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Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/20131 Mohammed & Political Islam -- Is It Something We Should Worry About? Prepared by Lyle B., Ph.D. (Rev. 2) 11/8/20131 Slide 2 1.1 Some Introductory Definitions Caliphate political unity of all Muslims (the Ummah). Islamist adherent of p-Islam ideology against Kafirs. Jihad Holy War. Also a personal struggle. Kafir non-believer of Islam; hated by Allah/Islamists. Sharia Islamic law from Allah (Koran, Sira & Hadith). Terrorism -- politically motivated violence against civilian targets by non-traditional fighters. Ummah collective of all 1.3 b Muslims worldwide. 11/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 2 Slide 3 1.2. We see what they do; but WHY? 11/8/20133 Slide 4 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/20134 1.3. WHY? because we are Kafirs Kafir = Infidel = unbeliever = us. Allah hates us because we arent Muslim. Islamists hate us because Allah does, as spelled out in sharia. In sharia, Allah points out that we Kafirs are ignorant, blind, arrogant, evil, liars, a disgrace, a partner of Satan; doomed, detested, unclean and cursed; non-human. And, Allah gives Islamists a blessed mandate to kill or subjugate Kafirs. They can mock, torture, punish, behead, confuse, plot against, terrorize, destroy, deceive, hurt, cut down, cheat, insult, war against, and humiliate us any time or place they choose. 11/8/20134 Slide 5 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/20135 1.4. Why do Islamists Hate Us? They hate Western civilization. They hate our culture, our laws, our decadence; especially USA & Israel. They see U.S. as a weak Christian protector of hated corrupt Islamic regimes; they want us out of these countries so they can purify them to true Islam. OBL hated U.S. forces on Saudi land, the birth place of Islam. Allah gives him/Islamists a sacred right to attack Kafir countries, and to purify rogue counties. [Friedman, George, Americas Secret War, pp. 21-35] 11/8/20135 Slide 6 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/20136 1.5. How Did OBL Pull It Off? Afghani warriors from Russian war learned U.S. methods & secrets. After war, they formed the Taliban to rule Afghanistan, and al-Qaeda to re-gain glory of past Caliphate, and dominate all Kafir countries by any means, such as 9/11. OBLs 9/11 attack was designed to shock USA into a counter attack on a rogue Islam country and to show world that a weak USA could be played. He knew our methods & pulled it off! [Friedman, George, Americas Secret War, pp. 21-35] 11/8/20136 Slide 7 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 2.1. A Historical Wakeup Call (a) Americas 1st encounter with political Islam began in early 1800s when Ottoman Empire (Caliphate) pirates hijacked U.S. commercial ships along Barbary Coast (Barbary Wars). The Koran gave them the right to attack non- Muslim ships, steal booty, extort ransoms, capture slaves & gain power. 11/8/20137 Slide 8 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 2.2. A Historical Wakeup Call (b) Jefferson to Muslim Ambassador: Why do you attack our ships with no provocation? Jeffersons note of Ambassador: (Islam) was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners 11/8/20138 Slide 9 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 2.3. Was Caliphate Dangerous Then? The Ottoman Empire Caliphate used the sword to conquer lands from southeastern Europe, south- western Asia, to North Africa, from 13 th century to 1923. (The Muslim Brotherhood started in 1926). Non-Muslims living in these lands were forced into the Empire under Islamic rule as oppressed semi- slave Kafirs with heavy taxation (see dhimmi). [Source: http://www.theottomans.org/english/history/index.asp] 11/8/20139 Slide 10 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/201310 2.4. Is Caliphate Dangerous Now? Islamists aim to re-establish the Ottoman caliphate; believing lands are rightfully theirs. A jihad-waging, sharia-enforcing caliphate will be a permanent on-going enemy to us. Once established, their next objective is to subjugate entire world under Islam. This must be stopped otherwise its simply a matter of time before they succeed. [Raymond Ibrahim, author] 11/8/201310 Slide 11 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/201311 2.5. Do Islamists Seek a Caliphate Now? Islamists believe Islam is supreme. Will Islam rule the world? Whose side is time on? 11/8/20131111/8/201311 Slide 12 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 3.1. What about Mohammad The Founder of Islam ? Chronology of Mohammads life: 570 Born 4/20/570 in Mecca; stayed until 622. 610 - 621 He begins receiving revelations from Allah via Angel Gabriel; his religious Islam was a failure, about 150 converts. Jews didnt accept him as a prophet and drove him & followers off. 622 -- 623 Mohammed & followers flee to Medina. He starts using political Islam to gain converts. 11/8/201312 Slide 13 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 3.2. Mohammeds Chronology, cont. 624 - 629 He continues using force and violence to promote his new Islam; forced conversions helped Islam increase rapidly in size & strength. 630 He conquers Mecca and the Kabah. He goes on to become the master of Arabia. 631 He was involved in an event of violence about every 6 weeks of the last 9 years of his life. 632 Mohammed died in Medina on June 8th. 11/8/201313 Slide 14 3.3. Mohammed -- Islams Ideal Man Islam regards Mohammed as the ideal man. His life and teachings guide Islams moral universe. Every- thing he said or did is moral. Muslims seek to emulate and imitate him in all aspects of life; similar to Christians emulating and imitating Jesus. K 33:21 Ye have indeed in the Messenger of Allah [Mohammed] an excellent exampler for him who hopes in Allah and the final day, and who remember Allah much. K 68:4. And surely thou [Mohammed] hast sublime morals. 1411/8/2013 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt Slide 15 3.4. Mohammed -- Political Leader Mohammed was a ruler, conqueror, enslaver, bandit, murderer, rapist, polygamist, pedophile and self- proclaimed prophet; He created the Koran & Allah. He killed anyone who left Islam (apostacy). He used mans unbound lust for women, power, and money to woo converts to his religion & Allah. Allah -- the only god who woos followers by sin. He massacred all the Jews in Arabia and instigated hatred between his followers and other Jews that has lasted for over 1400 years and has cost millions of lives. And is still doing so! [PerfectMan] 11/8/201315 Slide 16 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/201316 3.5. Mohammed Developed Jihad Jihad = holy war, a mix of religion & politics. Jihad was created and used by Mohammed. Mohammed, Allah and Jihadists hate Kafirs and are at war with them always. Allah gives Jihadists sacred right to berate, kill, enslave Kafirs & take their property -- any time, any place. (Physical jihad assumed.) Submitting to Islam is one way to stop jihad 11/8/201316 Slide 17 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/201317 3.6. Mohammed -- Treaties & Taqiyya Mohammed broke treaties when it suited him (He broke the Treaty at Al Hudaybiya in Mecca with the Jews). Islamists can break treaties today as well. Taqiyya sacred deceit. Since war with Kafirs is on-going, Allah gives Islamists right to deceive and/or lie to Kafirs at any time or place to advance Islam. [Sultan, Wafa. A God Who Hates, p. 243.] 11/8/201317 Slide 18 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/201318 3.7. Mohammed -- Booty/Rape/Slaves Mohammed stole Kafir property as booty. Islamists can do so today. Mohammed used rape as a standard jihad tactic to subdue Kafirs. Its still okay today. Mohammed enslaved Kafir women and children. Its still okay today. 11/8/201318 Slide 19 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/201319 3.8. Mohammed -- Assassins & Terrorism Mohammed used assassins to silence his critics. Many poets and authors were assassinated. Still okay today. [Source, Wikipedia] Mohammed used terrorism against civilians to effect political change; still in use today. [www.aifdemocracy.org/news/php?id=6] 11/8/201319 Slide 20 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 3.9. Mohammed -- Beheadings Mohammed used beheadings to instill fear in his enemies and help force them to submit to his demands. K 8:12. I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them. 11/8/201320 Slide 21 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 3.10. Mohammed -- Child Marriages Mohammed believed in child marriages. Islam endorses child marriages today. Mohammed wrote his marriage contract with Aisha while she was six years old. He consummated the marriage when she was nine years old; he was 54. (V7, Book 62, Number 88, Narrated Ursa) 11/8/201321 Slide 22 Mohammed-and-Political-Islam-is-it-something-we-should-worry-about-Rev2.ppt 11/8/201322 3.11. Mohammeds Stealth Jihad Besides the sword, Mohammed used stealth (soft) jihad such as culture, ethics, politics, language, money, slavery, d

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