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Neighborhood Organization Meeting. PNEC Vision Our vision is to organize community volunteers...

Date post:26-Mar-2015
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Neighborhood Organization Meeting Slide 2 PNEC Vision Our vision is to organize community volunteers throughout Poway to provide emergency response to assist our residents and business owners. An integral part of that vision is that every neighborhood in the city will have a Neighborhood Emergency Coordinator. This person will be trained and will be ready to lead the efforts to assist their neighborhood with evacuation, shelter in place, localized emergency, or other community needs. Slide 3 Where are you? Neighborhood name/number? What is your role? Slide 4 Slide 5 First Steps 1. Gather the contact info for each neighbor including cell phone numbers and email addresses Slide 6 First Steps 2. Note special needs of neighbors: Elderly? Disability? Housebound? Travel? Animals? Health/electric Refrigeration? Slide 7 First Steps Identify resources Medical personnel doctors, nurses, techs, etc. Firemen/paramedics/Sheriffs CERT trained volunteers Training CPR, first aid, etc. Animal handlers vet, vet tech, large animal Construction HAM radio operators Generators Slide 8 Next Steps How do I get my neighborhood organized? What steps do we need to take to get prepared? What will our Neighborhood Emergency Plan be? Slide 9 1. How do I get my neighborhood organized? Who are your neighbors and whats your neighborhood like? Whats the best and most effective way to communicate? Org chart NEC, Asst., block captains Slide 10 Organization ideas 1. Hold a neighborhood meeting 2. Develop a neighborhood newsletter 3. Use social media 4. Use emails Slide 11 NextDoor.com Slide 12 Poways Emergency Response Neighborhood Initiative The city has a goal of improving communication with the neighborhood To achieve this goal we are rolling out private online neighborhood networks across the city 12 Slide 13 13 Neighborhoods the original social networks Social networks in a neighborhood lower crime, improve public health, and raise test scores. Robert Putnam, Harvard Professor and Author, Bowling Alone, 2001 When neighbors connect good things happen Lower Crime -- 50% less risk of becoming a crime victim Improve Public Health -- 53% higher stroke survival Raise Test Scores -- girls in connected neighborhoods earn higher grades than girls who are not Source: Bowling Alone, Robert Putman, 2001 Slide 14 Those who use online neighborhood networks Know 50% more of their neighbors than the general population. 30% more likely to talk with neighbors in-person at least once a month. 75% more likely to talk with a neighbor on the phone. 40% more likely to listen to a neighbors problem. Twice as likely to receive similar support from neighbors. Source: Pew Research, Social Isolation and New Technology 11/4/2009 14 Slide 15 15 Introducing Nextdoor Slide 16 16 Nextdoor in action Slide 17 17 We have an elderly woman living alone in the neighborhood who has cancer, and is undergoing treatments, and is quite frail and vulnerable. She recently had a security issue, and when neighbors got wind of it through Nextdoor, they came out of the woodwork to offer assistance. It was heartwarming to see the outpouring of goodwill for a neighbor. Bob Thornburg Nextdoor Sol y Lomas Santa Fe, NM Neighbor testimonial Slide 18 18 Since Nextdoor, we finally feel like a neighborhood. Our communication has become more frequent, open and helpful. Weve seen lost pets get returned in minutes; unwanted ping pong tables finding new homes in a matter of posts; and a heightened sense of security throughout the neighborhood when a recent crime wave hit. Brent Bamberger Nextdoor Sleepy Hollow Orinda, CA Neighbor testimonial Slide 19 19 The value of Nextdoor hit close to home when a teenager was diagnosed with meningitis. His parents used Nextdoor to alert everyone in the community to this life-threatening situation and get other kids tested immediately. The ability to broadcast the news through Nextdoor very likely saved other lives. Nicole Perkins Nextdoor Woodside Woodside, CA Neighbor testimonial Slide 20 Next Steps 1. Join your online neighborhood at www.nextdoor.com/priority www.nextdoor.com/priority 2. Introduce yourself online 3. Invite your neighbors 4. Welcome new neighbors, ask questions, post recommendations 5. Build a great neighborhood community 20 Slide 21 21 Address verification Every neighbor must verify their home address using one of these four methods: 1.Postcard with unique code sent to home address 2.Phone call to a listed number registered to home address 3.Credit card billing address which matches home address 4.Invitation from a previously-verified neighbor Slide 22 22 Founding members and Nextdoor leads Founding Member 1.First person in the neighborhood to sign up 2.Encourages 9 other members to join to launch the site. Nextdoor Lead (often the Founding Member) 1.Manages Community Resources Page 2.Reviews flagged messages and removes if necessary 3.Communicates with other Nextdoor leads in Leads forum 4.Adds a new Nextdoor Lead Slide 23 23 Commitment to privacy and safety Privacy is essential to creating an environment where neighbors feel comfortable sharing information and discussing neighborhood topics. Nextdoor makes it safe to share online the kinds of things you d be okay sharing in person. Here s how: 1.To be part of a Nextdoor neighborhood, you have to live in it, period. 2.Every neighbor must verify their home address. 3.Every neighbor signs in with their real name - no anonymous users. 4.Only logged-in neighbors can see information shared on Nextdoor. 5.Information will never show up in Google or other search engines. 6.Each Nextdoor website is securely encrypted using HTTPS protocol. 7.Nextdoor never shares personal information with third-parties. 8.Members can flag postings, leads can remove postings 9.Nextdoor removes members if they violate Nextdoor guidelines 10. Members can report non-emergency safety concerns Slide 24 24 Upcoming CERT & Neighborhood Watch Features Emergency Alerts via email and SMS (text message) Private Profile Information for Emergency Situations Members can share information with select members Badges identifying CERT and Neighborhood Watch leaders Groups (CERT Leaders, NW Block Leaders) Communicate with select members in neighborhood & city Within neighborhoods and across neighborhoods Slide 25 25 Nextdoor Business model Nextdoor will always be free for users and neighborhoods. Nextdoor will never sell personal information or bombard users with banners or pop-ups. Nextdoors business model will focus on working with local businesses to provide special offers to neighbors. This will enable neighbors to both support their local businesses and save money. Nextdoor will not begin revenue efforts until it has perfected their user experience. Slide 26 26 Nextdoor helps build community Build Trusted Relationships Encourage Community Participation Support Local Economy Neighbor to Neighbor Neighbor to Local Business Neighbor to Local Government Slide 27 2. What steps do we need to take to get prepared? 1. Communication plan 2. Evacuation Plan Evacuation List 72-hour kit 3. Shelter in place Supplies Slide 28 3. What will our Neighborhood Emergency Plan be? 1. Meeting/Organizing schedule? 2. Ongoing education method? 3. Supplies pick a coordinator 4. Drills? Slide 29 Questions?? How do I get my neighborhood organized? What steps do we need to take to get prepared? What will our Neighborhood Emergency Plan be? Slide 30 Where can I get more info? Ready.gov Fema.gov/areyouready BePrepared.com LDSEmergencyResources.com (excellent free guide) PrepareSanDiego.org Slide 31 More PNEC info? Go to website: PowayNEC.com Call or email Chuck or Merrilee Chuck Cross, 858-679-1252, [email protected] Merrilee Boyack, 858-748-6703, [email protected] [email protected] NextDoor.com

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