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NAICS? YIKES!. Or North American industry classification system (NAICS) ? Yearly index of constant (k) dollar estimates (YIKES)!. Overview. Finding what you’re looking for Searching www.statcan.ca and Bibliocat Decoding Stats Can catalogue numbers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
  • NAICS? YIKES!Or North American industry classification system (NAICS)? Yearly index of constant (k) dollar estimates (YIKES)!

  • OverviewFinding what youre looking forSearching www.statcan.ca and BibliocatDecoding Stats Can catalogue numbers Finding what things mean (definitions) Finding classifications and concordancesGetting access to what you are looking forLevels of accessGetting to the DSP when its not in your library catalogue

  • Overview (contd)Some common sources of confusionCPI: index year versus basketCensus: community profiles versus census profiles versus topic-based tabulations

  • Finding what you needReview of the STC web siteSearching the STC web site & BibliocatDecoding STC product codesFinding definitionsFinding classification schemes and concordances

  • Searching -- www.statcan.ca

  • The DailyCANSIMCensus

  • 75-001-XIE 75 = subject group (Employment/Labour) 001 = unique number for the product X = preliminary, revision, supplement etc status of the product (X=not applicable) I = medium: Internet/pdf format E = language (E=English)

  • More on decoding Stats Can Product CodesSource: At the bottom of the STC Daily New products listing, e.g.http://www.statcan.ca/Daily/English/060119/p060119.htm Last published overview of codes: 1997 Stat Can catalogueTable of media and language codes

  • Where are product codes used?Are used:In the Stats Can Products and services databaseIn Bibliocat (STC Library Catalogue)On Stats Can publications (print and electronic)Are searchable:On Stats Can web siteIn Products and Services databaseIn BibliocatIn CANSIM I and CANSIM II via E-STAT

  • Speaking of Bibliocat

  • Speaking of BibliocatUse BiblioCat to search for older publications and resources. Alternatives include the 1994 STC catalogue and the Historical Catalogue of Statistics Canada Publications, 1918 1980.

  • http://www.statcan.ca/english/Dli/continuumofaccess.htmFree, UnrestrictedContinuum of Access http://www.statcan.ca/english/Dli/continuumofaccess.htmChuck Humphrey, U of Alberta Data Library

  • Finding what things mean (definitions)Also look in Statistics Canada print productshttp://www.statcan.ca/english/concepts/index.htmhttp://www4.statcan.ca/english/thesaurus/index.htm

  • Finding what things mean (definitions)On other web sitesEconomic concepts:http://canadianeconomy.gc.ca/english/economy/concepts.htmlGlossary of frequently used [financial and economic] termshttp://www.fin.gc.ca/gloss/gloss-e.html#aThesauri and controlled vocabularieshttp://www.collectionscanada.ca/8/4/r4-280-e.html

    Find out what sector attendees are from: public, school, post-secondary (univ/college), special, STC lurkers

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