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My sporty family

Date post: 14-Apr-2017
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My sporty family Ilsina Sadykova, Zelenodolsk, the Republic of Tatarstan


My sporty familyIlsina Sadykova,Zelenodolsk, the Republic of Tatarstan

My first coach

I live in a town that has a lot of sport facilities: sport clubs and stadiums, swimming pools and a skating rink. Most of the citizens do sport, especially they enjoy skiing. So does my father Ilshat. He started skiing when he was a schoolboy. Dad took me to all the competitions he took part in. Its a great feeling when you watch your Daddy winning! Almost every weekend in winter we went skiing together to the nearest forest. Then I joined a Sport club.

I love skiing!

To be good at skiing, you need to have physical strength, self discipline, the ability to concentrate mentally, and a good sense of balance. That is why I train every day and my Dad inspires me.

My very sporty granny!

Lucky I am! My Granny is a PE teacher at our school and our class mistress. She is also very sporty and beside PE classes my classmates often go to the skating rink and take part in different competitions. We are the sportiest class at our school!

My Granny with my classmatesWe are the sportiest class at our school! Daniya Ilyasovna Khayerova is energetic, optimistic and she looks great!

I learn to win and my relatives are very proud of my success in skiing

Last Sunday I won a roller-skiing competition