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Mockup presentation on coal

Date post:13-Dec-2014
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This is a mock up of an image gallery designed to be embedded in an html article on Catalyst.
  • 1. (Image 1) Alternative text: This is a vertical image of two smoke stacks at either dusk or dawn near a body of water. The water reflects the smokestacks and pinkish color of the sky. Photo credit: Creative Commons

2. (Image 2) This is an image of two smoke stacks against a blue sky. Billowing white smoke is being released from the stacks and clouding the upper left of the frame. The border around this image resembles a movie reel. 3. (Image 3) This is an image of five yellow utility trucks in black sand, near a hole. Three of the trucks are fully visible. It is not clear from the photo if these are full size trucks or toy trucks. 4. (Image 4) This is an image of people holding flags and signs to protest coal power. The signs are red and black and read power past coal in block printing. The faces of four white people are facing the camera. There is also a peace sign with a painted image of a blue and green earth inside. 5. Creative Commons Images

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