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January 2009 edition - Morning Star Business Report is published by Morning Star Publications, publishers of the Seaford Star, Laurel Star, Salisbury Business Journal and other special publications. Coverage area includes Kent & Sussex Counties in Delaware. Focusing on Kent & Sussex Counties Chamber updates as well as local business news.
  • Business ReportMorning Star

    JANUARY 2009

    Is Delaware on the path to energy


    + How Maryland slots could affect

    Delaware+Valentines Day Gift Guide

  • Business Report | January 2009

    Worried about the

    Wall Street YoYo

    Attend IFI Town Hall


    Recent events in the financial market place have left many investors reeling at the volatile ups and downs. Government intervention in the financial sector of our economy is being witnessed at a pace not seen since the Great Depression. Once venerablefinancial institutions have turned to White Knights or government protection to avert closing their doors. And now, account statements are starting to come in reporting portfolio declines that leave investors reeling.

    We know you have questions and are looking for guidance during this period of uncertainty. To help our clients find answers and voice their concerns, we have introduced a limited series, Town Hall Meetings. Town Hall Meetings provide an opportunity where we can speak to the events in the market as we see them and hopefully address your questions.

    We have reserved several morning, afternoon, and evening time slots over coming weeksand invite you to come share your concerns. Our officeis located at 135 Atlantic Ave., Millville, DE 19967 Please contact us at 302.537.8505 or email: [email protected] to schedule a time that is convenient for you.

    Securities licensed associates of CAPITAL Asset Management Group Inc. are Registered Representatives of, and offer securities through NATIONAL PLANNING CORPORATION (NPC of America in Florida and New York) (NPC). Member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advisory licensed associates of CAPITAL Asset Management Group are Investment Advisor Representatives of, and offer advisory services through CAPITALInvestment Advisors, Inc. A registered investment advisory firm. CAPITAL Asset Management Group, Inc./CAPITAL Investment Advisors, Inc., Institute for Financial Independence, and NPC are separate and unrelated companies.

    Reserve yourTime Today


    Your world. Your wealth. Your way.IFI is the Learning Center at Capital Financial Planning Group

    NA31743.348 (OCT 08)


  • Business Report | January 2009

  • Business Report | January 2009

    [contents] 01/09

    36How would

    Maryland slots affect Delawares economy?

    08 Chamber NewsUpdates on events and local

    grand openings

    14 marKeTINGJAYLA BOIRE explains how a blog

    can be used as a marketing tool

    16 GrowING bUsINess

    18 INVesTINGJOHN E. GIROUARD discusses the

    end of the New Economy

    20 hIDDeN TreasUreJAMES DIEHL uncovers Delaware

    Renewable Energy

    22 bUILDING GreeN Building an environmentally

    responsible home by CAROL KINSLEY

    25 GreeN ForCe

    28 GUesT CoLUmNBOB LIGHT of Flexera is hopeful

    about the future of renewable


    29 GIFT GUIDeGift ideas for Valentines Day

    30 heaLTh rePorT

    40 FINaNCIaLJOY SLABAUGH on creating your

    own personal bail out plan

    41 reaL esTaTeRUTH BRIGGS KING discusses how

    the housing market can help

    boost our economy


  • Business Report | January 2009

    Whos looking out for your

    Heart Health?

    LEWES, DELAWARE www.beebemed.org

    10 a.m. 2 p.m. Rehoboth beach convention centeR

    REgiStRAtion iS not REquiRED foR thiS fREE EvEnt. if You hAvE quEStionS, PLEASE cALL 645-3468.

    FREE activitiEs, Food, and scREEnings cholesterol screenings at multiple stations Blood pressure checks glucose screenings giveaways health displays Entertainment

    inclement weather date is friday, february 20, 2009, and will be determined by cape henlopen School District closing.

    Join BEEBE MEDiCAL CEnTER FoR iTS 5th annual

    Thursday, February 19, 2009

  • Business Report | January 2009

    PUBLISHERBryant Richardson

    AdmInIStRAtIonCarol Richardson

    EdItoRIAL dIRECtoRdaniel Richardson

    ARt dIRECtoRCassie Richardson

    ComPoSItIonElaine Schneider

    tina ReaserRita Brex

    SALESLaura Rogersdoris ShentonEmily Rantz

    George BeauchampPat murphyRick Cullen

    Brandon miller

    CIRCULAtIonKaren Cherrix

    ContACt morning Star Publications

    302-629-9788P.o. Box 1000

    Seaford, dE [email protected]@mspublications.com

    Focusing on the ambition and innovation that makes Delaware businesses unique.

    Please recycle this magazine

    Business Report


    | The state of local newspapers

    | Find out how financial advisors are reassuring their

    customers in uncertain times

    | Hidden Treasures: The Brick Hotel

    | Why local banks dont need government help

    VoL. 12 no. 5

    from the editor


    Daniel Richardson

    T here has been a lot happen-ing here at Morning Star Publications over the last month. We have just completed the move to new offices and could not be happier with our surround-ings.

    The suite we purchased in the Home Team Realty building had three existing offices and one wide open space. An open floor plan may be a desirable feature in a residential house, but after 12 years in an open office with no privacy, no rooms to escape to the only closing door being the bathroom and a staff working on a weekly deadline, we knew we needed offices that were sepa-rated by walls in order to maintain our sanity.

    R. L. Ewing Company, owned by Rick Ewing of Seaford, won the bid for construction and I can say without hesitation that we are glad he did. Ricks crew did a fantastic job and had our offices finished and inspected in less than a month.

    Just in time for us to take ad-vantage of Thanksgiving weekend to move the entire operation. Had construction lasted one more day, we would have had to pay another months rent.

    Another company that has been a big help to us during our move is Telepathy Networks. Jason Silvis, president of the company, worked with me to ensure that transport-ing our entire network to the new offices would go as smoothly as possible. Being an information and media provider, our business could not operate if our network went down. Jason understood how important it was for our network to function the day we opened for business at the new location.

    Even though we originally contracted with Telepathy just to provide our new VOIP phone service, they definitely went above and beyond for our business.

    I do have a lot to say regarding our recent move, but I want to be sure not to ignore the significance of this issue of the Business Re-port. I feel very strongly that the pursuit of energy independence is vital to the Delaware economy, not to mention the positive impact on our environment.

    I hope the editorial content in this edition will help demonstrate that not only can making environ-mental decisions and purchases for our businesses create jobs, they can also cut our energy bills and improve our bottom line.


  • Business Report | January 2009

    Whether you are looking for a

    competitive supplier for the first time or

    need to find a supplier as an existing contract expires, APPI secures the lowest electricity price-even if you have

    never used APPIs services before.

    Contact APPI at800-520-6685


    (L to R) Mike Payne, EVP & Corporate Counsel; Walter Moore, President & CEO and Kathy Kiernan, Senior Vice President

    About APPI:Affiliated Power

    Purchasers Intl, LLC (APPI), is an independent

    energy consulting company based in

    Salisbury, MD endorsed by 135 national and state trade associations. APPI

    provides electricity procurement, utility auditing, and other

    services to help organizations reduce and manage energy expenses.

    Since 1996, APPI has assisted thousands of energy consumers in

    every competitive deregulated electricity

    state in the U.S.

    Trust the experts

    energy | utilities | consultantsAPPI 224 Phillip Morris Drive, Suite 402

    Salisbury, MD 21804800-520-6685

    delaware is ranked fourth among the list of states that are leading an econom-ic transformation in adapting to an in-creasingly global, entrepreneurial, digital, and knowledge- and innovation-based new economy, according to the 2008 State new economy index, released by the ewing Marion Kauffman founda-tion and the information technology and innovation foundation at an event in Washington, d.C. to mark entrepreneur-shipWeek uSa.

    delaware has held respectable spots on the State index issued in 1999, 2002 and 2007, making steady climbs with each updated and expanded index. ranked ninth in both 1999 and 2002, then seventh in 2007, the state rose again in the new rankings, placing fourth overall.

    the index, sponsored by the ewing Marion Kauffman foundation, ranks the 50 states according to how their econo-mies are structured and their ability to operate effectively in order to compete nationally and globally.

    It divides 29 indicators into five

    categories that best capture the new economy: knowledge jobs, globalization, economic dynamism, transformation to a digital economy and technological in-novation capacity.

    the report also lays out an innova-tion-based policy agenda designed to help states succeed economically in turbulent times.

    according to the index, delaware tops the ranking because of its high concen-tration of managers, professionals and college-educated residents working in knowledge jobs.

    delawares companies are more geared toward global m

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