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Mov , mob, mot

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Mov , mob, mot. move. Ven , vent. come. Sta , stat, stit , sist. put in place; cause to stand; stand. Sed , sid , sess. sit; settle. Cumb , cub. lie; recline. Clin , cliv. lean; incline; slope. Verg. tend toward; bend. Jace. lie. Jaci , ject , jacu. throw. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Mov, mob, mot

Mov, mob, motmoveVen, ventcomeSta, stat, stit, sistput in place; cause to stand; standSed, sid, sesssit; settleCumb, cublie; reclineClin, clivlean; incline; slopeVergtend toward; bendJacelieJaci, ject, jacuthrowMitt, miss, misesend; let goMisc, mixtmixMobilitythe quality of being moved

Conveneto come together or assemble

Resistto withstand, strive against, or oppose

Supersedeto replace in power, authority, effectiveness

Recumbentlying down; reclining; leaning

Inclineto deviate from the vertical or horizontal; slant

Divergentdiffering; deviating; having no finite limits

Adjacentlying near, close; adjoining; neighboring

Projectilean object impelled forward, as through the air

Emissarya representative sent on a mission or errand


Missilean objector weapon for throwing, hurling, or shooting

Miscellaneousconsisting of members or elements of different kinds; of mixed character

Statuea three-dimensional work of art carved in stone or wood

Staturethe height of any object

Statutelaw; an enactment made by a legislature

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