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Date post: 19-Mar-2016
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an online magazine about the new home market in South Hampton Roads, Va.
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Your guide to new housing in South Hampton Roads 2009 Financing fundamentals An A to Z list of the area’s new homes Home buyers dictionary New home
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Your guide to new housing in South Hampton Roads 2009

Builder: John W. “Chip” Iuliano III

Financing fundamentals An A to Z list of the area’s new homes

Home buyers dictionary


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By Pete A. KotaridesPresident of Tidewater Builders Association

For those whose homeownership aspirations have been dampened or temporarily derailed by the housing and econom-ic downturn – the people wondering if this is a good time to buy – the answer is simple: Yes. It’s a good time to buy.

The housing market here in South Hampton Roads, coupled with a temporary tax credit for first-time home buyers and con-tinued low mortgage interest rates, provides an unprecedented window of opportunity for prospective home buyers. In fact, there may never be another buyer’s market as good as today’s.

The first-time buyer’s ‘opportunity of a lifetime’On Feb. 17, President Obama signed the American Recovery

and Reinvestment Act of 2009 into law. As part of the econom-ic stimulus measures, the legislation created a first-time home buyer tax credit that is bigger and better than the previous cred-it that was implemented in July 2008.

Single taxpayers with incomes up to $75,000 and married cou-ples with incomes up to $150,000 qualify for the full tax credit. The tax credit is equal to 10 percent of the home’s price up to a maximum of $8,000 and is available for homes purchased on or after January 1, 2009 and before December 1, 2009.

And the best part is the tax credit does not have to be repaid.Ample inventoryAn outstanding selection of homes to choose from is another

reason it’s a good time to buy. Many builders have inventory that is “move-in ready,” and they may offer upgrades or other incen-tives to seal the deal. Likewise, owners of existing homes who are looking to trade up or relocate are ready to bargain.

Attractive pricing and low ratesIf there’s a silver lining to the housing downturn, it’s that homes

are more affordable. Prices here in South Hampton Roads have moderated to more normal levels than what was seen at the peak of the “boom” period.

Interest rates are also at favorable levels, and although lenders are looking more closely at a buyer’s financial history these days, qualified buyers should have no trouble getting financing.

What’s in it for me?As a homeowner, you receive benefits that are both tangible

and intangible:• Unique tax benefits that apply only to housing help lower

the cost of homeownership. Both mortgage interest and prop-erty taxes are deductible.

• When you own a home, you generally build equity during the life of that ownership. When you rent, however, you make a monthly payment that brings in no long-term benefit when your lease has ended.

For most Americans, home equity represents the largest share of their net worth.

• Finally, a home cannot be valued in monetary terms alone because it is so much more than just an investment. Not only is homeownership a steppingstone to greater financial security, it provides a permanent place to call home and great personal sat-isfaction. Homeownership strengthens both the nation’s people and its communities. It is truly a cornerstone of the American way of life.

(Portions of this article were excerpt-ed from a National Association of Home Builders’ brochure titled “Opportunity Knocks for Home Buyers.” While NAHB has used its best efforts to provide ac-curate information . . . the information provided may not be suitable or ap-plicable to your unique circumstances. You should consult with a qualified pro-fessional when applying this informa-tion to your own situation.)

From the TBA President to you

Opportunity knocks for home buyers

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Vance Level SF 2,700 - 3,800 Ashdon Builders; Deford Co.; Eagle Const.; Peak Builders; J.F. Schoch Bldg. Warrington Hall SF 2,200 - 3,258 Corinth Homes Westchester Estates SF 2,095 - 2,600 Ashdon Builders; Graf Const. White Egret Cove SF 2,000 - 3,000 McLaughlin Const. Windrose Farms SF 2,400 - 2,900 Kroll Enterprises Winstons Trace SF 2,360 - 3,300 Lifestyle Homes Chesapeake from the $400s Bells Mill Estates SF 2,300-3,000 Centaur Development; Pandell Builders Crystal Lake South SF 2.300 - 3,000 Ashdon Builders Fernbridge SF 2,685 - 3,335 Chesapeake Homes Frost Estates SF 2,800 - 3,800 Germel Inc.; Lifetime Homes Lincolnshire SF 2,800 - 3,700 Nelin Brothers Moore’s Farm SF 2,600 - 3,000 + Stephen-Alexander Homes Peyton Estates SF 2,800 - 3,700 Nelin Brothers Preserve on the Elizabeth SF 2,200 - 3,700 Wermers Dev.; Sadler Building; Ainslie Group Savanna Heights SF 2,284 - 3,300 Lifestyle Homes Stony Run Manor SF 2,135 - 3,400 Kait Construction; Preston Homes Sutherlyn Estates SF 2,600 and up Germel, Inc. Woods Edge SF 2,500 - 2,995 Lifestyle Homes Chesapeake from the $500s & up Amelia Estates SF 3,300 - 3,600 Legacy Estates, LLC Ballahack Meadows SF custom Various Blue Heron Pointe SF 3,000 Designs of Distinction Brandon Woods SF custom Germel Inc.; Wyatt Homes Cahoon Plantation SF custom Castlerock Const.; The Walters Co.; Watab Const.; West Neck Properties Inc.; Windsor Homes Coopers Creek Manor SF custom G.T.C. Homes; Hook Custom Homes; MER Contracting; Z & T Builders Diamond Estates SF 2,400 - 3,200 TCM Homes Edinburgh SF custom L. R. Hill Custom Builders; Sadler Building; Cohen Homes; ABT; Wilmik Homes; Charles A. Schmitt; J.F. Schoch Building Corp. Emerald Forest SF custom Dinsmore’s Custom Const.; Kres Homes; Princess Anne Builders; Wyatt Homes Forest Lakes SF 3,500 Prosperity Building Corp. Glen Abbey SF 2,700 - 3,700 Cedar Creek Const.; Stafford & Son Greystone SF 3,000 - 5,000 Cohen Homes; Designs of Distinction; Masterpiece Const.; Richardson Homes Lexington Place SF 3,800 Gateway Const. Long Ridge Estates SF custom C. E. Bryan Custom Builder; Wilmik Homes

COMMUNITY TYPE SQ. FT. BUILDER Chesapeake from the $100s Brighton Park East QB 1,300 Dragas Co. Monarch Walk TW 1,257 - 2,200 McQ Builders Vistas at Warrington Hall TH 1,480 WH Builders Chesapeake from the $200s Culpepper Landing SF 1,700 - 3,000 Area Builders of Tidewater, DefinitiveHomes;JoeyCorp.;The Walters Co.; Vintage Homes; Next Level Group Deep Creek Commons TH 1,478 - 1,491 Ashdon Builders Eagle Pointe at Cahoon Plantation TH* 1,535 - 2,201 Eagle Const. Hampshires at Greenbrier TH 1,568 - 2,000 Dragas Co. Legacy at Washington Arms TH* 1,800 - 2,000 Golden Heritage Homes Oneford Place MF* 1,300 - 1,800 Franciscus Co. Paramont Crossing TH 1,593 - 1,632 Harbour Const. Pughsville Crossing SF 1,500 - 2,580 Moody Development RetreatatGreenbrier,The QB* 1,402-2,328 WeldenfieldofVirginiaRiverwalk Estates TH 1,820 - 2,200 Associated Development Ships Landing SF 2,026 - 2,475 Hearndon Const. Town Gardens at Warrington Hall TH 2,200 plus WH Builders Towne Park at Goose Creek SF 1,850 - 2,250 Hearndon Const. Chesapeake from the $300s Bells Hollow Estates SF 2,000 - 2,500 Seacrest Homes Cedar Landing Estates SF 2,000 - 3,000 McLaughlin Const. Chapel Hill Estates SF 1,900 - 3,600 Summit Const.; Ashdon Builders; Graf Const. Deep Creek Meadows SF 1,300 - 2,200 HBD Build, Inc.; Princess Anne Const. Dock Harbour SF 3,000 Lifestyle Homes; BECO Homes Eady’s Landing SF 1,900 - 3,000 Glenrock Corp. Eagle Pointe at Cahoon Plantation SF & TH* 2,018 - 2,469 Eagle Const. Kemp Bridge SF 2,740 - 4,800 Napolitano Homes Kendall Crossing SF 1,365 - 3,500 Wirth Development; Balance Builders Lauren’s Grove SF 2,400 - 2,700 Lawson Homes Mariner’s Village SF 1,896 - 2,315 Ashdon Builders Marsh Pointe Estates SF 2,650 - 3,200 Lifestyle Homes Mayberry Meadows SF 2,600 - 3,200 Lifestyle Homes Olde Mill Run SF 2,525 - 3,200 Hearndon Const. Park View Condo at Greenbrier MF 1,060 - 2,269 Park View at Greenbrier Dev. RetreatatGreenbrier,The SF&TH* 1,672-2,762 WeldenfieldofVirginiaRivers Edge at Quailshire SF 2,254 - 2,942 Ashdon Builders Rose Garden Estates SF 1,900-3,000 Tascera Development Shillelagh Estates SF 1,800 - 2,664 HAV, Inc.; HBD Build Inc. Sommerton TH* 2,300 - 2,800 Stephen-Alexander Homes Summer Park SF 2,100 - 2,800 Bay Area Builders; Oasis Home Builders; Legacy East LLC; Rob Lang Homes; Majestic Hm; Stephen Alexander

There’s a wide variety of new housing available in today’s market, as this comprehensive list indicates. Those listings in color have a display ad in this magazine.The information shown here was provided by Richard P. “Rip” Montague, president of Source Inc. of Virginia, courtesy of The Virginian-Pilot. Montague can be reached at (757) 335-0729 or via e-mail at [email protected] (Information is current as of press time.)

A list of all new home communities in South Hampton Roads

From A to Z:


Page 4: New Home

COMMUNITY TYPE SQ. FT. BUILDER COMMUNITY TYPE SQ. FT. BUILDER Ravenna SF 3,000 - 3,500 Commonwealth Custom Homes; Executive Homes; Hawk Res.; Nelin Brothers; Rio Vista; Sadler Building Corp.; R. B. Stevens Const. Rolling Wood Estates SF 2,600 - 4,000 Cashvan Homes LLC; Cedar Creek Const.; Cerino Ent.; Custom Castles Golden Heritage Homes; L & M Const.; Lawrence & Sons; J.D. Williams Whispering Pines SF 3,300 Metro Associates Woods of Whitehurst Station SF 3,400 - 4,000 Legacy Estates, LLC Franklin/Southampton County (all communities) Sandy Creek SF 1,890 - 2,475 Towne Development Joyner Farms SF 2,053 - 3,560 Virginia Enterprise Pines of Ivor SF 1,217 - 2,395 H H Hunt Homes Norfolk from the $100s Williamsburg Commons TH 1,400 Platinum Homes, LLC Norfolk from the $200s 388 Boush Street MF 700 - 1,438 Collins Enterprises Broad Creek SF/TH 1,800 - 3,100 Area Builders of Tidewater; Real Development; S. L. Johnson Corp.; Tivest Development Colonnades in Ghent, The MF 750 - 1,325 Marathon Development Fox Hall TH 2,000+ Bell Const. Grantham Square TH 1,500 Covington & Associates Harbor Walk MF 2,000 - 2,670 Henin Group Landings at Bolling Square MF 1,188 - 2,067 Collins Enterprises Lofts at 500 Granby MF 915 - 1,105 500 Granby LLC Pretty Lake Village MF 1,655 - 1,875 Powell Mngt. & JD&W Const. Riverpoint Court Condominiums MF 1,200 - 1,550 Powell Management Rotunda, The MF 850 - 2,400 Wermers Development Row at Ghent, The MF 756 - 1,300 Bristol Development Shamrock Gardens TH 1,864 - 1,880 Cashvan-Cooper, LLC Tanner’s Landing MF 1,550 - 2,550 Tanner’s Landing Asso. Welton Lofts MF 950 - 1,100 Welton Building, LLC Westport Commons MF 1,100 - 2,000 Collins Enterprises Widgeon Point TH 1,880 Powell Development Norfolk from the $300s Bay Oaks Harbor SF 1,900 - 2,500 Stephen-Alexander Homes Cornick Place TH 1,743 - 1,800 JMAC Development Dey Street Commons SF 2,800 - 3,000 Freeman Homes; Asfari Homes Harbor Heights MF 1,104 - 2,436 Robinson Development Co. Harbor Walk TH 2,425 - 2,755 Henin Group McRae Commons MF 1,460 - 3,300 Va. Beach Const. Corp. TheHofflinLofts MF 1,100-1,400 426Granby,LLC Norfolk from the $400s East Beach Villas MF 1,161 - 3,066 East Beach Renaissance Elizabeth River Pointe SF 2,500 plus Valiant Ventures Federal Townehomes TH 2,500 M. D& D., LLC Landings at Bolling Square TH 2,142 - 2,931 Collins Enterprises Rivers Edge SF 3,900 Fulco Group Norfolk from the $500s & up East Beach SF custom custom builders Franklin Condominiums MF 1,800 - 3,000 Mark Barr Companies Shorewood Shores SF 3,000 plus Premier Property Builders 7th Bay SF 3,200 - 3,800 custom builders Northampton County (all Communities) Cheriton Crossing ($100s) SF 1,300 - 1,500 BECO Homes Bay Creek - Fairways ($200s) SF 1,550 - 1,890 Baymark Const. Cherrystone ($300s) SF 1,900 - 2,500 Williams Homes Tower Hill Estates ($300s) SF 2,500 plus BECO Homes Kings Creek Landing ($400s) SF 2,200 - 2,600 custom builders Bay Creek - Kings Bay ($500s) SF 1,800 - 3,400 custom builders

Suffolk from the $100s New Port at Victory ($100s) TH 1,425 - 1,750 Chesapeake Homes First Watch at River Point ($200s) SF 1,750 - 2,300 Gee’s Group Gateway at Sterling Point ($200s) TH 1,147 and up Futura Group Kings Gate Crossing ($200s) SF 1,750 - 2,125 Pace Const. New Port at Victory ($200s) SF 1,800 - 3,000 Chesapeake Homes Oxford Place ($200s) MF 950 - 1,350 Oxford Place, LLC Park View ($300s) SF 2,500 - 3,200 The Olde Towne Co. Suffolk from the $100s Center 800 MF 900 - 1,300 JMAC Development Creek Ridge Town Homes TH 1,100 - 1,400 AMAC Properties, LLC Montgomery Lofts MF 800 - 1,300 139 N. Main St., LLC Remington Park TH 1,600 - 1,750 Chesapeake Homes Residences at Hampton Roads Crossing QB 1,496 - 1,637 Terry-Peterson Residential Suffolk from the $200s BelleHarbour Woods SF 2,000 - 3,100 Napolitano Homes Belmont Park TH 1,586 - 1,787 Chesapeake Homes Brewers Meadow SF 2,000 - 3,200 Hearndon Const.; Napolitano Homes Christiana Landing SF 2,600 - 3,100 Towne Development Edgewood at Belleharbour Woods TH 1,800 - 2,136 Napolitano Homes Fairways Crossing SF 1,813 - 2,800 Etheridge Const. Forrest Glen II SF 2,000 - 2,500 Hearndon Const. Graystone Reserve SF 2,350 - 3,000 Chesapeake Homes Highland Green SF 2,134 - 2,310 Chesapeake Homes Kensington Park TH 1,900 - 2,400 Associated Development Kings Fork Farm SF 1,918 - 2,739 Terry-Peterson Residential Nelms Ridge SF 1,600 - 2,500 McQ Builders Residences Hampton Roads Crossing SF/TH 1,655 - 2,146 Terry-Peterson Residential Seasons on Lake Meade TH* 1,880 Powell Development Soundings on the Nansemond TH 2,000 - 3,000 Lawson Homes Suffolk from the $300s Benson Woods SF 2,400 - 3,200 Wirth Development Bob White Landing SF 2,100 - 4,200 Napolitano Homes; Gallagher Const.Harbour Breeze Estates SF 2,500 - 3,600 Lifestyle Homes; BECO Homes Hillpoint Meadows SF 2,434 - 3,605 Lifestyle Homes; Sadler Building King’s Greene SF 2,000 plus TJL Enterprises Orchard Cove SF 2,400 - 2,800 Ashdon Builders Parkside at Bennett’s Creek SF 2,200 - 3,300 Chesapeake Homes Pitchkettle Farms SF 2,500 - 4,200 Ainslie Group Prentis Place TH 2,100 plus Constance Investors, LC Saddlebrook Estates SF 2,480 - 4,200 Associated Dev.; Residential Concepts; Reese Smith Const. Vineyards at Bennetts Creek Square TH* 1,650 - 2,382 Napolitano Homes Woodlands of Nansemond SF 2,500 - 3,100 Rosewell Homes Suffolk from the $400s Herons Point SF 2,800 plus RML Corp. Nansemond River Estates SF custom Caruana Const.; Naranjo Brothers; Richardson Homes; Southside Home Builders; Vern Howerin Builders; Wilmik Homes Suffolk from the $500s & up Bridlewood Estates SF custom Quality Homes Ciara Estates 3 acres plus Developer Estates off Pitchkettle SF 2,800 - 5,000 Charlie Anderson Builder; Area Builders of Tidewater; CAJE Group; Crestline Homes; Joey Corp.; Richmarc Building Corp.; Charles A. Schmitt Cont.; J. F. Schoch Building; Shade Tree Custom Homes; B. Valentine Const.; WATAB Const.; Wendell Homes; G. S. Williams Inc.; Woodmasters Governor’s Pointe SF 2,805 - 4,000 Etheridge Const., Quality Homes;

Page 5: New Home


MF Mult i -Family QB Quad Building SF Single Family TH Town Home TW Twin Home * Age Restr icted


Sadler Building Corp.; Sasser Const. Quaker Neck SF custom Ashley Asso.; D. M. Barbini; R. L. Blount; Caruana Const.; Kroll Building Corp.; Landmark Homes; Majestic Homes; Sewell Corp. Riverfront, The SF 2,500 - 8,000 Area Builders of Tidewater; Birdsong Builders; Emerson Builders; Norman Miller Homes; Orleans Home Builders; Russ Hohmann Builders; Sadler Building Corp; Sasser Const. Virginia Beach from the $100s Ocean Trace MF 1,000 Ocean Trace, LLC Southmoor at Ridgely Manor MF 1,330 - 1,350 Dragas Co. Villas at Bellamy QB 1,320 - 1,350 Dragas Co. Virginia Beach from the $200s Bluegrass Park at Lexington TH 2,098 - 2,245 Chesapeake Homes Bonneys Quay TH 1,809 - 2,278 BQI Group, Inc. Cornerstone TH 1,825 - 2,200 Chesapeake Homes Diamond Commons SF 1,500 - 1,700 Klebco Development Field Stone Glen TH 1,900 - 2,400 Briba Dam Neck Corp. Grace Hill at Ridgely Manor QB 1,700 - 1,834 Dragas Co. Grayson Pond at Wesleyan TH 1,380 - 1,985 Franciscus Co. Nichols Park at Lexington SF 1,950 - 2,050 Chesapeake Homes Old Beach Village - Lofts MF 1,642 - 2,490 Ainslie Group Studio56Lofts MF 695-1,063 ArmadaHofflerWestbriar at Ridgely Manor TH 1,658 - 2,240 Dragas Co. Woodland Park at Lexington TH 1,790 - 2,074 Chesapeake Homes Virginia Beach from the $300s Beach Bay Condos TH 1,935 Warner Const. Belmeade at Ridgely Manor SF 2,200 - 2,500 Dragas Co. Bernard Farms SF 2,550 - 2,981 GBK Builders, Inc. Birdneck Forest SF 2,200 - 2,600 WPL Ventures, LLC Brookgreene Common SF 2,100 - 2,500 Great Atlantic Custom Homes Chelsea Place TW* 2,300 - 2,450 Donald L. Moore Fair Lady SF 2,100 CEP Development Fox Glen South SF 2,000 - 2,130 Bishard Development Indian Point at Rose Glen SF 2,600 - 3,100 Hawk Residential; Pandell Builders Lake Archway SF 2,038 - 2,300 Ainslie Group Linkhorn Crest TH 2,220 and up Linkhorn Crest, LLC London Bridge Crossing SF 2,038 - 2,282 Ainslie Group North Shore Condominium MF 1,306 - 2,236 Towne Development Sajo Farm SF up to 3,300 Napolitano Homes; Terry-Peterson Residential Sherwood Lakes SF 2,041 - 2,669 HAV, Inc. Thompkins Estates SF 2.600 - 2,750 Georgio Construction Tressel View SF 1,900 - 2,700 Tignor Building West Neck - Rosecrest SF* 2,086 - 2,780 Chesapeake Homes Woodbridge Pointe SF 1,867 - 3,182 Summit Const.; Oceanside Building; McQ Builders; BECO Homes Woodland Townhomes TH up to 2,400 Woodland Townhomes, LLC Atlantic Palisades TH 2,400 Atlantic Palisades, LLC Highland Parrish SF 2,575 - 3,480 Ainslie Group Hillcrest Landing SF 2,300 - 3,200 Lifestyle Homes Lane at Wildwood TW 2,000 - 2,200 Monaco Homes Mayberry SF 2,400 - 4,200 C. E. Bryan Custom Builder Old Beach Village - Flats MF 1,642 - 2,490 Ainslie Group Prince George Estates SF 2,350 - 3,300 Bohn Const.; Gateway Const.; Graf Const.; Rio Vista Sanctuary at False Cape MF 1,400 - 3,000 Futura Group West Neck - The Grove SF* 2,036 - 2,989 Chesapeake Homes WestinVirginiaBeachResidences MF 800-4,000 ArmadaHoffler

Virginia Beach from the $500s & up 921 Oceans Condo MF 2,400 Dunes Investment Asso. Ashville Park - Cottage SF 2,400 - 2,800 Chesapeake Homes Ashville Park - Custom SF 2,800 - 4,000 Area Builders of Tidewater; Crestline Homes; L. R. Hill Custom Builders; Sadler Building Corp.; R. Savino Custom Homes; J.F. Schoch Building Corp.; The Walters Co. Ashville Park - Estate SF custom C. E. Bryan Custom Homes; Cohen Homes Back Bay at Lago Mar SF custom Custom Builders Back Bay Commons SF Custom HBD Build, Inc.; Masterpiece Homes Bayvista MF 2,279 - 2,618 S. B. Ballard Const. Eagles Nest SF 3,400 - 5,000 West Neck Properties Heritage Park SF custom Caruana Homes; Cohen Homes; Commonwealth Custom Home Builders; Executive Homes; L.R. Hill Custom Builders; Kopassis Homes; Sadler Building Corp.; J.F. Schoch Building; WZ Homes Indian River Plantation SF custom Miller Custom Homes; Cohen Homes Mira Bella SF 2,300 and up Beach Bay Builders North Shore at Ridgely Manor SF custom L. R. Hill Custom Builders; Cohen Homes; Wilmik Homes; Deford Company; Graf Const.; Legacy Estates Oak Breeze SF custom Miller Custom Homes Pungo Ferry Landing SF lots Developer SF custom Miller Custom Homes; M. M. Rollins, Jr. Co. Seaboard Acres SF 3,150 - 3,400 WPL Ventures, LLC Victoria Park SF custom Caruana Homes; Executive Homes; Nelin Brothers; Rio Vista; Daily- Nestor Homes; Stephen-Alexander Homes; Styron Building

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TTBA, Tidewater Modular Homes and Nationwide Custom Homes came together with Homes for Our Troops to build a spe-cially adapted, mortgage-free home for 23-year-old Army Cpl. Jonathan Bartlett, a veteran of the Iraq war.

In March, a key-turning ceremony was held to officially welcome Iraq veteran Jonathan Bartlett to his new home and his new neighborhood. A joyous crowd of well-wishers looked on as Bartlett expressed his gratitude to everyone who helped make it possible for him to have a brand new home.

“It really is a time of change for me,” said Bartlett. “Spring is coming in, it’s a new year, I’m 24, and I got a new house. I’m do-ing pretty good, and it’s all thanks to you guys.”

Bartlett, a graduate of Maury High School in Norfolk, sustained life-altering injuries in 2004, a little more than a month after be-

ing deployed to Iraq. The IED (improvised explosive device) that ripped through the Humvee he was in near Fallujah left three oth-ers inside with minor injuries. Bartlett’s wounds, however, were dire. The blast riddled his body with shrapnel and forced the amputa-tion of one leg above and one below the knee.

The home was presented to Bartlett in November, at a cer-

More than 27,000 Americans serving in the military have suffered grave injury to defend this nation’s freedom. Last November, Tidewater Builders Association and its members rallied to help a local veteran achieve another kind of freedom — the freedom and independence of owning a home.

emony at TBA’s Mid-Atlantic Home Remodeling & Interior Design Show at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. The home was built by Tidewater Modular Homes, Nationwide Custom Homes and their suppliers.

The majority of the construction was done at the Nationwide Custom Homes plant in Martinsville, VA. The home was then moved to the Virginia Beach Convention Center where the final work was done, including the trim work, drywall finishing and installation of the bamboo flooring. TBA was successful at recruiting volunteers and donations of material and labor from members to complete the project.

Homes for Our Troops helps military personnel with severe injuries and/or disabilities sustained during active-duty wartime service. The nonprofit gathers donations of building materials, labor and funds and coordinates new home construction and renovations to existing homes.

“We like to say that our veterans have earned their houses that we provide to them through their service and dedication and sacrifice for themselves and their family throughout the United States,” said Rick Goyette, projects manager with Homes For Our Troops.

“Nationwide Custom Homes rallied all its suppliers to provide material donations and Tidewater Modular Home worked as the general contractor, providing much of the on-site labor and supervising the volunteer subcontractors,” said Donna Belka, owner of Tidewater Modular Homes.

While the house was being constructed, Bartlett visited the Nationwide Custom Homes plant in Martinsville and met the company’s employees and construction workers who actually built his home.

During the show, the home was open for public tours. When the show ended, the home was delivered to its permanent site

2009 TBA President Pete A. Kotarides poses with Bartlett inside his new home during the house dedi-cation ceremony.


home to aWelcome

HEROBy Heidi Ketler

Page 7: New Home

Jonathan Bartlett stands in the doorway of his home surrounded by Nation-wide Custom Homes employees when he visited the plant in October, 2008. Standing with Bartlett is Donna Belka (left) of Tidewater Modular Homes and Andy Miller (center), president of Nationwide Custom Homes.

and set on its foundation at a lot in the Deep Creek section of Chesapeake.

“After we got the house on site here, it became apparent that we had to extend our circle of help,” said Belka. “Even the neigh-bors have pitched in and helped wherever they were needed. This was really a labor of love from the whole community.”

Bartlett, who is a junior studying business management and communications at Old Dominion University, remained the humble and appreciative hero.

“I can’t say thank you enough. I just can’t say it enough,” said Bartlett. “The only way that I can say thank you is to live well.”

Bartlett’s new home is a 1,475-square-foot ranch-style home, featuring an open floor plan with wide halls and doorways. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom home is Americans with Dis-abilities Act (ADA)-compliant. Some of the unique features of the house include accessible kitchen cabinets, a roll-in shower with grab bars and a roll-under vanity. The house also has accessible heights for receptacles, switch plates, electrical outlets and closet shelving throughout the home, hardwood flooring and automatic door openers at exterior doors.

Homes for our troops is directing the mission

Founded in 2004, Homes for Our Troops helps mili-tary personnel with severe injuries and/or disabilities sustained during active-duty wartime service. The

nonprofit organization gathers donations of building materials, professional labor and funds, and coordi-nates new home construction and renovations to ex-isting homes. This is the first Homes for Our Troops project in Hampton Roads and the organization paid

$80,000 for the property.

The American Institute of Philanthropy, one of the coun-try’s premier charity watchdog organizations, has included

Homes for Our Troops in their “Top-Rated Veterans & Military Charities” listing. For more information, visit


Q. How long have you been in the real estate business and how did you get started?

A. I have been a Realtor since 1985. A relative who was a realtor inspired me to get my license. From the experience of restoring my own first home, I knew I would find great satisfaction helping people dream what their new home would be.

Q. How were you able to make new home realty your specialty in the business?

A. Once in the business, I met Larry Hill of L.R. Hill Custom Builders, who was looking for an agent to sell his homes and to work with him in Homearama. We’ve been working together for 21 years now and have par ticipated in 13 Homearama events together.

Q. How did it feel to win the first-ever Stanley award for Most Valuable Builder Agent?

A. I was completely shocked and greatly honored to be nominated by Larry and then to actually receive the Stanley award. Larry and I have built a dedicated relation ship over the years and he has always made it possible to deliver what I promised our buyers.

Q. What are some key things home buyers should look for when choosing an agent?

A. When it comes to new construction homes, I feel buyers should look for someone who can see their vision of a home and who understands the building process.

Q. What are some things people should know about looking for a new home in this economy and market that we’re currently experiencing?

A. Yes, the economy is a little volatile right now. How- ever, I do know that builders are very willing to accom modate buyers’ wishes as much as possible. Building costs have gone down and many lots are available. It truly is a great time to build a new home.Contact Vickie Sessler at (757) 318-3803 or [email protected].

Vickie Sessler, Associate Broker

William E. Wood & Associates REALTORS®

Q & A with ...

Page 8: New Home

Adjustable rate mortgage (ARM). A loan whose interest rate is adjusted according to movements in the f inan-cial market.

Amortization. A payment plan by which a borrower reduces a debt gradu-ally through monthly payments of princi-pal and interest.

Annual percentage rate (APR). The annual cost of credit over the life of a loan, including interest, service charges, points, loan fees, mortgage insurance, and other items.

Appraisal. An evaluation to determine what a piece of property would sell for in the marketplace.

Appreciation. The increase in the value of a property.

Assessment. A tax levied on a prop-erty or a value placed on the worth of property by a taxing authority.

Assumption. A transaction allowing the buyer of a home to assume respon-sibility for an existing loan on the home instead of getting a new loan.

Balloon. A loan which has a series of monthly payments (often for five years or less) with the remaining balance due in a large lump sum payment at the end.

Binder. A receipt for a deposit paid to secure the right to purchase a home at terms agreed upon by the buyer and seller.

Buydown. A subsidy (usually paid

by a builder or developer) to reduce the monthly payments on a mortgage loan.

Cap. A limit to the amount an interest rate or a monthly payment can increase for an adjustable rate loan either during an adjustment period or over the life of the loan.

Certificate of Occupancy. A docu-ment from an official agency stating that the property meets the requirements of local codes, ordinances and regulations.

Closing. A meeting to sign documents which transfer property from a seller to a buyer. (Also called settlement.)

Closing costs. Charges paid at settle-ment for obtaining a mortgage loan and transferring real estate title.

Conditions, Covenants and Re-strictions (CC and Rs). The standards that def ine how a property may be used and the protections the develop-er has made for the benefit of al l own-ers in a subdivision.

Condominium. A home in a multi-unit complex; each purchaser owns an indi-vidual unit, and all the purchasers jointly own the common areas, such as the sur-rounding land, hallways, etc.

Conventional loan. A mortgage loan not insured by a government agency (such as FHA or VA).

Convertibility. The ability to change a loan from an adjustable-rate schedule

Home Buyer’s Dictionary

ARM? GPM? PITI? You’d have to be a cryptologist to figure out some of the terms buyers encounter during the home buying process. Doing research on how to buy a house before beginning the process can greatly improve your experience and prepare you for the exciting course ahead. And with this glossary of home buying terms at your side, you can rest easy that your new home won’t get lost in translation.

to a fixed-rate schedule.Cooperative. A form of ownership in

a multi-unit complex; the purchasers own shares of the entire complex rather than owning individual units.

Credit rating. A report ordered by a lender from a credit bureau to determine if the borrower is a good credit risk.

Default. A breach of a mortgage con-tract (such as not making monthly pay-ments).

Density. The number of homes built on a particular acre of land. Allowable densities are usually determined by local jurisdictions.

Down payment. The difference be-tween the sales price and the mortgage amount on a home. The down payment is usually paid at closing.

Due-on-sale. A clause in a mortgage contract requiring the borrower to pay the entire outstanding balance upon sale or transfer of the property. A mortgage with a due-on-sale clause is not assumable.

Earnest money. A sum paid to the seller to show that a potential purchaser is serious about buying.

Easement. Right-of-way granted to a person or company authorizing access to the owner’s land; for example, a utility company may be granted an easement to install pipes or wires. An owner may voluntarily grant an easement, or in some

Page 9: New Home

cases, be compelled to grant one by a lo-cal jurisdiction.

Equity. The difference between the value of a home and what is owed on it.

Escrow. The handling of funds or doc-uments by a third party on behalf of the buyer and/or seller.

Federal Housing Administration (FHA). A federal agency which insures mortgages that have lower down payment requirements than conventional loans.

Fixed rate mortgage. A mortgage whose interest rate remains constant over the life of the loan. The payments are not necessarily level. (See Graduated Payment Mortgage).

Fixed schedule mortgage. A mort-gage whose payment schedule for the life of the loan is established at closing. The payments and interest rate are not neces-sarily level.

Graduated payment mortgage (GPM). A fixed-rate, fixed-schedule loan which starts with lower payments than a level-payment loan; the payments rise annually over the first five to 10 years and then remain constant for the remain-der of the loan. GPMs involve negative amortization.

Hazard insurance. Protection against damage caused by fire, windstorm or other common hazards. Many lenders re-quire borrowers to carry it in an amount at least equal to the mortgage.

Housing Finance Agency. A state agency which offers a limited amount of below-market-rate home financing for low-and moderate-income households.

Index. The interest rate or adjustment standard which determines the changes in monthly payments for an adjustable rate loan.

Infrastructure. The public facilities and services needed to support residen-tial development, including highways, bridges, schools and sewer and water systems

Interest. The cost paid to a lender for the use of borrowed money.

Joint tenancy. A form of ownership by which the tenants own a property equally. If one dies, the other would automatically inherit the entire property.

Level payment mortgage. A mort-gage whose payments are identical for each month over the life of the loan.

Mortgage broker. A broker who rep-resents numerous lenders and helps con-sumers find affordable mortgages; the broker charges a fee only if the consumer

finds a loan.Mortgage commitment. A formal

written communication by a lender, agreeing to make a mortgage loan on a specific property, specifying the loan amount, length of time and conditions.

Mortgage company (mortgage banker). A company that borrows mon-ey from a bank, lends it to consumers who want to buy homes, then sells the loans to investors.

Mortgagee. The lender who makes a mortgage loan.

Mortgage loan. A contract in which the borrower’s property is pledged as collateral and which can be repaid in installments over a long period. The mortgagor (buyer) promises to repay principal and interest, to keep the home insured, to pay all taxes and to keep the property in good condition.

Mortgage origination fee. A charge by a lender for the work involved in preparing and servicing a mortgage application (usually 1 percent of the loan amount).

Negative amortization. An increase in the outstanding balance of a loan when a monthly payment is not large enough to cover all of the interest due.

Note. A formal document showing the existence of a debt and stating the terms of repayment.

PITI. Principal, interest, taxes and in-surance (the four major components of monthly housing payments).

Point. A charge of 1 percent of the mortgage amount. Points are a one-time charge assessed by the lender at closing to increase the interest yield on a mort-gage loan.

Prepayment. Payment of all or part of a debt prior to its maturity.

Principal. The amount borrowed in a loan, excluding interest and other charges.

Property survey. A survey to deter-mine the boundaries of your property. The cost will depend on the complexity of the survey.

Recording fee. A charge for record-ing the transfer of a property, paid to a city, county or other appropriate branch of government.

Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA). A federal law requiring lenders to provide home buyers with information about known or estimated settlement costs. The act also regulates other aspects of settlement procedures.

R-value. The resistance of insula-

tion material (including windows) to heat passing through it. The higher the num-ber, the greater the insulating value.

Sales contract. A contract between a buyer and seller which should explain, in detail, exactly what the purchase in-cludes, what guarantees there are, when the buyer can move in, what the closing costs are, and what recourse the parties have if the contract is not fulfilled or if the buyer cannot get a mortgage commit-ment at the agreed-upon terms.

Settlement. (See Closing).Shared appreciation mortgage.

A loan in which partners agree to share specified portions of the downpayment, monthly payment and appreciation.

Tenancy in common. A form of own-ership in which the tenants own separate but equal parts. To inherit the property, a surviving tenant would either have to be mentioned in the will or, in the absence of a will, be eligible through state inheri-tance laws.

Title. Evidence (usually in the form of a certificate or deed) of a person’s legal right to ownership of a property.

Transfer taxes. Taxes levied on the transfer of property or on real estate loans by state and/or local jurisdictions.

Veterans Administration (VA). A federal agency which insures mortgage loans with very liberal downpayment requirements for active-duty military, honorably discharged veterans and their surviving spouses.

Walk-through. A final inspection of a home before settlement to search for problems that need to be corrected be-fore ownership changes hands.

Warranty. A promise, either written or implied, that the material and work-manship of a product is defect-free or will meet a specified level of perfor-mance over a specified period of time. Many builders offer 10-year warranties, like those provided through HW10, on their homes.

Zoning. Regulations established by local governments regarding the loca-tion, height and use for any given piece of property within a specific area.(This information was provided courtesy of the National Association of Home Builders.)

Page 10: New Home

It’s a good sign.Buying a new home is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. So why not protect that investment with a 10-year home warranty?

With HW10, your new home is insured for 10 years against major structural defects. However, you can’t purchase an HW10 policy on the open market. It’s a benefit that only comes from an HW10-registered builder.

So, when it’s time to make your new home purchase, ask your builder if he belongs to the HW10 program. If he does, it’s a good sign.

Service and security since 1984LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED

(757) 424-6523www.HW10.com

Page 11: New Home

Your home is one of the most important investments you can make. Whether you are a first-time home buyer, a seasoned hom-eowner or somewhere in between, your needs are unique. Part-nering with a dedicated and experienced mortgage lending pro-fessional ensures that you find the right loan to match your needs and opportunities. Your mortgage lender is there to provide the options, expert advice and superior client service that make the lending process flow smoothly.

Of course, when you’re looking for a home, not just any place will do. You have personal preferences, likes and dislikes, and needs for particular features in your home. Your home loan op-tions should be just as flexible to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for a fixed monthly payment, lower initial payments, in-vestment or vacation home financing or something in between, your mortgage lender should take the time to listen, understand your goals and then work closely with you, explaining your op-tions in more detail and helping you determine which loan is best for you.

MORTGAGE OPTIONS:Fixed Rate Mortgages• Variety of fixed rate loan terms available• Fixed payment for the life of the loan• Jumbo financing available• Balloon financing availableAdjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)• Lower initial monthly payments for a specified period• Annual and life rate caps to limit interest rate movement• Jumbo financing available Construction/Permanent Mortgages• One loan covering the entire home-building process, from

groundbreaking to housewarming• Only one set of closing costs• Jumbo financing available

Financing Fundamentals

Buying your own Masterpiece home is easy!

Veterans Administration (VA) Mortgages• Available to active and retired military personnel• 100 percent financing availableLow Down Payment and First-Time Home buyer Mortgages• Little or no down payment required• Gift funds allowed• Down payment assistance allowed• Rural financing available

In addition to expert advice, you deserve a prompt response and superior service, from application to closing. In addition to discussing the various loan programs with you, your mortgage lender can provide information about pre-qualifications and home buying education and counseling. When you are ready to apply, your lender can also help you determine what documenta-tion to bring with you.

This can include:• Your executed sales contract, if purchasing• A copy of your deed, if refinancing• Copies of your sales and/or construction contracts, as well as

your house plans and specifications, if building• Original W-2 forms for the last two years – or your last two

complete federal income tax returns if you are self-employed, on straight commission, own more than 25 percent of a company or partnership, or receive large bonus income

• Original pay stub for your most recent pay period, covering at least 30 days

• Proof of Social Security number (or ITIN)• Deposit, retirement and equities account statements for the

most recent two months• Verification of funds for down payment and closing costs• Residence history and name, address and phone number of

your mortgage company or landlord for the past 24 months• Employment history for the past 24 months and the address of

the personnel office if different from your work address • List of debts, including approximate balance, required month-

ly payment and account numbers• List of properties owned, their approximate market value and

the amount of annual tax and hazard insurance bills• The estimated value of your furniture and other personal

property, including vehicles, boats and campers–including the make and model numbers of all vehicles

Your needs are unique. Being prepared and working close-ly with your mortgage lender gives you the benefit of valuable expertise that can make your loan application process move smoothly and efficiently.

Source: BB&T MortgageMember FDIC

(757) 546-3011www.bbt.com

Loans subject to credit approval.

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New First - time Home Buyer Tax Credit FAQs

The government is now offering even more incentive for first-time home buyers to buy NOW. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which includes $787 billion in economic stimulus measures, created a new tax credit for first-time home buyers. Here’s what you need to know:

Who is eligible? The new tax credit is available to first-time home buyers only. A first-time home buyer is defined as someone who has not owned a principal residence for three years or more.

Income limits Single taxpayers with incomes up to $75,000 and married couples with incomes up to $150,000 qualify for the full tax credit.

How much is it? The new legislation provides a tax credit equal to 10 percent of the sale price of the home, up to an $8,000 maximum. It is a true tax credit. It does not need to be repaid, unless the home owner sells the home within three years of the purchase.

What types of home qualifies for the tax credit? The tax credit can only be used with the purchase of a home that will be the buyer’s principal residence. It cannot be claimed for the purchase of a vacation home or property to be used as a rental.

Effective dates for the tax credit The credit applies to homes purchased by qualified buyers between Jan. 1 and Dec. 1, 2009. The purchase date is the date when closing occurs and the title transfers.

This new tax credit provides an unprecedented opportunity for people looking to buy their first home. Not only will they receive an $8,000 tax credit, they also will be taking advantage of record-low interest rates, a large selection of homes to choose from and competitive home prices. House hunters will also find that many builders have inventory that is “move-in ready,” and may offer upgrades or other incentives to seal the deal. Also, owners of existing homes who are looking to trade-up or relocate are ready to bargain. And, as a long-term investment, homeownership still remains a solid investment for Americans.

For more information on the new tax credit, visitwww.FederalHousingTaxCredit.com.

Page 13: New Home

The Skyler Lynn:

The Virginia Beach House

Interesting House Features:This brick house has grand foyer with fluted columns and dome ceiling above staircase that leads to second-floor gallery. Extensive detailed trim, granite, and custom cabinetry seen throughout. Entertainment area has separate media room, game room and wet bar. Dining room features built-in saltwater aquarium. Outdoor area includes kitchen, pool and waterfall. Special feature three-car garage easily transforms into additional entertaining space.

TCI Inc.P.O. Box 62521

Virginia Beach, VA 23466757-306-0348


Builder highlights: Veteran Homearama Builder, Mike Thompson has worked in new construction for over 20 years. He received his start in the building industry by doing custom home framing back in 1985. Five years later, Mike branched out on his own and started TCI Inc., eventually stepping into the custom homebuild-ing market.

Last year, Mike built two showcase homes in his debut Homearama, winning awards for Best Master Suite and Best Bath.

A Virginia Beach native, Mike typically builds five to six houses per year, ranging from around $500,000 to over $1 million. A hands-on builder, he does his own custom home framing work and supervises each of his jobs. Homes built by TCI Inc. can be found in the Chesapeake neighborhoods of Ravenna, Edinburgh and Emerald Forest, and Lago Mar, Ashville Park and Thalia in Virginia Beach.

Courtesy of Stephen FullerUnauthorized use of these plans is prohibited by copyright law.

Architectural style: TraditionalHouse size: 6,900 square feet in the main house with 1,000 in garage, 4 bedrooms and 5 baths, with 1 half bathSales by: Tammy Thompson of Wainwright Real Estate (757-575-9305)Original architectural design by: Stephen FullerInterior design by: Connie Bussey of Creations by Connie (757-679-1534) with furnishings by Great Bridge Furniture (757-482-6622), Haverty’s Furniture (757-497-9500), and Innovative Spas (757-490-7727)Landscaping by: Chris Basnight of Basnight Land and Lawn Inc. (757-436-9617)Construction financing by: Bank of Hampton Roads (757-493-2300)

Main Floor Upper Floor

For Sale

Page 14: New Home

The Van Gogh:

Courtesy of Stephen FullerUnauthorized use of these plans is prohibited by copyright law.

Interesting House Features:This EarthCraft certified stone home welcomes guests through a mahogany door into the grand foyer featuring a round staircase. The first-floor master suite opens to a sitting room warmed by a fireplace. Spacious great room, kitchen, breakfast area, wine room and screened porch with outdoor kitchen highlight the first floor. Second floor features include: three suite bedrooms with baths, a recreation room with fireplace, dedicated home theater encompassing tiered seating and a rear covered balcony. There is a separate children’s den, and additional third floor suite that transforms to homeowners flex area.

Builder Highlights:Ken Cohen has been in the home building industry for close to 40 years. His homes are known for their signature casual elegance and Euro-pean design.

Over the years Ken has taken home numerous awards for his eight Homearama homes including Most Creative, Best Craftsmanship, Best Interior Design and the prestigious Hampton Roads Realtor Association award for Most Livable Home. In 2003, Ken’s Homearama entry swept the People’s Choice Awards winning gold awards for Favorite

Landscaping, Favorite Interior Design and Favorite Home.

Ken, who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in design from Virginia Commonwealth University, maintains open communication with his clients from concept through construction in order to meet their individual needs. Meticulous use of space and style ensures that every home he builds is an original.

Cohen Homes L.L.C.389 Edwin Drive

Virginia Beach, VA 23462757-499-7000 or 757-472-5752


Architectural Style: European transitionalHouse Size: 6,485 square feet, 5 bedrooms, 6 baths and 2 half bathsSales By: Joni Kassir of Rose and Womble Realty (757-647-2735)Exterior Design by: Stephen Fuller with architectural design by Ken Cohen of Cohen Homes L.L.C. and blueprints by Tim Mayfield of Crow, Miller & Mayfield (757-547-2191)Interior Design by: Nancy Craig of Willis Furniture (757-340-2112) with furnishings by Willis Furniture (757-340-2112)Landscaping by: Tom Rozier of Dreamscape Designers (757-412-1265)Construction financing by: TowneBank (757-548-7200)

The Virginia Arts Festival House

Main Floor Upper Floor

For Sale

Page 15: New Home

Architectural style: GeorgianHouse size: 6,571 square feet, 5 bedrooms and 6 baths, with 1 half bathSales by: Donn Irby of Rose and Womble (757-547-1234)Original architectural design by: Tom Retnauer of Retnauer Design Associates (757-546-2471)Interior design by: Cathy Tellefsen of Complete Interiors (757-495-0133) with furnishings by Esprit Décor Home Furnishings (757-482-5175)Landscaping by: Tom Underhill of Coastal Landscaping (757-721-4109)Construction financing by: Monarch Bank (757-222-2100)

Courtesy of Stephen FullerUnauthorized use of these plans is prohibited by copyright law.

Interesting House Features:This EarthCraft certified green house, built with PolySteel insulating concrete forms, features green products such as solar panels that sell electricity back to the power company, greywater recycling system, geothermal HVAC, whole-house backup generator, conditioned attic, simulated slate 50-year recycled rubber shingles and tankless water heaters. Builder offers guaranteed $115-a-month utility bill. It also offers amenities such as a meditation labyrinth sponsored by the Edgar Cayce Foundation, outdoor kitchen, large entertainment room, steam shower in the master suite, four covered porches, conditioned wine room and safe room. Brick barrel ceilings highlight oversized dining room.

Miller Custom Homes2913 Ryan Court

Virginia Beach, VA 23456757-472-9610


Builder highlights: Chuck Miller has been a homebuilder for 12 years and he has over 20 years experience in the home building industry. Chuck got his start by learning the construction business with a local builder while studying civil engineering in college.

Chuck’s previous Homearama entries garnered Critics’ Choice awards for Best in Show, Best Special Product Feature, and Best Craftsmanship. He also won the 2008 Stanley Awards of Excellence for New Home Construction for Conservation and Preservation, Best Green Building and Best Outdoor Living.

Chuck typically builds five to six custom homes per year and was the first builder in Tidewater to become certified as an EarthCraft House builder. EarthCraft is an innovative energy-efficient and environmentally conscious home building program. Chuck is the premier green home builder in the Hampton Roads area and his 2007 Homearama home was the first EarthCraft House built in Tidewater.

Chuck has always held a commitment to incorporating green building practices in addition to providing personal supervision of the construction of each home he builds.

The Mothership

Upper Floor


Main Floor

For Sale

Page 16: New Home

Tidewater Builders Association Charity House to benefit Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughterssponsored by Monarch Bank, WVEC-TV 13, Cox Communications, and Sinclair Communications

The Conner Glenn: Interesting House Features: Beautiful home offers state-of-the-art theater center, spacious keeping room with fireplace and stone surround, screened-in gazebo porch, home office and butler’s pantry. Upstairs features a master suite complete with sitting area, private deck, and separate his and hers walk-in-closets. Convenient upstairs laundry room and media room finish out the second floor. Brick exterior compliments paver walkways and drive.

Builder highlights: Award winning Homearama builder Herb Watson was born and raised right here in Hampton Roads. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Old Dominion University and is a Certified Public Accountant. After college, Watson spent six years serving his country on active and reserve duty in the United States Navy. He has previously held various senior level positions with local retailers in the area of corporate finance.

He began his career in construction 14 years ago with multiple home renovations and has taken great pride in building quality homes ever since. He typically

builds about 10 homes per year and continues to do additions and renovations.

Herb makes it a priority to provide each individual client with the highest level of service during the construction of their home and after. As a devoted husband and father, he understands the importance of making a house a home.

Architectural style: French ChateauHouse size: 5,200 square feet, 5 bedrooms and 4 bathsSales by: Fran Spence of Rose and Womble Realtors Inc. (757-692-5467)Original architectural design by: Stephen FullerInterior design by: V2K Window Decor & More (757-673-7551) with furnishings by Esprit Décor Home Furnishings (757-482-5175)Landscaping by: Nathan Morales of Conceptual Outdoor Design L.L.C. (757-335-1529)Construction financing by: Monarch Bank (757-222-2128)

Courtesy of Stephen FullerUnauthorized use of these plans is prohibited by copyright law.

Main Floor Upper Floor

The Walters Company Inc.4665 Haygood Road Suite 401

Virginia Beach, VA 23455757-490-0413


For Sale

Page 17: New Home

The Big League

7 Cities Sport Complex

Courtesy of Stephen FullerUnauthorized use of these plans is prohibited by copyright law.

Interesting House Features:Exquisite detailed trim throughout the entire home. Feature amenities include: loaded theater room, master suite with sitting area, spacious keeping room with fireplace, large kitchen and breakfast areas, three covered porches, pool, family utility studio and mudroom. Also has large guest suite over three car garage.

Builder highlights:Sam Cohen of Joey Corp. is a veteran Homearama builder and chair of this year’s event. Sam’s Homearama homes have made a lasting mark on show judges and visitors alike by previously winning honors including the TBA Past Presidents’ Favorite Home award, Best Home in Show, Best Craftsmanship, Best Interior Design, Best Integration of Technology and Most Efficient Floor Plan.

Sam was born in Portsmouth and grew up in Norfolk. After completing his education, he jumped full force into the construction industry in

1978 and trained under one of the area’s most prominent builders. Today, the pride Sam takes in each home he constructs is evident through the signature craftsmanship that sets his homes above the crowd.

Sam personally supervises his jobs and can be found working on each home he builds. Sam assures, that from beginning to end, customers always receive the same professional standard of excellence from Joey Corp.

Joey Corp.P.O. Box 16268

Chesapeake, VA 23328757-482-9578


Architectural style: TraditionalHouse size: 6,300 square feet, 5 bedrooms and 5 baths, with 2 half bathsSales by: Patty Cohen of Re/Max Allegiance (757-647-6575)Original architectural design by: Stephen FullerInterior design by: Michael Crow of Generations Brands (1-800-969-3347) with furnishings by Value City Furniture (757-306-8500)Landscaping by: Robert Nye of Renaissance Outdoor Contracting Inc. (757-548-5055)Construction financing by: Bank of Hampton Roads (757-819-1450)

Main Floor Upper Floor

For Sale

Page 18: New Home

Interesting House Features: Drive through porte-cochère, wrap around front porch and covered breezeway welcome guests from the street to this stately home. Large covered porches bring the outdoors in with over 600 square feet of porches. Inside a luxurious master suite comes complete with sitting area, old-fashioned claw-foot tub, and steam shower with body jets and rain head. Extensive media room has state-of-the-art equipment including drop down screen.

Courtesy of Stephen FullerUnauthorized use of these plans is prohibited by copyright law.

Architectural style: TraditionalHouse size: 4,827 square feet in main house with 726 in detached garage, 5 bedrooms and 4 baths, with 1 half bathSales by: Mary Ross Ellsworth of ABT Realty (757-288-8822)Original architectural design by: Stephen FullerInterior design by: Beth Gilbert of Gilbert Interiors (757-464-6408) with Furnishings by Value City Furniture (757-306-8513), Pembroke Stein Mart (757-499-0905) and Kirklands (757-627-8484)Landscaping by: Robert Askew of R.W. Askew Nursery (757-255-4498)Construction financing by: BB&T (757-398-8007)

Area Builders of Tidewater Inc.2500 Gumtree Court, Suite 200A

Chesapeake, VA 23321757-488-4663


Builder Highlights: John W. “Chip” Iuliano III has been building in Homearama since 1992. He was also the president of Tidewater Builders Association in 2004.

A staunch supporter of Homearama, he chaired the award-winning show in 1998 and 1999. Through the years his showcase homes have captured many of the top awards, including the coveted Best Craftsmanship, Best Floor Plan, Best Interior Merchandising, Best Curb Appeal and Past President’s Favorite home. Chip’s last entry in Homearama won the bronze award for Best Home in Show.

Chip has been building custom homes with prices ranging from $500,000 to over $1 million for 30 years, and during this time he has developed a reputation for superior quality and craftsmanship. He feels that his consistent availability to clients and his personal attention to detail are what continue to result in satisfied homeowners year after year.

Fragola Fête “Strawberry Festival”

Main Floor Upper Floor

For Sale