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Students created monsters and wrote descriptions about them which we then traded with another class. Students from the other class attempted to draw the monsters just based upon the descriptions they were given.
  • 1. Mr. Averys ClassOctober 2011

2. The Wild Poof. Its the cutest but most terrifying monster on earth! Are you brave enough toread on? My monsters monstrous red fluffy head takes up most of its body and is 6 inches long and 5inches wide varying on the spikes. One gigantic circular eyeball 2 inches wide and 2 inches long, witha circumference of 6.28 sits in the middle of the head. Colorful goggles really pop out on the monsterscomplexion. The rim around the goggles being green and the strap yellow. Two purple and greenhorizontally striped antennae protrude from Poofs head, with round red pom poms at the tips. Theantennae are about 2 1/2 inches long. The Wild poof has eyelashes a centimeter long above thegoggles. Oh, you think this monster isnt scary? Prepare to be petrified! My monster is very deadly. Ithas an ovular shaped mouth with razor sharp teeth around the rim. The teeth are filled with venom! Ifyou do not have immediate help it can kill you in 30 to 60 seconds! Scared now?Poof is exactly 8 inches tall from tip of antennas to feet. Its long purple and green horizontallystriped legs match the antennas only with fuzzy red pom poms much like the shape of the head. Itsarms are also identical to its legs. Both the arms and the legs are 3 inches long, including the handsand feet. If you ever come in contact with the Wild Poof because it can eat a body whole up to 6 feettall! Dear reader, Are you frightened out of your mind? Do you think you will ever sleep again? Good luck toyou.Sincerely,Alyxandra H.P.S. Great job being brave enough to read this far! 3. The Big Devil MikeCrunch, crunch, crunch. On a cold Halloween night the Big Devil Mike was going trick-or-treating. He had a great costume. Little did anyone know he wasnt wearing a costume hewas being his real self. Big Devil Mikes head has regular human skin and Oakley sunglasses that are1 inches wide. You cant Mikes eyes through his sunglasses, and he has a 1 inch long redstitch above his sunglasses. Mike has a regular nose and a 1 inch stitch below his left eye.Mike has a 2 inch mouth full of spiky vampire teeth. Mikes head is 4 inches wide and 5 inches tall. Lastly Mike has spiky, black hair that is 1 centimeter long at most places. Big Devil Mikes upper body is attired with a 5 inches tall blue Nike t-shirt that saysGO PATS. Mikes t-shirt has a gray stripe on both sides, and what you can see of his arms is4 inches long. Mike has a 1 inch long stitch and a bloodstain on his left arm. Each of Mikeshands have 5 fingers and 5 black claws. Mikes Nike shorts are 4 inches tall and what you cansee of his legs is 1 inches tall. He wears 4 centimeter long red, black, and white Reebokziggs. Mike has a 1 inch long stitch on his right leg, and a red trident in his left hand. The people that Mike walked past thought that he had a great costume, but if theyhad looked closer they might have noticed that he wasnt dressed up. He was just beinghimself, his real self.By Bryan C. 4. My MonsterGrrrr! My monsters name is the Wolfpire, a very friendly monster who wants to beeveryones friend. She has black eyes. She has long brown hair that is 3 inches long.Another thing my monster has are fangs that are inches long. My monster also hasa rotated oval head that is 3 inches wide and 1 inch tall. My monster has a mouth thatis 1 inch wide.My monster has a grey tail that is 3 inches long. The wolfpires bottom half of its bodyis 3 inches tall and 4 inches wide. My monster also has fluffy legs that are grey andare 1 inch tall and also is 1 inch wide. Also, my monster is fluffy from its neck to itsfeet. Another thing about my monster is waist to its neck its 2 inches tall and is 1 inches wide. My monster doesnt look scary on the outside. The Wolfpire is scary onthe inside. By Faith H. 5. My Monster Hi!, meow, woof, nibble. I am the vampire from the orange lagoon withstained hands. I have four heads and Im 1 foot tall and 10 inches wide includingmy wings. One of my heads is a human but I have a snake mouth with a silverantennae. My second head is a yellow cat with fangs. My third head is a dog but it isbrown with fangs. My fourth head is a rabbit which is light brown with red, brown earsand it comes out of my hip.My upper body is a spider. I am hairy and have 8 inch wings. I am neonyellow. My arms are green and my hands are orange because the lagoon stainedthem. My lower body is a rattle snake tail which is light orange with a golden rattle. Ialso have scales. The tail curves up and its 11 inches by 2 inches. The rattle is 1 inchtall and 1/2 inch and has curves on its rattle. Bye! Meow, woof, nibble. Thank you forreading this. I hope you dont find me the next time you swim in the orange lagoon.Now will you draw me or am I to scary to draw? By Fiona P. 6. My MonsterHave you ever heard of a Snitch? Its not the scariest of monsters, but Imnot sure it would be exciting for it to appear on your window sill.My monsters head is about 2 inches long and 1 inch wide. Its head issmooth, green, and sort of looks like a water horse. The head of a water horse sortof looks like a round upside down cone with triangular horns with a ball at thetop, which are an inch long. You can see his nostrils and he has big blue eyes withgreen eyelids.The Snitchs body is 12 inches long, from his neck to his tail, an inch wide and kindof squiggly. His tail curves up and sort of looks like an ax. His body is also greenand scaly. Only a little bit of his yellow belly is showing, which has diagonal stripes.He also has 4, 1 inch long fins on either side of his belly.Scary.. not even close, but luckily its the scariest monster Id ever think ofdrawing.By Hannah K. 7. ChickowlosoresThe Chickowlosores is soaring though the air. Its red chicken tail streaming behind it. A scientist comesout from behind a bush and takes out his notepad and a net. The Chickowlosores lands on a branch. Thescientist grabs the chance and swings the net capturing it. The scientist takes out a collar and chip out of hispocket. He chips the owlsores so he knows where it is and puts the collar around its neck, then lets it go. Asthe Chickowlosores flies, the scientist writes on the notepad. This is what it says:Name: Cort (on collar)Species: ChickowlosoresHead: 4 inches wide 2 inches tall. Share yellow beak.Round yellow eyes each 2 cm wide. Red chicken comb on head. Black flecks all around the headbut the place where the collar is. Red flecks all around the head. Black collar around the neck.Tag says Cort (Chickowlosores language) Hoot:The scientist looks up and Cort was flying away. The scientist packs up and follows Cort.Cort flies into a grove with lots of trees and lands on a branch and takes a rest. The scientist runsto the grove and once he catches his breath, he takes out his notepad and writes:Body: 24 inch wing span (if I were to draw it, its wings would go off the page red wings withblack stripes going down the wings green with red and black glare scales in the middle of thestomach 3 inches wide, 4 inches tall the body width is 5 inches 5 inches tall 2 bluefeet with red and black feathers on feet 1 inch tall red chicken tail with black on the edge of thetail. The scientist packed up and goes to the lab to study more on the animal. As he leaves Cort landsin his tree home to see his family, the little baby Chickowlosores comes out to play. By Kelsea R. 8. WhalepireBubble, bubble, bubble, the Whalepire eats a sea muffin while swimming. Mymonsters head is an upside down triangle. Its head is two and a half inches long andis the shape of an isosceles triangle. The Whalepires head is also has equilateralangles. Its head is orange and smooth. Its fangs are equilateral triangles and haveblood on them. The Whalepires mouth is a simple line and it also has diamondshaped eyes that are the color purple and are a half inch wide. He also has a blacktop hat and it is one and a half inches wide. His mouth is one inch long.His body is the body of a whale. He has a tail fin that is one and a half inchestall. His entire body is blue and gold striped horizontally. From his head to his fin isthree and a half inches long. His body is one and a half inches wide. He has twoflipper fins that are one and a half inches tall and one centimeter wide. Look out.because he might just eat your sea muffins. By Ryan S. 9. Dr. WillieFriendly. Dr. Willie is a friendly monsterMost of the time. . Just dont eat hisHalloween candy.My head is 10 inches wide and 11 inches long. My friends say my eyes have adevilish stare to them. I have an ovular mouth with the sharpest teeth on the planet.And my ears are pointier than the edge of a knife. I have a small stitched scar justabove my right eye. I have not a single spot for a nose but I do have antennas thatstick up from the tipity top of my head, which each antenna is haunted by a smallsnakes head.Im 5 feet, 5 inches tall. I am the scariest blue you can think of, and my feet are toobig to believe. My skin is a rubber-like texture I have tiny scales that not everyonecan see. My hands are a bomb-like shape with fur and three razor sharp spikes forfingers. My tail is 3 feet tall and loops up toward the front of my body. Every day Iwear what an alien or vampire would, a long black robe that reaches just above myankles. A collar thats an evil purple color, which reaches just above my neck.I, Dr. Willie, am not the scariest monster in the monster kingdom, but if youtouch my Halloween candy Ill be at the top of that list. By Taite B. 10. The Wild Weswey The cold air ruffled his fur. His gold, unwavering eyes gleamed in the night.The Wild Weswey is here. His dirty black horns are as sharp as twin razors. .Andare lurched over to be 1 1/2 inches long. His eyes are a deep gold, and their shaperesembles a upside-down scalene triangle. He has eye tattoos starting above his eyeand cascading down. Their color is a shaded black. His head shape is an upsidedown rounded pentagon. And is about 2 inches wide and a little more than 2 inches tall. His head color is a light grey. His neck is embraced in a thick chain andis hinged to another thick chain that flows off his thick collar. This chain measures 6inches long.The Wild Weswey has thick fur covering his entire chest and back. He has athick chain across his chest, and another heavy chain as a belt. He has large batwing like arms. On each hand he has four razor sharp fingers. His bat wings are ashaded black. Emitting from his right hand is a bolt of pure optic bolt of lightning. Hislegs can be described by most people as ghostly and blackish red. He has ablack cape that drapes down below his spiritual legs. This cape flows out with thewind. On his shoulders are his black cloak clasps. Now you Know more, you willthink twice about saying he has a silly name.By Wesley K. 11. Night of the Living CookieMy monster Bob is a very interesting creature. He likes cookies His head is very creepy, it is 3 centimeters wide and 3 centimeters tall. He has no neck. He has an orange moustache andpurple eyes. He has a round mouth with very sharp teeth. His head is very hairy and it is lightblue.Bobs body is as gruesome as his head. It is also light blue. He is 7 inches tall and 3 incheswide. His body is also very hairy. Bob has no legs but has a ghostly tail. He has a six inch armspan, and very furry fingers. Bob also has a red striped sock on his ghostly tail. He is holding aginormous 3 inch cookie. Isnt my monster awesome? Happy Halloween! By William G. 12. My Monster My Monsters name is the Minotaur. He is 13 inches tall and 10 inches wide.The monsters head is rectangular and it is 6 inches wide and 3 inches tall. Hiseyes are circles and they can hypnotize you. His nose is a small yellow flower. Hismouth is red and zigzagged. His hair is brown and puffy. His ears are pointy andtriangular. My Monsters body from his waist up he looks like a bumble bee and it is 5inches tall and 6 inches wide. He has big pointy hands and they are of an inchwide and 1 inch long. My Monsters lower body look likes an ant and it is 3 incheslong and 4 inches wide. When you look closely at the creature you notice that hemight not be frightening but he will haunt you at Halloween time.By Yana G. 13. My MonsterGrrrr! Hello my name is Mr. Mad But Happy and I am a very friendly and beautiful monster. Myhead is one of the most beautiful things about me. I have big round bright red bloodshot eyes, asmooth mustache, two inch long devil black horns with red tips, and sharp pointy teeth to ripthrough meat. I always have a drooling mouth because I am a slob. I also have a black top hatwith a red strip going through the middle of it to show my taste of fashion, and I have awonderful round head that is 1 inches wide and 1 inches tall. That is my monsters head.My other most beautiful feature is my body. I have two, 3 inch tall and inch widewings so I can fly high in the sky. My wings are back with red tips at the top of them. My skin isblack, wrinkly, and feels like leather. All my toes have six, inch gray, red tipped, sharp toe-nails so I can grab my prey. The nails will go right through the prey so it doesnt try to get awayfrom me. I have 4 inch arms with six, inch gray, red tipped talons so I can steal stuff easily. Ihave a soft leather stomach so when I sleep its like a pillow that I am laying on. For protection Ihave a 2 long, 1 centimeter wide red tail with a stinger at the end so I can defend myself if apredator attacks. As I mentioned I am a fashionable monster and I have a cherry red devils staffto show more of my style. My body is chubby. It has 3 inch long legs that are inch wide, thebody is 7 inches tall from toes to neck, and my body is 8 inches wide including wing span.That is my monsters body. I told you I was the most beautiful monster! I hope you enjoyed mycompany. See you on Halloween!By Ed S. 14. The Tale of the Vampire that Drinks CookiesMy scary creature named John likes to drink cookies and he is scary. Mymonsters head has no neck. From the top of his eyes to the bottom of his head is aninch and a half long. The width of his head is an inch and a half long. His eyes are bigand they are at the top of his head. They are half an inch long and the width is aquarter inch. He has two fangs on the top and the bottom of his oval mouth. His headis dark blue.My monsters body is pink. He has soft fur. He is seven inches long and hiswidth is three inches. His left arm is three inches long and the width is an inch. Hisright arm is two inches long and the width is one inch. He has six sharp claws on botharms. His legs are two inches long and the width is one inch. He also has six sharpclaws on both his feet. So John is the scariest monsters ever so dont leave out yourcookies!By Kevin B. 15. Watch Out For the Fur FactorAhh! Thats the Fur Factor scaring a young child half to death. Stay for the ride, wontyou? Or are you to scared? Maybe youll find a favorite head! The main head is the face of a catwith a couple of surprising twists! The cats head has one hypnotized eye. The eye looks like itsmoving in a circular motion. The second eye is half shut, the eyelid drooping halfway concealingthe eyeball itself. Its got a giant pink cat nose and really sharp fangs that drip blood. The cathas bloody stitches running across its face. It has cat ears on the top of its head. It also has avampire bite dripping with blood on its neck. Also sprouting out of its head is a unicorn horn.Coming out of the main head is Head #1, Head #2, Head #3, and to conclude with we haveHead #4 and your general everyday fighting sock puppets. One of these heads is shaped like apumpkin. It has a clown nose and a fierce looking mouth with small fangs. Its eyes are triangularand have fangs inside them. Its also got a reasonably sized stem coming out of the top of itshead and its got thick strands of golden hair clinging to its face. It also wears a small necklacewith a gem stone around its long, skinny neck. Coming out of the unicorn horn that sprouts outof the cats head is another head. This head looks almost like a puppys head. It has a smallpuppy mouth attached to a small dog nose. Its eyes are big and very alive and there is randomgreen goo dripping out of the hole in its right eye. Its right eye also has a crescent moon withoutthe points intersecting with another non-pointy crescent moon. Its left eye has long lashes. Theright eye has a circle within a circle with two dots inside. Its got bushy eyebrows above its eyes.Its ears are purple and orange and almost look like childrens sock puppets. The right ear is sadwith a blue button for an eye and a tear is desperately falling out of it. There are two sockpuppet ears coming out of the dogs head. The left ear is orange and has a teasing smile and abig red eye. It has a light blue ear and a dark blue ear and the other one has a green ear and anorange ear. Another head coming out of the cats head is a ragdolls head. Its long neck goes upto its large head.Continued on the next slide 16. The ragdolls lips are super pointy and covered with red lipstick revealing a super deadly smile.Its right eye is big and most definitely big. Its green and has a small rectangle inside it. Its pinkeyelid is just barely showing. The left eye is big and has blue eyelashes surrounding the eye likerays of sun. There are bloody stitches bringing the eye together in one piece. The eyeball ispurple almost covered by a green eyelid. Theres one more head coming out of the main head.This one is a ghost! The ghost has a clown nose and a long droopy left ear. The other ear isntdroopy. Its got a giant grin with pointy fangs. It has one circular eye and one heart shaped. Italso has a waffle cone witch hat and an ice cream upside down on its head.My monsters body is very unique, and well, simply looks like a cats body. It has a bushy orangeand black striped tail coming out of a girly pink dress. The top of the dress is aligned with bluesequins and the dress is held together with a simple blue belt. Theres a short sleeve shirt underits dress and the cats belly button is revealed. Its wearing navy blue crisscross pants that arecuffed. The feet have short claws coming out of them. The left arm has short claws unlike thelong Freddy Krueger claws on the right arm. The cat is a bright shade of orange. Its a veryfuzzy cat adorned with adorable fluffy fur. You may want to stay awake tonight, or you maynever wake up again! Watch out for the Fur Factor!By Kirstyn M. 17. Mittens Mittens. Makes you think of a cute kitten, right? Wrong! Mittens head is 3 3/8inches tall and 4 4/8 inches wide. His Head is a circle, with triangular shaped ears.His ears have pink inner ears, shaped as smaller triangles. Mittens eyes arecircular, with a1 diameter. Mittens has a red scar, with stitches and is slanted tothe right, across his right eye. He also has a neon yellow tattoo through his lefteye, its shaped like a rectangle that is 1 7/8 inches long, and slanted to the right. Hismouth is connected to his tiny triangle nose by a inch line. On his mouth he hasdownward facing red stained fangs, with small drops of blood slowly dripping off. Onthe top of his head he has a large rounded triangle of hair, stretching from one ear tothe other. His head is gray.Mittens has human features, like his arms, hands, stomach, and chest. He is wearinga neon orange, V neck, long sleeve, with a yellow star over his heart. His arms are1 inches long. From the tip of the end of his V neck to the end of his shirt is 1 2/4inches long. The bottom of his shirt is 2 4/6 inches wide. Where his legs would be, hehas a ghostly figure, about 3 inches from the tip of the end of his figure to the top. Itis a gray color. All done. Bet you wouldnt want that staring at you through yourwindow at night!By Molly C. 18. Grunt. Geer. Roar. The Ogi Bogi is on the hunt. If you see a creature with thesefeatures WATCH OUT! The Ogi Bogis head is 3 inches from its chin to the top ofits head, and from ear to ear it is 4 inches long. It has two inch eyes as dark asthe night sky. Also, two dark brown curved horns 1 inches tall. It has three inchstitches spread across its face. It has two fish fin ears directly across from each otherthey are the color of a moray eels slimy skin. Inside its mouth it has an inch longtongue sticking out of its mouth and four jagged teeth. The mouth is one inch longfrom top to bottom from side to side it is 1 inches long. Two inches along from itsforehead it has scales around its mouth. Above its scales it has thick brown fur. If Itook a whole bunch of gross things that my dog drags in the house and mixed themtogether I would get something that looked kind of like the Ogi Bogis head. The Ogi Bogis body itself not including arms and legs is 4 inches long and 2inches wide. It is covered with plaid stripes blue pointing down to the left and redplaid stripes pointing down to the right. Inside of every diamond there is an orangedot. The rest of the body is a light green. Its octopus arms are 5 inches long eachwith 23 suckers on each one. The arms are colored an orange-like red. Instead offeet it has 2 whale tales about a foot across and curved. They are colored an oceanblue with designs shaped like black teeth around the edges. It also has 1 inch longblue neck with red stripes going diagonally to the left. If you see, this creature lurkingin a dark creek or swamp watch out! By Morgan M. 19. Fido, the Last of the Devil DogsDont feed the animals! Always wonderful words of warning. This is totally not youraverage house pet.My monsters head has red horns. His horns are 2inches by a 1/2inch. He has redand yellow triangular eyes. His head is 2 inches by 3 inches. He has sharp fangsand sharp teeth. He has a cute terrier nose and ears. His ears are bigger softertriangles with smaller insides. His neck bears a color with his name and this phonenumber: 1-781-342- 2498. And lastly, on the right side of his face he has a lightningbolt shaped marking 3 inches long.My monsters body is 8 inches long by 3 inches. He has yellow lighting bolt shapedmarkings all over his body. The color of his body is brown and red. His wings areblack and red. Each feather is 1 inch long. His wings are 3 inches by 7 inches. His tailis 4 inches by inches. On the tip of his tail he has a red spade. His legs are 4inches by 1 inch. His paws are each 1 inch long. He has 1 cm of venomous blackclaws. On his stomach, he has white fur. Now that you know all about the Devil Dogyou better think twice about adopting him. By Sam R.

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