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Ms. Mauney’s 1 st Grade Class Welcome Parents!. Welcome to 1st Grade!  Welcome parents to...

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  • Ms. Mauneys 1stGrade ClassWelcome Parents!

  • Welcome to 1st Grade!Welcome parents to our Back to School Night! This presentation will address some areas about our class.I will answer questions at the end.

  • All About MeMy BackgroundI was born and raised here in Dallas, Texas. I attended both Catholic and public schools. I received my Interdisciplinary Studies degree from the University of North Texas with a minor in Elementary Education.My ExperienceThis is my 7th year at St. Rita. However, my second year as a 1st grade teacher!

  • My FamilyMy family has lived in Dallas for over 47 years.Im one of 7 children; 5 girls and 2 boys and my parents have been married for 52 years.I have 1 daughter, Julianna, who is in 6th grade here at St. Rita. I also have 3 nephews and 2 nieces.

  • Support StaffDiane Campos First grade aide about an hour or more a day.Kim Robbs Enrichment works with small groups twice a week in Math and ReadingRoxanne Herwig Language Science works with small groups during phonics / spelling timeMarjorie Lane Instructional Support helps with accommodations (students who need extra help)Lisa Schrakamp counselor (comes once a month) or meets with students individually as needed

  • School Day ScheduleArrival 7:50/Tardy 7:55Dismissal 3:20Lunch10:5011:20Recess 11:20 11:35Snack small and dry please no drinks or anything that requires a spoon!Library - Tuesday

  • Backpack RoutineDaily Routine Everything taken out of backpacks in the morningDaily Folder (blue) Classwork/HomeworkFriday Folder/Graded work (red)DismissalGet blue folders from cubby and anything else that has been put in there

  • HomeworkAssigned daily with the exception of weekendsIf absent, work may be picked up in classroom after car pool (4:00). School policy allows three days for work to be made up. Always good to have crayons, glue, and scissors on hand as they may need these supplies for homework

  • GradesGrades are loaded on Renweb no progress reports first semesterEnglish: class work100%Health: participation 100%Handwriting: class work 100%Math: class work 20%; fast facts test 20$; homework 10%; tests 50%Reading: class work 40%; tests 60%Religion: class work 25%; participation 25%; tests 50%Science: class work 25%; participation 25%; tests 50%Social Studies: class work 25%; participation 25%; tests 50%Spelling/Phonics: class work 10%; tests 90%

  • Discipline ProcedurePocket chart- verbal warnings firstGreen great dayYellow pretty goodOrange lunch detentionRed officeA note will be written in folders if orange or red

  • Lunch RoomBehavior/MannersExpected to act here like they do at homeFriday VisitsBirthday TreatsCupcakesCookiesDonuts

  • FolderAlphabet StripSaxon Phonics handbookParents PrayerScheduleCafeteria/Recess guidelinesFast Fact Math information websites on backAlphabet with correct letter formationFlashcards

  • MiscellaneousVoice Mail x2125Email [email protected] school Mass every Friday at 8:00K-2 Mass the 4th Wednesday of every month at 8:00

  • Questions?

  • Lets Have a Great Year!Thanks for coming tonight!


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