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3DS DS iOS PC PS3 PS4 PSP Vita Wii U Xbox 360 Xbox One More Systems Log In Sign Up GameFAQs =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= MORTAL KOMBAT II - The Forgotten FAQ - Version 3.0 5th Anniversary Edition - Last Updated 9 September 1999 By: Zach Keene ([email protected]) =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-= TABLE OF CONTENTS [1] Introduction [2] The MK2 Storyline [2-1] After the Shaolin Tournament... [2-2] The Kombatants [3] Codes and Secret Characters [3-1] Introduction to Codes [3-2] Codes [3-3] Secret Characters [3-3-1] Smoke [3-3-2] Jade [3-3-3] Noob Saibot [4] Moves [4-1] Key [4-2] Background Fatalities [4-2-1] Pit/Spike Fatalities [4-2-2] Deadpool Fatalities [4-3] Babality/Friendships [4-4] Finally, The Moves [4-5] Other Systems [4-5-1] Sega Genesis [4-5-2] Sega Game Gear [4-5-3] Game Boy [4-5-4] Removed Fatalities [5] MK2 Damage Chart [5-1] Introduction to Damage Chart [5-2] Damage Chart [6] Glitches, Combos, Tricks, and other Miscellaneous Items [6-1] Glitches [6-2] Combos [6-3] Tricks and other Miscellaneous Items [7] Mortal Kombat I

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MORTAL KOMBAT II - The Forgotten FAQ - Version 3.0

5th Anniversary Edition - Last Updated 9 September 1999

By: Zach Keene ([email protected])



[1] Introduction

[2] The MK2 Storyline

[2-1] After the Shaolin Tournament...

[2-2] The Kombatants

[3] Codes and Secret Characters

[3-1] Introduction to Codes

[3-2] Codes

[3-3] Secret Characters

[3-3-1] Smoke

[3-3-2] Jade

[3-3-3] Noob Saibot

[4] Moves

[4-1] Key

[4-2] Background Fatalities

[4-2-1] Pit/Spike Fatalities

[4-2-2] Deadpool Fatalities

[4-3] Babality/Friendships

[4-4] Finally, The Moves

[4-5] Other Systems

[4-5-1] Sega Genesis

[4-5-2] Sega Game Gear

[4-5-3] Game Boy

[4-5-4] Removed Fatalities

[5] MK2 Damage Chart

[5-1] Introduction to Damage Chart

[5-2] Damage Chart

[6] Glitches, Combos, Tricks, and other Miscellaneous Items

[6-1] Glitches

[6-2] Combos

[6-3] Tricks and other Miscellaneous Items

[7] Mortal Kombat I

[7-1] Introduction

[7-2] Game Layout

[7-3] The Story

[7-4] The Kombatants

[7-5] The Scoring

[7-6] The Moves

[7-6-1] Introduction to Moves

[7-6-2] Moves: Arcade and SNES

[7-7] Damage Chart

[7-7-1] Introduction to Damage Chart

[7-7-2] Damage Chart

[7-8] Secrets, Codes, Tricks, and Glitches

[8] Version History

[9] The End

[10] Copyright Junk




Warning: if you're actually looking for a MK2 FAQ, then skip this section

and move on. If you're interested in a lot of rambling about the history of

my "career" as a FAQ-writer, then read on.

Until just recently, this FAQ was known as the Unofficial MK2 FAQ, not

the Forgotten FAQ. Known by whom, you ask? Why was it changed? Who really


Although my FFI Walkthrough was the first FAQ that I had publicly

released, this was the first one I ever wrote. Why was it never released?

I was on AOL at the time I first wrote this FAQ, and back then they didn't

give the free FTP/WWW space they give now. There were, most likely, places

on the Web that might have hosted it, but I wasn't aware of any.

So it never got released. I did, however, print copies out for friends.

And yes, lamers existed even back in those days. One day, someone whom I

had given a copy of this FAQ (who shall remain nameless) told me that they

had lost theirs, and asked if I would print them another copy. Being the

nice guy that I am, I printed this person another copy. I found out later

that this person had marked my name off it, wrote their name on it, and

gave it to someone else. It seems to happen to all FAQ writers sooner or

later, I guess...

So why is it now the Forgotten FAQ? If you check the Version History

section, you'll see that the last update was in December 1995. Which means

it shared hard-disk space with a half-finished FF1 walkthrough that I

started, but never finished, that summer. And after that, I forgot about

this FAQ. By then I pretty much knew all the moves, and started playing

MK2 less and less anyway. In the Summer of '96 I finally finished that

FF1 Walkthrough, put it up on my newfound AOL FTP site, and this one just

sat on the hard disk.

Until September 9, 1998. MK2 was released for the various consoles on

that day in 1994, and I've sorta started a tradition where I play it every

year on September 9. For some reason, when Ninth came around this year, I

finally remembered having written this FAQ.

So why bother releasing it? Well, my FTP site is supposed to be where all

my FAQs are, and after all, this _is_ one of my FAQs.

This FAQ was originally a Microsoft Word document for some reason, but

I've converted it into plain-text for this release. In reformatting, I've

tried to keep things as close to the original as possible, but I did have

to change a few things. I corrected a few unintentional grammar screw-ups,

but left in a few intentional ones. The original (two-line) introduction

got replaced by the long-rambling you see here. The Table of Contents

originally had page numbers, but that's because the pages originally were


A few historical style notes:

At the time I wrote this, the only FAQ of any sort that I had read or

seen was Hank Leukart's DOOM FAQ. I had borrowed quite a bit, stylewise,

from that FAQ; check out the Table of Contents, for example. Or the fact

that I pretty much copied his revision numbering system; the Version

History contains references to "minor" and "standard" revisions. And on

top of all that, the original introduction to version 1.0 was almost

identical to the DOOM FAQ intro. "Welcome to the Unofficial MK2 FAQ version

1.0. What does that mean? Well, unofficial means XYZ, MK2 means XYZ..." You

get the picture. Thankfully, that was soon replaced with the shorter

two-line intro that I've since eliminated.

Also, you may or may not notice that this (and most of my FF1

Walkthrough) were written before I picked up my odd habit of favouring

British spellings.

You'll also notice that I've written this FAQ to cover the Arcade, SNES,

Game Boy, Sega Genesis, and Sega Game Gear versions. I've only ever had

access to two of those (and only one now), so some of the things may be

wrong. If so, blame Game Players and EGM, since that's where I got most of

this in the first place.

And if you find that this FAQ looks like it was written by a 14-year-old

AOLer, just remember that it _was_ written by a 14-year-old AOLer. :)

Despite its origins, this FAQ was reformatted using the MS-DOS Edit. For

best results view with a monospaced font, 75 characters to a line, 8

characters to a tab.

Where to get the latest version of this FAQ:







[2-1] After the Shaolin Tournament...

Shang Tsung, after being defeated in the Shaolin Tournament at the hands

of Liu Kang, was facing execution at the hands of Shao Kahn, supreme ruler

of the Outworld, blah, blah, blah, he quickly came up with a plan of

revenge so evil that Shao Kahn was persuaded to give him one last chance.

His sorry hide saved, he lures his opponents into the outworld, where they

will face Shao Kahn himself...

[2-2] The Kombatants

Liu Kang

After defeating Shang Tsung, he returned to his temples only to find them

in ruins, after his Shaolin brothers had lost a vicious battle with a group

of outworld mutants led by Baraka. Now, he travels to the outworld to seek

his revenge...

Kung Lao

The last descendant of the great Kung Lao, who defeated Tsung so many

years ago, and then was destroyed by Goro, and a former Shaolin monk, Kung

Lao joins Liu Kang against Shang Tsung in the outworld contest.

Johnny Cage

No one knows what happened to Johnny Cage after he disappeared from the

set of his latest film. Actually, he was following his former ally Liu Kang

into the outworld to defeat Shao Kahn... and get a script for a sequel to

his blockbuster Mortal Kombat.


Shang Tsung's personal protecter, and a member of a reptilian race

thought extinct millions of years ago. Hearing of Tsung's plans to enslave

what is left of his race, he turns against him in the tournament.


When Sub-Zero failed to return from the first tournament, the Lin Kuei

sent another ninja, Sub-Zero's younger brother, to finish the job of

assassinating Shang Tsung.


An assassin for Shao Kahn, she has learned many things about her past.

Including, however, how Shao Kahn took control of the Outworld from her



Major Jackson Briggs, leader of the US Special Forces unit of which Lt.

Sonya Blade was a member, has entered the outworld, where he belives both

Sonya and the criminal Kano are being held prisoner.


Thought to be Kitana's sister, she is actually a clone created by Shang

Tsung. At Shao Kahn's request, she is asked to watch for Kitana's suspected

dissension and put a stop to it, at any cost.


Leader of the outworld mutants that destroyed Liu Kang's temple, Baraka's

fighting skills attracted the attention of Shao Kahn, who recruited him

into his army of destruction.


Hearing rumors of Sub-Zero's return, he again stalks the ninja into the

Outworld. After witnessing Sub-Zero spare his opponent, he realizes this is

not the same Sub-Zero that murdered him a few years ago.


After learning of Shao Kahn's intentions, the thunder god warns the

remaining members of the Shaolin Tournament about what's going on, and then

ventures into the outworld to take out Shao Kahn himself.




[3-1] Introduction to Codes

This section of the FAQ I am devoting to codes. Throughout this section

you will see after every code I mention a string of characters in

parentheses, like this: (ANnSs). This will tell you which systems the code

will work on. The letters stand for:

A = Arcade

N = Super Nintendo

n = Game Boy

S = Sega Genesis

s = Game Gear

? = Unknown

= Not available on this system.

For example, (AN S ) means a code will work on Arcade, Super Nintendo,

and Sega Genesis only.

[3-2] Codes

* Random Select (AN S ):

At the character select screen place the highlight box over the top

corner on your side (Liu Kang for player 1, Reptile for player 2). Then

hold Up and press Start. Useful when you just can't decide with whom to

kick someone's butt.

* Disable Throws (AN S ):

At the character select screen hold Down and High Punch on both

controllers just after both players have chosen their characters.

* Boss Intro ( N ):

When you turn on the game immediately hold down L and R. The normally

black Acclaim screen will be red, and Shao Kahn and Kintaro will put on a

skit for you.

* Super Endurance ( N ):

At the red dragon logo screen hold L and R and push start. This will put

you into 2-player Super Endurance mode. Select four fighters by pushing

left and right to cycle through. Push down to change to the fighter

directly below the one you are currently choosing. Push Select for a random

select. Pushing any other button starts the match. To win a Super

Endurance, you must defeat all of your opponents fighters before they

dispatch all of yours. Also, this is still a best-of-three match.

* Pong (A? ? ):

Rumored not to exist in the home versions, one must fight 250 matches in

a row to get to play Pong. Now there seem to be idiots out there who think

Pong is a secret character. Actually, Pong is a very old video game with

two paddles and a ball. The object of the game is to get more balls past

your opponent than they get past you.

* SNES codes ( N ):

Here is a list of codes that can be entered on the SNES character select


U = Up D = Down L = Left R = Right S = Select


Code: |Effect


UULUDS|More time for Fatalites. Doing Sub-Zero's Freeze resets time

ULUURS|Start at Jade

UDDRRS|Start at Kintaro

LUDDRS|Start at Noob Saibot

RUURLS|Start at Shao Kahn

DURULS|Super Power. One uppercut puts opponent in danger

LURDLS|30 Kredits


* Cheat Mode ( S )

On the Options menu, move the cursor to "Done", but don't select it.

Press Left, Down, Left, Right, Down, Right, Left, Left, Right, and Right.

Okay, it doesn't spell DULLARD (see section on MKI), but if entered

correctly a new option called "Test Modes" will show up on screen.

* Fergalities ( S )

On the cheat menu, select the option marked "Oooh, Nasty!" and select

Raiden as your character. In the Armory background push Back, Back, Back,

Block for a fatality and you will do a... fergality?

[3-3] Secret Characters

In this section I will tell how to reach the secret characters. The

(ANnSs) is still in effect.

[3-3-1] Smoke (ANnSs)

To reach Smoke, you must be fighting in the Portal stage. When Dan Forden

(the guy whose face pops up sometimes when someone does an uppercut and

yells, "Toasty!") does his thing on the Portal stage quickly push Down and

Start. On the Arcade and Super Nintendo versions you will be sent to Goro's

Lair to fight Smoke. On all other systems you will still fight Smoke, but

not in Goro's Lair.

[NOTE: In the handheld versions, there is obviously no Portal stage. I'm

told in the Gameboy version that this must be done in the Pit II stage. I'd

assume that holds true for the Game Gear version as well, but don't quote

me on that.]

Smoke is a another one of them fools wearing a Sub-Zero costume, only his

is gray. Throughout the match he will emit puffs of smoke (which is how he

got the name) which do absolutely nothing. He fights using Scorpion's

moves, although he's a lot faster (and smarter).

[3-3-2] Jade (ANnSs)

Another Kitana or Mileena wearing green, Jade fights with Kitana's powers

and is much faster. Also, projectile attacks go right through her.

On the fight right below the "?" on the Battle Plan, win any round using

only Low Kick. Well, you block too. Anyway, don't be a wiseguy and still

try to do a fatality that doesn't use Low Kick if you're trying to get to

Jade. If you do, you've just disqualified yourself. If done correctly you

get to go to Goro's Lair (on Arcade and SNES).

According to Gameboy MK2 expert Ninja Smoke, you can fight both Jade and

Smoke by doing the following: at the stage below the "?", which supposedly

is a Pit II match, trigger the battle with Smoke as described in the Smoke

section above. Then, only use your Kick button against Smoke in the winning

round to move on to Jade.

[3-3-3] Noob Saibot (AN S ):

Spell Noob Saibot backwards and you get "Tobias Boon" after Midway

programmers (or something) John Tobias and Ed Boon. Neat, huh?

Win 50 matches in a row and prepare yourself to return to Goro's Lair.

Noob is another ninja dressed completely in black. Therefore, he is often

described as a "shadow fighter." At any rate, he fights with Scorpion's





[4-1] Key

U = Up D = Down F = Foward B = Back

HP = High Punch LP = Low Punch HK = High Kick LK = Low Kick

BL = Block * = Can be done in air

() = Used to tell how far away from victim you must be to do a move or

fatality. Distances are as follows:

(close) = Right up next to 'em

(1) = One step back

(2) = Just inside sweep range

(3) = About the distance you start a match away from


(EOS) = End of screen. As far as you can get away from


If no range is given, (for example, most moves and Scorpion's Distant

Toasty) you can do move from anywhere on screen. The exceptions to this are

the Pit/Spike Fatalities, which must be done close.

Moves that involve D, F; D, B; B, D, F; or F, D, B must be done in a

continuous motion.

If you do any move or fatality that involves holding BL, make sure to

release BL before pushing any attack buttons or the move or Fatality will

not work.

If you do any move or Fatality that involves holding an attack button,

make sure you release the button as soon as you are done with the motions

or guess what? No Fatality.

The moves which will be listed will work on the Arcade and Super Nintendo

versions. Most of the moves will also work on Genesis. Moves on Game Gear

and Game Boy should also be close. Refer to [3-5] for the moves that are

different and how to perform them on these systems.

Also note that each character has only one normal Fatality on the

handheld systems.

[4-2] Background Fatalities

[4-2-1] Pit/Spike Fatalities

On the Pit II and Kombat Tomb stages, do the move I will list as

"Pit/Spike Fatal" for a Fatality. On the Pit II your opponent will be

knocked over and fall right onto a rock face. Ouch. On the Kombat Tomb, you

will knock your foe into the spikes on the ceiling. For added fun, hold

down on both controllers immediately after you perform the Fatality and the

victim will slide of the spikes and hit the ground.

Note that you can only do the Spike Fatality on the portable versions,

although the only two backgrounds are the Pit II and Kombat Tomb. I do not

know if you can slide someone off in the handhelds.

[4-2-2] Deadpool Fatalities

On the Deadpool stage, hold Down LP+LK and do a normal uppercut when it

says, "Finish Him!" If you continue to hold Down a weird sound will issue

from the skeleton.

Obviously, you can't do a Deadpool Fatality on the ports because there is

no Deadpool on the handheld versions. Oh well.

[4-3] Babalities/Friendships

To do a Babality or a Friendship, you must not use a punch button in the

winning round. When it says, "Finish Him!" do the move I will list as

Friendship or Babality.

[4-4] Finally, the Moves

Liu Kang:

Bicycle Kick: Hold LK 5 seconds, release

Low Fireball: F, F, LP

High Fireball: F, F, HP (*)

Flying Kick: F, F, HK

Dragon-Morph Fatal: D, F, B, B, HK (close)

Uppercut Fatal: Hold BL, rotate 360 degrees counterclockwise (1)

Pit/Spike Fatal: B, F, F, LK

Friendship: F, B, B, B, LK

Babality: D, D, F, B, LK

Kung Lao

Hat Throw: B, F, LP (U and D to aim)

Dive Kick: D+HK at top of jump (*)

Teleport: U, D (press HK as you come up for attack)

Spin: Hold BL, U, U, LK (tap LK to keep spinning)

Chainsaw Fatal: F, F, F, LK (1)

Hat Throw Fatal: Hold LP, B, F, and aim for head (EOS)

Pit/Spike: F, F, F, HP

Friendship: B, B, B, D, HK

Babality: B, B, F, F, HK

Johnny Cage

High Green Flame: F, D, B, HP

Low Green Flame: B, D, F, LP

Nutcracker: BL+LP

Shadow Kick: B, F, LK

Shadow Shoryuken: B, D, B, HP

1 Head Knockoff Fatal: F, F, D, U (close)

3 Head Knockoff Fatal: F, F, D, U, then hold D+LP+LK+BL (close)

Torso Ripoff Fatal: D, D, F, F, LP (close)

Pit/Spike Fatal: D, D, D, HK

Friendship: D, D, D, D, HK

Babality: B, B, B, HK


Acid Spit: F, F, HP

Forceball: B, B, LP+HP

Invisibility: Hold BL, U, U, D, HP

Slide: B+LP+LK+BL

Eat Head Fatal: B, B, D, LP (3)

Torso Ripoff Fatal: Go invisible, then F, F, D, HK (close)

Pit/Spike Fatal: D, F, F, BL

Friendship: B, B, D, LK

Babality: D, B, B, LK


Freeze: D, F, LP

Ground Freeze: D, B, LK

Slide: B+LP+LK+BL

Freeze-and-Shatter Fatal: F, F, D, HK (2) then F, D, F, F, HP (close)

Ice Grenade: Hold LP, B, B, D, F (EOS)

Pit/Spike Fatal: D, F, F, BL

Friendship: B, B, D, HK

Babality: D, B, B, HK

Shang Tsung

1 Flame: B, B, HP

2 Flames: B, B, F, HP

3 Flames: B, B, F, F, HP


Liu Kang: B, F, F, BL

Kung Lao: B, D, B, HK

Johnny Cage: B, B, D, LP

Reptile: Hold BL, U, D, HP

Sub-Zero: F, D, F, HP

Kitana: BL, BL, BL

Jax: D, F, B, HK

Mileena: Hold HP 2 seconds, release

Baraka: D, D, LK

Scorpion: Hold BL, U, U

Raiden: D, B, F, LK

Invader Fatal: Hold HK 2 seconds, release (close)

Soul Sucker Fatal: Hold BL, U, D, U, LK (close)

Kintaro Morph Fatal: Hold LP entire winning round, release (1)

Pit/Spike Fatal: Hold BL, D, D, U, D

Friendship: B, B, D, F, HK

Babality: B, F, D, HK


Fan Throw: F, F, LP+HP (*)

Fan Lift: B, B, B, HP

Fan Swipe: B+HP

Square Wave Flight: F, D, B, HP

Fan Swipe Fatal: BL, BL, BL, HK (close)

Kiss Fatal: Hold LK, F, F, D, F (close)

Pit/Spike Fatal: F, D, F, HK

Friendship: D, D, D, U, LK

Babality: D, D, D, LK


Gotcha Punches: F, F, LP (Keep pushing LP for more punches)

Sonic Wave: F, D, B, HK

Ground Pound: Hold LK 3 seconds, release

Back Crack: BL in air (close)

Quadruple Slam: Throw and tap HP

Head Smash Fatal: Hold LP, F, F, F (close)

Disarming Fatal: BL, BL, BL, BL, LP (1)

Pit/Spike Fatal: Hold BL,U, U, D, LK

Friendship: Hold BL, D, D, U, U, LK

Babality: Hold BL, D, U, D, U, LK


Sai Throw: Hold HP 2 Seconds, release (*)

Telekick: F, F, LK

Roll Attack: B, B, D, HK

Sai Slice-N-Dice Fatal: F, B, F, LP (close)

Bone Spit Fatal: Hold HK for 2 seconds, release (close)

Pit/Spike Fatal: F, D, F, LK

Friendship: D, D, D, U, HK

Babality: D, D, D, HK


Shredder: B, B, B, LP

Blade Spark: D, B, HP

Blade Swipe: B+HP

Double Kick: HK, HK, HK (close)

Head Slice Fatal: B, B, B, B, HP (close)

Blade Hang Fatal: B, F, D, F, LP (close)

Pit/Spike Fatal: F, F, D, HK

Friendship: Hold BL, U, F, F, HK

Babality: F, F, F, HK


Van Dam Spear: B, B, LP

Teleport: D, B, HP (*)

Air Throw: BL in air (close) (*)

Scissors Takedown: F, D, B, LK

Toasty Fatal: Hold BL, U, U, HP (3)

Distant Toasty Fatal: Hold BL, D, D, U, U, HP

Spear Slash Fatal: Hold HP, D, F, F, F (close)

Pit/Spike Fatal: D, F, F, BL

Friendship: B, B, D, LK

Babality: D, B, B, HK


Lightning Throw: D, F, LP

Superman: B, B, F (*)

Teleport: D, U

Fry: Hold HP 4-5 seconds, release (close)

Fry Explosion Fatal: Hold LK 3-4 seconds, release, tap BL+LK (close)

Uppercut Fatal: Hold HP 8 sec. (before it says "Finish Him!"), release


Pit/Spike Fatal: Hold BL, U, U, U, HP

Friendship: D, B, F, HK

Babality: D, D, U, HK

[4-5] Other Systems

[4-5-1] Sega Genesis

The above moves work on Genesis except for:

Sub Zero - Slide: B+HK+LK

Reptile - Slide: B+HK+LK

Baraka - Blade Spark: D, B, LP

[4-5-2] Sega Game Gear

To do the moves on Game Gear Substitute the following buttons:

LP = 1

HP = 1

LK = 2

HK = 2

This works except for the following moves:

Liu Kang - Low Fireball: D, F, 1

Shang Tsung - Morphs: Hold button 2 for 2 seconds and move directional

Jax: Down/Right

Kitana: Down

Liu Kang: Left

Mileena: Up

Reptile: Up/Left

Scorpion: Down/Left

Sub-Zero: Right

[4-5-3] Game Boy

To do the moves on Game Boy, substitute the following buttons:

LP = B

HP = B

LK = A

HK = A

I have been told that fatalities on the Game Boy version can be done at

any distance with the exception of Reptile's, which must be done from far

away. (Thanks to John "Ninja Smoke" Evans for this.)

[4-5-4] Retained Fatalities

The two handheld versions of MKII retain only half the normal Fatalities.

Those that were kept are listed below:


Retained Fatalities


Liu Kang

Dragon-Morph Fatal

Reptile Eat Head Fatal


Freeze-and-Shatter Fatal

Shang Tsung

Soul Sucker Fatal


Head Slice Fatal


Head Smash Fatal

Mileena Bone Spit Fatal


Toasty Fatal




[5-1] Introduction to Damage Chart

Welcome to the latest addition to the latest edtion of the MK2 FAQ.

Presenting (fanfare) the Damage Chart. This chart lists the amount of

damage, in percentages, done by each move.

However, since I have rounded off the numbers, the chart is NOT exact.

For example: the chart lists Mileena's Sai throw as taking off 14% damage.

In theory, 7 hits would take of 98% damage and put her opponent in danger.

Actually, it takes a little over 14% damage, and so 7 hits with her Sai

will actually kill her opponent. Most of the damages listed work the other

way, however. What would according to the chart would kill an opponent

usually just puts them in danger.

FYI, it takes 15 unblocked regular punches, or 54 blocked regular punches

to kill your opponent. Throws take off about 20%, and all special punches

(HP close) take off 14%. Johnny Cage's close kick takes off 12%.

[5-2] Damage Chart


Damage %


Liu Kang:

Bicycle Kick


Flying Kick


Fireball (any kind)


Kung Lao:



Dive Kick


Hat Throw


Johnny Cage:



Shadow Kick


Shadow Shoryuken


Green Flame (any kind) 12%


Acid Spit











Ground Freeze 0%

Shang Tsung:

Flames 12%/Flame


Fan Toss


Fan Swipe


Square Wave Flight


Fan Lift



Quadruple Slam 33%/4 Slams

Gotcha Punches 6%/Punch

Back Crack


Ground Pound 13%

Sonic Wave





Sai Toss


Roll Attack





Blade Swipe


Double Kick

16%/2 Kicks

Blade Spark



Air Throw


Scissors Takedown




Van Dam Spear 5%






Lightning Throw 13%




Welcome to the chapter on Glitches, Combos, Tricks, and other junk. The

Glitch items all work on SNES. I do not know whether or not these work on

other systems. Most should work on Genesis and Arcade, but I do not know

for sure. The Combos and Tricks should work on any system.

[6-1] Glitches

* Revenge of the Dead

If the last thing your opponent does before you lose is a throw, then you

can still get in a move after it says, "Finish Him!" For something really

neat, do a Deadpool Fatality if they throw you into a corner.

* Backward Spear Slash

As Scorpion, when it says, "Finish Him!", jump over your opponent and do

the Spear Slash Fatal as you jump. Make sure you push Foward as how you

will be facing when you land. When you land, you will do the Spear Slash to

your opponent's back.

While we're on the subject of Scorpion's Fatalities, the Toasty Fatal and

Distant Toasty Fatal differ as follows: the normal Toasty can only be done

from a distance of (3); The Distant Toasty can be done anywhere on screen

(even very close, despite the name) and after your foe explodes you will

hear Dan Forden yell, "Toasty!"

[6-2] Combos

Ok, this section is a little weak right now, but will improve as I learn


Here are some real simple basic combos that will work with any character.

First foot sweep, then uppercut, roundhouse, or start punching like crazy.

A hard to completely pull off combo with Kitana is to get 'em in the fan

lift, then jump and give your opponent a fist in the gut. Then quickly do a

Fan Toss in mid-air. If you're quick you'll hit 'em. If you're quicker

still, pull a Square Wave Flight as quick as you land to hit them one last


As an alternative to the one above, foot sweep, do a quick Fan Lift,

Square Wave Flight, then Fan toss on the way down.

Reptile: Fire off a forceball. If they get hit or jump over it, nail 'em

with two low punches. Then hit them with a high jump kick, then slide.

Fighting as Johnny Cage? Four punches of any type followed by a Shadow

Kick is a good combo. Also, Foot sweep, then time a Shadow punch so that

you hit them as they try to get up.

As Jax, start holding LK while you do Jump Kicks, Gotcha Punches, or

Sonic Waves. If anything connects, you can let go for a free Ground Pound.

Also, if they jump at you, you can Punch or Kick in mid-air and then pull

off a quick Back Crack. Also, the overhead smash (HP close) will: 1) Cause

damage; 2) Stun your opponent so that you can pull off a Gotcha or a

Quadruple Slam.

[6-3] Tricks and Other Miscellaneous Items

* Mixed Fatalites

As Sub-Zero, do the Freeze part of the Freeze-and-Shatter Fatal. Then do

an Ice Grenade, Babality, or a Deadpool for something really neat. Better

yet, at the Deadpool, Freeze, get close, and do the shatter move, except

immediately after you push HP, quickly hold D+LP+LK+BL. You will do a

Deadpool if done correctly, but the screen will go dark.

As Shang Tsung, morph into Sub-Zero, do the Freeze part of the fatality,

and then either: 1) Do what's listed above for Sub-Zero, or 2) Keep

Freezing until you change back into Shang Tsung. Then morph into anyone and

do their Fatality. Scorpion's Distant Toasty is a good one to use, as is

Reptile's Torso Ripoff, if you're quick with the controller.

* Cheap Tricks

For an easy way to defeat Smoke, Noob Saibot, or a computer-controlled

Shang Tsung, pick Raiden, Baraka, Jax, or Reptile and do their projectile

attacks repeatedly. They will just jump right into it over and over again.

Tsung also seems to jump into Sub-Zero's Freezes a lot also. Unfortanuatly,

the Arcade fighters are a bit smarter. They will jump over it and toward


* Toasty?

Interesting. Kung Lao's Spin counts as an uppercut if it connects, except

it does more damage!

* Kintaro Tips

With Jax, do a Gotcha on Kintaro. If you grab him, nail him with all five

Gotcha Punches. Then Kintaro will shoot a fireball. If you jump immediately

after the Gotcha Punches you can get a free Jump Kick. Fire off a Sonic

Wave right after you land for a possible seventh hit.

With Kitana, do a Fan Lift anytime Kintaro is just walking toward you.

The idiot will walk right into it! A Jump Kick followed by a Fan Toss is

usually a good shot.

Kintaro seems to shoot fireballs after a missed Fan Swipe with Baraka.

Jump quickly after an intentionally missed Swipe for a free jump kick.

With Raiden, usually you can do a lightning throw and then a jump kick

and then a lightning throw and then a jump kick and then a... but not for a

whole round.

If Kintaro blocks a Jump Kick by your Sub-Zero, Jump back twice and do a

Freeze. You will usually catch him in a punch or fireball.

If Kintaro just jumps in place, get ready to do an uppercut. If you're

Jax, you get a free shot at his 7-hit combo.

If all else fails, just duck. If Kintaro Jumps, do a jump kick. If he

gets close, he will try a throw, uppercut, or just roar. If the last two

occur, you can get an uppercut in. However, trying to uppercut his uppercut

takes timing.

* Shao Kahn Tips

As Kitana, just do Fan Lifts. Shao Kahn will usually walk or rush into


As Baraka, just do Shredders. Shao Kahn will usually walk or rush into


As Jax, you can do just Low Kicks, but that is kind of cheap. Gotcha

Punches work well.

As Johnny Cage, jump kick, Shadow Kick, jump back, jump kick, Shadow

Kick, jump back...

As Mileena, just keep Telekicking.

As Shang Tsung, Do fireballs to back him off, then morph and do

something listed above.

As anybody, if he taunts, free move for you.




[7-1] Introduction

Okay, now I have added MKI to this FAQ. Why, you ask? Well, because it

makes my FAQ longer and adds information, therefore making it appear

cooler. And, in my local arcade, anyway, they have the MKI machine next to

the MKII machines, therefore I could, in theory, take this one FAQ and kick

some major... um, well, you know.

[7-2] Game Layout

By now, everyone should know the MKI layout. First, you pick your fighter

(duh), then you must fight every other fighter in the tournament (double

duh). Then you have to fight yourself in the Mirror Match, and then fight

three Endurance matches, where you must defeat two kombatants in a row

without getting killed yourself. Then you get to fight Goro, and then (an

old) Shang Tsung. Duh.

Also, every now and again, the "Test Your Might" rounds come up. In

these, you must try to break certain objects for bonus points.

[7-3] The Story

For ages and ages, the Shaolin Tournament was a contest of honor, and of

glory. But that was before Shang Tsung, an Outworld demon who took not only

the lives of his opponents, but also their souls...

For a very, very long time, Tsung kept the title of Grand Champion, until

a Shaolin Monk known as Kung Lao defeated him.

Returning later, he brought along his half-human, half-dragon, pupil

Goro, who then took it upon himself to kick Kung Lao's butt.

That was 500 years ago...

[7-4] The Kombatants

Johnny Cage

John Carlton, better known to his fans as Johnny Cage, is a 29-year-old

actor from Venice, California. The martial-arts superstar has entered the

tournament just for the publicity it would create for him.


Wanted in 35 countries, this 35-year-old criminal is a member of the

dangerous Black Dragon organization. He believes that Shang Tsung's palace

is made of gold, and has joined the tournament merely to loot it.


Raiden, the thunder god, is rumored to have recieved an invitation from

Shang Tsung personally to join the tournament. Taking on a human form to

compete, he despises Shang Tsung.

Liu Kang

Also despising Tsung, this 24-year-old Shaolin Monk has joined in to

defeat Shang Tsung, and return the tournament back to its former glory.


Scorpion has only one mission in this tournament... to destroy the member

of the Lin Kuei clan who murdered him two years before - the ninja known as



True name and origins unknown, Sub-Zero is a 32-year-old ninja hired by

one of Tsung's wealthy enemies for the destruction of Shang Tsung. A task

that is further complicated by the return of Scorpion...

Sonya Blade

26-year-old Lieutenant Sonya Blade is a member of the U.S. Army Special

Forces, headed by Major Jackson Briggs. Her team was right on the tail of

Kano, which lead them to Shang Tsung's island. Holding her comrades

hostage, Sonya is forced to fight for their freedom.

[7-5] Scoring

On some systems, unlike MK2, you get a score in MKI. You get points for

kicking, punching, and killing your opponent. You get points also for time

remaining at the end of the round, for strength remaining, winning a round

without getting hit, and for breaking the materials in the Test your Might


Scoring for normal moves and bonuses are as follows:




High Punch

500 points

Low Punch

500 points

Low Kick

2000 points

High Kick

2000 points


2000 points


2000 points

Foot Sweep

1000 points

Jump Kick

2000 points

Jump Punch

1000 points


2000 points


5000 points


5000 points

Time Bonus

1000x seconds left

Strength Bonus 500x little bits of energy left

*Flawless Victory

200,000 points

#Double Flawless

500,000 points


100,000 points

Test Your Might:


100,000 points


200,000 points


500,000 points


1,000,000 points

Diamond 2,000,000 points

See Damage chart for points given by special moves.

* - Flawless Victory is when you win a round without getting hit

# - Double Flawless is when you win an entire match without getting hit.

Note that Flawless bonuses take the place of Strength Bonuses.

[7-6] The Moves

[7-6-1] Introduction to Moves

Here are the moves for MKI. I written them for Arcade and SNES only. The

Genesis and Game Gear moves are similar. The Game Boy moves are severly

screwed up, however. I may include them in a later edition..

[7-6-2] Moves: Arcade and SNES

Johnny Cage

Green Flame: B, F, LP

Shadow Kick: B, F, LK

Nutcracker: BL+LP

Fatality: F, F, F, HP (close)


Knife: Hold BL, B, F

Roll Spin: F, D, B, U (Hold BL to hover)

Fatality: B, D, F, LP (1 to close)


Lightning Throw: D, F, LP

Superman: B, B, F

Teleport: D, U

Fatality: F, B, B, B, HP (close)

Liu Kang

Flying Kick: F, F, HK

Fireball: F, F, HP

Fatality: D, B, U, F


Van Dam Spear: B, B, LP

Teleport: D, B, HP

Fatality: Hold BL, U, U (1 to 2)


Freeze: D, F, LP

Slide: B+LP+LK+BL

Fatality: F, D, F, HP (1 to close)


Ring Toss: B, LP

Square Wave Flight: F, B, HP

Scissor Grab: D+LP+LK+BL

Fatality: F, F, B, B, BL

[7-7] Damage Chart

[7-7-1] Introduction to Damage Chart

This damage chart is just like the one for MKII, except this one tells

how many points you get for executing the move. It suffers from the same

flaws as the MKII one did, however. See Chapter [4-1] for details.

Note that you get no points for a blocked move.

[7-7-2] Damage Chart

Move Damage % Points Scored


Johnny Cage:



5000 points

Shadow Kick


5000 points

Green Flame


2000 points


Roll Spin


5000 points



2000 points




5000 points

Lightning Toss 14% 2000 points

Liu Kang:

Flying Kick


2000 points



2000 points




1000 points

Van Dam Spear 5% 2000 points




1000 points



0 points

Sonya Blade:

Leg Grab 25% 2000 on grab/5000 on throw

Ring Toss


2000 points

Square Wave Flight


1000 points

[7-8] Secrets, Codes, Tricks, and Glitches

* Blood Codes:

On the Genesis, push A, B, A, C, A, B, B on the "Codes of Honor" screen.

On the Game Gear, push 2, 1, 2, Down, Up.

* Cheat Mode

On the Genesis, push Down, Up, Left, Left, A, Right, and Down at the game

select screen.

* Secret Sounds

On the Genesis version go to the Options screen and select Sound FX #17.

Push Right and A simultaneously and repeatedly until the sounds stop. Wait,

and then you can hear some sounds you couldn't select before. Now go to

Music #16 and repeat the Right and A pressing. Now you can hear a secret


* Goofy SNES Glitches

I'll bet you thought Sub-Zero was the only one who could freeze! Not so!

Kano can have the same effect on Goro. Knock him down with a jump kick, and

then throw a Knife. If timed correctly, the knife will go through him, and

Goro will freeze!

Speaking of Sub-Zero and Goro, if you freeze Goro with Sub-Zero, you can

foot-sweep him and not undo the freeze!

Still speaking of Sub-Zero, try this: Win your first round any way you

wish, then on your second round use three uppercuts and two foot-sweeps.

Then freeze your enemy. You will hear Tsung yell "Finish Him!" Do the

finishing move, and then check out what happens.

* Reptile

Ah, yes, the hidden character. SNESer's have the easiest time getting to

him: At the pit, double flawless, fatality, and no blocking, and there you

are. On the arcade and Genesis versions, you will only get to him by doing

the above only when strange shadows cross the moon. Game Gear and Game Boy

players? Tough luck.




Version 1.0 (10/17/94)

- First edition of this FAQ. Included most of nothing you see here.

Version 1.5 (10/18/94)

- Standard revision. Added Boss Intro code, fixed some goofs in the

first version (Jax's Sonic Wave is F, D, B, HK, not B, D, F, HK

like I had.) Added Combo section. Added page numbers to both

pages and Table of Contents. Slight changes in format.

Version 2.5 (12/10/94)

- Major revision. Added a few more codes, added Mortal Kombat One

section, and cooler still... I have added Damage charts. And for

added coolness, I have also added the Damage and Score charts for

MKI as well. Cool, no es verdad? Also, I have added the MK2

storyline. Excellent.

Version 2.6 (3/29/95)

- Pathetic revision. Fixed minor bloopers here and there.

Version 2.7 (5/28/95)

- Another crappy revision. Put all SNES Character Select screen

codes on one table.

Version 2.8 (12/30/95)

- Useless revision. Minor change of fonts.

Version 2.9 (9/12/98)

- First public release of the MK2 Forgotten FAQ. Converted the FAQ

into a text file from its original Microsoft Word format. Fixed a

few things here and there, and rewrote the introduction.

Version 3.0 (9/9/99)

- Fifth Anniversary Edition! Only a few very minor errors were

fixed, but I just couldn't resist having a 9/9/99 revision

date. :) A few notes about the Gameboy version were added; thanks

to "Ninja Smoke" for those.




Well, we're now at the end of the FAQ. Unless you enjoy reading copyright

information. If you're that kind of person, then your end is below.


Chapter 10: Copyright Junk


[Only half of this section was originally written in 1994. Can you guess

which half? :)]

This Mortal Kombat II FAQ is (C) 1994, 1995, 1998, 1999 Zach Keene. As

Grand Poo-bah of Copyrightedness, I grant upon thee the following rights:

1) Thou mayst give this FAQ to whomever you so choose. The key word here is

"give". If anybody gets paid for this, it darn well better be me. :)

2) Thou mayst put this FAQ up on thine website, so long as it remains

completely intact. And I do mean completely.

Mortal Kombat (C) 1992 Midway Manufacturing Corp.

Mortal Kombat II (C) 1993 Midway Manufacturing Corp.

All characters trademarks of Midway.

Super Nintendo and Game Boy are registered trademarks of Nintendo of

America, Inc. (C) 1991 Nintendo of America, Inc.

Sega, Genesis, and Game Gear are trademarks of Sega Enterprises, Ltd. All

Rights Reserved.


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