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Music Industry Quiz

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Music Industry Quiz Show

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Music Industry Quiz Show1Multiple QuestionsHelps with major business decisions, assists with the creative process, promotes an artist's career, assembles & heads the artist's professional team, etc.Union RepresentativePromoterAgentManagerA.B.C.D.E.The person involved almost exclusively in booking live personal appearancesA&RProducerPromoterAgentA.B.C.D.E.A&R, Sales, Marketing, Promotion, Product Management, New Media, Finance, Business Affairs/LegalVenueRecord StudioUnionRecord CompanyA.B.C.D.E.Networks that move records from manufacturing plants into the storesRecord CompanyRetailManufacturingDistributionA.B.C.D.E.Record companies and recording artists, as well as the writers and publishers, all make money based on the sale of recordings, as well as through later playing and reuse of their work.EarningsSalaryFeesRoyaltiesA.B.C.D.E.Bringing the creative product into a tangible form (i.e. CD) by maximizing the creative process and taking care of all necessary administration (booking studio time, staying on budget, etc.).ManagerAgentPromoterProducerA.B.C.D.E.A form of property ownership for certain types of artistic & creative works.PublishingFeesRoyaltiesCopyrightA.B.C.D.E.Encourage new material, produce demo recordings and printed music (scores), manage all associated copyright and royalty licensing/PRS requirements.Union RepresentativeAgentPromoterPublisherA.B.C.D.E.Grants permissions to work with, study, improve upon, reinterpret, re-record copyright material (e.g. recording someone elses song). Example: NOW! CDPPLPRSMCPSA.B.C.D.E.A musician who contributes to a recording or a live performance but is not actually a full time member of the band.Band MusicianFull-time MusicianOrchestra MusicianSession MusicianA.B.C.D.E.Agencies that collect royalties on behalf of songwriters when a song they have written is performedPPLMCPSPRSA.B.C.D.E.Who prepares & transfers audio from one raw format to a desired mater format and refines the sound quality

ProducerSound EngineerRecording EngineerMastering EngineerA.B.C.D.E.ConnectOrganisation founded & funded by organisations that serves as their voice Organised group of workers to pursue policies that are favourable for the workersMUEquityBECTU(Union) Broadcasting & filmMusicians UnionTrade Body (Association)Union(Union) Actors, dancers, backstage, choreographers, directorsLink the definition to the correct answerTrade body for those involved in the PRODUCTION of recorded music (producers, engineers)Trade body for those involved in the AUDIO industry (audio engineer, recording studio)Trade body for those who supply LIGHTING and SOUND technologiesThey lobby (put pressure) the government for policies that will protect their industry Will represent a performer in case of a dispute over a contract or unfair dismissal UnionPLASAMPGAPRSTrade BodyContinuedQuestion & AnswerWhat are the two major sources of income for a music publisher?MCPS & PRSWhich department of the record label works to get an artist's song played on radio?PromotionA company with major networks that move physical records from manufacturing plants into the storeDistributorWho collects royalties for the writer/composer?PRSWhat is the main advantage to signing a record deal with a major label?Effective promotion and distributionWhich department of the record label handles advertising, publicity, and album-cover artwork?MarketingWho collects royalties for the recording artist?PPLLonger AnswersWhat is the benefit of self-producing?The artist doesn't need to give a percentage of their royalties to a record label. They also have more creative freedom.How do music artists make money?Through royalties collected from any play of their song or a cut from the sales of their music.Who pays for the PPL and PRS for Music?They take a cut from the royalties collected. They are non-profit organisations paid for by the music industry.List 3 things Marketing do Advertising and Image Branding Figure out how to sell productList 3 things Production do Assemble what is needed for a recording Quality control - makes things sound right Producers of the physical CDsList 1 thing Distribution does Getting products into the market place (stores)List examples of New Media Digital distribution (i.e. Spotify, iTunes) Social media Internet branding (i.e.band websites)Sales are in the area ofRetail (shops)Describe Major Recording Companies Owned by corporations Various departments (A&R), big staff Developing artist commercially Own the means of distribution Universal, Sony, WarnerDescribe Independent Recording Companies Stand alone (independent) Small, minimal staff Musical niche (specific type of music) Develop artist more individually More ConnectOversee the recording of an artistChoose the music & organise rehearsalsChoose suitable microphonesCarry/ transport equipment to eventFix broken stringInstrumental supportSound EngineerProducerMusical DirectorRoadieLink Description to PersonOrganise tour dates & showsCheck Health & SafetySchedule times in studioPublicise a concertGather prices for advertisementsMarketingStudio ManagementArtistic ManagementVenue ManagementPromoterMoreScouting for new talentComplete the audio masteringCreate sequencer & appsSells CDs Self-employed musicianFreelanceSoftware EngineerA&RMastering EngineerRetailAnd moreThe EXPLAIN Question: More detailed answer

- Be specific - Explain WHY (because) - Give examples HOW (by)

This will give you more marks BAD EXAMPLE: Explain why it is important that Health & Safety check a venueTo make sure that everything is okayDont use words such as everything or things and explain what you mean (because) by giving examples (by)GOOD EXAMPLE: Explain why it is important that Health & Safety check a venue H&S need to check that the venue is safe for performers and the audienceBY (how) ensuring that electrical equipment is safe; that there is clean water available and toilets are hygienic; that obstacles are will let and taped; there is crowd control; security at gates.This is BECAUSE (why) H&S protects the health, safety and welfare of the general public, the employees of the venue and the performers. They operate alongside civil law, which means that if not done properly the venue management could be sued. IMPLICATION: The conclusion that can be drawn from something You must DRAW CONCLUSIONS from the statement/question that is given. = What would happen if? : Discuss the implications of Vocalise buying into a tour. = What would happen if Vocalise bought into a tour.

IMPLICATIONS Framework - Define: important words briefly - Pros: beneficial (good) conclusions - Cons: disadvantageous (bad) conclusions - Your Conclusion: Therefore = your balanced opinionDEFINE: Vocalise is a local choir. Buying into a tour is when a musician or band pays a fee in exchange for being the opening act on a tourPROS: - buying an audience & greater exposure for Vocalise - the tour is organised already: no need to contact venues managers or promoters. - quicker way to access larger venues for VocaliseCONS: - will be very expensive and Vocalise could make a loss - the audience is not targeted specifically for Vocalise, and therefore the tour may not be successful - without prior experience the singers may not be ready for such a large venue.CONCLUSION:Whilst buying into a tour seems like an easy option for Vocalise to gain exposure, the cost could be prohibitive and it may not benefit the choir as the tour will not be catered to their music. Therefore, it would be better for Vocalise not to buy into a tour, and instead gain experience by performing in local venues, gradually working their way up the music industry. Example: Discuss the implications of Vocalise buying into a tour. (what if)Do the same as implications:DEFINE TERMS (very briefly)PROS (good)CONS (bad)YOUR CONCLUSION (therefore)

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Keep an eye on the timeAnswer the question: Make sure you read and re-read the question thoroughly and keep to the questionYou could do the easiest questions first and dont get stuck: move on and come back laterLook at the marking scheme: if there are 4 marks, then there are probably 4 key pointsTake a bottle of water: it helps refresh the brain & settle nervesUse common sense: imagine you are in the scenario what would you do?BE SPECIFIC & DETAILED: HOW (by) & WHY (because)

Good Luck And finally during the exam