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My forefathers 2

Date post:15-Apr-2017
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my Forefathers

My ForefatherBy Maximiliano M. Bernardez

This is a PowerPoint where I will show you some information about my forefathers, for instance where they come, and why they come here. First youll see information about may father and Finally about my mother..

My father's family came from two different places, his mother came from Elba Island Italy and his father Orense - Spain.

Orense Spain Elba Island - Italy

From my fathers mother, Alice, her parents came from Italy to here because they had had a big discussion with her great-uncles, it had been for some lands, so my great grandparents decided come to Argentina to start a new life on year 1820. And from my fathers father, Miguel Angel, his parents had decided come here because they had had many problems with the war in Spain , so for save their lives, they had decided to start a new life in our country.

And my mother's family came from Argentina, her mother came from Corrientes Corrientes and her father Concepcion del Uruguay - Entre Rios.

Corrientes - Argentina Entre Rios - Argentina

From the my mothers great parents I dont have a lot information about them, but I just can say that They had lived in Argentina all their lives and that my grandparents met in Buenos Aires and after that, they married and had two sons and two daughters, that one of them is my mom Cecilia.

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