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Date post:29-Jun-2015
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The students at J.T. Reddick School in Tift County, Georgia, are making plans for their futures. Guidance Counselor Wendy Soles is helping students create accounts and navigate www.GAcollege411.org. Students' interests are sparked when they complete Interest Surveys and Career Cluster Surveys and investigate GA's HOT Careers. Mrs. Soles is providing information to students about opportunities that are available to them if they set goals and plan their education wisely. J. T. Reddick's Computer Lab instructor, Mrs. Debbie Lawrence, is teaching students how to create PowerPoint presentations after students have chosen a career from GAcollege411 that interests them. Take a look at some of the PowerPoints created through interests sparked by GAcollege411.
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  • Why do I want to be a Multimedia Artist/Animator, because I have an artistic potential. All of my life I have loved to draw. As I got older my artistic ability increased. I wanted to draw more and more when suddenly I found myself making art in my free time. Suddenly I fell in love with art.


  • When I took the Georgia 411 carrier test I found this job and I started looking at this and I knew this was the job for me.


  • They make 2 dimensionaland 3 dimensional art
  • They create illustrations for children's books
  • Participates in design and production of multimedia campaigns


  • Develops briefings, brochures , multimedia presentations, web pages, promotional products

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  • A multimedia artist/animator makes up to $54,070 a year
  • They can make up $700-$800 a week when first starting off
  • If you have up to 1-3 years of experience they can make up to $2,000-$4,000 a week


  • For my carrier I have to have a bachelors degree. In order to get a bachelors degree you have to go to college 4 years at the most. When you get a bachelors degree you have to have approximately 127-132 hours of college credit.


  • But when you start form scratch it could take a good 3-5 years with full time study.


  • One of the reasons I chose this job is because it wont take time away from my kids if I had some. As a matter of fact I love the fact that could draw illustrations for childrens books. I could build my own studio right in my home. I was going to sell my art and make some money.


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