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Moms 1.0: The Modern Mom

Date post:15-May-2015
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The FIRST WAVE of Buzz Marketing Group's year-long profile of today's mom. Our annual report reveals the truth about Moms - that they are connected, organized, innovative, and philanthropic.
  • 1. TheBuzz on Moms Report 1.0Our annual report reveals the truth about Moms: they are connected,inspiring, innovative, and philanthropic.

2. Who was Involved?700011h ed 10.22.Launc These panelists .449 members from our 1,122 a ttemptsbuzzSpotter networkparticipated in this surveyabout Moms to learn howF ie lded o n line Paneliststheyre raising theMillennial Generation.Closed 12.23.11100%female449 Par tic ipa n ts buzzmg.com 3. Where do you live? Rural9% Suburbs56% As you can see, our respondents are mostly suburban moms with 56% City36% raising children here. Less than half live in the City and only 9% of moms live in rural areas. 4. ethnicityOther 2% American HispanicAfricanIndian9%American1%16%AsianAmerican 4% Caucasian 68% buzzmg.com 5. s areMarital Th e majo rity o f our mo mStatusmarried. Other1%Widowed 1%Divorced 6%Married73%In relationship 12%Single 8%buzzmg.com 6. How Many children do they have? I have more than 6 children. 2%I have 6 children.2%Families are shrinking! 83% I have 5 children. 3%of families in our survey donot have more than 3I have 4 children.10%children and only 2% ofmoms have more than 6 kids.Parents seem to be having I have 3 children.22%less children but spendingmore. I have 2 children. 39%I have 1 child.22% buzzmg.com 7. 56% Age Range of 52% 41% children 20% 14%9% The majority of respondents have tweens or young children compared to 14% of moms who have young adults. Its no wonder this group is so popular. buzzmg.com 8. yedAre they stillh o we re sur veNo ms w early all o f m h e ir h o mes. Noliving with s in tare raising kid3% mom?Yes97% 9. Where do our moms work?Inside my homefor payAs a full-time 15% homemaker 29% Whether its raising kids or working to raise their salaries, Outside the our moms show no signs ofhome slowing down! 56% of moms56%surveyed work outside of the home, while 15% work at home and 29% consider themselves full-time homemakers. 10. My supermarketshopping Other 3%decision is based onDistance from home 20%Seeking weekly specials 59% Coupons 40%Moms are value- Product selection45%focused. Brandloyalty doesnt Brand loyalty15% matter. Its value fortheir dollar thatmatters the most. 11. Do you Menu No plan?14%Its no secret here thatYes moms determine what their86% families eat. Menu planningis a must for 86% of ourmoms. 12. How often dothey plan?69%This Mom Study shows 26% 6%4%that 69% of moms planeach week and a mere 4%leave the planning to onceEach day Each week Each month Othera month . 13. How often do they use a46% grocery list?31% 22% 1% Moms are planners who rarelyAll the timeAlmost go food shopping withoutSometimesknowing what they will alreadyalwaysNever buy. For marketers, its important for their product to be on this list! 14. How many grocery39% store chains do 34% you frequent each week?3%11% 4% 8%11 to 2Moms are cost2 2 to 3 3 Moreconscious! They arethan 3 willing to go up to three different chains to get what theyre looking for! 15. SplitDecision?...not exactly!If you are married or in arelationship, what percentageof the grocery purchasing 84%e th e helmingly mak o.decisions does your partnerMo ms o ve r w g de c isio ns so lp inmake?g ro c e r y s h o p 9%2%5%0-25%25-50% 50-75% 75-100% 16. How has thispercentage changedcompared toprevious years?Increased 10%decreased 8%More than half of our momssurveyed continue to makegrocery shopping decisionsalone. This trend hasremained consistentunchangedthroughout the years. 82% 17. To what do you Other42%attribute thischange?Greater financial 23% communication Recession24%Interestingly, only 24% ofJob change12% moms indicated the recession asa factor in changing their foodpurchasing habits. Recession ornot, moms are still purchasinggroceries alone and looking forthe best prices out there. 18. how much do youIts the mostcare about yourI dont care atimportantproducts beingall.Its prettything to me Its not anatural or organic?3%priority for me.important.6%29% 19%Organic does matter to moms asI care. 43% of respondents indicated.43% Out of 499 respondents, only3% of moms dont care at allfor products that are organic. 19. Other 4%Natural, to me, means no DyesHigh fructose33% corn syrup 25%Different moms have differentdefinitions of natural. Here, 38%of moms believe natural means no Additivesadditives, 33% say natural products 38%contain no dyes and 25% saynatural foods do not contain highfructose corn syrup. Regardless,moms are conscious about thequality of food they feed to theirfamilies. 20. If you could onlychoOse one, wouldyou prefer aproduct beEco-friendly(higher price)42%Inexpensive 58% of our moms 58% actively choose inexpensive products over eco-friendly, yet pricier, items. 21. s as 6 ted 9% indica e k. How often do fo r m o m a wees first th an o n c e ith in aF ood c o m se gro c e ries m o re r y sh op w you buy thecha oce th e y pur o ms sur ve yed gr pe r m o n t h.following?rmic eAll o f ou th e ve r y least, twat wee k o r, 20% 1% 34% 28% 17%18%Health and beauty2%15%products 34% 31% 15%Household paper goodsCleaning products29%69% 3% 35% 18%groceries26% 4%0%0% more than once each twice per once per less than once each week month month once per week month 22. Co n tac t Us! Buzz Marketing Group 1515 Market St. Suite 1810 Philadelphia, PA 19102 215.399.5679 www.buzzmg.com

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