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Mt Kinabalu Experience sharing - 06/08/2007. Introduction Mount Kinabalu towers 4095 meters (13,435...

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Mt Kinabalu Experience sharing - 06/08/2007 Slide 2 Introduction Mount Kinabalu towers 4095 meters (13,435 feet) above sea level. Slide 3 Preparation for climb You will not be allowed to climb if you do not have a place to stay in Laban Rata. You are not allowed to camp there. Slide 4 Preparation for climb Accommodation need to be pre-book 6 months before climb Alternately engage with Travel agent but more expensive Transportation from Kota Kinabalu to Kinabalu Park Bus (RM20-RM30) Slow but cheap Van RM300 two ways with driver Taxi RM90 RM120 one way Slide 5 Preparation for climb DAY CLIMB Good shoes/ High cut shoes - or Kampung Adidas (RM5) Kampung Adidas Shoes Raincoat/ Disposable raincoat/ Umbrella Rubber sandals/slippers. Sunblock cream - Peak Face towels. Slide 6 Preparation for climb Con t Lightweight clothing like t-shirts (Dri-Fit) and bermudas/shorts is sufficient. Track bottom is okay Cap/hat. Sun-glasses Slide 7 Preparation for climb 1 liter water bottle. You can refill your water during the climb on each shelter. Toilet tissue papers. Food: raisins, chocolate, nuts, energy bars, glucose and some oral rehydration salts. Other instant food for Laban Rata Plastic bags/ ziplock bags Insect repellent Personal medication - Headache tablets and anti-nausea medications Waist pouch. Your backpack. Better to have a waterproof one. If not, pack everything in double plastic bag in case of rain. Try to limit it to less than 10 kilograms. Camera Walking stick Toileteries Slide 8 Preparation for climb NIGHT CLIMB Torchlight. Headlight Terrorist mask Gloves. Waterproof gloves is best Wind breaker, thick jacket, long sleeves shirts, thick trousers/cargo pants, thick socks and good shoes. Small water bottle (500ml bottle is enough). Raincoat. Some light foods. Camera Small backpack Slide 9 Preparation for climb Other preparation Training beforehand is important. Aerobic axercise Running, Swimming, Cycling, Hiking A lot of stress on your ankles and knees. Most injury happened on the way down. Slide 10 Preparation for climb Con t Take a slow pace At the peak, you have limited oxygen Mentally prepared Long walking duration Temperature Sickness You need to be in decent physical condition. You must not have heart or lung problems. You need healthy knees and ankles. Take your time and know your physical limitations. Mobile phone signal available throughout the climb. 019 and 013 available at the peak. Slide 11 Climbing up Height: 4,095m Trek: 8km-9km Two trail available Mesilau More scenic Further by 1.5km Less staircase style Timpohon Shorter Staircase style Slide 12 On the way to Kinabalu Park Nice hilly trip up to Kinabalu Park Similar to Cameron Highland Road not too windy Fruit stalls (Get some banana) Slide 13 At Mesilau, Kinabalu Park The temperature at Kinabalu Park is around 24 C Slide 14 At Mesilau, Kinabalu Park Food is nice, about RM15 per person Slide 15 At Mesilau, Kinabalu Park Pack lunch for the climb is expensive (RM16) Slide 16 At Mesilau, Kinabalu Park Mesilau Gate (Registration, permit, insurance, Guide) Slide 17 At Mesilau, Kinabalu Park Get a walking stick for RM3, very useful for climbing. The price will go up at Laban Rata around RM10. Slide 18 Day 1 Day Climb 06:30 - Wake Up 07:00 - Breakfast 07:30 - Register 07:45 - Transportation to Timpohon gate - Mesilau accomodation is nearby Mesilau gate Slide 19 Day 1 Day Climb 08:00- Start Climbing - Every KM one hut/ toilet/ Water refill - Refill water if you are used to untreated water - Squirrels at each hut Slide 20 Day 1 Day Climb 13:00- Reach Layang Layang hut (Lunch) - junction point where both Timpohon and Mesilau trail will meet - Hut available for tired climber 13:30- Continue climbing Slide 21 Day 1 Day Climb Slide 22 Slide 23 Slide 24 17:30- Laban Rata Slide 25 Day 1 Day Climb 18:00- Lunch Buffet (RM33) Fried Rice (RM14) Instant noodle (RM8) Hot drink (RM6) 20:00- Light off Slide 26 Day 2 Night Climb 01:30- Wake Up, Breakfast 02:00- Get ready, pack light 02:30- Start climbing - No walking stick needed - Headlamp important - Climbing with rope - Slippery rocky surface if rain - Very cold at the peak Slide 27 Day 2 Night Climb 05:30- Reach peak 05:55- Sunrise Slide 28 Day 2 Night Climb Slide 29 Slide 30 Slide 31 06:30- Descend down Slide 32 Day 2 Night Climb Slide 33 Slide 34 06:30- Descend down 08:30- back to Laban Rata 10:30- Checkout/ Brunch 11:00- Descend down to Kinabalu Park 15:00- Reach Kinabalu park - Print Certificates (Mesilau Trail RM2) Reaching peak (RM10) Slide 35 Questions and Answer

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