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NEWSLETTER · PDF file worry. You may notices changes in your child’s behaviour, sleep,...

Date post:17-Jun-2020
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  • Message from the Principal

    Term 2 Week 5 2020

    NEWSLETTER www.dalbsoutss.eq.edu.au

    Dates to Remember 25 May School resumes for all students 3 June Pie Drive Forms & Money Due 15 June P&C Meeting (7pm) 19 June Pie Drive Delivery (2.30-3.30pm) 26 June Last Day of Term 2 13 July First Day of Term 3 20 July P&C Meeting (7pm)

    Friday 21 May Jen Tunley, Michael Roberts & Waheeda Shaik

    Monday 25 May No Tuckshop

    Wednesday 27 May Francis Gilbert & Tracey Mitchell

    Dear Parents and Friends

    Welcome to our first Newsletter for Term Two!

    Well it has certainly been an amazingly different landscape in and out of schools that we all find ourselves in. I would like to congratulate our entire learning community for the amazing way you have all done your very best to support the work of our students and staff. Next week sees the return of our remaining students in Years 2-6 and we too are keen to see that happen.

    What the new normal will look like moving forward is still very fluid as we implement the advice provided to us by the State Government. We have been very impressed with the way that our learning community have embraced the changes that have been put in place. Having people that are flexible and supportive certainly makes things much better for us all round.

    At this stage there are lots of things that we are not able to do as a school under the restrictions placed upon us. As these restrictions are lifted we will look to see what we can put back into our program of events. I am of the opinion that many of our activities that involve large numbers of people will be on the back burner for some time to come.

    Over the last two weeks our Prep and Year One students have returned to their normal program of instruction which has been a welcome relief for all of our teaching and learning team. We have been working on getting routines and practices back in full swing which has been more like the start of the school year due to the nature of the break from school that they have been a part of. On the Oval this week students in the lower primary have been flocking to the two long jump pits on the Owen St side of the school. Armed with lots of sand toys they have really enjoyed the opportunity to do some digging. We did have one lost shoe for a period of time which a member of the admin team was able to locate with the help of a much larger shovel! It is certainly pleasing to see our students making the very most of their break time. Next week we will be adding a range of lunchtime activities for our students across the school. This will include skipping, ball games, STEAM, Science and Art just to name a few. We trust that these additions to lunchtime options will ensure that students are able to really enjoy the time that they have available each day.

    Students in Years Five and Six will be taking part in the Wonder of Science program this year that is staged by the team at the University of Southern Queensland. The units of work align with the Science units that our students engage with at this time of year so all that is changed is the mode for the delivery of this learning. Classes will be working with scientists from USQ remotely through the use of Microsoft teams where they will have virtual lessons and discussions. Our teachers will be busy in the coming weeks facilitating and engaging our students in this great program.

    Finally I would like to once again acknowledge the great work done by our entire teaching and learning team over the past eight weeks. They have all really stepped up modifying programs and delivery methods that have all been based on a really strong can do approach.

    Enjoy your week Dave







    Dalby South Weekly Attendance

    Data for Term 2 Week 5

    Year Level: Attendance: Rating:


    Year 1

    Year 2

    Year 3

    Year 4

    Year 5

    Year 6

    ACHIEVER OF THE WEEK Prep A Jesse McNamara 4B Jacob Hold

    Prep B Harrison Rochford 4C Shaemies Colonel

    Prep C Amelia Morris 4D Lacey Hoare

    1A Chase Schwerin 5A Stacey Hicks

    1B Harmony Kelk 5B Taylor Hold

    1C 5C Tijana Rickaby

    1D Brax Wadley 5/6E Kelsey Tibbett

    2A Marcus Cora 6A Gabby Rook

    2B Dean Lynch 6B Lara Lynch

    2C Hayden Robinson 6C Konah Jones

    3A Mia Johnson 6D Telina Russell

    3B Kaylee Donohoe SEP Blayze Umpelby

    3C Patrick York IM Cameron McAuliffe

    3D Layla Jones LLI

    4A Carys Fallaria Art Isabella Pukallus, Tyler Park &

    Owen Family (Jorja, Rhyley & Max)

    The Cleaner Award was presented to:

    The ‘Go Green’ Award was presented to:

    Tuckshop voucher winner was:



  • Transitioning back to School during Covid-19

    Here are some helpful things to remember over the next few weeks as children are transitioning

    back into school for Term 2.

    As your child returns to school, they may feel a range of emotions, including excitement, relief or worry. You may notices changes in your child’s behaviour, sleep, mood and interactions with others, or eating habits – these are all normal expressions of worry and by noticing and responding with care and support, you will help your child to feel better.

    Reassure your child it is safe to go to school During the learning at home period, your family, along with staff at school, have helped your child understand that staying away from school was necessary to keep them healthy and safe. Your child may now feel worried about whether it is safe for them to go back to school. To help your child feel safe, have calm and clear conversations and tell them the facts, including that:  The decision for students to return to school has been made based on health

    advice  Everyone at school is going to make sure they are keeping safe, and there is

    plenty of soap at school so that everyone can wash their hands many times a day  They will be allowed to sit next to their friends in the classroom and during group

    activities  If anyone at school feels sick, they will stay away from school until they feel better

    Prepare for changes to school processes Changes to our schools normal processes may be necessary to ensure physical distancing requirements for adults can be met. So that you and your child can prepare, we will communicate further changes as they occur. Changes to drop off procedures have already been put in place to keep all adults safe and ensure social distancing is happening.

    Establish a back-to-school routine Preparing for school and getting into a routine with your child will help make the transition back to school a positive experience. Prepare to return to school:  Get back into the routine of waking up, having breakfast and going to bed at regular times.  Discuss any issues or fears your child might have about going back to school  Talk to your child about what they like about school and what they have been missing  Talk through the routine of what it’s like being at school:  For example, “when I get to school I go and see (teacher’s name) and then we hang our

    bags on our hooks, we say hi to our friends, we find our seat, etc.

  • Independent Reading has begun in Prep C! We have been practising the process of setting up our books, so we are ready to start reading. We read our guided reading books first, sentences in our Super Reader scrapbook next, followed by some poems in our Poetry nook. Our last book is a ‘Look Book’ chosen by students from our classroom library. Independent Reading gives students the opportunity to practise their reading strategies, sight words and comprehension skills. We will be working on building up our reading stamina, so we can read for a longer period of time.

    Winter Uniform The weather is starting to get a little cold and students may wish to wear some jumpers and tracksuits to school. Our school uniform items for winter include:

     tracksuit tops, vests and jumpers in bottle green  plain black tracksuit pants

    While tights and leggings are not a part of our uniform on their own they may be worn under shorts, skirt or skort for warmth. Skivvys in plain bottle green, white or black may be worn under the school shirt.

    Winter items may have a Dalby South logo on them or they can be without logo at all. If you are needing winter schoolwear, our full uniform is available from Creative Embroidery or why not try our P&C secondhand uniform shop which will now be open on Wednesday morning from 8-9am. There are lots of bargains!

  • P&C News

    Welcome back to all of our students and families to school for term 2. We hope everyone has found a way to navigate through this unsettled time and I know the staff and looking forward to seeing everyone and getting on with the rest of the term.

    Thank you to all the families who

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