackdaw Research Dec 2014

  • The most successful loyalty and mobile payment apps in 2014

    came from but from innovative

    companies such as Starbucks,

    Amazon and Uber.

    Theyve successfully integrated payments and loyalty with their

    services to the extent that its

    become a part of customers daily


    Starbucks made up 90% of physical location mobile payments

    in 2014

    Tie-in loyalty and on-the-go payment into your customers


    Mobile Loyalty &Payments go hand inhand

  • In terms of apps, single-focused, highly usable, very fast

    applications are the way to go for nowFlurry, November 2014

  • With 5000 new features and APIs for Android L, 4000 for iOS8,

    healthkit, carplay, homekit,

    equivalent technologies for

    Android and Windows, new device

    sizes, security threats, business

    process transformations and

    legacy backend systems

    development is actually getting a

    lot more complex.

    Dont overuse variety of tools, numbers of different technologies

    Clearly prioritize your mobile service requirements and break

    them down into smaller chunks

    App developmenttransformed


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