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MP3 Player Billboard

Date post: 26-Mar-2016
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This was a project for IM 201. We had to make a logo for an item and design and put together the box for the item. Then we did a photoshoot for the box and used the image to create a billboard. Everything to make the billboard was done in photoshop, the logo and box design were drawn in illustrator.
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Media Player
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Media Player

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Mission Statement Our mission is to deliver a media player that is sleek, trendy, and durable. Built with quality materials, this player can take a beating and still play quality sound over multiple file types with no sign of stopping. Hear the note.

Demographic The note media player is geared towards college age students who want a player that will last longer then a month at a time and accepts more then a few file types as well as a sleek and trend appearance.

Our Colors Our brand colors are a lime green and red; the lime green to evoke energy and get you out and about with our product. The red also evokes energy as well as assertiveness, to show our product will keep on working no matter what is done to it and deserves your attention.

Our Font Our brand logo is full of rounded shapes, so a rounded font was an obvious choice. Our chosen font is Sathu. A trendy font is needed for a trendy media player.

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Media Player


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