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    Myrtle Consulting Introduction and Overview

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    Myrtle Consulting Group is a values-based global-reach operationsconsulting and implementation resource for senior executives

    Introduction to Myrtle

    We have one goal drive outstanding performance by delivering sustainable results

    Who we are What we do Where we work

    A 50+ multi-disciplinary team of consultants specializing in Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Warehousing and Distribution, Change Management, and Organizational Design

    Each team member represents extensive and practical industry as well as consulting experience

    Help lead and accelerate operational performance improvements to meet business objectives

    Develop a compelling, quantitative value proposition and multiple implementation options to realize objectives

    Implement tailored solutions to sustain and perpetuate improvements

    Provide after-project support to ensure sustainability, accountability and/or make course corrections

    Everywhere within the Four Walls of the Plant Scheduling & Planning Production & Packaging Maintenance & Reliability Warehousing & material movement Quality Management Systems Frontline Leadership Daily Management System Operating Model

    Within these Industries Life Sciences Food & Beverage Consumer Package Goods Chemical & Industrial

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    PassionWe live on the line and live for what we do. We will be there, where the work is, to deliver operational excellence

    PaceWe catalyze improvement and deliver at accelerated speed when it matters most

    PerformanceOur results set us apart and every engagement is structured to ensure our interests are aligned with the clients

    Our Mythology, Myrtle is one of the four sacred plants representing the different types of personality making up the community - the Myrtle methodology represents those who have good deeds to their credit. Myrtles core focus is taking action and implementing improvement.

    We believe making the best of all opportunities, it is reflected in the red, white and blue

    We believe diversity of life experiences is a strength, it is reflected in our names interpretation

    What Myrtle is all about

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    Embedded in our DNA is a value system built on RESPECT

    We are committed to upholding these values with every client

    R Results Clearly understands deliverables and expectations. Focuses 100% on the work at hand. Isnt easily sidetracked or dissuaded. Astute with aspects of client business. Pushes to completion.

    E Ethics Unquestioned integrity. Doesn't take short cuts. Acts fairly and appropriately at all times. No question of impartiality, discriminatory or lewd behavior

    S Strategic Is committed to meet client project goals and objectives. Always looking for ways to make client strategically successful. Identifies and develops further improvement opportunities.

    P Pragmatic Enthusiastic. Team player. Spends time up front understanding what needs to be done and how to do it. Plans and schedules their activities. Executes plans expeditiously and efficiently

    E Engaging Builds rapport quickly and easily. Develops a position of trust and respect in eyes of key clients. Comfortable on the shop floor and in the key clients office. De-escalates conflict.

    C Committed Passionate about the client. Shop floor focused, immerses themselves into the client team. Goes to Gemba. Conscious of client perception. Always on their 'A' Game.

    T Tenacious Exhibits true grit. Does what it takes to make the team and engagement successful. Agile, adaptable when necessary. Looks for other avenues to achieve objectives when obstructed.

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    We differentiate ourselves through our ability to provide our unique expertise,skills and experiences to partner with clients and build tailored solutions

    that ensure transfer of knowledge, client ownership, and sustainable results

    The Myrtle Difference

    We help clients realize greater value from their operations

    Driving Results Expertise Implementation

    It is not one of the things we do, it's the only thing we do

    Shorter Learning CurveWith our experience and expertise there is less burden on you to familiarize us with your circumstances

    Faster ResultsA shorter learning curve and deeper understanding mean faster results, early payback, and greater return on your investment

    Our consultants are highly accomplished experts

    No Substitute for ExpertiseWe bring to every assignment a powerful combination of subject matter expertise and depth of experience that other firms find difficult to match

    More than Just KnowingMyrtle expertise ranges from strategy-level to the full spectrum of technical and operational levels

    You wont be wondering what comes next

    Setting Realistic ExpectationsWe help establish realistic and achievable objectives to avoid unnecessary time and expense and to return maximum business value

    Strong CollaborationClients are surprised when they first see us roll up our sleeves. We seamlessly work with your associates, adding new dimensions of expertise, experience, and leadership

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    The Results They attain accelerated and sustainable performance results that meet or

    exceed business expectations

    Our People Experienced consultants with diverse backgrounds and points of view, all

    having a common passion for helping our clients improve performance

    Our Approach We solve problems with you. Demonstrating respect for people, optimism,

    bedside manner while still demanding performance with pace

    Our Flexibility We do not have a one size fits all approach. We leverage existing systems

    and programs and customize our solution to ensure consistency and performance

    Our Fit Ability to navigate matrix organizations and help prioritize activity through

    fact based prioritization process

    Why our clients like working with us

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    Life Sciences Food & Beverage FMCG Chemicals & Industrial

    Myrtle Group consultants have delivered operational improvements in many verticals, including in the following companies

    Built on more than 25 years of experience delivering results to clients


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    Abbott Material Movement Excellence, OEE Improvement, Operationial Excellence

    Boehringer Ingelheim Compliance management, ORM implementation, Facility start-up, Operational strategy, Shop floor leadership, Site master planning

    Bayer Pharmaceuticals Lean implementation and Operational Excellence

    Johnson & Johnson Enterprise strategy, NPD redesign, Commercialization effectiveness, Sales force restructuring, Process Excellence deployment, Acquisition integration

    Life Technologies Plant transformation, Batch record simplification

    Merck Laboratory productivity, Shop floor leadership, Management systems, Lean Six Sigma & Kata deployment, Focus factory and IPT implementation

    Novartis Management System Implementation, Leadership development, Operational Excellence

    sanofi-pastuer Site-wide transformation, OEE improvement, compliance management

    Within the past few years, Myrtle consultants helped many Life Science companies significantly improve operational capabilities including

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    Myrtle delivers value and the results our clients expect

    100% Project Success Rate Every project Myrtle has met or exceeded the objectives

    100% Project Completion RateWe only consider an assignment complete when we can walk away with the client fully able to sustain and extend the improvements

    Less than 10% Project Turnover RateOur consultants are well received by clients and remain assigned for the project duration

    80% Repeat Business Rate Four out of five clients who have used us once have used us again; in many case multiple times

    to realize greater value from their operations

    Relationship & Engagement Success Client Results Achieved

    Increased OEE 10-30%

    Increased production throughput 15-40%

    Increased equipment utilization 10-45%

    Reduced operating expenses 15-25%

    Reduced finished goods inventory 20-50%

    MRO Purchase Price Reduction 5-10%

    Reduced warehousing costs 5-20%

    Reduced unit cost 15-20%

    Reduced cycle times >50%

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    Significant relevant experience in similar engagements

    Agile, flexible organization with ability to design and deliver multiple implementation options

    Proven, repeatable process to understand issues, value opportunities, and realize improvements

    Track record of successfully building leadership capabilities, transforming operations and sustaining improvement

    Technical AND Cultural fit including values and principles alignment

    We are accountable for achieving specific, time-bound operational and development targets

    Why is Myrtle an ideal partner?

    We understand your business and operational needsMore importantlyMyrtle Delivers!

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    Myrtle Team

    EDUCATION/CERTIFICATIONB.S., Business, Bellevue UniversityE.M.B.A., University of Nebraska at Omaha

    QUALIFICATION & HIGHLIGHTSJim Fitzgerald is a seasoned leader and practitioner with a unique combination of 25 years ofcorporate strategy, capability development and operational transformation expertise. As atrusted advisor to senior leaders, Jim has supported over 30 companies, driven growth andimproved profitability through innovative solution development and interdisciplinarytransformation programs. He has directed the successful completion of hundreds of complexcross-functional projects which have generated over $750M of top-line growth and bottom-linebenefit. Clients and colleagues have described James as a strong strategic thinker and results-oriented leader who is able to partner across all levels of an organization to gain alignment forlarge changes.

    EXPERIENCE Boehringer Ingelheim: Compliance management, ORM implementation, Facility start-up,

    operational strategy, shop floor leadership, site master planning, program management Johnson & Johnson: Enterprise strategy, NPD redesign, commercialization effectiveness,

    sales force restructuring, Process Excellence deployment, acquisition integration Merck: Laboratory productivity, shop floor leadership, management systems, Six Sigma &

    Kata deployment, focus factory implementation, sterile supply transformation Sanofi Pastuer: Site-wide transformation, OEE improvement, compliance management Becton Dickinson: Enterprise strategy, HR transformation, Six Sigma deployment Mallinckrodt: Supply chain network optimization, Operational Excellence deployment

    James FitzgeraldBusiness Development

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    Contacting Us

    Myrtle Consulting LLC.PassionPacePerformanceTM


    16225 Park Ten Place, Suite 190

    Houston, TX 77084

    Tel (office): 281-600-7275

    Jim Fitzgerald+1 [email protected]

    Myrtle Consulting Introduction and OverviewIntroduction to MyrtleWhat Myrtle is all aboutEmbedded in our DNA is a value system built on RESPECTThe Myrtle DifferenceWhy our clients like working with usMyrtle Group consultants have delivered operational improvements in many verticals, including in the following companiesWithin the past few years, Myrtle consultants helped many Life Science companies significantly improve operational capabilities includingMyrtle delivers value and the results our clients expectWhy is Myrtle an ideal partner?Slide Number 11Contacting Us

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