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MSCA Architecture Plus Customizations

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Using Oracle MSCA for Express Inventory TransactionsAbhinav Raina [email protected] October 24, 2011 Crystal 3 - 3:00 pm

AgendaOverview of Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Architecture of Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Transactions Supported in MSCA Our Focus MSCA/MWA Framework MSCA Customization Detail Questions and Answers


MSCA Overview Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Applications (MSCA) enables automated mobile user operations. This is performed using hand held radio frequency (RF) devices, PDAs, and lift truck mounted RF scanners. Oracle MSCA is part of the Oracle Supply Chain Management solution, the integrated suite that streamlines design, planning, manufacturing and fulfillment.


MSCA Overview


MSCA Architecture



MSCA User InterfaceGraphical Interface Oracle GUI Tool

Character-mode Interface telnet Tool


Modules Supported in MSCA Mobile Manufacturing Mobile Quality Mobile Materials Management Warehouse Management


Our Focus Inventory Controls Account Alias Issue Sub-Inventory



MSCA Standard Process Sub Inventory Transfer Standard Functionality

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MSCA Custom Process Sub Inventory Transfer Custom Express Functionality

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MSCA Standard Process Account Alias Issue Standard Functionality

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MSCA Custom Process Account Alias Issue Custom Express FunctionalityMSCA Transaction

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Extension Overview Question : How is this achieved? Answer : By writing extension in MSCA


MSCA/MWA Framework Technical Overview of MSCA/MWA Framework

Menu Item Java Bean Page Java Bean Field Listener Java Bean


MSCA/MWA Framework MSCA Applications flowFunction (AOL) Function Class (MWA) Page Class Listener Class

Steps in order to do a extension in MSCA

Extend the MWA Function Class and make it point to the Extended page. Extend the MWA Page Class. Extend the MWA Listener Class. Modify the Function Name in AOL to point to the New extended Function Class name.15

MSCA/MWA Framework After we do the extension, the flow in the application will be likeFunction (AOL) Function Class (MWA)

Page Class

Listener Class

Extended Function Class

Extended Page Class

Extended Listener Class


MSCA Customization Detail MSCA Customization / Extension Steps Create Labels in

AK Repository Create Extension in MSCA


AK Repository Configuration Steps to Create Labels in AK Repository: Step 1: Define Step 2: Define Step 3: Define Step 4: Link

Attribute a Controller a AK Region:

AK Regions and AK Attributes


AK Repository Configuration Step 1: Define Attribute


AK Repository Configuration Step 2: Define a Controllerpackage xx.oracle.apps.inv.utilities; import oracle.apps.fnd.common.VersionInfo; public class XXInvResourceTable { public static final String RCS_ID = "$XXHeader: XXInvResourceTable.java $"; public static final boolean RCS_ID_RECORDED = VersionInfo.recordClassVersion("$XXHeader: XXInvResourceTable.java $", "xx.oracle.apps.inv.utilities"); public static final String INV_RT = "xx.oracle.apps.inv.utilities.XXInvResourceTable"; public static final String ATTRIBUTE1 = "ATTRIBUTE1"; public XXInvResourceTable() { } }


AK Repository Configuration Step 3: Define a AK Region


AK Repository Configuration Step 4: Link AK Regions and AK Attributes


MSCA Extension Steps Steps to Create Extension in MSCA: Step 1: Extend Step 2:

the MWA Function Class and make it point to the Extended page. Extend the MWA Page Class. MWA Listener Class.

Step 3 : Extend the Step 4 : Modify

the Function Name in AOL to point to the New extended Function Class name


MSCA Extension Steps Step 1: Extend the MWA Function Classpackage xx.oracle.apps.inv.invtxn.server; public class XXSubXferFunction extends OrgFunction implements MWAAppListener { public XXSubXferFunction() { //Setting the page name to new custom page setFirstPageName("oracle.apps.inv.invtxn.server.XXSubXferPage"); } }


MSCA Extension Steps Step 2: Extend the MWA Page Classpackage xxmet.oracle.apps.inv.invtxn.server; import *.*; ... public class XXSubXferPage extends PageBean /** * Default constructor which just initialises the layout. */ public static final String RCS_ID = "$Header: XXSubXferPage.java $"; public XXSubXferPage(Session session) { // Method to intialize the page and To Serial number field getToSerialFld().addListener(mFListener); addFieldBean(getToSerialFld()); super.mToSerialFld.setHidden(false); }


MSCA Extension Steps Step 3: Extend the MWA Listener Class.package xx.oracle.apps.inv.invtxn.server; import *.*; ... public class XXSubXferFListener implements MWAFieldListener public XXSubXferFListener(Session session) { public void fieldEntered(MWAEvent mwaevent) { public void fieldExited(MWAEvent mwaevent) { if(s.equals("INV.TO_SERIAL")) { F_Serial_Num_Exited(mwaevent); F_FromSubInv_Exited(mwaevent); } }26

MSCA Extension Steps Step 4: Modify the Function Name in AOL to point to the New extended Function Class name


MWA Testing & Error Logging Configuration Files

mwa.cfg: This file has information about the DBC file location, Log Dir Location, Telnet Port no Location. This info will be used by Mobile Applications on runtime. default_key.ini: This file is used to map the keys of the mobile device to some specific functionality. Use the default file if you dont want to customize anything. deviceIP.ini: This file maps the configuration files and host name with the mobile device mwactl.sh: This file is used to start/stop the MWA listener on specific port. mwactl.sh start to Start the services on the Listener mwactl.sh -login stop_force to stop the services on the Listener $MWA_TOP/bin $MWA_TOP/secure $INST_TOP/admin/scripts $INST_TOP/admin/install In R12, INST_TOP may look like: /u01/appldev/DEV/inst/apps/DEV_w-oraap01 The log files are located under $INST_TOP/logs The Logging Levels are Fatal, Error, Warning, Debug & Trace All the log files start with Telnet_port_no as a prefix -rw-r--r-- 1 appldev dba 255626 Feb 8 13:28 10240.INV.log Simpler way to look for logs tail -f 10240.INV.log28

MWA Server Startup and Shutdown

File Location

Log Files

Questions and AnswersQuestions and Open Discussions

Contact Information

Abhinav RainaEmail: [email protected] Phone: 630-778-1180 Presentation Copy www.astcorporation.com/papers/ncoaug29

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