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Nc state rss future, raleigh nc dec. 2015 future

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TOM OROURKE PRESENTSThe Future of Recreation and ParksWWW.TOMOROURKE.COM [email protected] ORourke, CPRCP

3 ThingsWhat really is Parks and Recreation?

How to build a Culture that defines the first bullet.

What is down the road?

Do we all agree on what Parks and Recreation really is?

Can a series of images define your agency?


What do your images say?

Family Daddy-Daughter Love!

Fishing? or

Embracing Ethnic Differences For Real!Swimming? or

connections?Dog Park? or

promotion of Good Health and WellnessTriathlon 5K Race? Or

TeamCommitmentSportsmanshipRespect for allAnger ControlConfidenceToleranceHard WorkPhysical Fitnessand so much moreYouth Football? or

fearless!Playground? or

creating memoriesDance Special Event? or


Kayaking? or


Courage - TeambuildingChallenge Course Class? or

Cross Cultural DiversityLatin American Festival ? or

Know WHY you do what you do?

We can spend the entire day on this.

If you dont know these answers you have a problem.

How can someone TRUST- VALUE- and LOVE you if they do not know who you are.



If we start doing these things we will become more RELEVANT We have to look at the way our Community looks at Parks and Recreation. Not the elected people, they will get on board if the Community sees this .

If your department exists so your community can beat the next community in All-Star Baseball, you will go away. Not saying sports and baseball are bad, but why are we doing this.

I honestly believe that the Parks and Recreation Department will be the ones that DEFINE and REINFORCE our Communities. 27

Every Organization has a CULTURE is yours the one that you want?

Think about your culture Do you have one? YES YOU DO.


CultureWhat you believe

How you act

What is important

How your community sees all of this

Company with Best Culture?Glassdoor

2 Google4.4

5 Facebook 4.3


7 Chick fil a4.2

15 Apple4.1 16 Nike4.1

18 Disney4.0

25 Net App3.9

"Team meetings on the roof are the best, great teamwork and a lot of smart people. I love how the 10 core values drive the company to always be better." Twitter Software Engineer (San Francisco, CA)

#1 Company with the Best CultureThe companies that fared the best in this evaluation are those with a clear mission statement and stated values that are congruent internally and externally.


When you are good, Be Careful. 31

Success can bread FailureXeroxBlockbusterKodakCompanies that never paid attention to Culture.

Kodak Thought it was about CopiersBlockbuster thought it was about VideosKodak thought it was about Film

How about Parks and Recreation


Building your culture

Changing an organizational culture in a Recreation Environment will be the toughest task youve ever faced. It takes time, and there is no finish line. But it is all worth it!


Who are you, what are you about, and what do you stand for?

The Big IdeaParklands Foundation

All Charleston County residents and guests regardless of income level, ethnicity, ability, or age will be able to readily access and, therefore, benefit from enjoyable, healthy, educational, cultural, and environmentally sustainable activities and experiences offered through the Charleston County park systems facilities, programs, and services.

Vision Statement

The Parklands Foundations vision is to identify, develop and sustain projects that actively encourage all members of the community to experience the Charleston County park systems facilities, programs, and services for the benefit of a living a more healthy lifestyle.


Actual work to be undertaken

Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission

The Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission will improve the quality of life In Charleston County by offering a diverse system ofpark facilities, programs and services.


Community Enrichment Enriching lives through education and programs

Fun Delivering fun to customers

Leadership Providing professional staff development

Exceptional Customer Service Always focusing on you

Quality Striving for quality throughout the park system

Safety Ensuring safe and secure environments

Health and Wellness Providing and promoting healthy lifestyle opportunities

Accessibility Providing accessibility through affordable options and a variety of offerings

Diversity Fostering diverse populations of vendors, employees, and customers

Stewardship Preserving and conserving cultural, natural, and historical resources

Building a Legacy Maintaining a vision for the future while sustaining a healthy park

Can we Change the World?

Food Crisis - Bee Population So what 70% of our food is pollinated by bees

Global Water Crisis

Financial Crisis in Key Economies


Hawaiian Culture

TranslationOhana family, those you accept and are similar in some way or share a commonalityKuleana - responsibilityPono - do what is rightKokua - give freely with no strings - unconditional giftingAloha - accepting and embracing the spirit and soul of others - welcoming and greetingMalama - to nurture, take care of, act of being a stewardingAina - the earthWai - the water


You are going to be in the Politics game.The Health and Wellness of the American People will be our countrys biggest problem. You will need to be creative on how you pay for your recreation services.You are going to need to strategically SELL every great thing you do and stand for. Environmental issues will affect everything we do.A new Parks and Recreation Model is coming


[email protected] ORourke, CPRCP

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TOM O’ROURKE PRESENTS The Future of Recreation and Parks WWW.TOMOROURKE.COM [email protected] Tom O’Rourke, CPRCP
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