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Neighbourhood action (1)

Date post: 07-Nov-2014
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By Dawn Davies of Creation Group
Creation Group Regeneratio n
Page 1: Neighbourhood action (1)

Creation Group


Page 2: Neighbourhood action (1)

What we do

• Create community owned assets

• Build networks• Develop community


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Street Ambassadors

• Started in Blaengarw• Delivered one days training to local people• Provided information pack • Organised talks with community workers e.g

PCSO, dog warden• Ongoing support but also self-supporting

Page 4: Neighbourhood action (1)

Across the county

• Network across Bridgend• 326 people• Help their neighbours• Address environmental problems/incivilities• Community safety• Tackle other problems• Convey and distribute information

Page 5: Neighbourhood action (1)

How it works

• Work is timebanked• Up to time credits per month• Spend on a range of activities on rewards

menu• Monthly meetings involving local

councillors• Attend PACT meetings• High status in the community

Page 6: Neighbourhood action (1)

How it is managed

• Part-time co-ordinator working 16 hours per week

• Supported by other active citizens• Partnership with police• Partnership with elected members and

community councillors• Meets with Trading Standards

Page 7: Neighbourhood action (1)

Social impacts• Environment improves• Sense of wellbeing improves• Anti-social behaviour reduces• Community spirit grows• Community governance structure created• Communication improves• Councillors and police have community

support system

Page 8: Neighbourhood action (1)

Reporting environmental issues

• Directly to the local authority via phone

• Via councillors

• Utilising www.fixmystreet.com