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MongoDB as Message Queue

Date post:13-May-2015
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Talk by Luke Gotszling of AOL/About.me at the April 2012 SV MUG
  • 1.MongoDB as AMessage Queue Luke GotszlingAol / About.meSilicon Valley MongoDB User Group Big Data Week Palo Alto, CA April 25, 20121

2. Prior AMQP Usage 3-node RabbitMQ cluster on v1.8, opted toforego disk persistence for betterperformance Hard to diagnose cause of failure at scale 2 3. At About.me All asynchronous and periodic tasks Short lived messages No journalling Sharded cluster on v2.0.4 (shard key =queue name) 3 4. Benefits Async operations Per message (document) atomicity Batch processes Periodic processes Durability / ability to shard Operational familiarity 4 5. AMQP? Direct Topic Fanout? AMQP PushYesYes MongoRegular Poll Sort of* Queue expression* Options include passing a message along with an incrementing key ormultiple declarations. Added to Kombu in v2.1 -- reduces performance fornon-fanout operations due to additional queries 5 6. To cap or not to cap Capped collections[1] Better performance but limited to single node[2] FIFO Uncapped collections -- rest of this presentation Can shard, lower performance per-node FIFO-ish[3], custom ordering available[1] http://blog.boxedice.com/2011/04/13/queueing-mongodb-using-mongodb/ http://blog.boxedice.com/2011/09/28/replacing-rabbitmq-with-mongodb/[2] SERVER-211, SERVER-2654[3] Only down to 1 second granularity6 7. Code (mongo) Create:db.messages.insert( { queue:"email",payload:serialized_data} ) Consume:db.messages.findAndModify( { query:{"queue":"email"}, sort:{"_id":+1}, remove:true} ) Index: db.messages.ensureIndex({ queue:1 }) db.messages.ensureIndex({ queue:1, _id:1})7 8. Code (Python) Create:self.client.insert({"payload": serialize(message),"queue": queue}) Consume: self.client.database.command("findandmodify", "messages", query={"queue": queue}, sort={"_id": pymongo.ASCENDING}, remove=True) Index: col.ensure_index([("queue", 1)]) col.ensure_index([("queue", 1),("_id", 1)])http://packages.python.org/kombu/ 8 9. Celery Task CreationBenchmarks (Single-Node) RabbitMQ v2.7.1MongoDB (2.0.4) --nojournal MongoDB (2.0.4) --journal56004200Created / s28001400 0 1 234 5Concurrency (processes)celery 2.4.5 / kombu 2.0 / pymongo 2.1 / amqplib 1.0.2 / eventlet 0.9.16 9 10. Celery Task Consumption Benchmarks (Single-Node)RabbitMQ v2.7.1MongoDB (2.0.4) --nojournalMongoDB (2.0.4) --journal 2000 1500Consumed / s 1000500015913 1721 25Concurrency (eventlet)celery 2.4.5 / kombu 2.0 / pymongo 2.1 / amqplib 1.0.2 / eventlet 0.9.1610 11. Pros Cons Familiar technology Not AMQP Sharding Need to poll Durability Performance depends on polling frequency Lower operationaland concurrencyoverhead Message consumption Advanced queryingis a locking operation(map/reduce etc...) Fewer libraries available[1] [1] Python has kombu, < v2.1 no fanoutsupport but better async task performance11 12. Dont Forget To ShardYour Collections!12 13. Questions? [email protected] about.me/luke @lmgtwit 13

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