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New York's Finger Lakes Fishing & Hunting Guide

Date post: 21-Mar-2016
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Fishing and Hunting guide for the Finger lakes region. Details on 11 lakes plus river and canal information, Hunting, Services and Outdoor resources.
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Page 1: New York's Finger Lakes Fishing & Hunting Guide

FISHING & HUNTING GUIDENew York’s Finger Lakes


Page 2: New York's Finger Lakes Fishing & Hunting Guide

ContentsIntroduction...................................................2FishingFishing Derbies & Species Guide ................3Great Lakes

Lake Ontario...........................................4-5Finger Lakes West to East

Conesus ....................................................6Hemlock ....................................................7Canadice ...................................................8Honeoye ....................................................9Canandaigua......................................10-11Keuka .................................................12-13Seneca ...............................................14-15Cayuga...............................................16-17Owasco ...................................................18Skaneateles .............................................19Otisco ......................................................20

Onondaga ..................................................21Oneida........................................................22Other Lakes ................................................23Rivers and Canals .................................24-25Streams .................................................26-27Hunting ........................................................28Map Sources, Area Restrictions/Permits....28Licensed Hunting Guides and Preserves ..29Map of Public Hunting Lands................30-31Public Hunting Lands listings................32-35ServicesLicensed Fishing Guides, Charters& Marinas ..............................................36-37Travel & Outdoor Resources .....................38-39

hat makes hunting and fishing so special in theFinger Lakes?

Start with the 11 pristine Finger Lakes and 133,932acres of water. Add Lake Ontario, Oneida Lake, many

smaller lakes and ponds and a host of rivers and streamsand you have countless opportunities to pursue your favoritefish. The Finger Lakes and nearby Lake Ontario have long beenknown as a world class fishery. There is no other place in theentire world that produces consistent trophy-sized trout, salmon,bass, walleye, pike, carp and catfish.

This fishing Mecca can be enjoyed during all four seasons.From winter steelhead stream fishing to summer king salmon,from fishing on the ice to pond fishing in the Finger LakesNational Forest, the Finger Lakes region of New York should beevery angler’s destination. Whether you prefer the complexitiesof down rigger fishing from a boat, or simply casting a wormfrom shore, we have those options available. Make thecommitment, pick a date, and we’ll provide the fish!

Each year, the last full weekend in June is designated asFree Fishing Days throughout New York State when no licenseis required to fish the waters of the Empire State. It’s a greatopportunity to introduce newcomers to great fishing in the FingerLakes region.

Now consider the 1/4 million acres of public hunting landsin 118 locations throughout a mostly rural region containingmany heavily forested areas, fields, meadows and wetlands.Ranging in size from 16,000 acres in the Finger Lakes NationalForest to 32 acres in the Cross Lake Wildlife Management Area,these lands provide hunters with many options. One can pursuetrophy whitetail deer, many of world-class rank, in virtually anylocale in the region in October, November and December. Youmay even have an opportunity to bag a black bear in Steuben,Chemung or Schuyler Counties.

Waterfowl can be found in any of the abundant wetlandsnear Lake Ontario or elsewhere in the region. You might trycalling in a frantically gobbling tom turkey in May; try your luckin bagging a flushed ruffed grouse in December or enjoy thebaying of your hound on the trail of a cottontail in February.

With so many great options of which water to fish and whichland to hunt, plan your next trip to the Finger Lakes now. Youmay be the next lucky sportsman or sportswoman to bag thatlunker trout or monster buck of a lifetime!

Fishing & Hunting inthe Finger LakesFishing & Hunting inthe Finger Lakes

Lake Ontario

Lake Erie 86 87

90 39090





Mass. Turnpike

NYS Thruway

Washington DC



Harrisburg Philadelphia







Niagara FallsRochester















2 Call us at 1-800-284-3352

Page 3: New York's Finger Lakes Fishing & Hunting Guide



Fishing DerbiesDates Location Type Details

February Conesus Lake Ice fishing Conesus Lake Memorial Open Ice Fishing Tournament. www.avonanglers.comFebruary Owasco Lake Ice fishing Bass Pro Shops Annual Ice Derby. 315-258-2700, www.basspro.com\February Lake Ontario Ice fishing Screwy Louie's Ice Fishing Derby. 315-947-6348, www.screwylouiessportshop.com

April 1 Naples Trout Naples Rainbow Trout Derby. 585-374-2629May Conesus Lake Walleye & Pike Conesus Lake Walleye/Pike Tournament. www.avonanglers.comMay Lake Ontario Trout & Salmon LOC Fishing Spring Derby. 888-733-5246, www.loc.org

May-July Lake Ontario Trout & Salmon LOC Fishing Summer Derby. 888-733-5246, www.loc.orgMay Owasco Lake Multi-SpeciesBass Pro Shops Charity Fishing Tourney 315-258-2700, www.basspro.com

May Seneca Lake Trout & Salmon National Lake Trout Derby. 315-781-2195 or 315-789-8634June Oneida Lake Bass Rochester Bass Masters Tournament. www.rochesterbassmasters.comJune Canandaigua Lake Trout Canandaigua Lake Trout Derby. 585-394-4400June Owego Catfish Annual Catfish Derby at Hickories Park. 607-687-1792June Cayuga & Seneca Carp Finger Lakes Carp Derby. 315-568-9063June Cayuga Lake Bass Seneca Cty. Chamber of Commerce Bass Derby. 315-568-2906June Corning Bass & Pan Fish Father's Day Fishing Derby at Spencer Crest Nature Center. Kids. 607-962-2169June Conesus Lake Bass Conesus Lake Father's Day Bass Tournament. www.avonanglers.comJuly Cayuga Lake Bass Bass Weekend Tournament. www.bassmaster.comJuly Conesus & Honeoye Bass Rochester Bass Masters Tournament. www.rochesterbassmasters.comJuly Seneca Lake Trout & Bass 2008 Reeling for Relief Fishing Tournament. 607-734-3317, www.redcrosselmira.orgJuly Lake Ontario Trout & Salmon Wayne County Lake Ontario Pro-Am Series Tournament. www.lakeontarioproam.com

August Lake Ontario Multi-Species Fair Haven Challenge. 315-947-6348. www.screwylouissportshop.comAugust Keuka Lake Bass American Bass Anglers Tournament Trail. 585-589-6500August Sodus Bay, Cayuga Bass Rochester Bass Masters Tournament. www.rochesterbassmasters.com

& Seneca LakesAugust Oneida Lake Bass B.A.S.S. Elite Series and Junior World Campionships. 800-234-4797August Lake Ontario Trout & Salmon LOC Fishing Fall Derby. 888-733-5246, www.loc.org

October Oneida Lake Bass U.S. Anglers Choice-Tournament of Champions. 800-234-4797Nov. Conesus Lake Iron Man III www.avonanglers.com

Large Mouth Bass • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •Smallmouth Bass • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Northern Pike • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •Pickerel • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •Walleye • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Muskilunge • • •Tiger Muskie • • •

Coho/Chinook Salmon • • •Landlocked Salmon • • • • • • •

Brown Trout • • • • • • • • • • • • • •LakeTrout • • • • • • • • • •

Rainbow Trout • • • • • • • • • • • • • •Brook Trout • •

Smelt • • • • • • • •Pan Fish • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Carp • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •



















t Bay





































Page 4: New York's Finger Lakes Fishing & Hunting Guide

Lake Ontario, its associated bays andtributaries provide world-class fishing fora variety of game fish. Discounting thestate big fish records that have beenannually trashed over the years, an anglercan expect to catch Chinook Salmon upto 30 pounds, Coho Salmon weighing 8pounds, Lake Trout of 15 pounds,Rainbow/Steelhead and Brown Trout up to20 pounds. Walleye of 10 pounds arecommon. A 12 pound Northern won’t turna head and 6 pound Smallmouth areregularly ignored by most anglers. Throwin an occasional Atlantic Salmon,Largemouth Bass and giant Yellow Perch,and you have an angler’s paradise off theshores of the Finger Lakes region.

1 - Braddock Bay and WildlifeManagement Area - In the spring, BrownTrout, Rainbow Trout, Coho Salmon arefished near shore. Northern Pike,Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass are in

the streams, especially Salmon Creek.

During summer and fall, Largemouth,Northern Pike, Pan Fish, Smallmouth Bassand Yellow Perch are taken just outsidethe bay, while Walleye tend to remain inthe bay.

In fall, Salmon come back into the bayon their way to Salmon Creek. Later, Brownand Rainbow Trout become concentratedin the bay and feeder streams. (see pages26-27)

2 - Irondequoit Bay is more of a lake thanopen bay. Its many coves, drop offs andshallows are great fish habitat.

In spring, large numbers of Rainbowsare in the southern area on their way to, orfrom, Irondequoit Creek. You might alsocatch Browns trolling the western shoreand Salmon are often taken from thenorthern end of the Bay. You will also findTrout and Salmon coming back into the

bay in the fall of the year.

Largemouth fishing is good throughoutthe bay. The shallows in the south endharbor Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Rockand Silver Bass, Bullheads, Crappie andSunfish.

3 - Sodus Bay presents some of the bestyear round fishing on Lake Ontario.Thousands of Chinook Salmon are stockedannually in Sodus Bay. These imprintedfish return in the fall and attempt to spawnin one of the many tributaries entering thebay.

After Labor Day, as the Salmon enterthe bay, they can be fished from the lighthouse pier or from a small boat. Later infall you’ll find them along the shore adjacentto Sodus Creek.

Brown Trout move into the bay in Apriland May with most taken from the westpier or trolling the center section southeast

Lake Ontario


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Call us at 1-800-284-33524

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Page 5: New York's Finger Lakes Fishing & Hunting Guide

of Sand Point. In October, RainbowTrout are also caught off west pierand in the tributaries on egg sacs.

Largemouth Bass fishing is goodall summer and fall in shallow watersaround grassy points and off theislands.

TIP: Don’t overlook dock structures,especially the old trestle.

In early summer, most SmallmouthBass are taken from piers or trollingthrough the channel with crank baitsand hair jigs; soft-shell crabs arealso good. Later in the summer moveyour trolling out in the big lake, workthe rock structure betweenPultneyville and Maxwell Creek.

Rock Bass come in good sizesand numbers in Sodus Bay. Use livebait from ice out to mid June at thepoints of islands and creek mouths.

TIP: A particular hot spot is over asunken pier off the west side ofNewark Island. Perch angling is bestin mid-November in the deep centerof the bay and off islands fishingminnow tipped jigs.

Northern Pike haunt the samehabitats as Largemouth Bass. Inearly season, fish live bait close tobottom at the edges of weed beds,drop-offs and rock piles. Usespinners and live baits with a bobberin summer and fall.

For some of the best Bullheadfishing around, head for the mouthsof streams, muddy water and marshyshorelines after first heavy rain. Thebest area may be off the bay bridgeor the marsh opposite LeRoy Island.

Unparalleled winter ice fishing can

be had for Perch, Pike and Crappie.For Blue Gill, work in 15 feetanywhere. Favored locations are offthe islands, in the south end, and inConnelly’s Cove.

4 - Blind Sodus Bay featuresseasonal Trout and Salmon. Fish forspring Brown and Rainbow Trout byflat line trolling near shore or thebarrier bar until early June.

After Labor Day, barrier bar fishingpicks up again as Chinook Salmonenter the bay through mid-October.The fall concentration of Trout andSalmon along the shore of LakeOntario is tremendous.

The mid-September/October runof Salmon is followed by a Novemberinflux of Browns and Rainbows withsome moving all the way to the southend of the bay and into WolcottCreek.

Spring Bullhead are caught in thechannel. Bass fishing is spectacularin the bay. Work any point jutting intodeep water.

TIP: After July the fish move to shoalsoff the mouth of the bay. This isconsidered some of the best Bassfishing on Lake Ontario.

Large numbers of Rock Bass andCrappie locate around docks andweed lines off rocky points. YellowPerch prefer to be near the lakeshoreor shallows near creek mouths inspring.

By fall, they favor the deepersections of points and drop offs.Largemouth Bass and Northern Pikeare all around the perimeter weedlines, docks and trees.

5 - Lit t le Sodus Bay hasLargemouth Bass in nearly allshallow areas. Northern Pike are alsofound throughout the bay in weedyareas, particularly in the south end.

Brown Trout are easily taken frompiers in the spring and fall.

TIP: Fall is also good for great numbersof Chinook and Coho Salmon as wellas Rainbow Trout taken off piers. Ahot spot can be Sterling Creek.


Roches te r - I rondequo i t - Sodus Po in t - Fa i r Haven





Fair Haven

Sodus PointRochester


Lake OntarioTackle Box:-----------------

Chinook, Coho,Atlantic Salmon Egg Sacs, Spoons,

Flies or Plugs-----------------Lake TroutSpoons andDownriggers

-----------------Rainbow and

Steelhead Trout Egg Sacs, Spoons,

Spinners or Flies-----------------

Northern PikeSpoons, Plugs,

Spinners, Live Bait-----------------

Carp Dough, Canned Corn


Worms, Leeches-----------------Brown Trout

Minnows, Worms,Small Spoons, Plugs

-----------------Largemouth Bass

Minnows, PlasticWorms, Spinner Baits

-----------------Smallmouth BassMinnows, Crayfish,Jigs, Spinners, Plugs


Live bait, Stickbaits-----------------MuskellungePlugs, Spinners,Chubs, Suckers-----------------Yellow PerchSpoons, Grubs,

Minnows, Worms,Small Spinners.


Page 6: New York's Finger Lakes Fishing & Hunting Guide

Physical Features:Elevation: .................818 feetArea: .................. 3,420 acresLength: ......................8 milesMaximum width: ..........1 mileMaximum depth: ........66 feetThermocline: ....about 30 feet

Conesus lake

Public LaunchesConesus Lake Public Boat Launch - East Lake

Rd. (CR6) 4 miles south of Rt. 20A.

Conesus Inlet Wildlife Management Area - OffWest Lake Rd. (Rt. 256), at the southend of the lake.

Pebble Beach - Off Pebble Beach Rd.,northwest corner of the lake.

Sand Point - located off Rt. 20A, north end ofthe lake.

Conesus is a well developed andpopulous lake. From Memorial Dayto Labor Day the best opportunitiesfor visitor fishing are before 9am andafter 4pm. During the other hours, thelake is busy with thousands ofresidents fishing its waters.

Walleyes are very boat shy. Your bestchance for Walleye is to use the LakeErie method of deep running largebilled crank baits 150-200 feet behinda boat off a planer board suspendedin a deep central portion betweenLong and McPherson Points.

When ice forms in the north end,fish for Perch, Pike, Walleye and Bass.

Yellow Perch fishing on the lake issome of the best in the region. OffLong Point and between McPhersenand Old Orchard Points near the boatlaunch site area are the spots duringspring and fall.

TIP: For spring Perch, anchor along theedges of dormant weedbeds and stillfish with worms, grubs or minnows.Using perch r igs (spreaders)increases the catch considerably.

Still fish rocky bottom structure indeep water on the points betweenLong Point and Maple Beach in thesummer. In fall, concentrate in thehole across from Cottonwood Point,the narrows between McPherson and

Long Points and Eagle Point.

Smallmouth Bass are more in themiddle of the lake off structures atOld Orchard, Long and McPhersonPoints in the start of the season. Asearly summer warms the water,smallmouth locate in the deep water,deep weed lines and rocky ledgesoff points. Fly fishing can be veryeffective near shore in shallow water.Most of the best habitat is on thelower end on the west side alongpoints from Long Point to MapleBeach. By late August, work the endof the points. October throughNovember, fish over deep bottomstructure.

Northern Pike are well distributedthroughout the lake and are especiallygood in the extreme north and southends. Also try the Cove betweenMcPherson and Old Orchard Pointsand between Long Point and thesouth side of Cottonwood Point. MostNorthern Pike are caught in less than30 feet of water on this lake.

The majority of northerns spawnin Conesus Inlet Wildlife ManagementArea, so concentrate your earlyseason action there. When they moveto the flats, drift the bait slowly closeto the bottom. After May, use a bobberto keep the bait off bottom.

TIP: TROPHY PIKE from 25 to 30 inchesare often landed from weed bedsnorth and south of Cottonwood Pointespecially in fall. Use large bait like a12 inch sucker fished below a slipbobber.

During summer, troll in and out ofweed lines using a short wire leaderto keep the razor sharp teeth frombiting through the line. In winter, workshallow, weedy bays in the north andsouth ends or through the ice.

Largemouth Bass are prevalent inthe north end weed beds and taketraditional baits on any given morning,especially at sunrise.

July through September, fan castor troll the well defined weed bedsaround McPherson and Old OrchardPoints. The clear water requires smallbait and tackle along the inside edgeof weed beds or around docks at daybreak. At daybreak or sunset, castbuzzbaits just over the weeds.

TIP: When water cools down switch tosmaller jigs with a minnow or porkrind - slower fish slower retrieve. Stillfishing live baits like small minnowsunder a bobber or a jig are moreeffective at this time.

Conesus LakeTackle Box

WalleyesDeep Running LargeBilled Crank Baits,Fathead Minnows,

Golden Shiners.


Yellow PerchPerch Rigs, Crayfish,Minnows, Small Jigstipped w/minnows,




Crankbait Jigs,Bucktails,

Mr. Twister, Flies,Crayfish, Minnows,



Northern PikeShiners, Large

Chubbs & Suckers,Spinners tipped

w/Minnows, SilverFlat Fish, Crank Baits,

Large Spoons



Plastic Worms,Spinner Baits, Plastic

Grubs & Jigs,Shallow Crank Baits,Surface Lures, Mr.

Twister Tails,Buzzbaits Minnows.

6 call us at 1-800-284-3352





Page 7: New York's Finger Lakes Fishing & Hunting Guide

Hemlock lakeElevation: .................905 feetArea: ..................1,800 acresLength: ......................7 milesMax. width: ...............0.5 mileMax. depth: ................91 feetThermocline: ....about 30 feet

Located in southeast LivingstonCounty, Hemlock is one of the twoFinger Lakes whose shorelines arevirtually undeveloped.

Special Regulations - Recreationaluse of Hemlock Lake is regulated bythe City of Rochester WaterDepartment. Fishing and boating areallowed by permit only. Boats maynot exceed 16 feet in length andmotors may not exceed 10 h.p.Annual permits can be obtained freeof charge from a self-service boothat the north end of the lake or bysending a self addressed, stampedenvelope to City of Rochester,Watershed Permit, 7412 Rix Hill Rd.,Hemlock, NY 14466.

Lake Trout, Brown Trout, RainbowTrout and Landlocked Salmon maybe taken year-round. Please checkyour NYS Fishing Regulations Guidefor size and bag limits.

Trout and Salmon - Plentiful foragemeans Lake Trout grow fast and large.A six year old Lake Trout can average10 pounds, but being well fed meansthey’re more difficult to catch. BrownTrout run from 3 to 8 lbs. and aretaken more often here.

For spring and fall Lakers, trolllong lines off a planer board usinglittle cleos, rapalas, rebels, or castcut smelt using a slip sinker to bottom.

SPRING TIP: For Browns and Rainbows,slow drift along shore using a smalljig with a minnow along the bottom.

There’s an excellent Rainbow runin Springwater Creek – see below.

Into summer, move to deep waterfishing below the thermocline usingdownrigger or lead coreline. Then, inlate summer, move back to theshallow water. Even worms catchTrout in this water.

SUMMER TROUT TIP: For shallowfishing, long leaders and light lineson planer boards increase the catchrate. A variety of stick baits like rapalain black, silver, orange and gold aresuccessful. Silver spoons or littlecleos also will bring them in.

Ice fishing means tip ups withminnows, jigging lures in the southend.

Chain Pickerel can be found in anyweed beds, especially in the southernend. June – August work outside theweed lines. In fall, recommended livebaits include small suckers, shinersand minnows. Best lures for fall arespinner baits.

In winter ice over, fishing forPickerel and Northern Pike is best atthe south end on live minnows,chubbs and small suckers.

Largemouth Bass average 2 lbs.and are limited to weed growth. Mostare taken from the extensive weedbed at the south end.

HOT SPOT: In the south end, look for theold submerged creek bed and fishdeep diving crank baits, plastic wormsand bucktail jigs with Mr. TwisterTails.

While Mission Point is particularlygood, rocky points and drop offs oneither side are also worthwhile.

For Smallmouth and Rock Bassstart with the points on the northwestside. Then, go to any rocky point orledge. If you find rubble at the mouthsof feeder streams, drift over the sitecasting jigs. After that, switch to deepdiving crank baits.

TIP: Live bait along shore structure iscapable of catching just abouteverything including Bass, Trout,Perch and other Pan Fish.

Springwater Creek has excellentwater quality. Fishing is allowed fromKellogg Road to Hemlock Lake, butyou still need a permit from Rochester.The early spring and fall spawningruns are most productive for RainbowTrout fishing egg sacs. The averageRainbow is 3-4 years old and weighsless than 2 pounds. Older specimensof up to 10 pounds are occasionallytaken at Springwater Creek Inlet.

Public AccessNortheast corner of the lake, off Rix

Road, and at the southeast corneroff Rt. 15A. Access is by permitonly. Both unimproved accesspoints have gravel ramps.

Hemlock LakeTackle Box

Trout & SalmonLittle Cleos, Sliver

Spoons, Rapalas,

Rebels, Smelt,

Small Jig

w/Minnow, Egg

Sacs, Worms


Chain PickerelSpinner Baits,

Crankbaits, Silver

& Blue Flatfish,

Small Suckers,

Shiners, Minnows,




Diving Crank Baits,

Plastic Worms,

Bucktail Jigs,

Mr. Twister Tails,

Shelled Crayfish,



Smallmouth &Rock Bass

Bugtail Jigs, Black,

Yellow & White Mr.

Twister Tails, Diving

Crank Baits

www.fingerlakes.org 7



Page 8: New York's Finger Lakes Fishing & Hunting Guide

Elevation: ..............1096 feetArea: ....................649 acresLength: .....................3 milesMaximum width: ......0.3 mileMaximum depth: .......95 feetThermocline: about ...30 feet

Canadice Lake

The smallest of the Finger Lakes,Canadice Lake’s undeveloped,beautifully wooded shores andhillsides provide an unspoiledwilderness setting. It is steep sidedwith weed beds at each end andlarger coves on the east side. Withthe highest elevation of the 11 FingerLakes, it freezes before the others.

Special Regulations - Recreationaluse of Canadice Lake is regulatedby the City of Rochester WaterDepartment. Fishing and boating isallowed by permit only. No swimmingor bathing. Boats may not exceed 16feet in length and motors may notexceed 10 h.p.

Annual permits can be obtainedfree of charge from a self-servicebooth at the north end of nearbyHemlock Lake or by sending a selfaddressed, stamped envelope to Cityof Rochester, Watershed Permit, 7412Rix Hill Rd., Hemlock, NY 14466.

Lake Trout run bigger here andaverage 5 lbs. with 10 pounders notunusual. Since there are no tributaries,Browns and Rainbows are stockedand found along shore looking for thewarmest water.

During spring and fall, all troutspecies are in relatively shallow waterand are vulnerable to surface trolling.

Shoreline fishing is successful withlive bait fished on the bottom with aslip sinker. Flat line trolling with rapalasand silver spoons is also worthwhile.

SUMMER TIP: Trout concentrate in anarrow band between oxygen poorbottom and warm top layer. The fishare easy to catch on downriggers orstill fishing when you find the properdepth.

In fall, work the loose gravel andrubble areas for Rainbows andBrowns. In winter, ice fish tip ups withminnows and Swedish pimples andsmall jigging rapalas.

Rock Bass are the most populousBass in the lake and run larger thanin other Finger Lakes. A good startingpoint is the large gravel cobblestonebars and trees on west side. Then,work rocky points along the east side.

Smallmouth Bass are caught insome of the same places as RockBass, in the central section of thewestern shore and just south of theboat launch. In the shallow water ofearly summer, use surface lures,spinners and dry flies. When the Basshead out into the lake in summer, usedeep diving crank baits. Fly fishingalong deep weed lines, rocky ledgesand over rocky points will also landsome fish.

TIP: Fan casting for Smallmouth Bass orRock Bass is more productive thantrolling. Hot spots are the isolatedgravel bars and rocky points.

Largemouth Bass are uncommonand limited to the northwest corner.They are also occasionally found inthe southeast corner near tree stumpsand larger weed beds.

Chain Pickerel are wherever theweeds are all season long. Castspinner baits, twister tails or hula skirtsin spring and fall, or use deep divingcrank baits along deep weed lines.

In January, limited catches throughthe ice are common. Fish over weedbeds at the south end using standardtip ups baited with shiners.




e La

ke R


Call us at 1-800-284-3352

Access is by special permit only.

East side near the intersection ofCanadice Road and Birch HillRoad.

Other informal access points alongthe east shore are suitable forcartop boats, shore fishingand ice fishing.

CanadiceLake Tackle


Rainbow, Brown

& Lake Trout

Minnows w/Slip

Sinker, Egg Sacs,

Rapalas, Silver

Spoons, Swedish



Rock Bass


Leeches, Crayfish,

Small Spinners,

Colored Jigs


Smallmouth Bass

Surface Lures,

Spinners, Dry Flies,

Diving Crank Baits


Chain Pickerel

Spinner Baits, Twister

Tails, Hula Skirts,

Diving Crank Baits,

Shiners, Chubs,


Page 9: New York's Finger Lakes Fishing & Hunting Guide

Honeoy e LakeElevation: ........804 feetArea: ........1,772 acresLength: .........4.5 milesMax. width: ....0.8 mileMax. depth: .....30 feet



The second smallest Finger Lake,Honeoye is highly developed. Therelatively shallow depth of 30 feet andweeds in all water under 15 feetprovide exceptional habitat forWalleye, Bass, Pickerel and Pan Fish.

Larg emouth Bass - S inceLargemouth are well distributedthroughout this lake, trolling to covermore territory in finding them makesthe best sense. In the spring, fishweedy areas in shallow water trollingalong the weed lines with rapalas orshallow running crank baits.

Later during summer, a hot spotdevelops just north of Log Cabin Point.Whip surface plugs, buzz bait orspinner baits across the opening ofweed beds in the morning. In theafternoon, pitch plastic worms into theopenings and allow the lure to flutterto the bottom. Winter ice fishing isbest off California Point where youcan expect to catch Perch, Crappieand Walleye.

TIP: In the fal l , when the watertemperature gets below 55 degrees,Largemouth become lethargic, so fishlive minnows with a bobber or veryslowly worked jigs.

Smallmouth Bass habitat is limitedto gravel bottom areas or points,especially north of the state boat


HOT SPOT: For Smallmouth and all otherfish in this water, work the bottomstructure around California Point.

Summer fishing means workingspinner baits and surface lures inshallow water from 6 to 9am. Byafternoon, move to deeper water overweed lines and rocky outcroppings.Fish deep diving crank baits, jigs orlive bait close to the bottom. By fall,Smallmouth disburse to deep water.Use live baits, chubbs, shiners, waterdogs along weed lines and gravelbeds to lure them in.

Walleye are described as “elusive”but very good in Honeoye. The besttime to catch them in May is by nighttrolling Rapala and Rebel stickbaitsin shallow water in the southern endof the lake. During summer, goodstarting points are in the south end atLog Cabin Point and trolling the centerof the lake fishing close to the bottom.

Later in the season, fish deeperwater at night with bait walkers or dragsinkers and worms or leeches. Duringthe day, use downriggers and slowtrolled stickbaits.

Chain Pickerel are also widelydistributed and found in the sameareas as Largemouth Bass. Start inflats and the backsides of bays on

the southern end using spinners andfluttering spoons. Fly fishing isproductive during the early season.Work weed lines and over the tops ofweed beds with live bait, floatingrapalas, silver flat fish, and weedlesslures. In winter, Pickerel are all overthe lake and taken through the ice onlive bait.

The Yellow Perch population isexcellent. During spring, fish off edgesof dormant weed beds or still fish withworms, grubs and minnows as wellas small brown jigs.

In summer, they’re in the centralportion, the drop off at California Pointand gravel beds. Live bait is the orderof the day with worms, small crayfish,minnows or jigs tipped with minnows.

Fall means fishing the deepest waterclose to the bottom with minnowsacross from California Point.

TIP: For quantity fishing during winter,the hot spot is through the ice at LogCabin Point.

If you’re interested in larger (butfewer) Perch, set up with standardhard water jigs, tipped with mousiegrubs, perch eyes or leaf grubs offCalifornia Point.

Public LaunchesPublic Boat Launch-

Southeast corneroff East Lake Rd.

Sandy Bottom Beach -off Sandy BottomRd., Northwestcorner of the lake

Honeye LakeTackle Box

Largemouth Bass

Rapalas, Shallow

Crank Baits, Surface

Plugs, Buzz Bait,

Spinner Baits, Plastic

Worms, Live Minnows

w/Bobber, Slowly

Worked Jigs


Smallmouth BassSpinner Baits, Surface

Lures, Diving Crank

Baits, Jigs, Chubbs



WalleyeRapala & Rebel Stick

Baits, Bait Walkers,

Drag Sinkers, Worms,



Chain PickerelSpinners, Fluttering

Spoons, Flies, Floating

Rapalas, Silver Flat

Fish, Weedless Lures.


Yellow PerchWorms, Grubs,

Minnows, Perch Eyes,

Small Jigs, Small




E. L



Page 10: New York's Finger Lakes Fishing & Hunting Guide

The fourth largest of the Finger Lakes,Canandaigua means “The Chosen Place”as named by the Native Americans.

Unique features include a greatholding area for fish, especially Trout, atthe south end where there’s a drop offstraight across the lake from Coise Pointto Woodville and White Rock.

Smallmouth Bass fishing is substantialand they’re well distributed throughout thelake. Canandaigua Lake Smallmouthaverage 1 to 3 pounds but 7 poundersare also caught each year. Look for themnear deep drop-offs strewn with rock andrubble all along most points on the eastand west shores plus Squaw Island andthe pump house.

By June, the fishery moves fromstructure out deeper to where shallowsmeet dropoffs for spawning concentratedat 15 - 20 feet. Continue fishing off SquawIsland, the rocky ledges south of LongPoint (high banks), above and below WhiteRock, the south side of Seneca Point andthe rock bottom cover just north of OtetianaPoint. Fish the shore there down to DeepRun Park, particularly around StoneyIsland.

After June, spawning Smallmouthhead for deeper water. While some willdisburse over the thermocline, others will

hang around weed bed lines under rockypoints or ledges such as Otetiana Pointand Deep Run Park, as well as the weedbeds in the south end. During fall,Smallmouth are found in similar areas tospring, especially the ledges along HighBanks. White Rock, Granger Point andCook Point hold largest numbers of fallBass.

Lake Trout are the most abundant speciesin the lake and maintained totally throughstocking. The average Laker goes 21inches and from 3.5 lbs. to as much as 15lbs. Starting in March, Lake Trout are closeto shore and near the mouths of flowingtributaries such as Seneca, Menteth,Tichenor and Willow Grove Points.

HOT SPOT: For spring Lakers, fish just out fromWhite Rock in the south end.

Trout leave the shallows in mid-Juneand head for just under the thermoclinein the deep center of the lake. From earlyJuly to early September, downriggingworks best.

Night fishing is also popular in summer.Hang a dim lantern over edge of boat toattract bait. The Trout will follow them andtake saw bellies fished at 50-70 feet.

Fishing slows for spawning during lateSeptember – October. Then, it picks upand runs well into January with very large

catches in deep water to 150 feet. OnandaPark not only has winter access, it alsooffers the best shore fishing on the lake.

TIP: On hooking and landing Trout. The Trout doesn’tswallow bait until after it has run with it. Don’ttry to set the hook at first. Wait for the run andstop - set hook when he wants to run again andland him for sure.

Brown Trout average about 3 poundswith 10 pounders taken here every year.The temperature oriented Brown Trout arecaught in spring and fall at the water flumesof tributaries.

In early May through June, they’renear shore in shallow water. Try trollingspoons on the east side starting frombetween White Rock and Whiskey Point.Fish along shore from sunrise until the suncomes up over the hills. You can alsocatch Browns from shore in Canandaiguaon live bait in spring.

Late spring, take them off the bar atsouthern end trolling parallel to weed bedsat the drop off. Fair mornings, fly fishermenusing large streamers are also successfulat the south end of the lake.

After fishing slows in the summer,Brown Trout fishing picks up in late Octoberespecially at the two outlet dams at thenorth end.

Canandaigua Lake

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Elevation: ........................ 688 feetArea: ....................... 10,558 acresLength: ....................... 15.5 milesMaximum width: ................ .5 mileMaximum depth: ............. 276 feetThermocline: ........... about 35 feet

If the lake freezes, Browns aretaken through the ice on tip ups baitedwith minnows just 2 to 4 feet below thesurface.

Largemouth Bass average 1.5 lbs.and get to be 6 lbs. in this water. Themajority are found in large weed bedsin the south end. They are also takenin bays off Vine Valley and CottageCity.

In late spring and early summer,fish the shallow water along weed linesor other structures, especially theshallow portions of the south end orthe mouth of West River. In summer,continue to fish the weed lines or underthe hundreds of docks along shore.

When the bass go deeper duringfall, use smaller lures and slowerretrieve spinner baits, deep divingcrank baits, along deep weed lines.

Rainbow Trout - Spring featurestremendous runs from Naples Creek(see pages 26-27) and outflows ofseveral other tributaries includingMenteth, Tichenor, Walton, Cook andSeneca Points using spinner gear orfly fishing.They are also taken withBrowns off the bar in the southern end.

Dur ing summer, Rainbowsdisburse but are likely to be caughtfrom Long Point to Cottage City. FromJune to August, night fishing is goodadjacent to the deep water off Mentethor Seneca Points from sundown tosunrise.

During fall, troll with downriggersor Seth Green rigs on west sidebetween Menteth and Black Points.

Pickerel average 4-5 lbs. and are inthe south end off weed beds. Look forPerch around Squaw and StoneyIslands as well as High Banks,especially in fall. You’ll also catchSmallmouth, Perch, Largemouth andPickerel (south only) in the weed bedsat each end of the lake.

Bluegills and Pumpkinseeds locatein coves in the south end. Early springBullheads and Black Crappie arelocated at the mouths of Sucker Brookand West River.

C a n a n d a i g u a , Na p l e s


Public LaunchesCanandaigua Lake State Marine

Park- Off Rts. 5 and 20 in thecity of Canandaigua.

Woodville- Rt. 21, north of Naples

West River- Hand launch off Rt.245, Sunnyside Rd.

Onanda- West Lake Rd.,restricted to winter launching.

Smallmouth BassJigs, Crankbaits, Mr. Twister Tails,Worms, Crayfish,



Lake TroutSmelt, Frozen

Sawbellies, LightFlutter Spoons,

Seth Green Rigs,Hemlock Spinner


Brown TroutHemlock Spinners

w/Smelt or SawbellySilver Spoons orSpinners, LargeStreamers andTandem Hooks,Rapalas or Silver



Largemouth BassSpinners, SafetypinSpinnerbaits, PlasticWorms, Crankbaits,Weedless Worms,

Buzzbaits, Jigs w/Mr.Twister Tails

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Rainbow TroutSmall Rebels,

Rapalas, MeppsSpinners, Streamers,Sawbellies, Egg Sacs,

Worms, Flies

- - - - - - - - - - - -

PickerelMepps Spinners,


- - - - - - - - - - - -

Pan FishSmall Jigs, Mr. Twister

Tails, Minnows,Worms




Canandaigua 5&20




Page 12: New York's Finger Lakes Fishing & Hunting Guide

Keuka Lake is the third largest of the FingerLakes. Its ‘Y’ shape provides nearly 60miles of shoreline, although the lake is just22 miles in length. Steep sided shorelinemakes superior habitat for Smallmouthand Largemouth Bass and Perch. Its depthalso provides a dynamic habitat for theTrout and Salmon species. Weekendanglers get their serious fishing in before11am and after 4pm, leaving the middayclear for recreational boaters.

The Keuka Lake Trout population issuppl ied total ly through naturalreproduction. Lakers average 3.5 poundswith 14 pound catches possible each year.Start fishing the shallows of tributaries ofKeuka Lake on April 1st at Cold Brook,Sugar Creek and the Keuka Lake Outlet.As the season progresses, Lake Troutmove to deeper water just off Bluff Pointremaining there through the summer.

TIP: A summer hotspot for Lake Trout is the trianglearea between Bluff and Marlena Points andHarbor Lights Marina. Use downriggers orsawbellies off the bottom to the thermocline at40 to 70 feet down.

Night fishing for Lake Trout is popularoff Bluff Point with Sutton spoons, bait andartificial lures working equally well. Duringspawning in mid to late November, LakeTrout can be found off nearly all majorpoints in 30 to 40 feet of water. Over the

winter months, the Trout will follow theavailable baitfish heading toward thesouthern end.

Brown Trout on Keuka Lake average 3lbs. with record catches up to 23 lbs.Essentially, Browns are known as a springand fall fishery here. In spring and earlysummer, troll close to the shoreline withany of a variety of lures. Work the warmeroutflow of tributaries, such as the KeukaInlet and Kendall Point, with jigs, spoonsand sawbellies and you’ll pick up aLandlocked Salmon as well. Come fall,shore fish from the wall in Hammondsport.

Rainbow Trout average just under 3pounds with record catches of 21 pounds.Rainbows are found in the same hauntsas Browns. In early April, fish the warmoutflow of feeder creeks and the mouthsof the Keuka Inlet, Guyanoga Creek andthe Kendall Power Plant.

During September, fish close to shoreoff points in the south end, especially theKeuka Inlet. During winter, if you can geta boat out, the fishing is described as abonanza for all Salmonids at the southernend.

Landlocked Salmon follow similarpatterns to other Salmonids. In early springthey’re caught at the mouths of streams,particularly the Keuka Inlet and KendallPoint, flowing into the lake. Landlocks are

close to shore in spring and can be takenfrom the walls in either Hammondsport orthe Keuka Lake State Park. Also try trollingjust below the surface.

By September, it’s back to the shallowsat the mouths of larger streams lookingfor bait fish. Then during winter, you cantake them from the Hammondsport wall.

Northern Pike are in weed bedsnear Branchpor t, Penn Yan andHammondsport. Early spring is time forBullhead in the Keuka Inlet, GuyanogaCreek, the marshes in Penn Yan andKendall Power Plant.

Smallmouth Bass average 12 to 14inches in length and weigh from 3 to 5 lbs.They spawn in mid-June and are mostavailable from opening day, the thirdSaturday in June, to mid-July.

Start by casting in shallow water offrock rubble near Willow Grove, KeukaCollege, Bluff Point, Eggleston andMarilena Points. In the south arm, tryUrbana and Willow Points first.

Summer Smallmouth fishing is bestafter sundown. They go into shallows toeat crayfish and you can catch them nearthe dropoffs found in the Hammondsportarea and Bluff Point.

During the winter, start fishing theledges near dropoffs, rubble slopes offshoreline and points. Close to the bottomaround Bluff Point works well throughoutthe winter. If ice occurs Smallmouth canbe caught (along with Perch) through theice at the north end, especially on thePenn Yan side.

Yellow Perch are present during earlyspring until mid-April in shallow waterswhere they spawn and Keuka has manygood grounds. For shallow flats adjacentto deep water of 45 to 50 degrees start inthe Penn Yan branch south of KeukaCollege, Camp Iroquois, or Willow Grove.

In summer, you have your best chancefishing in 40 to 50 feet of water off BluffPoint and between Elms and Willow Points.In winter, fish the same locations asSmallmouth Bass using minnows throughthe ice or from the boat.

Pike and Pickerel are limited to

Keuka Lake P e n n Y a n , B r a n c h p o r t , B l u f f P o i n t

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Page 13: New York's Finger Lakes Fishing & Hunting Guide

Keuka LakeTackle Box---------------Lake Trout

Alewives, Sawbellies,

Smelt, Spoons, Peanut

Plugs, Flatfish,


---------------Brown Trout &


Tandem Hooks,

Streamers, Pimples,

Rapalas, Silver or

White Spoons, Jigs,

Worms, Minnows.

Golden Shiners

---------------Rainbow Trout

Rapalas, Rebels, Silver

Spoons, Worms,

Minnows, Egg Sacs


BassCrank Baits, Deerhair

Jigs, Mr. Twister Tails,

Slab Spoons, Stick

Baits, Crayfish,



BassJig n’ Pigs, Small Safety

Pin Spinners, Shallow

and Deep Diving

Crank Baits,

Spinner Baits.

---------------Pike & Pickerel

Spinner Baits,

Plastic Worms,

Top Water Plugs

---------------Yellow Perch

Slab Spoons, Deer

Hair Jigs, Mister

Twister Tails, Worms,

Crayfish, Minnows,

Oak Leaf Grubs.

Elevation: .......................715 feet

Area: ......................11,584 acres

Length: .........................22 miles

Maximum width: ..........1.9 miles

Maximum depth: ...........183 feet

Thermocline: between 30 - 35 feet

P e n n Y a n , B r a n c h p o r t , B l u f f P o i n t , H a m m o n d s p o r t







shallow weed areas inthe north ends and, toa lesser degree, in the south. Abundantpan fish of Rock Bass, Crappie andspring Bullhead are caught in themuddy wash of tributaries. In the winterthey are best found in the Penn Yanbranch, but have the same summerhaunts as Largemouth Bass.

Largemouth Bass are in manylocations, particularly large weed bedsnear Branchport and Penn Yan. Thereare a few in the narrow band of weedbeds in the south end off ChamplainBeach. Also, check out Brandy Bay.You can also try skipping jig n’ pigsunder the hundreds of boat docksalong the shores.

The quieter early morning, eveningand night times are the best fishingespecially, in the Penn Yan branchnorth of Keuka College and WillowGrove. July through September workthe edge of weed beds and in fall, fishnear dropoffs and deeper weed lines.Winter fishing is good in water orthrough the ice in the Penn Yan branchor shallow bay off Branchport.


Keuka Lake Inlet (Cold Brook) is verygood seasonal water for Rainbow,Brown Trout, Smelt and Bullhead. Thebig April spring run for adult Rainbowsis productive all along the stream and

especially good along diggers built toprevent erosion. Good spring Bullheadis found in lower reaches and fairlyaccessible all along the stream.

Guyanoga Creek (Sugar Creek) flowsout from the western branch of the lakenear Branchport with seasonal fishingduring spring. A good run of KeukaLake Rainbow Trout happens hereeach spring. The location is locallypopular during the first two weeks ofthe season and the fishing outlasts thecrowds. Try for Bullheads in the lowerreach. The stream is good to midNovember depending on rainfall. Fallfishing is restricted from the mouth toRt. 54A.

Keuka Lake Outlet flows from thePenn Yan branch as an 8 mile streamto Seneca Lake at Dresden. It’s a veryscenic waterway and is used toregulate the level of Keuka Lake. Smallpools and wide-open shores make flyfishing possible. There are SenecaLake Rainbow Trout below the set offalls about midway down during spring.

The lower reaches also haveSmallmouth Bass during season. Theelectric plant in Dresden attracts Large-and Smallmouth Bass, Bullhead andYellow Perch. Above the Cascade Fallsis a great spot for stocked Brown Trout.Accessibility to the stream isn’t anissue with a hiking trail and parkingareas along its entire length.


Public LaunchesKeuka Lake State Park

Off Rt. 54A just east of Branchport (fee)

Village of Penn Yan Site - Off Rt.14A on Keuka St.

Guyanoga Creek Site - Rt. 54Abridge at Branchport north ofthe lake.

Keuka Village, Rt. 54

Jake’s Boat Livery, Rt. 54A (fee)

Harbor Lights Marina, Rt. 54A (fee)


Penn Yan







Page 14: New York's Finger Lakes Fishing & Hunting Guide

At over 600 feet in depth, Seneca Lake isthe deepest of the Finger Lakes. It offers awide diversity of fishing from Trout andSalmon to scrappy Sunfish. It is most notedfor its Lake Trout. The Seneca Strain of LakeTrout is the brood stock for the rest of theFinger Lakes and the majority of Lake Troutstocked in Lake Ontario.

For nearly 40 years, each Memorial Dayweekend, over 2,000 anglers compete inthe annual Lake Trout Derby. Cash prizesin Lake, Brown and Rainbow Trout total over$29,000.

DEC fishing diary data shows the averageSeneca Lake Salmonids will tip the scalesat 3.8 lbs. for Lake Trout, 3 lbs. for Rainbows,4.4 lbs. for Brown Trout and 2.4 lbs. forLandlocked Salmon.

Lake Trout - Starting in April, Lake Troutsearch the shallows for smelt, alewives andsculpin also known as tomcats. While LakeTrout are near shore during spring and fall,anglers may find success by fishing asawbelly on an English hook weighted downwith a slip sinker. Casting silver spoons andyellow Rooster Tail spinners while using aslow retrieve has proven very effective atthe north end of the lake in fall of the year.

From mid-June to late-September summerLake Trout fishing is dictated by thethermocline, an abrupt change in watertemperature between the colder oxygen-

poor water and the upper warmer layer.Lake Trout prefer to suspend in or just belowthe thermocline while other salmonids oftenswim just above it. Using multiple luresystems such as downriggers set at andabove the thermocline or the multi leaderSeth Green rigs, anglers have been knownto catch different species at the same time.

TIP: In summer, when in doubt, fish a depth of90 feet for Lakers. Use sawbellies or trollwith downriggers and silver-plated Suttonspoons.

HOT SPOT for lunkers: near the steep contourssouth of Hector Falls in the southeast partof the lake. Also try downrigging thethermocline in the deep water off Lodi,Sampson and Kashong Points for betterthan average sized Lakers.

A hot spot anytime of year is the "BelhurstHole" off the west side, south of Geneva,just out from Belhurst Castle Restaurant.Still fishing with a live sawbelly or trollingspoons close to the bottom works well there.

During September and October, Lakersconcentrate on the east side from Valois toPeach Orchard Point and on the west sidefrom Starkey to Glenora. Beginning inDecember, many Lake Trout are in the northend, particularly near Glass Factory Baysouth of Geneva.

Rainbow Trout reproduce naturally with thelargest numbers coming from CatharineCreek at the south end of Seneca Lake.(See Pages 26-27 for details) Other streamswhich offer smaller runs of Rainbows includeKeuka Lake Outlet, Lodi Creek, Hector FallsCreek, and Indian Creek.

In April, the streams are your best chancefor a lunker and egg sacs are the preferredbait. As the Rainbows move back to thelake, fish the upper column of water, nomore than 30 feet deep but trolling smallsilver lures at a speed of 2.2 mph or faster.The use of planer boards is particularlyproductive in the early spring.

Come September, Rainbows return offthe mouths of streams, and in October theymay run up stream again. While the fishingis not as plentiful as spring, it is veryproductive and you're likely to have a largesection of the stream to yourself until theseason closes December 31.

Brown Trout seek the warmest water theycan find in the early spring. This is a boonfor shoreline anglers. A productive fisherycan be found off Clute Park at Watkins Glenon live bait. Local wisdom says, if you'renot getting bites there, then find the bait offone of the tributaries.

You may also find Brown Trout in thespring off Lodi Point and the Seneca LakeState Park seawall in Geneva. Small spoonsin silver and silver/blue/orange combinationcolors will work well. As the Browns moveoff shore, begin trolling the upper layer ofwater with stick baits off planer boards orflat line your lures with very long leaders.

In October and November, the BrownTrout tend to return to shallow water wherethey were stocked off Severne Point, Lodiand Sampson. At this time, troll as close toshore as possible with minnow imitationlures.

Smallmouth Bass are found in the rockrubble habitat on either side of the lake.Drift fishing with crayfish along thesehabitats is a favored way of catching thesefish. Favored locations are High Banks toSampson, Willard on the east side andKashong and Dresden on the west side.Light line and tackle to avoid spooking thefish will be needed in the ultra-clear water.

Seneca Lake G e n e v a - D r e s d e n - W a t k i n s G l e n - H e c t o r - O v i d

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Page 15: New York's Finger Lakes Fishing & Hunting Guide

G e n e v a - D r e s d e n - W a t k i n s G l e n - H e c t o r - O v i d

TIP: Use buoy markers to locate the rubbleareas where these fish lurk and getyour offering on the bottom. Duringthe summer, daytime fishing slows,early morning and evening low lightwil l produce Smallmouth Bass.

Drifting crayfish or fathead minnows18 to 30 feet deep for Smallmouth mayalso hook a Perch or Northern Pike.

Largemouth Bass are less commonin Seneca than other species. Theylike weed beds found off Dresden Bayand Glass Factory Bay. For the bestLargemouth fishing try waters of theBarge Canal at Watkins Glen and theCayuga-Seneca Canal, at the northend.

During summer, try casting underany docks at dusk and dawn. In fallgo to the deepest weed lines you canfind and use smaller spinner and deepdiving crank baits.

TIP: Colder water slows the movementand reaction time of the fish. Useslower retrieves to give them thechance to notice and hit at the lure.

Northern Pike are best at thebeginning of the season in thesoutheast corner of the lake. When theseason opens, fish near the bottomalong the edges of weeds. Live baitfished under a bobber is veryproductive for Northern Pike as wellas large crank baits.

TIP: Northerns are easily spooked, stayback from the weed lines to avoidscaring them off. If you're after reallybig Pike, fish with big bait such as a10 inch sucker and a slip sinker.

Fishing the outer edges of weedlines and over submerged weed bedswith large spoons such as the classicred and white Daredevil, crank baitsor large flat fish may boat a trophyNorthern.

During winter, work the extremenorthern end through the ice (if any)or cast from shore in the centralportions such as Starkey Point andeither side of Valois.

Yellow Perch - Seneca is one of NewYork State's best lakes for Yellow Perch.One and two pound Perch arecommon. The season fishing starts inMarch as the Perch move into theshallows to spawn. Best bets for bothspring and fall Perch are in the weedlines off Dresden, Pontious Point, LongPoint and High Banks, Kashong andMellon's Coves.

TIP: Perch travel in schools. If you don'tget a bite in reasonable time, move toa different location. If they are smallfish, move again. Approach the areaquietly. The most successful anglersuse an electric motor to move in thefinal 20 yards. Anchor or drift in 15 to30 feet of water outside the weed linesand be sure to use light line and tackle.

Like most species, Perch move todeeper water during the summer. Fishthe same areas but not as deep as 50to 60 feet. They will move up the pointsat dusk and dawn.

Brown Bullheads are most oftencaught during March and April instained waters at the mouth of thecanals at each end of the lake.

Public Launches1-Seneca Lake State Park -

On Rts. 5 and 20 and96A at the City of Geneva.

2-Geneva Chamber ofCommerce - In Geneva onRts. 5 and 20. Free.

3-Sampson State Park - On Rt. 96A, 12 milessouth of the City of Geneva. (Park fee)

4-Lodi Point State Marine Park - Off CountyRd. 136, west of the Village of Lodi. (Parkfee)

5-Severne Point - Located on Severne PointRd., off Rt. 14, 8 miles south of Dresden.

6-Smith Memorial Park - Located off Rt. 414at Hector. Dirt and gravel launch; steep dirtaccess road; launching of boats notrecommended; (fee) Winter launchingpossible.

7-Watkins Glen - Located off Rt. 414 on thecanal portion of Catharine Creek.

Elevation: ........................445 feetArea: ........................43,343 acresLength: ............................38 milesMaximum width: ...approx 3 milesMaximum depth: .............618 feetThermocline: ...........60 to 125 feet

Seneca LakeTackle Box

Lake TroutSculpin, SawbellyRapalas, Silver

Spoons, RoostertailSpinners, Flutter

Spoons, HemlockSpinners,

Downriggers or SethGreen Rigs

---------------------Rainbow Trout

Worms, Minnows,Egg Sacs,

Rapalas, Spoons &Stickbaits

---------------------Brown TroutSawbellies,

Smelt, Sculpin, Hemlock Spinners,Raplala off Planer

Board, Rebel orRapala Minnow

Imitations---------------------Smallmouth Bass

Night Crawlers, SoftShell Crabs,

Flathead Minnows,Crank Baits, Deerhair

& Lead Head Jigs,Mister Twister Tails.---------------------Largemouth BassSmall Spinners &

Spinnerbaits, ShallowCrankbaits, Jigs with

Mr. Twister Tails orPlastic Worms

---------------------Northern Pike

Shiner, Sucker orChubb & Slip Sinker.

Rapala & RebelMinnow Plugs,Spinner Baits

w/minnow. DaredevilCrankbaits & Large

Silver Flatfish---------------------

Yellow PerchDeerhair Jigs, Jigs

Tipped with MinnowsOakleaf Grubs, Mealy

Worms or Spikes.








Photos this page by Jack Kidd








Page 16: New York's Finger Lakes Fishing & Hunting Guide

Though not the deepest, Cayuga Lake isthe longest of the Finger Lakes. Thecombination of nearly a quarter of the lakein shallows and deep water provides habitatfor the greatest fishing diversity in the region.

Access is excellent and professionaltournament fishing for Largemouth Bass isthe rule on weekends. For fun, there’s aSeneca Falls International Carp Derby inJune with 30 lb. winners.

Lake Trout angling heats up in April atshoreline fishing hot spots between Canogaand Sheldrake Point, off Myers Point,Taughannock Falls State Park, and the areanorth of Sovocool Point (formerly MillikenStation). Still fishing or casting silver spoonsor white hair jigs are popular methods. Deeptrolling off Sheldrake, Myers Point andTaughannock Falls State Park is popularamong boat anglers.

From May to mid-June, as bait movesinto the shallows, Trout concentrate southof Sheldrake Point along the shale shelvesin 30 feet of water. Copper anglers bouncetheir lure on the bottom and consistentlytake limits of Lake Trout.

TIP: Cayuga Lake Trout generally moveclockwise through the lake as the seasonsprogress. In early spring, they areconcentra ted of f She ldrake , a f terstratification they move to Long Point andin the fall they cross the lake to spawninggrounds off Taughannock.

Downriggers are most effective to fishthe thermocline. A Seth Green Rig ispreferable when there is no stratification.Lake Trout are bottom oriented, but if theyare suspended, you will find them at orbelow thermocline. Other Salmonids will befound just above it and as shallow as 30feet below the surface.

In late fall and winter, Lakers, BrownTrout and Landlocked Salmon can be takenfrom shore off Taughannock. Cast spoonsor spinners or fish shiners under a bobber.The warm water discharge attractsSalmonids in the winter to the area ofSovocool Point (formerly Milliken Station).

Landlocked Salmon fishing occurs mainlyin the central and southern waters.Beginning in mid-March, fish the warmestwater you can find, usually near dischargesfrom such tributaries as Cayuga Inlet,Salmon Creek and Taughannock Creek.Troll with flat lines along mud lines.

Lures may be small silver spoons ortandem streamer flies. Spring Landlocksare also taken from shore by casting orwading out from areas such as Esty andMyers Points.

When Cayuga Lake stratifies, Landlocksdisburse. But on windy, choppy days, tryfishing the same productive points fishedprior to the thermocline. The Landlocks arethere chasing bait pushed toward shore bythe wind.

As leaves change color, the fish migrateto Taughannock Point and other tributariesin preparation of spawning.

Brown Trout prefer the warmest water theycan find. In early spring, flat line withstickbaits at the channel off Ithaca. As thewaters warm, fish the shallows using planerboards early and late in the day when lowlight conditions allow the Browns to chasebait in the shallows.

Browns will suspend in summer. Fishdownriggers with long leaders at depths of30 to 40 feet. Trolling the triangle ofTaughannock to Sovocool Point to SalmonCreek and back to Taughannock should beproductive.

Rainbow Trout are self-sustaining inCayuga Lake. Spawning waters includeCayuga Inlet, Fall and Salmon Creeks. Whenthe tributaries open to fishing on April 1,Rainbows are easily caught on egg sacsdrifted with the current along the bottom ofthe stream.

Once they return to the lake, you willfind them with Browns and Landlocks offSovocool, Myers and Sheldrake Points. Usea fast trolling speed and set yourdownriggers in the top 30 feet of water. Inthe fall, they return to the estuaries of thetributaries in anticipation of entering thestreams.

Cayuga Lake

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o by


k Ki


Page 17: New York's Finger Lakes Fishing & Hunting Guide

She ld rake - Trumansburg - Un ion Sp r ings -K i n g F e r r y - I t haca


Tack le Box___________

Lake TroutSmelt, Shiners,

Sawbellies, Cowbells,Alewives

Spoons, Spinners & Downriggers


Salmon, Brown& RainbowTroutWorms, Minnows,Egg Sacs, Mepps

Spinners, Little Cleos,RoosterTails, Rapalas


BassSpinnerbaits, Jig &

Pigs, Mr. Twister Tails,Nightcrawlers,

Rapalas, SwedishPimples

------------------Smallmouth BassDeer Hair Jigs, Mister

Twisters, WhiteSpinner Baits, DeepDiving Crankbaits,Crayfish, Minnows

------------------Northern Pike

Suckers, Shiners, BigYellow Jigs, FlashySpoons, Mr. TwisterTails, Deep DivingMinnow Imitations

------------------Pan Fish

Worms, FatheadMinnows

Public Launches1-Mud Lock, off Rt. 902-Cayuga Lake State Park

off Rt. 893-Deans Cove, Varick

off Rt. 894-Taughannock Falls State

Park Rt. 895-Long Point State Park off Rt. 906-Myers Point at Lansing Town Park

off Rt. 34B7-Allan Treman State Park off Rt. 89,


8-Frontinac Park off Rt. 90,Union Springs

Smallmouth Bass are a healthypopulation concentrated in the centralportions of the lake along the rockrubble points on both the east andwest sides. Productive areas includeEast Varick to Taughannock Point onthe west side and Frontenac Islandsouth to Sovocool Point. Alsorecommended are the Yacht Club, thewater intake straight across from theYacht Club and Myers to SovocoolPoints. Another good spot is “FlatRock,” a ledge from Taughannock toWillow Point.

Casting tight to the banks will alsoland a Perch or two. Crank baits andjigs are favorite lures. As surface waterswarm, you will be fishing in the 18 to30 feet deep range. Drifting crayfishoff the weed lines at these depths isone of the more productive methods.

Largemouth Bass - Cayuga LakeState Park hosts 50 plus Basstournaments annually including majorevents. An average bass tournamentfish is 1.5 to 3 lbs. Winning limits offive bass will weigh between 15 and20 lbs. The lunker of most tournamentswill be in excess of 6 lbs.

The majority of Largemouth Bassaction is found in the weedy northernsix miles of the lake. Good catcheshappen as far south as FrontenacIsland off Union Springs and down toVarick on the west side.

When Bass season opens the thirdSaturday in June, start in the shallow

weedy areas north of Union Springsand cast conventional Bass hardware.Stay in the shallowest areas you canfind until mid-July. Then, work thedeeper weed lines, especially in thenavigation channel from Union Springsnorth to the Cayuga-Seneca Canal.

TIP: For summer Bass, find the twin buoysat the end of the northern navigationchannel and fish the weed edges witha deep water tackle such as the rat-L-trap.

Northern Pike fishing is best throughthe ice in winter over the northernshallows. In open water, try off weededges of Sovocool Point and IthacaYacht Club. At other times, Pike arealso found in Smallmouth Bass hauntsbut not in predictable numbers.

When the season opens in May,keep your bait near the bottom. Later,fish it off the bottom with a bobber. Fallis the most productive time to fish Pike,working the deep weedlines.

Pan Fish - Cayuga Lake State Parkhas excellent Crappie fishing in thespring. Another good spot is along therailroad dike crossing the north end.Sunfish and Rock Bass can be foundthroughout the lake.

Perch are best found in the similarhabitat as the Smallmouth.

Bullheads are most abundant in theearly spring off Mud Lock (Cayuga-Seneca Canal) and the Cayuga Inlet.

Elevation ........................382 feet

Area ......................42,956 acres

Shoreline ....................84.8 miles

Mean depth ...................118 feet

Maximum depth .............435 feet

Thermocline .....................70 feet





















o by


k Ki






King Ferry


Page 18: New York's Finger Lakes Fishing & Hunting Guide

Fishing is considered generallygood and Owasco Lake is smallenough where, if they’re not bitingon one side, you can easily moveto the other side where they will be.Public access is limited to a launchat the north end at Emerson Parkand a private marina at the southend of the lake.

Lake Trout average 3.5-4 poundsaccording to DEC records and 17-20 pounders have been caught.After ice out and in early spring, trolldownriggers set close to the bottomat the north end.

By mid-April the Lake Troutconcentrate along the eastern shorefrom the Boy Scout camp north toBurtis Point and off the point atIndian Cove near the south end.You’ll also find them close to shoreat the mouths of streams atEnsenore, Indian Cove, DutchHollow Brook and Burtis Point.

During May the best spot is inthe northeast corner off Burtis Point.On the west side, start at Ensenoreand head south around the end ofthe lake to Indian Cove, and thenalong the east shore from Sewardto Long Point.

Late June to mid-Septemberfollow the Trout back to deep wateroff Burtis Point and Ensenore Points.Fish downriggers or Seth Green rigstrolling at or just below thermocline.You’ll also pick up Rainbows,Browns and Landlocked Salmonusing small spoons.

HOT SPOT: For Lake and Brown Trout, fishthe west side off Ensenore Point.

Trolling with downriggers andsmall spoons will net larger Lakersof 5-8 pounds. You’ll also catch 4-5 pound Browns, Rainbows andLandlocked Sa lmon abovethermocline. Winter Lake Trout arecaught south of Ensenore throughthe ice.

Brown Trout are good sized inOwasco averaging 4 pounds with10 pounders regularly taken. In

spring, flat line fishing near shorein the northeast corner and southof Buck Point is consistentlyproductive. Next, try betweenEnsenore and Edgewater.

Stratification begins later in Juneand the Browns disburse alongwestern shore near Wyckoff Stationand the Polish Home Camp. It’s slowfishing for Browns at this time ofyear, but prospects off Ensenoreare good.

TIP: Ensenore is a really hot area in the fallas great concentrations of Brown Troutreturn to where they were stocked inspring.

There’s also good fall BrownTrout off the south end of RockyPoint to Indian Cove and Owascoinlet. Northward try Dutch HollowBrook and the pool below the damin the outlet. If there’s ice, fish closeto surface on the western shore inthe south end between WyckoffStation and Buck’s/Post Point.

Landlocked Salmon average 3pounds and are most often taken inwinter at the south end and off thewestern shore. Significant runsoccur during fall off Dutch HollowBrook and Owasco Inlet.

Rainbow Trout are best caught inspring at the south end off the mouthof Owasco Inlet prior to spawning.Cast small spoons in 20-30 feet ofwater at the mouths of mosttributaries from Edgewater to WillowCove. In summer, most Rainbowsare taken with downriggers in thedeeper part of the lake when fishingfor Lake Trout.

Northern Pike are localized andfound in good numbers at the weedysouthern end, south of Willow Cove,the lower half-mile of Owasco outleton opening day or very close to themouth of Owasco Inlet in the earlyseason.

As with other Finger Lakes, thebest time to catch Northerns isthrough the ice. On Owasco, theplace to be is at the shallow

Public LaunchesEmerson Park - off

Rts. 38 and 38A,Auburn

South Shore Marina- Southwestcorner of the lake(fee)

Owasco LakeA u b u r n - M o r a v i a

Elevation ...................711 feetArea ....................6665 acresShoreline ...............24.7 milesMean depth ................97 feetMaximum depth .......180 feetThermocline.................37 feet

Owasco LakeTackle Box

Lake TroutDownriggers,Silver Spoons,

Large Stickbaits,Sawbellies, Minnows,Single Hook Spoons,

Golden Shiners,Buckeyes.


Brown TroutLandlocked

SalmonLarge Stickbaits or Spoons on Seth

Green Rigs orFlatlines


Rainbow TroutSmall Spoons,

Egg Sacs


Northern PikeLarge Shiners,

Chubs, Suckers,Bucktail & YellowJigs w/Minnow

& Mr. Twister Tail


Smallmouth BassWhite Plastic Jigs,Small Brown Jigs,

Live Minnows,Leeches, Deep

Diving Crank Baits


Yellow PerchJigs, Minnows or

Grubs on Perch Rigs


o by


k kI


southern end fishing a tip up withsucker or shiner.

Smallmouth Bass are generally distributedthroughout the shallows of Owasco Lake.Best starting points are the shallows andthe seawall at Emerson Park at the northend. Excellent Bass fishing on the east sideis south of Martin’s to Long Point. East ofthe outlet at Martin’s Point in the north endhas produced quality Bass to six pounds.

Later in the season, focus on Martin’sPoint and the seawall at Emerson Park atthe north end.

Summer Smallmouth are taken withdeep diving crank baits close to the bottomand from shallow rocky areas during lowlight. These techniques work well all dayin late fall over rocky points.

TIP: Smallmouth Bass feed voraciously in fall. Limitsare common when fishing the seawall at EmersonPark and Martin’s Point at the north end, andalso Casowasco on the southwest side.

Yellow Perch fishing is best during lateApril into May when they are schooled closeto shore. Good spots are on the east shorejust north of Dutch Hollow Brook at BurtisPoint.


38 38A

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Skaneateles Lake serves as the watersupply for Syracuse and, as such, isvery clear, pristine and protected.

The steep cliff-like sides and littleshallow water make it colder than theother Finger Lakes, so it takes longerfor the fish to grow here.

Alewives and Sawbellies areillegal on this water and fishingrequires smaller lures than found inmost Finger Lakes tackle boxes. Thelow level of forage for the residentfish translates to a relatively hungryfishery ready to hit most any lure.

Lake Trout average just under 2 lbs.and since they don’t have forage fishto pursue, they’re found in shallowwater of 30 feet or less, close tobottom.

TIP: Big Lake Trout are usually taken off HaroldBrook north of Mandana in early May.Still fish with live large minnows with asinker and English hook.

Due to the colder temperature,the thermocline sets up closer to thesurface compared to the other lakes.After it does, by mid-June, Seth Greenrigs or down riggers trolling smallsilver spoons up and down the centerof the lake in 15-30 feet works allsummer long.

Lake Trout, during fall spawningseason, move closer to shore alongcliffs southeast of Ten-Mile andWickwire Points. Work the points withjigs up against the cliffs. Winter LakeTrout are successfully fished off theSkaneateles Village Pier.

Landlocked Salmon average 1.5pounds and 15 inches. In spring, thehot spot is shallow trolling out from5-Mile-Point and north of the stateboat launch. Late summer into winter,they are in southern third of the laketaking live minnows.

Rainbow Trout are taken moreoften than Lake Trout. In early April,fish the top ten feet of water off pointson the southeast side with jigs. Ortroll the surface at the south end and5 Mile Point.

For a mixed creel of fish, castjigs in 20-30 feet of water over rubblepoints. During July and August,Rainbows are disbursed but can betaken trolling.

Rainbow fishing resurges in lateSeptember. Try streamer fishing,trolling just under the surface withsmall rapalas and jigs in the southend. Off the southeast side, work thepoints after frost.

Smallmouth Bass are located alongjust about every shoreline areaagainst rock ledges. The closer toshore the cast, the better the chancesfor a Smallmouth and even Rainbows,Browns and Landlocks. The size limitfor Smallmouth is 10 inches.

There’s a narrow band of shallowwater ringing the lake. A couple ofgood spots are south of Mandana onthe west side and 5-Mile-Point on theeast side.

HOT SPOT: Especially good Smallmouthfishing occurs along the cliffs at 10-Mile-Point and Wickwire Point. Cast jigs towardshore and slowly work down to the baseof cliffs.

Late July, drifting large minnowsin 20-30 feet of water off WickwirePoint in the south end is good forSmallmouth and might also net a fewone pound Yellow Perch in theprocess.

Yellow Perch average a good-sized10 inches. Beginning the first weekin March at each end of the lake, tryjigging or still fish with minnows onperch rigs. Summer means driftingminnows in either end.

For Northern Pike, there’s a goodspot off Mile Point just north of thestate launch.

Other species in Skaneateles areRock Bass, Pumpkin Seeds andBluegills in the shallow portions. Fishfor Rock Bass from any rocky pointusing small jigs, leeches or crayfish.

Brown Bullhead are very good inlate April and concentrated near themouth of Grout Brook.

Skaneateles LakeS k a n e a t e l e s - M a n d a n a - G l e n H a v e n

Skaneateles LakeTackle Box

Smaller Silver SpoonsSuch as Sutton 5 orSilver Plated Small


Lake TroutLarge Minnows,

English Hooks, SethGreen Rigs, Rapalas,

Swedish Pimples


Landlocked SalmonSutton Spoons, Alpena

Diamonds, Rapalas,Live Minnows-----------------

Rainbow TroutStreamers, Rapalas,

Mayfly or ScudImitations, Little Cleos,

Sutton Spoons,Night Crawler,Dipsey Spinner,Marshmallows,



Smallmouth BassJigs with Bucktails or Mr.

Twisters, Crank Baits


Yellow PerchMinnows onPerch Rigs


Northern PikeLarge Spoons,

Suckers, Shiners


Elevation ........................863 feetArea .........................8960 acresShoreline ....................32.8 milesMean depth ...................145 feetMaximum depth .............315 feetThermocline......................35 feet

Public LaunchesSkaneateles - West shore off Rt.

41A south of the village

Mandana on Rt. 41A - limitedparking accepts small boats.







Glen Haven


Page 20: New York's Finger Lakes Fishing & Hunting Guide

Elevation .....................788 feetArea.........................2214 acresShoreline ..................13.4 milesMean depth ...................34 feetMaximum depth ............76 feetThermocline ...................33 feet

Otisco lake

Public LaunchesPublic Access hand

launch at causewayoff West Valley Rd.

Farthest east of the Finger Lakes,Otisco has abundant forage and thewell-fed fish grow to good size. Onthe other hand, they are not ashungry for fishing lures. The lakehas two sections divided by ashallow causeway breaking thewater into a small shallow holdingbasin and the larger lake.

HOT SPOT: The channel through thecauseway and on the lakeside edges.

TIP: Fishing at night with live bait,especially minnows could catch anyof the fish swimming in the lake,including large Tiger Muskies andWalleyes up to 12 pounds.

The Smallmouth Bass grow to 14-18 inches in Otisco. At the openingof the season they’re along bothsides of the causeway, and off pointssuch as Lundy and Ladder. Trollingrapalas at 10-20 feet below thesurface at dusk and dawn is thepopular fishing method.

During summer, there’s goodfishing at the northwest corner ofthe lake and along the entire eastshore. You can a lways f indSmallmouth and most other fish atthe causeway. Favored methods offishing are worms with a slip sinker.Drift fishing with night crawlers or

spinner/worm combos is alsoproductive. Drift the bait down thesteep sides of the lake, or back-trollalong the weedlines.

Fall anglers most often driftcrayfish off the rocky points andledges and along the causeway.

TIP: Summer Bass, Trout, Walleye andan occasional Tiger Muskie aresuspended in deeper water along thewest side in the southern half of lake.Fish the upper 30 feet of water.

A s t h e s e a s o n o p e n s ,Largemouth Bass are found on eitherside of the causeway and taken byfishing shallow, running crank andspinner baits.

During the summer months, fishthe deeper water along the pipelinewith jigs and plastic worms. You canalso work crank and spinner baitsunder docks and overhangingwillows at dawn and dusk.

The best Walleye fishing is between10pm and 3am. Use stickbaits andbait harnesses with worms as closeas you can get to the southeastshoreline.

Night trolling as close as possibleto the shore of small points andalong the causeway with jigs andrapalas will be rewarding.

Tiger Muskellunge (Muskie) aretaken in early May in the narrowstoward the north end, along thecauseway and in Turtle Bay usinglarge Mepps spinners. You can alsosuccessfully still fish from shore withminnows.

Trophy size Muskies are mostoften taken in winter fishing throughthe ice at the outer edge of weedlines or in the narrows using shinersor jigging lures.

You’ll also catch Muskies, Perchand Crappie in the southern watersoff the causeway.

For Brown Trout in April, flat liningfrom planer boards at the north endand on the clear side of thecauseway using jointed stickbaits isthe order of the day.

During summer, downrigging inthe north end at 35 feet below thesurface should work. Look forBrowns in the shallows in fall and inthe narrows through the ice.

The winter fishery also includesWhite and Yellow Perch and Crappie.Fish the southern waters using jigstipped with spikes, mousie grubs orfathead minnows.

Bullhead fishing is good duringspring at the causeway.

Otisco LakeTackle Box


Crank & Spinner

Baits, Jigs, Plastic

Worms, Minnows


Walleyes Bait Harnesses

w/worms, Jigs,

Rapalas, Minnows


Tiger Muskie Mepps Spinners,

Jigging Lures,

Minnows, Shiners


Brown TroutJointed Stick Baits



Perch & Crappie Jigs Tipped

w/Spikes, Mousie

Grubs or Fathead



BullheadsWorms, Minnows



Photo by Jack Kidd

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Onondaga lake

Elevation: ....................400 feetShoreline: ....................12 milesMaximum depth: ...........71 feetThermocline: ....................none

Public LaunchesOnondaga Lake Park Marina315-453-6721



Tackle Box


Worms, Crayfish,

Spinners, Buzz Baits,

Plastic Worms


Walleyes Live Baits,

Spinners with


Bright Spoons



Crabs, Minnows,

Worms, Small Plugs,

Small Spinners


Perch Worms, Snmall

Minnows, Grubs,

Perch Eyes


BullheadsWorms, Minnows


Northern PikeSpoons, Plugs,

Spinners, Live Bait

Situated to the northwest of thecity of Syracuse, Onondaga Lakefeatures 12 miles of metropolitanshoreline which provides a nationalclass fishery for smallmouth andlargemouth bass as well as carp.

The lake connects to severalother waterways with no barriers toblock fish passage. Species fromOneida Lake traverse to Onondagavia Nine Mile Creek, while the lakeoutlet flows into the Seneca Riverallowing an abundance of warmwater varieties to be found here.

This sacred ancestral home tothe Haudenosaunee is five mileslong by one mile wide with over 60species of identified fish existingin the lake. Due to limited deepwater structure, the best fishing isalong the shoreline drop-offs andin the Onondaga Lake outlet to theSeneca River.

Close to the NYS Thruway aswell as Interstate 81, OnondagaLake is accessible via the New YorkState Canal system through theSeneca River as well as the paved

boat launch operated by OnondagaCounty Parks at the OnondagaLake Park Marina (315-453-6721).This marina is easily accessed viaVine Street (near Route 370) in theVillage of Liverpool.

The Onondaga County Dept. ofWater Environment Protectionmonitors the variety and movementof the community of fish in the lakewith a yellow “spaghetti tag” belowthe dorsal fin. Anyone catching a

tagged fish should record thenumber on the tag, the length,weight and location caught, thenreport this information to OCDWEPat 315-435-2260 ext. 360.

There are health advisories asto whether the fish caught inOnondaga Lake should be eaten.Please check with the County Dept.of Water Environment Protection forthis advice before making a mealof your catch.



Erie Canal






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Oneida lake

Oneida Lake is the largest inland lakein New York State, covering 97,000acres, and is known worldwide for itsfabulous Walleye fishing. The lakewas formed nearly 12,000 years agowhen, as the Ice Age ended, a glacierdamned the St. Lawrence River,flooding much of Central New York.

As global warming occurred andthe ice mass shifted northward, theSt. Lawrence outlet to the AtlanticOcean opened, and Oneida Lakewas created when water remained ina deep depression in what wasformerly known as Lake Iroquois.

From its glacial beginnings, OneidaLake has been known as an “AnglersParadise”…year-round!

Along with the Walleye, OneidaLake supports a very diverse fishcommunity, with over 74 differentspecies.

Yellow Perch, Smallmouth andLargemouth Bass are popular gamefish, while Rock Bass, PumpkinseedSunfish, Bluegills, and Black Crappieare sought-after Pan Fish.

Brown Bullheads, White Suckers,and Channel Catfish can be found inthe lake’s shallows.

Drum are accidentally caughtduring many Oneida Lake outings,and Burbot typically bite duringwinter.

In recent years, Northern Pikehave experienced a minor populationresurgence and specimens oftenweighing well over 10 pounds havebeen landed.

The warmer temperatures thatcome with springtime into earlysummer mean an abundance ofWalleye opportunities, often causingthe need for a limit to catches.

Deep trolling techniques, at thistime, often lead to success inattracting Walleye, as well as Bassand Perch, however, the best time forSmallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bassand Perch is toward the end of July.Smallmouth gather in the shallowwaters around rock piles and rubble,while Largemouth are often foundwithin the breaks of weeds.

Perch also gather in the shallowweedy areas. Autumn brings with itanother chance at those fabulousWalleyes particularly around rockyshoals and drop-offs.

When the lake freezes for the wintermonths, ice fishermen enjoy anabundance of Walleye, Perch,Crappie and Pan Fish.

Favorite lures for Walleye includelive baits, (when rigging worms forWalleye, hook once near the head,and let the worm dangle naturally)spinners with worms, and brightspoons.

For Largemouth Bass, try live baitsincluding worms, crayfish, spinnersor buzzbaits on surface, and plasticworms on the bottom.

For Smallmouth Bass, crabs,minnows, worms, small plugs andspinners. For Perch, worms, smallminnows, grubs and perch eyes.

Public LaunchesBrewerton Boat Yard (fee)

(315) 676-3762

Theisen Marina (fee)(315) 676-2291

Oneida Shores Park (fee)(315) 676-7366

Aero Marina (fee)(315) 699-7736

Elevation: ....................370 feetShoreline: ....................55 milesMean depth: ..................22 feetMaximum depth: ...........55 feetThermocline: ....................none

Oneida LakeTackle Box


Worms, Crayfish,

Spinners, Buzz Baits,

Plastic Worms


Walleyes Live Baits,

Spinners with


Bright Spoons



Crabs, Minnows,

Worms, Small Plugs,

Small Spinners


Perch Worms, Small

Minnows, Grubs,

Perch Eyes


BullheadsWorms, Minnows


Northern PikeSpoons, Plugs,

Spinners, Live Bait


ClevelandNorth Bay






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Other Lakes

Waneta Lake Rd

Wayne Rd


West Lake Rd

Lamoca Lake Rd



Jorolemon Rd

Grimes R


Stevens RdCross Lake Rd

Sprague RdJordon Rd


ar R


Teter Rd


Cross Lake is formed by the SenecaRiver and is located on theboundaries of Onondaga andCayuga Counties, west of the city ofBaldwinsville between I-90 andNY370.

Cross Lake is slightly larger thanHoneoye Lake, but its deeper watersmake it more like Conesus Lake’sfishery with ample populations ofN o r t h e r n P i k e , Wa l l ey e s ,Largemouth Bass, SmallmouthBass and Yellow Perch. The deeperarea also produces large populationsof White Perch, White Crappie andChannel Catfish.

The shallow, weedy areas in thebays, at the ends of the lake and onthe west side can be very productivefor Northern Pike and LargemouthBass.

The inlets are good spots forSmallmouth Bass in the fall. Walleyescan also be caught in the inlet,especially in the spring. Try a bitfurther downstream in the river aswell for Walleyes.

Channel Cats can often be foundaround the two islands and in theriver.

WANETA and LAMOKA LAKESThese two lakes are joined by a channel on which a DEC boat launch islocated on County Road 23 about 2 miles west of Tyrone in the westernsection of Schuyler County. Boaters can access Waneta Lake to the northor Lamoka Lake to the south from the boat launch. Both lakes have excellentwarm water fisheries and have extensive weed cover throughout most ofthe area. Both lakes also freeze early in the season due to their shallowdepths and offer very good ice fishing for Chain Pickerel, Yellow Perchand Black Crappie.

Largemouth Bass is the mostprevalent game fish in Lamoka,with sizes in the 6 to 8 pound rangecommonplace, and some up to 10pounds. Largemouths can befound just about anywhere on thelake except on the gravel banks inthe northeast side, where one ismore likely to catch SmallmouthBass. Chain Pickerel can also befound anywhere on the lake.

Muskellunge were stocked in thelake several years ago but thepractice was discontinued. It is stillpossible to catch a 40 poundholdover, fishing the drop offs andnear the island at the north end.

Good populations of Yellow Perch,Black Crappie, Brown Bullheadand Pan Fish a lso provideexcellent fishing, especially for theyoungsters.

Both Bass species are veryprevalent in Waneta, Largemouthsin the shallow weedy areas and inthe channel and Smallmouths inthe deeper gravelly areas on theeast side. Largemouths tend togrow to large sizes as in Lamoka,but the Smallmouths rarely exceeda couple pounds.

Muskellunge are stocked by NewYork State and seem to thrive inWaneta, with 40 pounders notuncommon. They can be foundoutside the weed beds and by fasttrolling with large perch-like lures.

Large Pickerel up to 5 or 6 pounds,Black Crappie, Brown Bullheads,Yellow Perch and Pan Fish canbe found easily throughout the lake.

CROSS LAKEElevation ......................373 feetArea.........................2086 acresMaximum depth .............65 feetThermocline ...................30 feet

LAMOKA LAKEElevation ....................1317 feetArea...........................588 acresMaximum depth .............40 feet

WANETA LAKEElevation ....................1099 feetArea...........................813 acresMaximum depth .............29 feet








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Chemung River - Chemung & Steuben Counties.The Chemung combines the Tioga,Cohocton and Canisteo Rivers in thesouthern Finger Lakes, starting in Corningand running through Big Flats and Elmirainto Pennsylvania.

Principal game fish are Smallmouth Bassand Walleye, with enough Perch, Rock Bass,Channel Cats, Bullheads, Pike, Suckers,and Muskie to make things interesting. Carpare also plentiful and offer excellent sporton light and medium weight tackle.

Prime seasons for fishing the Chemungare summer and fall, with good Walleye andMuskie action well into December. Ninetyper cent of the river is wadeable in summer,and there are several access points wherecanoes and small boats can be put in.

HOT SPOTS: for Smallmouth include BottchersLanding, the Walnut Street Bridge Elmira,below the dam in Elmira, at the WellsburgLowman crossover and most creektributaries. Traditional Walleye hot spotsinclude Patterson Bridge west of Corning,below the dam in downtown Elmira and nearthe state line west of Waverly.

Rock and Largemouth Bass are large insize, if not numbers, in the large back eddiesand slack water areas.

Cohocton River - Livingston & Steuben Counties.A popular and productive Trout stream withits source at Springwater, the Cohocton’supper reaches carry good Brook Trout bestfished with live bait in the deep pools. At

the Livingston-Steuben county line, a barrierdam pool is a genuine hot spot for BrownTrout all year.

South from Wayland to Rt. 415, niceBrowns can be taken with ultra light spinninggear or live bait with best chances by fishingfrom a canoe.

Atlanta to Bath, try fly fishing from earlyspring into October. Spinning tackle usersfish small silver or gold spinners. When indoubt, night crawlers work for just abouteverything.

Trout are heavily stocked in the town ofWallace. Limits are two, 12 inches or more,in the special regulations areas and five ofany size in other parts of the water but nomore than two larger than 12 inches.

Two HOT SPOTS are restricted to artificial luresonly. An artificial-only area starts at the VAHospital and runs up stream to KnightsBrook. The second runs from Avoca upstream a couple of miles.

Another HOT SPOT with lots of Trout is the poolunder the bridge at the entrance to the VAHospital. This area is just outside theartificial-lures-only water.

Genesee River - Livingston & Monroe Counties.The Genesee has a dozen species andwinds over a variety of remote, backwoodsand urban settings. Large and SmallmouthBass, Bullhead, Channel Catfish Walleye,Crappie, Carp and Suckers are commonthroughout the river. Access from everyroad crossing is fairly easy along most of

the river. Canoeing is highly recommendedfor both the pleasure of it as well as forbetter access to more remote fishing spots.

HOT SPOT: For Walleye, just below Mt. MorrisDam. BAIT TIP: Fish Mister Twisters tippedin white, yellow or chartreuse. PositionMister Twisters above the fish and let thelure drift to them. Otherwise, a night crawler,minnow or jig will catch a Walleye day ornight.

Northern Pike locate around the mouthsof tributaries such as Black Creek, andalong wider weed beds south of Rochester.

At the city of Rochester, a series ofwaterfalls flow into a steep sided gorge andthe fishery changes to the Lake Ontariospecies. (see pages 4-5)

During Spring, Brown and Rainbow Troutare caught in droves down from the falls.Lake Trout are taken from piers at the mouthof the river. The fall run of Coho and ChinookSalmon is followed by Brown and RainbowTrout. All are easily taken between SethGreen Island and the falls.

Otselic River - Cortland CountyThe Otselic River runs through thesoutheastern quarter of Cortland County.This large, partially open stream offers twovery distinct fishing experiences. From thevillage of Cincinnatus upstream, Trout fishingis good, especially for Brown Trout. BelowCincinnatus, you will find Bass, Walleye andpan fish. Canoes or small boats can put inat Rt. 26 in Taylor, at Landers Corners orthe Rt. 41 bridge in Willet.

Susquehanna River - Tioga CountyHOT SPOT: If there’s one spot that’s popular

with all species and the fishermen trying tocatch them, it’s between Hiawatha Islandand Owego. Smallmouth Bass and TigerMuskies up to 20 lbs. live there.

Smallmouth generally congregate nearthe riffled heads of pools while Walleyesschool in deeper slower areas. The Bassare distributed evenly in the river, but thereare some really big ones between Smithboroand Barton as well as Owego and HiawathaIsland.

Walleye are scattered in the deep poolsaround Hiawatha Island and at Big Bend

R i v e r s a n d

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off the state ramp in Nichols. Thereare also nice pools of good habitatnear Barton.

Fall Walleye fishing is exceptionallygood in the slack water betweenOwego and Hiawatha Island.

Muskies are found in the deepestpools around sunken trees andstructures in the river and nearHiawatha Island, Big Bend, Nichols,the pools at Barton and south. PanFish are abundant throughout theriver.

Public access includes HickoriesPark, Owego - hard surface ramp;Hand launch at village of Barton offRt. 17C; East of Nichols on East RiverDr. - hard surface ramp; West ofNichols, West River Rd. - handlaunch; exit 66 off Rt. 17 in Apalachin– hard surface ramp; Rt. 434 inApalachin on Marshland Rd. – hardsurface ramp.

Tioughnioga River - Cortland CountyA diverse water with fishing in threebranches. The main branch runsalong Rt. 11 south of the city ofCortland. The west branch runs nearRt. 11, while the east branch isparalleled by Rt. 13.

In the main stream, good fishingstarts below Blodgett Mills with Brownand Rainbow Trout, Bass, Pickerel,Walleye and Northern Pike in deeppools. Fly f ishing is popularthroughout the river.

The East Branch extends north ofCortland and is known for itsSmallmouth Bass, Pickerel and panfish. Brown Trout appear above thevillage of Homer. East of Homer,Walleye, Largemouth and NorthernPike have especially good habitat indeep slow moving sections betweenHomer and Truxton. The middlereaches have Trout at tributaries ofbranching creeks. Toward Truxton,fish for Brown Trout with some BrookTrout. Above Truxton, try wet and dryfly fishing.

The West branch runs fromCortland to Tully Lake and has goodBrown and Brook Trout fishing,especially at the mouths of creeksand above Homer to Tully Lake. Mostpeople start fishing for Brook andBrown Trout and Pickerel at the parkin Homer and from there to ColdBrook. May and Caddis fly hatchesmake for good fly fishing along thisbranch.

Canals - The Erie Canal has beendubbed “America’s Great Waterway”.363 miles of the waterway connectLake Erie to the Hudson River. TheFinger Lakes has prime claims togreat fishing along its sections of theCanal from Syacuse to Rochester.

Erie Canal - This system offers agood var iety of Large andSmallmouth Bass, Northern PikeChannel Catfish, Bullhead, Pan Fish.Walleye are found where streamsenter the canal. The best Bass fishingis at the wide water section west ofNewark.The Cayuga - Seneca Canaltraverses Seneca County and connectsCayuga and Seneca Lakes. Fishingis best in weed areas at either endas opposed to the middle. It’s alsobetter around islands and tributarymouths, below the dams in Waterlooand Seneca Falls and in Van CleefLake.

Best Bass fishing is under docksand in weed beds in the western endbetween the Seneca Lake State Parkand Kendig Creek, especially in fall.They’re also caught in the smallchannels and open pockets in theeastern portion.

Northern Pike are the second mostabundant game fish in the canal.Best bets include weed bedsadjacent to major islands in theex t reme wes te r n end anddownstream from Lock One (mudlock) at the very eastern end.

Bullhead and Channel Catfish are

abundant between Lock One andthe Erie Canal as well as at the mouthof Kendig Creek. Seneca Lake BrownTrout move into the canal in late fall.

The canal is paralleled by Rts. 5and 20. There is a launch at Waterlooand at the Seneca Lake State Park.Shore fishing access is plentiful.

Seneca River - Onondaga, Cayuga andSeneca Counties - The river is an integralpart of NY’s Erie Canal Systemstarting at Howland Island WildlifeManagement Area and flowing 47miles before joining the Oneida Riverto form the Oswego River atBaldwinsville.

The best fishing is upstreamtoward the outlet of Onondaga Lake.It’s especially good for ChannelCatfish in deeper water where thereare no weeds.

HOT SPOT: Mosquito Point off theeastern end of Haiti Island where Rt.38 crosses the river...especially goodfor Bullheads.

Walleye like the deeply dredgedsections of the river used for canaltraffic, especially downstream toCross Lake. A good spot is belowBaldwinsville Bridge in late spring.

Northen Pike are prevalent fromHowland Island to Haiti Island. Insummer and early fall, try drift fishingalong submerged weed beds or fromshore on Mosquito Point.

HOT SPOT: For trophy Northerns, workthe channel between Bonta Bridgeand Cross Lake.

Largemouth Bass are welldistributed near vegetation andoverhanging willows.

Pan Fish including Bluegills, Perchand Crappie are concentratedupstream near Onondaga Lake.Smallmouth are not prevalent, butcan be found in the dredgedchannel.


Elmira, Corning


CohoctonCohocton, Savona,

Bath, Corning


Erie andCayuga-Seneca

CanalsMontezuma,Seneca Falls,

Waterloo, Geneva,Rochester,Syracuse


GeneseeMt. Morris, Geneseo,



OtselicWillet, Cincinnatus,



SenecaHowland Island,

Cross Lake,Baldwinsville


SusquehannaOwego, Nichols,

Barton, Apalachin


TioughniogaTully Lake, Homer,Cortland, McGraw,


C a n a l s


Page 26: New York's Finger Lakes Fishing & Hunting Guide

Butternut Creek, Onondaga County.High quality Trout water from its headwatersto the Jamesville Reservoir. There’sespecially good Trout fishing with live baitin spring. Browns are fewer but biggercloser to the reservoir.

From Jamesville to Minoa there is a varietyof fish. You’ll catch some Largemouth Bass,Northern Pike, Walleye, Bullhead and PanFish as the water deepens near EastSyracuse.

Canandaigua Outlet, Ontario County.This long and diverse water provides anglerswith Smallmouth Bass, Pickerel, Bullheadand an occasional Trout. Access is limited,but the fly fishing is superior.Canaseraga Creek, Livingston County.The creek runs from the southern countyline and connects to the Genesee Rivernear Geneseo. Brown Trout are taken inspring and fall in the upper section.

There are a lot of Largemouth Bass andBullheads in the swamps aroundRattlesnake Hill Wildlife Management Area.For Walleye, fish the lower reaches duringspring.

Catatonk Creek, Tioga County.This creek has good access to stockedsports Brown Trout, Smallmouth Bass,Walleye and Pan Fish. Medium sized, partlyopen stream. Stocked section is from thecounty line to Reniff Rd. north of Waverlyoff Rt. 34.

Catharine Creek, Schuyler & Chemung Counties.In April this tributary offers one of the finestruns of wild Rainbow Trout in the easternUS. The creek winds along Rt. 14 throughWatkins Glen, Montour Falls and continuessouth to Chemung County. It features 11miles of public fishing rights and severalparking areas.

April 1 is opening day of the statewideTrout season and is a spring ritual for many.Thousands of anglers wade in the wateropening day and opening weekend. Goodspring fishing runs from opening day to midJune.

Impressive fishing returns in the fall whenRainbows enter from the lake in Novemberand December.

Cayuga Lake Inlet, Tompkins County.Shore fishing along the flood control channel

is good for Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike,Bullhead and Pan Fish. It’s also a springand fall Trout fishery. Trout and Salmon areabove the flood control dam.

The Rainbow Trout fishing is excellent inthe spring and again mid-October throughNovember. Fall Landlocked Salmon are alsofound in the tributaries off Cayuga Inlet,such as Enfield Creek.

Above the falls in that creek you’ll findTrout in pools and fly fishing is possible.You’ll find good Brown Trout fishing upstreamabove the state park.

Cayuta Creek, Tioga County.This creek has good access to stockedBrown Trout, Pan Fish and Smallmouth Bassin medium-large open stream. Stockedsection includes Rt. 96 to GridleyvilleCrossing Rd. Smallmouth Bass and Walleyefishing are limited to the area near Owego.

Conesus Inlet, Livingston County.This water is prime spawning ground forWalleyes and Northern Pike. Look forBullhead in spring. The stream has severalparking areas and a car top boat launch.

Decker Brook, Cayuga County.The brook is six miles in length and locatedsouth of Owasco Lake. Below the falls inthe brook, you’ll find spring and fall fishingfor wild Rainbows and Browns from OwascoLake. Fish for Brown Trout and Brook Troutin the head waters above the falls.

Desserville Creek, Cayuga County.As with Decker, fish below the falls nearMoravia and Owasco Inlet for spring andfall Rainbow Trout. Above the falls andinland, wild Rainbows and Browns competewith wild Brook Trout in the upper reaches.Fly fishing or small spinners should provideplenty of action.

Factory Brook, Cortland County.A premier Trout stream, the seven mile longwaterway has consistent, even, cold waterflow most of the year. Wild Brook Trout roamthe upper reaches; Browns are in the lowerwaters in good numbers.

Little bank cover on some sections makesthis brook very fly fishing friendly, and it hasexcellent May and Caddis Fly hatches. Lookfor public use signs as well as postedproperty.

Fall Creek, Cayuga &Tompkins Counties.This long and diverse stream flows intoCayuga Lake through a portion of the cityof Ithaca. From the lake to the falls behindthe high school, is the principle spawningstream for Cayuga Lake Salmon.

Below the falls and to the lake are wildRainbows in the spring and LandlockedSalmon and Browns in the fall. During Juneand July, you’ll find acceptable SmallmouthBass, Perch and Pan Fish in this water.

Above Beebe Lake to Freeville, fly fishingfor abundant Smallmouth Bass is verypopular. Up from Freeville, work the poolsfor Brown Trout. Upstream to Groton is asmall, high quality Brook Trout stream.

Irondequoit Creek, Monroe CountyAn extensive waterway stretching fromIrondequoit Bay down to Mendon Pondswhere you’ll find Salmon, Steelhead, BrownTrout, Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout, Pike,Smaller Sunfish, Stone Rollers and manyothers.Keuka Lake Tributaries,Steuben & Yates Counties.Keuka Lake Inlet (Cold Brook) enters thelake at Hammondsport and is very goodseasonal water for Rainbow, Brown Trout,Smelt and Bullhead.

Guyanoga Creek (Sugar Creek) flows intothe western arm of the lake near Branchport.It, too, has seasonal runs of Rainbows duringspring and fall.

S t r e a m s

26 Call us at 1-800-284-3352

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Keuka Lake Outlet flows from thePenn Yan arm as an eight mile streamto Seneca Lake at Dresden. Smallpools and wide-open shores makefly fishing possible. A hiking/bikingtrail runs the length of the outlet andprovides easy access. (See KeukaLake pages 12-13 for more details)

Maxwell Creek, Wayne County.One of Wayne County’s most popularstreams for its large runs of Rainbows,Browns and Salmon. Two DECparking areas provide easy accessto water on either side of the LakeRd. You’ll catch Bullhead, Smelt andan occasional Northern Pike in thelower estuary before it enters the lake.

Mill Creek, Livingston & Steuben Counties.A better wild Trout stream than most,fish for Brookies north of Patchenville.Work small pools south of there fornice Brown Trout using worms orsmall spinners.

In the middle section, below thecrossing of Rt. 390, most anglers taketheir limit of five Trout per day driftinga small spinner or worm.

Naples Creek, Ontario County.One of the state’s most productiveTrout streams, fishing Naples Creekon opening day is a rite of spring forhundreds of anglers. Three to sixpound Rainbows are common andcaught on egg sacs.

There is good fishing in the Eelpotand Grimes Creek tributaries toNaples. Fishing fall Rainbows, if thewater levels are up, is a special treat.

Nine Mile Creek, Onondaga County.The outlet of Otisco Lake is a topBrown Trout stream, but from OtiscoDam to Marcellus Falls, it’s a warmwater fishery. North of the falls is athriving cold water Trout habitat withgood fishing in the neighborhoodsof Camillus and North Amboy. Accessis marked by public fishing signs,and more than a dozen bridges crossthe stream as it runs along Rt. 174.Posted signs are few.

The best hot spot is pocket wateraround Marcellus Falls or deep pools

at Martisco Railroad crossing andCamillus. Salted minnows, worms,and light spinners are favored baits.There are heavy fly hatches in lateMay and early June.

Oatka Creek, Monroe County.From Mumford and its confluencewith Spring Creek, to the GeneseeRiver, this is a blue ribbon Troutstream. The creek is known for goodfly fishing mid-winter into spring.Special regulations apply to nearlyfour miles of the creek during the falland winter months.

Beware of posted areas.

Owego Creek, Tioga County.The creek consists of a main branchfrom Flemingville to Owego. The eastand west branches run through thenortheast part of the county. Bothbranches have Brown and BrookTrout.

In the east branch, Brown Troutfishing is good above Berkshire andBrook Trout are found toward theTioga County line. Bait fishing is mostproductive.

In the west branch the best qualityBrook and Brown Trout action isabove Speedsville. On the mainbranch at Owego you will findSmallmouth and Walleye.

Salmon Creek, Cayuga & Tompkins Counties.Also known as Big Salmon Creek, itis said to have the best spring smeltrun on Cayuga Lake. Intensely fishedin spring for wild Rainbows, the creekalso offers up an occasionalLandlocked Salmon, especially in thefall if the water levels are up. Abovethe falls at Ludlowville, the Brown

Trout are found in long still poolsmaking for good fly fishing. There’spublic fishing access in the Town ofGenoa.

Skaneateles Creek, Onondaga County.This high quality Trout stream runsfrom Skaneateles Lake to the SenecaRiver and offers many bridges androad side parallels for access. Fromold Seneca Turnpike br idgedownstream to Jordan Road bridge,this 10.2 miles of water is a no-kill-artificial-lures only area. Dry fly fishingduring May and June is exceptionalespecially between Elbridge andJordan.

Spring Creek, Livingston County.Also known as Springbook and thesource water for the Caledonia FishHatchery. The stream has goodnumbers of wild Brown, Brook andRainbow Trout all year. Specialregulations are enforced in this uniquewater. The Trout are also some of themost educated fish in the state.

Sterling Creek & Pond, Cayuga County.Running through Fair Haven BeachState Park, there are spring and fallspawning runs of Trout and Salmon.The Creek’s lower reaches offerSmallmouth Bass, Rock Bass,Bullhead and smaller populations ofLargemouth, Pike, Pickerel and PanFish.

West River, Yates County.A warm water stream flowing intoCanandaigua Lake, most fishing isby boat in the 2.5 miles of navigablewaters. Largemouth Bass is theprinciple species. Fish the extensiveweed beds and lily pads. There’s also

a “duck channel” that startsnear Canandaigua Lake thatholds chain Pickerel andPan Fish - particularlyCrappie - in good numbers.A hot spot for Crappie is theold marina off Rt. 245.Bullhead are throughout theriver and are especiallygood in spring.







Fair Haven











Penn Yan



Watkins Glen


Page 28: New York's Finger Lakes Fishing & Hunting Guide

Hunters in the Finger Lakes region havemany prime opportunities for pursuingtheir favorite prey. From areas just outsidelarge cities to remote forests far fromcivilization, hunters can choose fromamong 118 public sites, totaling nearly1/4 million acres. The largest is FingerLakes National Forest with over 16,000acres. Most are New York State (NYS)Forests, NYS Wildlife Management Areas(WMAs) and NYS Parks. A few are countyforests, city owned land and privatelyowned lands made available to thehunting public. Additionally, countlessprivate lands can be accessed simply byseeking permission from landowners.Commercial hunting preserves andlicensed hunting guides provide otheroptions. There exists additional publiclands in the Finger Lakes region whichare available for hunting and are excludedfrom this guide as they are unnamed Statelands or there is insufficient informationavailable for inclusion.

Whitetail deer is the most popularlysought game. NYS’s Department of

Environmental Conservation (DEC)statistics show that the Finger Lakesregion and western counties consistentlyreport the highest densities of total deertaken in the state – over 10 deer persquare mile in six of the Finger Lake’scounties. Steuben County rates at the topof the list for most deer harvested, at over20,000 annually and Yates County ranksnear the top with nearly 6 bucks takenper square mile each season.

Most of the remaining counties in theFinger Lakes account for 6 to 10 deer(bucks and does) per square mile. Manyof the bucks are true trophies of worldclass score. DEC manages our deer herdsize through management of the antlerlessdeer permits, which provide many morehunters with an excellent opportunity toend up with some venison.

Steuben, Chemung and part of SchuylerCounties have an open season for blackbear, which presents many deer hunterswith an additional exciting possibility.

Waterfowlers have great opportunitiesin the vast wetlands in Lake Ontario baysas well as the numerous wetlands on theFinger Lakes, smaller lakes and ponds,rivers, streams, marshland and swampsthroughout the region.

Wild turkey populations are abundantthroughout the region. A spring seasonfor toms only occurs during the month ofMay and a fall season in part of Octoberand November allows for turkeys of eithersex.

Other small game – ruffed grouse,pheasant, cottontail rabbit, varying hareand squirrel are plentiful in the scenichills, valleys, forests and fields of theFinger Lakes. There are also openseasons for fox, opossum, raccoon,coyote and weasel.

With so much to offer, plan next season’shunt in some of our many public lands.Better yet, combine an archery hunt inlate October and set aside some time fora turkey hunt or even a fishing outing onone of our beautiful Finger Lakes!

Sources for Maps, Area Restrictions and PermitsThe directions to public hunting areas described in this guide are in most cases only one of several ways to access the area andmay not be the shortest or easiest way depending upon your direction of travel. It is highly recommended you obtain a detailedmap of the area in which you intend to hunt. The most detailed maps may be those available from the county highway departments,listed below. Most will require a small fee.

Cayuga ----------315-253-1366 Schuyler -----------607-535-2531Chemung -------607-739-3896 Seneca-------------315-549-8454

or 607-869-3964Cortland ---------607-753-9377 Steuben------------607-664-2268Livingston-------585-243-6700 Tioga ---------------607-687-0302Monroe ----------585-226-2466 Tompkins ----------607-274-0300Onondaga ------315-435-3176 Wayne--------------315-946-5600Ontario-----------585-396-4000 Yates----------------315-536-2336

Other sources of reliable maps include the Finger Lakes Special Area Map available from some auto clubs or at many bookstores,convenience stores, supermarkets or sporting goods stores. Many of the hunting units described herein may have maps and/orbrochures available by calling the listed phone number. As many of the units consist of hundreds or thousands of acres, it wouldbe most useful to obtain a USGS map of the area to not only help you move about in these areas but also to aid in planning yourhunts most effectively in that terrain.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has brochures available for many of the State Forests and WildlifeManagement Areas (WMAs). The brochures include maps, restrictions and other useful information. They may be obtained by callingthe offices included in the Public Hunting Lands section.

State parks have restrictions, including permits in many cases, regarding hunting. Many permit bow hunting only. Each park shouldbe contacted at the number included in the Public Hunting Lands section for specific information.

H u n t i n gH u n t i n g


o: E






28 Call us at 1-800-284-3352

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Licensed Hunting Guides & PreservesLicensed Hunting Guides & Preserves

Name Address City/State/Zip County TelephoneABC Ranch Turnpike Rd. Hornell, NY 14843 Steuben 607-324-0896Adventure Game Calls, Inc. POB 154, 89 Leonard Rd. Spencer, NY 14883 Tioga 607-589-4611Bristol Hills Outfitters POB 272 Canandaigua, NY 14424 Ontario 877-486-8246Collins Cabins Steuben 607-765-0043Eagle Eye Outfitters 1675 Oak Leaf Ln. Penn Yan, NY 14527 Yates 315-536-9768Fallow Hollow Deer Farm 125 Williams Rd. Candor, NY 13743 Tioga 607-659-5976Farmer Phil’s Cabins 7678 Cnty Rt. 55 Howard, NY 14843 Steuben 607-324-4024Finger Lakes Flyers Shooting Facility 35 S. Vandekarr Rd. Barton, NY 13734 Tioga 607-687-5064Finger Lakes Guide Service 1920 Bordwell Rd. Penn Yan, NY 14527 Yates 315-730-8333Finger Lakes Outdoor Adventures 3094 Rt. 364 Penn Yan, NY 14527 Yates 315-536-6327Hill Top Lake Farms Hunting Club 345 Cass Hill Rd. Candor, NY 13743 Tioga 607-659-7843Joe Rigoli 3130 Valley Rd. Owego, NY 13827 Tioga 607-687-1057Lakeside Outfitters 180 Disbrow Hall Rd. Dundee, NY 14837 Yates 607-292-3557Lucky Shot Lodge 12789 Rt. 38 Berkshire, NY 13736 Tioga 607-657-8278Upland Game Preserve Montour Falls, NY 14865 Schuyler 607-546-4263Pine Lodge,The 101 DelMauro Rd. Candor, NY 13743 Tioga 607-659-7719Ranger Outfitters 267 Sunset Drive Corning, NY 14830 Steuben 607-329-8661Rainbow Connection Outfitters POB 2 Sodus Point, NY 14555 Wayne 315-483-9828Ringneck Preserve 56 Olkowski Rd. Candor, NY 13743 Tioga 607-659-3208Seneca Chief Hunting & Fishing Guide 2250 Skinner Rd. Lodi, NY 14860 Seneca 607-582-6089Summit To Stream Adventures Watkins Glen, NY 14891 Schuyler 607-535-2701Thunderbird Atlatl 90 Main St. Candor, NY 13743 Tioga 800-836-4520Triple R Mountain Spring Farm 5760 MIlls Road Campbell, NY 14821 Steuben 607-382-0506Turkey Trot Acres and Hunting Lodge 188 Tubbs Hill Rd. Candor, NY 13743 Tioga 607-659-7849Up A Creek Guide Service Steuben 585384-9192Wendlandt & Associates Corning, NY 14830 Steuben 607-937-5262Whaleback Farm, Inc. South Hill Road Middlesex, NY 1587 Yates/Ontario 585-943-4698Whispering Pines Hideaway 548 Townline Rd. Lyons, NY 14489 Wayne 315-946-6170Whitetail Valley RD 2, POB 207-I Rome, PA 18837 Tioga 570-395-3667Wildlife Properties POB 418 Big Flats, NY 14814 Steuben 607-562-7414Wine Country Outfitters Steuben 607-742-6163

American Wildlife Taxidermy1335 Roosvelt Hgwy.Hilton; 585-392-3920

Aquatic Taxidermy236 Pearl St.Corning; 607-962-4429

Big Stream TaxidermyS. Glenora Rd.Dundee; 607-243-5944

Bill Yox Taxidermy5554 Redman Rd.Brockport; 585-637-2450

Cedar Swamp Taxidermy47 Havenwood HollowFairport; 585-388-8565

Clingerman Taxidermy4995 Brick Schoolhouse Rd.N. Rose; 315-587-2259

Custom Taxidermy by PhilHershey, 6448 Grimble Rd.Canandaigua; 585-657-6103

Emms Taxidermy4100 Wilawanna Rd.Elmira; 607-529-8891

F & F Taxidermy5674 Cty. Rt. 33 (S. Bristol)Honeoye; 585-229-5578

Fish Fabrications Taxidermy4007 Meads Creek Rd.Painted Post; 607-936-8657

Fur-Fin-Feather TaxidermyStudio, 206 Moul Rd.Hilton; 585-392-9220

Henry's Taxidermy4483 McKay Rd.Nunda; 585-335-3815

J.D. Taxidermy1413 Long Pond Rd.Rochester; 585-865-7217

Jack's Taxidermy25 Redwood Ave.Cortland; 607-753-0820

Jim Dorn Taxidermy7511 Lake Ave.Williamson; 315-589-3736

Lake Country Taxidermy4115 E. Main St.Williamson; 315-589-9923

Land & Sea Taxidermy38 Dublin Rd.Lansing; 607-533-7478

Mountainman Taxidermy6354 Miller Hollow Rd.Chemung; 607-598-7351

Naturally Wild TaxidermyStudio. 5972 Rt. 11Homer; 607-749-3254

Paul M. Adams TaxidermyStudio, 53 Lemoyn Ave.Rochester; 585-621-3753

Pickering's TaxidermyRt. 54.; Bath; 607-776-2832

Rice's Wildlife Taxidermy3948 County Rt. 14Canisteo; 607-698-9239

Rod Zulauf’s Taxidermy51 Washington St.Livonia; 585-346-0194

S.L. Taxidermy1653 Plank Rd.Webster; 585-872-2318

Sandy's Wildside Taxidermy176 Honeyoye Falls No. 6 Rd.Rush; 585-226-3761

Scorza Bros.206 Oak St., E. Rochester585-586-5311

Streeter's Taxidermy2297 Rt. 104Ontario; 315-524-0020

Steger’s Taxidermy Studio3 Rt. 224Van Etten; 607-589-4694

Stoney’s Taxidermy6397 Stoner RdDansville; 585-335-7138

Tracks Custom Taxidermy194 Pennsylvania Ave.Apalachin; 607-625-4755

Valley Taxidermy Studio41 Chapel St.Mount Morris; 585-658-2400

Wild World TaxidermyCoopers Rd.Campbell; 607-527-4412

Willowbrook Taxidermy8693 Rt. 34Weedsport; 315-834-6275

Windy Hill Taxidermy3594 Burtless Rd.Moravia; 315-729-0849



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MAP REF # .............AREA 1........Braddock Bay State WMA 2........Rush Oak Openings State Unique Area 3........Ganondagan State Historical Site 4........Honeoye Creek WMA 5........Letchworth State Park 6........Sonyea State Forest 7........Conesus Inlet State WMA 8........Hemlock and Canadice Lakes Watershed 9........Harriet Hollister Spencer Recreation Area 10......Stid Hill WMA 11......Bare Hill State Forest 12......Hi -Tor WMA 13......Italy Hill State Forest 14......Keuka Lake State Park 15......Rattlesnake Hill WMA 16......Ossian State Forest 17 .....Canaseraga State Forest 18......Stony Brook State Park 19......Pigtail Hollow State Forest 20......Urbana State Forest 21......Waneta-Lamoka WMA 22......Cold Brook WMA 23......Mt. Washington State Forest 24......Birds Eye Hollow State Forest 25......Moss Hill State Forest 26......Canacadea State Forest 27......Burt Hill State Forest 28......Call Hill County Forest 29......Rock Creek State Forest 30......Greenwood State Forest 31......Turkey Ridge State Forest 32......West Cameron WMA 33......Cameron State Forest 34......Cameron Mills State Forest 35......Helmer Creek WMA 36......Tracy Creek State Forest 37......Pinnacle State Park 38......McCarthy Hill State Forest 39......Erwin Mountain State Forest 40......Erwin WMA 41......Erwin Hollow State Forest 42......West Hill State Forest 43......Meads Creek State Forest 44......South Bradford State Forest 45......Dry Run State Forest 46......Cinnamon Lake State Forest 47......Beaver Dams State Forest 48......Goundry Hill State Forest 49......Sugar Hill State Forest 50......Coon Hollow State Forest 51......Watkins Glen State Park 52......Catharine Creek WMA 53......Catlin State Forest 54......Mark Twain State Park 55......Maple Hill State Forest 56......Oakley Corners State Forest 57......Ketchumville State Forest 58......Jenksville State Forest 59......Fairfield State Forest


Locator Map of Public





















20 488











L .













L .



























36 39


564 96






20 5

























5 6 78




16 17


19 20



23 24










37 38




















Locator Map of PublicS







AL .

30 Call us at 1-800-284-3352

Page 31: New York's Finger Lakes Fishing & Hunting Guide

60 .......Shindagin Hollow State Forest 61 .......Danby State Forest 62 .......Arnot Forest (Cornell University) 63 .......Newfield State Forest 64 .......Cliffside State Forest 65 .......Connecticut Hill WMA 66 .......Texas Hollow State Forest 67 .......Finger Lakes National Forest 68 .......Taughannock Falls State Park 69 .......Robert H. Treman State Park 70 .......Buttermilk Falls State Park 71 .......Potato Hill State Forest 72 .......Anderson Hill State Forest 73 .......Turkey Hill State Forest 74 .......Beaverdam State Forest 75 .......Michigan Hill State Forest 76 .......Robinson Hollow State Forest 77 .......Griggs Gulf State Forest 78 .......Hammond Hill State Forest 79 .......Yellow Barn State Forest 80 .......Dryden Lake WMA 81 .......James D. Kennedy Mem. State Forest 82 .......Tuller Hill State Forest 83 .......Hoxie Gorge State Forest 84 .......Gee Brook State Forest & Papish Pond State Forest 85 .......Whitney Point Multiple Use Area (Federal) 86 .......Baker School House State Forest 87 .......Seacord Hill State Forest (AKA Taylor Valley State

Forest) 88 .......Donahue State Forest 89 .......Dog Hollow State Forest 90 .......Cuyler Hill State Forest 91 .......Maxon Creek State Forest 92 .......Highland County Forest 93 .......Morgan Hill State Forest 94 .......Labrador Hollow State Unique Area 95 .......Kettlebail State Forest 96 .......Hewitt State Forest 97 .......Spafford County Forest 98 .......Bear Swamp State Forest 99 .......Frozen Ocean State Forest 100 .....Summerhill State Forest 101 .....Fillmore Glen State Park 102 .....Long Point State Park 103 .....Cayuga-Tompkins Cooperative Hunting Area 104 .....Willard WMA 105 .....Bonavista State Golf Course 106 .....Sampson State Park 107 .....Canoga Marsh WMA 108 .....Northern Montezuma Wetlands WMA, Cayuga

Lake Unit 109 .....Northern Montezuma Wetlands WMA 110 .....Camillus Forest Unique Area 111 .....Cicero Swamp WMA 112 .....Hamlin Marsh WMA 113 .....Three Rivers WMA 114 .....Cross Lake Islands WMA 115 .....Fair Haven Beach State Park 116 .....Chimney Bluffs State Park 117 .....Lake Shore Marshes WMA 118 .....Galen Marsh WMA













83 84





89 90





Locator Map of Public Hunting Lands





















174 175




O T I S C O L .












388038A 41A




















































67 68


69 70







79 80 81


















Locator Map of Public Hunting Lands

See pages 30-33 for directions to Public Hunting Lands









T E L E SL .






Page 32: New York's Finger Lakes Fishing & Hunting Guide

Area.........................................MAP REF #Anderson Hill State Forest ................# 72

Tioga County, 554 acres. Ithaca, NY79 pastCaroline to CR32, S to Anderson Hill Rd.607-753-3095

Arnot Forest (Cornell University) .....# 62Schuyler & Tompkins Counties, 4200 acres.Ithaca, NY13, S to Alpine Junction, toNY224, W to Jackson Creek Rd. (CR13),N to gate. This private land is open to thepublic by permit only. Many restrictionsapply. Their “Earn-a-Buck” program is aunique form of QDM. Detai ls atwww.dnr.cornell.edu/arnot. 607-589-6076

Baker School House State Forest ....# 86Cortland County, 1276 acres. Exit 10Cortland off I-81 S from Syracuse to NY41,E to McGraw-Marathon Rd. (CR116), S toBaker School House Rd., then W. Upland.607-753-3095

Bare Hill State Forest.........................# 11Yates County, 298 acres. Penn Yan, NY364,W to Town Line Rd., W to Bare Hill Rd., Sto Van Epps Rd., then W. Uplands, ponds.585-226-2466

Bear Swamp State Forest..................# 98Cayuga County, 3316 acres. Skaneatelesto NY41A, S near S end of SkaneatelesLake. Upland, wetland, camping, parkinglots. 607-753-3095

Beaver Dams State Forest.................# 47Steuben County, 534 acres. Exit 46 Corningoff I-86/NY17 to NY414, N to Kerrick Rd.,to Buck Hollow Rd. 607-776-2165

Beaverdam State Forest ....................# 74Tioga County, 1148 acres. Ithaca, NY79,E past Richford to Michigan Hill Rd., N toState Lands Rd., E. Near Tioga/BroomeCty. line. 607-753-3095

Birds Eye Hollow State Forest ..........# 24Steuben County, 3446 acres. Exit 40Savona off I-86/NY17, E on NY415 to RobieRd., then N. Upland, ponds. 607-776-2165

Bonavista State Golf Course ............# 105Seneca County, 247 acres. Ovid, S on NY96A,to Gilbert Rd., W to CR132 (Upper Lake Rd.),then N. Bow hunting only. 607-869-5482

Braddock Bay State WMA .....................# 1Monroe County, 2402 acres. On LakeOntario, NW of Rochester at terminus of I-390. Upland, wetland. Includes areasaround Buck Pond, Long Pond, CranberryPond, Braddock Bay and Rose Marsh. All,except Braddock Bay, are connected tothe lake by intermittent channels. Somerestrictions. 585-226-2466

Burt Hill State Forest .........................# 27Steuben County, 403 acres. Exit 34 Hornelloff I-86/NY17 to NY36, S to Canisteo, toFeenaughty Hill Rd., N to Hammer CreekRd. 607-776-2165

Buttermilk Falls State Park................# 70Tompkins County, 792 acres. Ithaca, NY13,S of Ithaca. Deer - bow only. Permitrequired. 607-273-5761

Call Hill County Forest ......................# 28Steuben County, 329 acres. Exit 34 Hornelloff I-86/NY17 to NY36, S through Hornellto Canisteo, to NY248, S to Call Hill Rd.

Cameron Mills State Forest...............# 34Steuben County, 544 acres. Exit 38 Bathoff I-86/NY17 to Washington St., E to MorrisSt., E to Cameron St. (CR10), S to Cameron,E on CR119 for 1 mi. 607-776-2165

Cameron State Forest........................# 33Steuben County, 1990 acres. Exit 38 Bathoff I-86/NY17 to Washington St., E to MorrisSt., E to Cameron St. (CR10), S to W.Cameron Rd. (N o f Cameron) .607-776-2165

Camillus Forest Unique Area ..........# 110Onondaga County, 340 acres. NY173, 8mi. W of Syracuse. Parking on W side ofroad. Small game & deer archery only.Access to Nine Mile Creek, popular troutstream. 607-753-3095

Canacadea State Forest ....................# 26Steuben County, 1623 acres. Exit 34 Hornelloff I-86/NY17 to Sanitarium Rd. (CR65), Sto NY21, S to Mill St. (which becomesCrosby St., also CR 68), W to FlanaganRd. 607-776-2165

Canaseraga State Forest ..................# 17Livingston County, 1287 acres. Exit 5Dansville off I-390, to NY436, W to OssianHill Rd. (CR9), S to Scott Hill Rd. Uplands,wetlands. 585-226-2466

Canoga Marsh WMA.........................# 107Seneca County, 104 acres. Seneca Falls,US20, E to NY89, S past Cayuga LakeState Park . Wet lands, up lands.607-776-2165

Catharine Creek WMA........................# 52Schuyler County, 620 acres. Watkins Glen,NY14, then S. Wetland. Part of the 890acre Queen Catherine Marsh, one of thelargest remaining cattail marshes on theEast coast. 585-226-2466

Catlin State Forest .............................# 53Chemung County, 613 acres. Elmira, NY14,N to Pine Valley, W on Pine Valley Rd., toN on Murphy Hill Rd., to S on ChambersRd. 607-776-2165

Cayuga-Tompkins Cooperative HuntingArea ................................................# 103Cayuga & Tompkins Counties, 5000 acres.E side of Cayuga Lake, S of Long PointState Park, S to Milliken Rd. Hunting bypermit only. Other regulations includingQDM. These are private lands for whichowners have agreed with NYS to allowcontrolled hunting. 316-364-7777

Chimney Bluffs State Park ..............# 116Wayne County, 597 acres. Exit 42 Genevaoff I-90 to NY14, N to NY104, E to LakeBluff Rd. which becomes Garner Rd., thenN. 315-947-5205

Cicero Swamp WMA.........................# 111Onondaga County, 3787 acres. Exit 35 EastSyracuse off I-90 to NY298, then E. Upland,wetland, parking lot. 607-753-3095

Cinnamon Lake State Forest ............# 46Schuyler & Steuben Counties, 1786 acres.NY414 between Watkins Glen & Corning.W on Hornby Rd. at Beaver Dams, pastBeaver Dams State Forest. 607-776-2165

Cliffside State Forest .........................# 64Tompkins & Schuyler Counties, 973 acres.Ithaca, NY13, S to CR135 (Cayuta Rd.)just before Alpine Junction, S to MorrellRd. 607-753-3095

Cold Brook WMA ................................# 22Steuben County, 63 acres. Hammondsport,NY54, S for 1 mi. 607-776-2165

Conesus Inlet State WMA ....................# 7Livingston County, 1120 acres. Exit 7 MountMorris off I-390 to NY63, S to E. GrovelandRd. (CR44), E to Maple Beach Rd. (CR45),S to NY256, S to Sliker Hill Rd., take leftthen immediate right into parking lot.Wetlands, uplands. Cartop boat launch.585-226-2466

Connecticut Hill WMA .........................# 65Tompkins & Schuyler Counties, 11645acres. Ithaca, 16 mi. SW off NY13 & 1 mi.NE of Alpine. Second largest parcel ofState hunting land in the Finger Lakesregion. Diverse habitat with mature hardwoodforests, evergreen stands, fields, meadowsponds and streams. Upland, waterland,parking lots, camping. 607-387-7041

Coon Hollow State Forest ..................# 50Schuyler County, 2456 acres. Watkins Glen,NY414 S to CR16 past Sugar Hill StateForest. Area on S side of road.607-776-2165

Cross Lake Islands WMA.................# 114Onondaga County, 32 acres. Formed bySeneca River, off NY370 W of Baldwinsville.Privately-owned launches. Wetlands.607-753-3095

Public Hunting LandsPublic Hunting LandsDirections to public hunting lands usually originate from the nearest city or large village or from thenearest interstate highway exit. Numbers refer to location on map pgs. 28-29. See Sources for Maps,

Area Restrictions and Permits (pg. 27) for further information regarding access to sites.

32 Call us at 1-800-284-3352

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Cuyler Hill State Forest......................# 90Cortland County, 5503 acres. Exit 14 Tullyoff I-81 S from Syracuse to NY80 thru Tully,to NY91, S to NY13, W to Cheningo Rd.,S to Cheningo Salon Pond Rd., E to CuylerHill Rd, to Lincklaen Rd. 607-753-3095

Danby State Forest................................# 61Tompkins & Tioga Counties, 7086 acres.Ithaca, NY96B, S to Danby, Bald Hill Rd., S toMichigan Hollow Rd., then S. 607-753-3095

Dog Hollow State Forest.....................# 89Cortland County, 728 acres. Exit 14 Tully offI-81 S from Syracuse to NY80, thru Tully toNY91, S to NY13, W to Bells Mills Rd., toSouth Hill Rd., to Brown Rd. 607-753-3095

Donahue State Forest ........................# 88Cortland County, 1093 acres. Exit 14 Tullyoff I-81 S from Syracuse to NY80, thru Tullyto NY91, S to NY13, W to Cheningo Rd.,S to Tower Rd. 607-753-3095

Dry Run State Forest...........................# 45Steuben County, 1062 acres. Exit 42Coopers Plains off I-86/NY17 to Meads CreekRd. (CR26), to E. Campbell, E on Dry RunRd. to Duvall Rd. Uplands. 607-776-2165

Dryden Lake WMA..............................# 80Tompkins County, 201 acres. Ithaca, NY13,N to Dryden, CR157 (Lake Rd), S to W.Lake Rd., then S. 607-753-3095

Erwin WMA..........................................# 40Steuben County, 2490 acres. Exit 42Coopers Plains off I-86/NY17 to NY415, Eto Smith Rd. or exit 44 Gang Mills to NY15,S to Beartown Rd. Uplands, wetlands,camping. 607-776-2165

Erwin Hollow State Forest.................# 41Steuben County, 531 acres. Exit 43 PaintedPost off I-86/NY17 to NY415, E to ErwinHol low Rd. Uplands, wet lands.607-776-2165

Erwin Mountain State Forest.............# 39Steuben County, 507 acres. Exit 44 PaintedPost off I-86/NY17 to US15, S to GangMills, W on Beartown Rd. Erwin Mtn. StateForest on S side of road; Erwin WMA on Nside. Uplands. 607-776-2165

Fair Haven Beach State Park ...........# 115Cayuga County, 865 acres. Oswego,NY104A, W to Fair Haven village. Waterfowlonly in designated areas. 315-387-7041

Fairfield State Forest .........................# 59Tioga County, 815 acres. Exit 64 off I-86/NY17 Owego, to NY38, N to CR33 (WCreek Rd.), N to Fairfield Rd., N to BardenRd., to Lathrop Hill Rd., to State Lands Rd.607-753-3095

Fillmore Glen State Park....................# 101Cayuga County, 941 acres. Auburn, NY38A,S to Moravia for 1 mi. Deer. Bow hunting andmuzzleloader only. 315-497-0130

Finger Lakes National Forest............# 67Seneca & Schuyler Counties, 16036 acres.Watkins Glen, NY414, N to ranger station at5218 NY414, Hector, NY 14841. Largestparcel of public land in Finger Lakes Region.Info & maps by phone at 607-546-4470.Varied forests, pastures, fields, shrublands, ravines, hills, wildlife ponds. Over30 miles of interconnecting trails. 3developed campgrounds.

Frozen Ocean State Forest................# 99Cayuga County, 754 acres. Auburn,NY38A, S thru Niles to Old State Rd., whichbecomes Murray Rd., then Corrigan Rd.Wetland, upland. 607-753-3095

Galen Marsh WMA ............................# 118Wayne County, 712 acres. Exit 42 Genevaoff I-90 to NY14, N to Alloway (S of Lyons),E on Shon Alloway Rd., to Schwab Rd.,to Lyons-Marengo Rd. (CR344), W to RiverRd., then N. Upland, wetland, boat launch,parking, camping. 585-226-2466

Ganondagan State Historic Site .........# 3Ontario County, 535 acres. Exit 44Canandaigua off I-90 to NY332, S to CR41,W to just past NY444. Bow hunting only.585-924-5848

Gee Brook State Forest & Papish PondState Forest.....................................# 84Cortland County, 833 acres. Exit 10Cortland off I-81 to NY41, E to Gee BrookRd. Upland, wetland. 607-753-3095

Goundry Hill State Forest..................# 48Schuyler County, 2112 acres. WatkinsGlen, NY414, S to Beaver Dams, HornbyRd. W to CR16, N to Switzer Hill Rd., Wto Goundry Hill Rd. 607-776-2165

Greenwood State Forest ......................# 30Steuben County, 907 acres. Exit 34 Hornelloff I-86/NY17 to NY36, S thru Hornell toCanisteo, to NY248, S to Rock Creek Rd.(CR62), W to Brown Hollow Rd. 585-226-2466

Griggs Gulf State Forest....................# 77Cortland County, 2343 acres. Exit 9Marathon off I-81 S from Syracuse, toNY221, W to NY200, S to Griggs Gulf Rd.607-753-3095

Hamlin Marsh WMA ..........................# 112Onondaga County, 1473 acres. Exit 37Syracuse off I-90 to Henry Clay Blvd. orfrom NY11 to Bear Road or from WetzelRd. Wetland. 607-753-3095

Hammond Hill State Forest ...............# 78Tompkins County, 3618 acres. Ithaca,NY13, N to Dryden, NY38 to Schutt Rd.,S to Harford Rd. Look for State Forestsigns. Patchwork of parcels throughout.Upland. 607-753-3095

Harriet Hollister Spencer RecreationArea....................................................# 9Ontario County, 678 acres. Canandaigua,US 5&20, W to US 20A, to Honeoye, toCR36 (Canadice Hill Rd.) for 6 mi. Upland.No late season following regular season.585-335-8111

Helmer Creek WMA ............................# 35Steuben County, 126 acres. Exit 41Campbell off I-86/NY17 to Campbell Mills-Risingville Rd. (CR333), W to CameronMills-Risingville Rd. (CR24), S. Just beforeCameron Mills. Uplands. 607-776-2165

Hemlock & Canadice Lakes Watershed.....# 8Ontario & Livingston Counties, 7000 acres.Canandaigua, US20, W to Lima, NY15A,S to Rix Hill Rd. at N end of Hemlock Lake.Undeveloped land around the 2 lakesowned by City of Rochester. Permitsrequired & are available free at kiosk onRix Hill Rd. or at www.cityofrochester.gov

Hewitt State Forest.............................# 96Cortland County, 937 acres. Exit 12 off I-81 S from Syracuse to Homer to NY41, Nto Hewett Rd., then E. 607-753-3095

Hi-Tor WMA ...........................................# 12Yates & Ontario Counties, 6108 acres.Naples, NY245, N to wetlands N of NY245or continue on to West Rd. and WolfangerRd. for the uplands tract on South Hill. NY53,S to CR21, to Bassett Rd. to 3400 acreupland tract. Steep wooded hills, gullies,marshlands, overgrown fields. Area drainedby Naples Creek, famed for rainbowspawning runs and West River with goodbass & crappie fishing. 585-226-2466

Highland County Forest ...................# 92Onondaga County, 2759 acres. Exit 14Tully off I-81 S from Syracuse, to NY80, Efor 12 miles. 315-683-5550

Honeoye Creek WMA .............................# 4Ontario County, 717 acres. Canandaigua,US 5&20, W to W. Bloomfield, to CR37 S for5-1/2 mi. Upland, wetland. 585-226-2466

Hoxie Gorge State Forest ..................# 83Cortland County, 2064 acres. Exit 10Cortland off I-81 S from Syracuse to NY11,S to Hoxie Gorge Rd., to Freetown-HoxieGorge Rd. 607-753-3095

Italy Hill State Forest..........................# 13Yates County, 1990 acres. Penn Yan,NY54A, S to Branchport, W on Italy HillRd, S on Italy-Friend Rd, N on Pulver Rdto end. Uplands. 607-776-2165

James D. Kennedy Memorial State Forest ..# 81Cortland County, 4429 acres. Exit 9Marathon off I-81 S from Syracuse toNY221, W to Clarks Corners Rd., to QuailHollow Rd., to Valentine Hollow Rd., thenN. 607-753-3095

In The Finger LakesIn The Finger Lakes


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Jenksville State Forest.......................# 58Tioga County, 1349 acres. Exit 64 off I-86/NY17 to NY38, N thru Newark Valley,to Tappen Rd., W to Howard Hill Rd., N toShirley Rd. Totally forested. Camping 607-753-3095

Ketchumville State Forest..................# 57Tioga County, 500 acres. Exit 64 Owegooff I-86/NY17 to NY38 N thru Newark Valleyto Wilson Creek Rd., E to Davis HollowRd., to Chamberlain Rd. 607-753-3095

Kettlebail State Forest...........................# 95Cortland County, 597 acres. Exit 14 Tully offI-81 S from Syracuse to NY80, E to Tully, toTruxton Rd., S to Kettlebail Rd. 607-753-3095

Keuka Lake State Park .......................# 14Yates County, 621 acres. Penn Yan, NY54A, 6 mi W to Pepper Rd. on W branchof Keuka Lake. Bow hunting andmuzzleloader only. 315-536-3666

Labrador Hollow State Unique Area .# 94Cortland & Onondaga Counties, 1483acres. Exit 14 Tully off I-81 S of Syracuseto NY80 thru Tully to NY91, then S whichwill bisect the area. Some huntingrestrictions, including permitted area, sohighly recommended you contact DECregion 7 for map & brochure. No camping.607-753-3095

Lake Shore Marshes WMA ................# 117Wayne County, 6130 acres. Several parcelson Lake Ontario, from Sodus Bay eastwardsto Fair Haven. Includes S. Sodus Bay, RootSwamp, East Bay, Port Bay, Beaver Creek,Red Creek and Black Creek Units. Manyaccess points off NY414 and NY104.Brochure available from NYS. Wetland,upland, parking lots. 585-226-2466

Letchworth State Park ..........................# 5Livingston County, 14350 acres. Exit 7Mount Morris off I-390 to NY408, W toNY36, N to park entrance. The parkextends into neighboring Wyoming County.Largest parcel of state land in the region.Camping and rental cabins are available.Permits required and some restrictionsapply. 585-493-3600

Long Point State Park.......................# 102Cayuga County, 272 acres. Auburn, US20,W to NY90 S through Aurora. Deer, smallgame & waterfowl. 315-497-0130

Maple Hill State Forest .......................# 55Chemung County, 604 acres. Exit 59Chemung off I-86/NY17 to Wynkoop CreekRd., N to Pryne Rd. 607-776-2165

Mark Twain State Park ........................# 54Chemung County, 469 acres. Elmira, NY17,N to NY14 for 2 mi. Turn right on WygantRd., go 1 mi, turn left on Ridge Rd., go 1block & turn left on Middle Rd. Deer - bowonly. 607-739-0034

Maxon Creek State Forest..................# 91Cortland County, 908 acres. Exit 14 Tullyoff I-81 S of Syracuse to NY80, W to NY91,S to NY13, E to Crains Mills Rd., S to PeaseHill Rd. or Pardee Rd. 607-753-3095

McCarthy Hill State Forest .................# 38Steuben County, 794 acres. Exit 44 PaintedPost off I-86/NY17 to NY417, S to Addison,S on CR5 to Ackerson Rd., then W. Passesthru Pinnacle State Park. 585-226-2466

Meads Creek State Forest..................# 43Steuben County, 1452 acres. Exit 42Coopers Plains off I-86/NY17 to MeadsC re e k R d . ( C R 2 6 ) . U p l a n d s .607-776-2165

Michigan Hill State Forest ....................# 75Tioga County, 1209 acres. Ithaca, NY79, Eto Richford, to NY38, then N. 607-753-3095

Morgan Hill State Forest ....................# 93Onondaga & Cortland Counties, 5560acres. Exit 14 Tully off I-81 S from Syracuseto NY80 thru Tully to Shackman Rd., Swhich will bisect the area. Upland, heavilyforested & hilly. Spruce Pond is stockedwith trout. 607-753-3095

Moss Hill State Forest ........................# 25Steuben County, 1813 acres. Exit 40Savona off I-86/NY17 to NY415, W toO'Brian Rd. Upland. 607-776-2165

Mt. Washington State Forest..............# 23Steuben County, 440 acres. Exit 38 Bathoff I-86/NY17 to NY54, N to Mt. Washington-Argus Hill Rd. (CR113), then W. Upland.607-776-2165

Newfield State Forest .........................# 63Tompkins County, 1552 acres. Ithaca,NY13, S to Bull Hill Rd., S to Chaffee CreekRd. 607-753-3095

Northern Montezuma Wetlands WMA.....# 109Cayuga & Wayne Counties, 6304 acres.

NY31, W from Clyde to Savannah. Statelands are along NY89, N of Savannah &Savannah-Spring Rd., E of Savannah.Includes Howland's Island, Savannah andSouth Butler Units. Upland, wetland,parking lot. 315-365-2134

Northern Montezuma Wetlands WMA,Cayuga Lake Unit ..........................# 108Seneca County, 225 acres. Seneca Falls,US20, E to NY89, S to Demont Rd, or boatlaunch off US20 on W side of Seneca Riveror at Cayuga Lake State Park. Cattail marsh& wooded swamps. 315-365-2134

Oakley Corners State Forest..............# 56Tioga County, 1042 acres. Exit 64 Owegooff I-86/NY17 to NY38, N to Wade HollowRd. which turns into Dutchtown Rd. Parkingat intersection of Hullsville Rd. & also S onHullsville Rd. Forests, ponds, camping.607-753-3095

Ossian State Forest ............................# 16Livingston County, 1303 acres. Exit 5Dansville off I-390 to NY436, W to OssianHill Rd. (CR9), S to Linzy Rd.,W to ScovilRd. 607-776-2165

Pigtail Hollow State Forest ................# 19Steuben County, 998 acres. Exit 37 Kanonaoff I-86/NY17 to NY53, N to Renchans, Eon Mitchellsville Rd., N on Hungry HollowRd. Uplands. 607-776-2165

Pinnacle State Park.............................# 37Steuben County, 715 acres. Exit 44 PaintedPost off I-86/NY17 to NY417, S to Addison,S on CR5 to Ackerson Rd., then W. Deer,turkey, small game. Bow hunting &muzzleloading only. Permit required. 607-359-2767

Potato Hill State Forest ......................# 71Tompkins County, 915 acres. Ithaca, NY79,E to Caroline to Level Rd., S to Green Rd.,S to Blackman Hill Rd., then E. 607-753-3095

Rattlesnake Hill WMA .........................# 15Livingston County, 5147 acres. Exit 5Dansville off I-390 to NY436, W to OssianHill Rd. (CR9), S to Linzy Rd., to DannackHill Rd. Uplands, wetlands, camping. 585-226-2466

Robert H. Treman State Park ..............# 69Tompkins County, 1073 acres. Ithaca,NY13, 5 mi S. Deer - bow only. Permitrequired. 607-273-3440

Robinson Hollow State Forest...........# 76Tioga County, 1937 acres. Ithaca, NY79,E past Caroline to NY38, S to RobinsonHollow Rd., then N. 607-753-3095

In The Finger LakesPublic Hunting LandsPublic Hunting Lands

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In The Finger LakesRock Creek State Forest ...................# 29

Steuben County, 704 acres. Exit 34Hornell off I-86/NY17 to NY36, S thruHornell to Canisteo, to NY248, S to RockCreek Rd. (CR62), W to O'Haragan Rd.,then E. 585-226-2466

Rush Oak Openings State Unique Area....# 2Monroe County, 400 acres. Exit 11 off I-390 S from Rochester to NY15, S toHoneoye Falls - 5 Points Rd. Wetlands,uplands. 585-226-2466

Sampson State Park ........................# 106Seneca County, 1913 acres. Geneva,NY96A 11 mi S on E side of Seneca Lake.Deer, waterfowl, small game. Permitrequired. 315-585-6392

Seacord Hill State Forest (AKA TaylorValley State Forest) ........................# 87Cortland County, 4638 acres. Exit 10McGraw off I-81 S from Syracuse to NY41,E to Telephone Rd., to Kiwanis Rd. whichbecomes Mt. Roderick Rd., to Taylor ValleyRd. 607-753-3095

Shindagin Hollow State Forest .........# 60Tompkins & Tioga Counties, 5265 acres.

Ithaca, NY96B, S to CR17, N to HoneypotRd. (near Candor). 607-753-3095

Sonyea State Forest ............................# 6Livingston County, 922 acres. Exit 6 Sonyeaoff I-390, to NY36, N to Ridge Rd., S toMoyer Rd. 585-226-2466

South Bradford State Forest..............# 44Steuben County, 1819 acres. Exit 41Campbell off I-86/NY17, to NY418, N toMcNutt Run Rd. (CR17), N to Dennis HillRd. in So. Bradford. Upland. 607-776-2165

Spafford County Forest .....................# 97Onondaga County, 701 acres. Skaneateles,NY41, S to Spafford (near S end of OtiscoLake), W on Coldbrook Rd. 315-683-5550

Stid Hill WMA ......................................# 10Ontario County, 790 acres. Canandaigua,US 5&20, W to NY64, S for 8-1/2 mi. 2ndparcel 2 mi. S in So. Bristol. Upland,parking lot. 585-226-2466

Stony Brook State Park ......................# 18Steuben County, 568 acres. I-390 to NY36,3 mi S of Dansville. Deer - bow only. Eastside of Stony Brook Glen only. 585-335-8111

Sugar Hill State Forest ......................# 49Schuyler County, 9085 acres. WatkinsGlen, NY409, W to CR28 to CR23, S onCR21, W to Tower Hill Rd. Upland, mix ofhardwoods & conifers. Archery course,camping. 607-535-2797

Summerhill State Forest..................# 100Cayuga County, 4355 acres. Auburn,NY38, S on W side of Owasco Lake thruMoravia to Tollgate Rd. (CR54), S to HoagAve., then E. Upland. 315-497-0130

Taughannock Falls State Park ..........# 68Tompkins County, 745 acres. Ithaca, NY89,8 mi N. Deer - bow only. Permit Required.607-387-6739

Texas Hollow State Forest ................# 66Schuyler County, 937 acres. Watkins Glen,NY414, N to NY79, E to Texas Hollow Rd.,then S. 607-776-2165

Three Rivers WMA............................# 113Onondaga County, 3611 acres. Exit 39Baldwinsville off I-90 to I-690, N to KelloggRd. Upland, wetland. 607-753-3095

Tracy Creek State Forest ...................# 36Steuben County, 569 acres. Exit 44 PaintedPost off I-86/NY17 to NY417, S to Addison.Continue on to Tracy Creek Rd. (CR80).607-776-2165

Photos below and opposite pageby: Eagle Eye Outfitters

Tuller Hill State Forest .......................# 82Cortland County, 2436 acres. Exit 11Cortland off I-81 S from Syracuse to NY13,S to NY215, S to NY392, E to Clute Rd.607-753-3095

Turkey Hill State Forest .....................# 73Tioga County, 1118 acres. Ithaca, NY13,E past Richford to Marsh Rd., S to TubbsHill Rd., then W. 607-753-3095

Turkey Ridge State Forest.................# 31Steuben County, 676 acres. Exit 44 PaintedPost off I-86/NY17 to NY417 thru Addisonto NY248, N, Norton Hollow Rd., then W.585-226-2466

Urbana State Forest...........................# 20Steuben County, 2690 acres. Exit 38 Bathoff I -86/NY17 to NY54A, N toHammondsport, to Reservoir Hill Rd.Uplands, wetlands. 607-776-2165

Waneta-Lamoka WMA ........................# 21Schuyler County, 195 acres. Watkins Glen,NY409, W to CR28, to CR23 W pastTyrone. Wetland, upland, parking lot, boatlaunch. Channel connects Waneta &Lamoka Lakes. 607-776-2165

Watkins Glen State Park ...................# 51Schuyler County, 776 acres. WatkinsGlen, NY14 to NY329. Deer - bow only.607-535-4511

West Cameron WMA ..........................# 32Steuben County, 170 acres. Exit 38 Bathoff I-86/NY17 to Washington St., E to MorrisSt., E to Cameron St. (CR10), S toCameron, to CR119, W to Angel Rd.Uplands. 607-776-2165

West Hill State Forest ........................# 42Steuben County, 887 acres. Exit 43 PaintedPost off I-86/NY17 to NY415, E to WestHill Rd., N. Uplands. 607-776-2165

Whitney Point Multiple Use Area(Federal) ..........................................# 85Cortland County, 4645 acres. Exit 10Cortland off I-81 to NY41, E to NY26, Sfor boat launch. Wetland, upland. Nohunting permit required. 607-753-3095

Willard WMA .....................................# 104Seneca County, 158 acres. Ovid, S onNY96A, to Gilbert Rd., W to CR132 (UpperLake Rd.), then S. Upland, parking lot.607-226-5380

Yellow Barn State Forest ...................# 79Tompkins County, 1275 acres. Ithaca,NY13, E almost to Dryden to Yellow BarnRd., S. 607-753-3095

In The Finger Lakes


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Licensed Fishing Guides,Licensed Fishing Guides,

Canandaigua LakeMarinas ____________

German Brothers Marina3907 W. Lake Rd.Canandaigua585-394-4000

Smith Boys Marina7099 Rt. 21Naples; 585-374-2384


Reel Magic Charters585-374-5197

Valley of the Shadows585-721-5814

Whaleback Farm, Inc.585-385-9725

Cayuga LakeMarinas ____________

Barrett Marine485 W. River Rd.Waterloo; 315-789-6605

Beacon Bay Marina6255 Water St.Cayuga; 315-252-2849

Castelli's Marina, Inc.21 Basin St., Union Springs315-889-5532

Cayuga Marina6721 River Road, Rt. 90Caugua; 315-252-5754

Don's Marine Service427 Powers Rd.King Ferry; 315-364-8921

Finger Lakes MarineService, 44 Marina Rd.Lansing; 607-533-4422

Hidden Harbour MarinaRts. 5 & 20. Waterloo315-539-8034

Hideaway Harbor853 Backus Rd.Cayuga; 315-889-5560

Inland Harbor MarinaRts. 5 & 20. Waterloo315-789-7255

Lockview MarinaRt. 90, RD # 1, Box 482Cayuga; 315-255-2936

Oak Orchard MarinaPO Box 148, Rt 89 NorthSeneca Falls

Trade-A-Yacht, Inc.Hibiscus Harbor,Harbor Dr. Union Springs;315-889-5086

Troy's Marina, Inc.Backus Rd., RD 1Cayuga; 315-889-5560

Twin Oaks Marine, RD#1, Firelane 14, Lake Rd.Cayuga; 315-889-7725

Waterloo Oak IslandRts 5 and 20Waterloo; 315-539-8848

Willis Marine,Carr's Cove, Box 22,Union Springs315-889-5125


Black BanditSportfishing315-587-4306

Canalside Adventures315-651-4443

David Passmore FingerLakes Fly Fishing607-347-3792

Eagle Rock Charters315-889-5925

Finger Lakes AnglingZone Guide Service607-387-3098

John Gaulke FingerLakes Angling ZoneGuide Services607-387-3098

Kingtown Beach607-387-6606

Release Tyme Charters368 Backus Rd., UnionSprings; 315-729-0509

Conesus LakeMarinas ____________

Lakeville Marine Serice4096 East Lake RoadLakeville; 585-346-6010

Smith Boys Marina5750 E. Lake Rd.Conesus; 585-346-2060

Cross LakeMarinas______________Cross Lake Marina12946 Dungar Rd. Cato;315-626-6718

Erie Canal &Seneca RiverMarinas__________Mid-Lakes Erie MacedonLanding1865 Canandaigua Rd.Macedon; 800-808-4511

Midway Marina2898 Ditmar Rd.Weedsport; 315-834-6829

Riverforest Marina2526 Riverforest Rd.Weedsport; 315-834-9458

Keuka LakeMarinas______________

Barger Landing CharterService, 570-398-1218

Basin Park MarinaPO Box 446 Keuka Park315-595-8808

East Bluff HarbourMarina654 East Bluff DrivePenn Yan; 315-536-8236

Harbor Club Marina42 West lake Rd.Branchport; 315-595-2215

Morgan Marine100 E. Lake Rd.Penn Yan; 315-536-8166

North End Marina Inc3553 Rt 54, Branchport;315-595-2853


Bobbers FishingExcursions, 607-569-2791

Eagle Eye Outfitters315-536-9768

Finger Lakes GuideService 315-730-8333

Fishing the Finger LakesGuide Service607-739-9123

Keuka Bigfoot Charters607-569-2988

Ketchum Fish Charters607-569-2325

Keuka Charters315-536-9364

Keuka Watersports607-569-2889

My Dream Charters onKeuka Lake NY570-437-2756

Oneida LakeMarinas______________Aero Marina9080 Beach Rd.Brewerton; 315-699-7736

Brewerton Boatyard5405 Bennett St.Brewerton; 315-676-3762

Theisen MarinaTheisen Rd., Brewerton315-676-2291

Onondaga LakeMarina _____________

Onondaga Lake ParkMarina, Vine Street,Liverpool, 315-453-6721

Lake OntarioMarinas ____________

Anchor Resort & Marina14380 W. Bay Rd.Fair Haven; 315-947-5331

Arney's Marina, 7250 Rt.14 N., Sodus Point315-483-9111

Bayside MarinaW. Bay Rd., POB 265Fair Haven; 315-947-5773

Chinook Harbor &Marina King Rd., POB 43Fair Haven; 315-947-6677

Davenport Boat Livery& Marina - 9667 ResortRd, North Rose315-587-4434

Fair Haven MarineService, King Rd. PO Door M, Fair Haven315-947-5604

Four Point MarinaW. Bay Rd.Fair Haven; 315-947-6111

Fowler’s Marina9276 LeRoy Is. Rd.,Wolcott; 315-587-9767

Hadcock MarineMain St., Rt. 104AFair Haven; 315-947-5355

Hughes’ Marina5003 East Lakes Rd.Williamson; 315-589-2752

Katlynn Marine, Inc7448 Rt 14, Sodus Point315-483-9102

Krenzer Marine8495 Greig St., SodusPoint; 315-483-6986

Mill Street Marina4135 Mill StreetPuntneyville;315-589-9350

Oak Park Resort Marina,I6483 Lake Bluff Rd.North Rose; 315-587-2300

Shawn's Marina14738 Lake St., FairHaven; 315-947-6635

36 Call us at 1-800-284-3352

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Charters and MarinasCharters and MarinasCharters____________

AAA-Coho-MotionCharters 315-587-2743

AAA Trophy HunterCharters 315-483-6886

Advocate CharterFishing 585-385-8500

Argo Charters888-739-7155

Bay Bridge Sport Shop315-587-9508

Billy V Sportfishing607-257-1804

Bulldog Charters585-704-5578

Bullseye Charter585-703-4704

Candy Charters585-872-3455

Carl D. Colemens FlyShop 585-352-4776

Cherry Grove Charters315-594-8320

Dream Catcher Charters585-314-2407

Enticer Charters585-671-2362

Expeditor Charters607-535-7558

Fantasy Charters315-947-6328

Fishing FantasyCharters 585-732-3171

Fishing Fool Charters315-536-6020

Fish Lander Charters585-576-3797

Fishin’ MagicianCharters 315-333-5428

Fish On Charters585-732-4995

Fishin "Pole"585-323-9173

Freedom Charters585-749-9732

Get-A-Way Fishing315-524-7559

Hammerhead Charters585-315-7222

Honey Hole Charters315-539-0918

Hooked Up Charters585-388-1100

Irondequoit BayCharters 585-671-5168

King Me Charters585-747-7897

L&M Sport Fishing315-594-8209

Lady J. Charter, The315-695-4765

Limit Catcher Charters315-576-3600

Off The Hook Fishing585-750-8874

Omega II Charter Service800-46-TROUT

Orka Charters315-483-8537

Pequod Charters315-573-2139

Pier One Charters315-594-2704

Pier One II Charters315-594-2704

Pier One III Charters315-594-2704

Popeye Charters570-296-4978

Predator Charters315-585-6412

Prime Time Charters315-483-8600

Rainbow ConnectionsOutfitters 315-483-9829

Raindance Charters315-699-0929

RJ's Guide Service315-597-3490

Rebel Fishing Charters585-964-2106

Ready For ActionCharters 585-703-1440

Reel Crazy Sport FishingCharter 888-210-2901

Reel Easy Sport FishingCharters 585-586-2499

Reel Time SportfishingCharters 315-736-3725

Rustic Charters315-947-5415

Salmon Bound Charters585-721-2632

Salmon GrabberCharters 315-483-6208

Sodus Point Charters315-483-2183

Stanton Fishing Charters315-685-0651

Stingray Charters315-374-9277

Trout N About Charters585-615-6504

Valley of the Shadows585-721-5814

Owasco LakeMarinas__________A-1 Marine, 1499 Rt. 38Moravia; 315-497-3726

Owasco Marine377 Owasco Rd., Auburn315-253-0693

Sevey's Boatyard, Inc.Glen Cove Rd.Moravia; 315-496-2092

South Shore Marina2810 Fire Lane #1Moravia; 315-497-3006

Trade-A-Yacht Marina147 Pulsifer Dr, Auburn315-258-9096


Cascade Grill FishingCharter 315-497-2266

Fish “Tale” Charters315-252-4033

Gary's Guide & Charter518-883-4193

Showtime Charters315-877-2656

RegionalEagle Eye Outfitters315-536-9768

Finger Lakes GuideService 315-730-8333

Finger Lakes OutdoorAdventures 315-536-6327

Fishing The Finger LakesGuide Service607-739-9123

Joe Rigoli 607-687-1057

Summit To StreamAdventures 607-535-2701

Seneca LakeMarinas______________

Barrett Marine485 W. River Rd.Waterloo; 315-789-6605

Ervey’s Marina40 Fairgrounds LaneWatkins Glen607-535-2671

Glen Harbor MarinaEast 4th StreetWatkins Glen607-535-2751

Hidden Harbour MarinaRts. 5 & 20Waterloo, NY 13165315-539-8034

Inland Harbor MarinaRts. 5 & 20Waterloo, NY 13165315-789-7255

Montour MarinaMarina Drive, Montour Falls607-535-9397

Roy's Marina4398 Clarks Pt.Geneva, NY 14456315-789-3094

Seneca Marine501 E. 4th St.Watkins Glen, NY 14891607-535-6690

Stivers Marine, Inc.Rt. 96A, Waterloo315-789-5520

Village Marina2 Seneca HarborWatkins Glen607-535-7910

Waterloo HarborRts. 5 & 20Waterloo, NY 13165315-539-8848


Canalside Adventures315-651-4443

Expeditor Charters607-535-7558

Finger Lakes AnglingZone Guide Service607-387-3098

Seneca Chief Hunting &Fishing Guide607-582-6089

Waterloo Oak IslandRts 5 and 20Waterloo; 315-539-8848

Skaneateles LakeMarina __________Skaneateles Marina1938 W. Lake Rd.Skaneateles; 315-685-5095

Charters _________Gary’s Guide & CharterService 518-883-4193

Fish Tales Sport Fishing315-685-3257

Lakeview Charters315-685-8176

Sailboat Shop, The1322 E. Genesee St.Skaneateles; 315-685-7558

Conhocton RiverGuided Fly Fishing onthe Conhocton River607-776-4968

OutfittersBristol Hills Outfitters877-486-8246

Eagle Eye Outfitters315-536-9768

Lakeside Outfitters607-292-3557

Panorama Outfitters585-396-3010


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A Finger Lakes Visitors Connection25 Gorham St., Canandaigua, 14424877-386-4669, 585-394-3915www.visitfingerlakes.cominfo@visitfingerlakes.comCayuga County Office of Tourism131 Genesee St., Auburn, 13021800-499-9615, 315-255-1658www.TourCayuga.comChemung County Chamber ofCommerce400 E. Church St., Elmira, 14901800-MARKTWAIN, 607-734-5137www.chemungchamber.orgInfo@chemungchamber.orgCortland County Convention & VisitorsBureau37 Church St., Cortland, 13045800-859-2227, [email protected] Lakes Tourism Alliance309 Lake St., Penn Yan, 14527800-530-7488, [email protected]/Tompkins County Convention& Visitors Bureau904 E. Shore Dr. Ithaca, 14850800-28-ITHACA, [email protected] CountyChamber of Commerce4635 Millennium Dr.Geneseo, 14454800-538-7365, 585-243-2222www.fingerlakeswest.comtourlivingston@frontiernet.net

Schuyler County Chamber ofCommerce100 N. Franklin St.Watkins Glen, 14891800-607-4552, [email protected] County Chamber ofCommerce2020 US Routes 5 & 20Seneca Falls, NY 13148800-732-1848, 315-568-2906www.fingerlakescentral.cominfo@senecachamber.orgSteuben County Conference& Visitors Bureau1 W. Market St., Suite 301Corning, 14830866-946-3386, 607-936-6544www.corningfingerlakes.comsccvb@corningfingerlakes.comSyracuse Convention& Visitors Bureau572 S. Salina St.Syracuse, 13202315-470-1910, [email protected] County Tourism80 North Ave., Owego, 13827800-671-7772, [email protected] Rochester45 East Ave., Suite 400Rochester, 14604-2294800-677-7282, [email protected] County Tourism9 Pearl St., Lyons, 14489800-527-6510, 315-946-5469www.waynecountytourism.comtourism@co.wayne.ny.usYates CountyChamber of Commerce2375 Rt. 14APenn Yan, 14527800-868-9283, [email protected]

Fishing and hunting in New York Staterequire licenses. Use these resources toget information on the best location toobtain your license and to clarify the rulesand regulations pertaining to the type ofhunting or fishing that you plan onenjoying.New York State Canal System800-4-CANAL-4 (800-422-6254)www.canals.state.ny.usNew York State Dept. of EconomicDevelopment Division of Tourism800-CALLNYS (800-225-5697)www.iloveny.comNew York State Dept. ofEnvironmental Conservation (DEC)Region 7: 315-426-7400Region 8: 585-226-2466www.dec.state.ny.usNew York State DEC AutomatedLicensing System (DECALS)866-933-2257; www.dec.state.ny.usNew York State Hunting & FishingLicense information 518-402-8843New York State Office of Parks,Recreation and Historic Preservation800-456-2267; www.nysparks.com

Central Region6105 E. Seneca TurnpikeJamesville, NY 13078315-492-1756Finger Lakes Region2221 Taughannock Park Rd.Trumansburg, NY 14886-0721607-387-7041Genesee RegionCastile, NY 14427; 585-493-3600

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service800-334-9453; www.fws.gov/Finger Lakes National Forest5218 Rt. 414, Hector, NY 14841607-546-4470www.fs.fed.us/r9/gmfl/fingerlakes/Thank you to the staff of the DECRegional offices in Avon, Bath andCortland for assistance. Thanks also tothe County Highway Departments formaps and to Kidd Photographics fordesign and photography for thispublication.

Travel and Outdoor ResourcesTravel and Outdoor Resources

38 Call us at 1-800-284-3352

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Destination Finger LakesDestination Finger Lakes

Finger Lakes Travel GuideLooking for the mostcomprehensive guide for all yourtravel needs in New York’s FingerLakes region? Filled with resourcesfor where to stay and what to dowhile you’re here, the full-color2008 Finger Lakes Travel Guideis the official guide to the 14-county,9,000-square mile Finger Lakesregion.

Finger LakesMini-Guide & Map

A convenient pocket-sizedguide to the Finger Lakes with

a regional map as well asinformation on activities and

attractions, restaurants,shopping, and lodging options

in the area.

www.fingerlakes.orgTouring is about possibilities. Andwhen you have more than 9,000

square miles of lakes, hills, villagesand vineyards, the possibilities are

endless. For families, groups,couples, you name it, each countyin the Finger Lakes has developedtouring packages and suggesteditineraries for the adventuresome

traveler. You can take part in anorganized tour, or you can takeone of many well-defined maps

and trek out on your own.

Free brochures anda complete websitewith all the details

you need.Visit us at



The Finger Lakes region of New YorkState runs from Lake Ontario to thePennsylvania border, from Syracuse toLetchworth State Park. There are so manyreasons that people come to the FingerLakes: our outdoors, our lakes, ourscenery and our recreational options. Ourvisitors love our four seasons which lurepeople for skiing, fishing, lake fun, golfand wine tasting.There is so much more to do in the FingerLakes than we can possibly say in thisguide. For more information visit us onlineor give us a call to order our other specialinterest publications.We hope to see you soon in the Finger Lakes.

This fishing guide is published by Finger LakesTourism Alliance. Inclusion in this publication doesnot constitute an endorsement. While every attemptis made to ensure accuracy, Finger Lakes TourismAlliance cannot assume responsibility for changesin details and rates.

To participate in this guide or to learn more aboutthis organization, contact:

Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance309 Lake Street

Penn Yan, NY 14527Phone: 800-284-3352 or

315-536-7488Fax: 315-536-1237

E-mail: [email protected]: www.fingerlakes.org

© 2008 Finger Lakes Tourism Allianceall rights reserved

Hiking and Biking GuideIf you like this Hunting andFishing guide, you might beinterested in details on two moreof our popular Finger Lakesactivities. Our four color Hikingand Biking guide providesroutes for road bikers, trailbikers, and hikers of all interests.

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