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IN MINUTESMuppet movies and tv seriesSam and Friends Sesame Street The Muppet Show The Muppet Movie* The Great Muppet Caper* The Muppets Take Manhattan* Jim Hensons Muppet Babies A Muppet Family Christmas* The Muppet Christmas Carol* Jim Hensons Animal Show Muppet Treasure Island* Bear in the Big Blue House Muppets from Space* Its a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie* The Muppets Wizard of Oz*

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The Muppets are back with a new movie on the big screen. Its time to brush up on your Muppet knowledge.INSIDE the MuppetsRod MuppetsThe Muppet is usually held above the head, with one hand operating the head and mouth and the other manipulating the hands and arms, either with two separate control rods or by wearing the hands like gloves. As technology has evolved, the Jim Henson team and other puppeteers have developed an enormous variety of means to operate Muppets for lm and television, including the use of suspended rigs, internal motors, remote radio control, and computer enhanced and superimposed images.

Two-handed and full-body MuppetsTwo or more Muppeteers may be used to control a single character wearing the puppet like a costume. The Mr. Snu eupagus Muppet takes two Muppeteers to operate.

Unlike most other Muppets of Sesame Street, Cookie Monster has four ngers and a thumb.

The earliest version of Kermit was created using a turquoise ladies coat Hensons mother had discarded. Two ping pong balls were used for the eyes.

Oscar the Grouch was orange in the rst season of Sesame Street.


Kermit goes by several di erent names around the world. In Portugal, hes Cocas. In Latin America, Rene. In Spain, he goes by the name Gustavo.

Fozzie Bear was named after Faz Fazakas, the person who created the mechanism that allowed Fozzie to wiggle his ears.SUSAN BATSFORD, GRAPHICS EDITOR, TWITTER @SBATS1; INFOGRAPHIC BY TARA CORRAN/QMI AGENCY

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