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Music Entertainment Art and Music Quiz

Date post: 15-Jul-2015
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These posters are said to be inspired from which 13th century


Pieta by Michelangelo

I bet all of you have seen this before, but where?

Ring any bells?

This actor, who is shown wearing a brown paper bag with "I am not famous anymore"(a reference to one of his rather eccentric tweets), announced his retirement from public life and ended it(his retirement) in three weeks.Identify.

any transformers' fans out here?

What did John Lennon and Yoko Ono do for the album cover of their album "Unfinished Music No.1:Two Virgins",released in November,1998 that created alot of pubic outrage and the album copies had to be sold in a brown paper bag to hide the album cover?

They posed nude!!!

If R2 < R1, reduce Team 2's target score in proportion to the reduction in total resources, i.e. S × R2/R1.If R2 = R1, no adjustment to Team 2's target score is needed.If R2 > R1, increase Team 2's target score by the extra runs that could be expected to be scored on average with the extra total resource, i.e. S + G50 × (R2 – R1)/100, where G50 is the average 50-over total?

Algorithm for what?

D/L Method

Identify this instruent, also used in the song "Jaane kyun" in "Dil Chaahta hai".


What is the name given to the type of art shown in the last three slides?

Whose debut and last films?

Farooq Sheik

Simpson's parody of what?

Non-exhaustive list of literary works claiming to be what?

"Rani Ketaki ki kahani"by Insha Allah Khan(1803)

"Ek jamindaar ka Drishtant"by rev J.Newton(1887)

"Indumati"by Kishori Lal Goswami(1900)

"Ek tokari bhar mitti"by Madhav Rao Sapre(1901)

"Usne kaha tha"by Chandra Dhar Sharma(1915)

They all claim to be he first short story in Hindi