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NEW: Corporate video news and PR creator playbook best practice guide

Date post: 10-Dec-2014
Author: the-video-news-factory-ltd
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How to create great video news PR with great ideas for content and options for distribution. Developed originally by The Video News Factory to help brief new customers. For more information visit www.thevideonewsfactory.com
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How to create great video news & PR
  • 1. How to create great video news & PR

2. Welcome The Video News Factory is a leading UK specialists in budget corporate video news. We work for digital publishers and clients in industries like technology and property services creating corporate video news channels. This guide is meant as part of induction for new clients and can used in conjunction with our templates and rapid on-line video news and PR creation process. This presentation is copyright material: Copyright 2014 The Video Newsfactory Ltd 3. The Basics length matters! Video News & PRs are short form media vs. full articles written in normal PR They should act like Film Trailers that lead your audience to something really valuable they can see or read more about. They need to be visually and aurally entertaining. Attention ALWAYS drops rapidly usually 90 seconds is more than enough. Less is more and there are compelling stats that say 30 seconds in the best length for a short PR. Theres a reason for that nearly 100 years of being conditioned to 30 second radio and TV adverts 4. Getting Started 5. Good ideas for video news Look for content where you can plan engagement get people to interact, share their ideas, donate, join a webinar, get a free whitepaper, join breakfast event or webinar Look for and tell stories dont just read out facts people need context. Look for subjects that the viewer will identify with e.g. what other CEOs in their industry are up to. Look for subjects that people might want to build or see a collection and can be serialised. 6. 10 ideas for great video news content News New Products & Services Wins Awards Case-studies Team & partner news Pre & Post Events News How to guides Compliance Presenter Your Pictures Your videos Animations Demos Charity Fund raising Surveys Competitions 7. Outline Content Planning Look for a headline you know your audience is really interested in. KEEP it very short 5 words MAX. Build in SEO friendly words in the head line and opening sentence as well use transcription. Begin the video with something like a major question you have second guessed the viewer will hunger for an answer for and promise to answer in the next 60 seconds. That way you build a contract with the viewer to stay with you. Break the key points that deliver your message into 5-7 bullet points of high value. Put these in logical order Build in a call to action to connect then to you landing page. Now write you script @ 140 words a minute. Now re-visit and try to replace words with images and elements 8. Build media Attention Spikes Attention cant be taken for granted. At least every 10 seconds aim to wake up the viewer, fascinate and entertain. Re-visit your script and see what you can add to enhance. See what words can be replaced by a single powerful image. Powerful Images Graphs / Video Music/Sound Effects 9. Use the Lower Thirds This is the area at the foot of the screen used for text messages. Adding key words here can build up emphasis. Also you can save having the presenter read our long phone numbers or website addresses by flashing these details there. 10. Quotes and Copyright Make sure any quotes you are using are accurate and you either dont need permission or have permission to use. Avoid using third-party Copyright material unless you have the users permission. Stock imagery is plentiful and cheap! 11. Test The Script Give it a read through Knock our duplicate words or words that appear too many times Avoid acronyms Keep sentence lengths short your presenter needs to be able to breath! Make notes of ALL words that need extra care with pronunciation either send an audio clip, voice mail or Skype message to jpr.allard or just give us clear phonetic pronunciation. Use this on-line readability checker to try to improve the content https://readability-score.com/ http://read-able.com/ 12. 10 things you can do with a single video Ideal Customer Profile Use transcripts with key word to boost Google SEO Use with Twitter Feeds Add to blogs & LinkedIn profile, and forums Replace monthly news letters Use in bids & tenders Use to create web-site landing pages Add see our latest news video to email signatures. Build a YouTube Channel Place video links on partner and reseller sites Extend radio and print media advertising with video 13. Thank You For Watching For more information contact: John Allard Managing Director The Video News Factory Ltd 200, Silbury Boulevard Milton Keynes MK9 1LT Phone +44(0) 7403 901384 Email: [email protected] Visit: www.thevideonewsfactory.com Twitter: vidnewsfactory