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Newspapers Drive Web Traffic

Date post:22-Apr-2015
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In some product categories, newspapers increase online traffic by over 200%
  • 1. Newspapers drive web traffic 1 Summary of effectiveness test findings
  • 2. 2 Newsbrands dual platform ideal for driving web traffic Newspapers (both print and online formats) deliver huge audiences 21m readership of print titles per day 15m UK unique visitors to online papers per month 22m readership of print and online titles per day Newspapers prompt action 9 case studies = 9 significant web traffic uplifts Between 31% and 5292% uplift! Across Motors, Finance and FMCG categories
  • 3. 3 Newspapers drive web traffic - Major brands tested
  • 4. Robin Giles General Manager, Marketing Communications, Toyota plc Justin Basini Vice President, Customer Initiative Management, Capital One Bank (Europe) Carlton Lawson Marketing Director UK/Ireland, Pfizer Adding brand-led newspaper advertisements [in print and online] significantly enhanced responses to TV, clearly demonstrating how an integrated TV, newspaper and online newspaper campaign can positively drive up interest and awareness. It was very satisfying to see that this combined effect, supported by online newspaper website advertising, achieves a demonstrable increase in unique visitors to our website. Newspapers have played an important role in the [Listerine] Citrus launch encouraging trial by driving tens of thousands of people to the website to get a free sample size trial.
  • 5. 5 Motors Toyota Yaris 2006 & 2007 Toyota Auris 2007 Vauxhall Tigra 2005
  • 6. 6 2006 Toyota Yaris: Newsbrands drive 44% extra traffic National newspapers overall drove a 44% increase in unique visitors 23% from brand advertising in national newspapers 21% from online newspapers websites July 06 vs 12 month YTD average % Online newspaper websites 23 21 16 7 32 100 National newspapers (paper versions) TV Other online campaigns Search campaign Base = 12 month July YTD average Source: Sophus3 ,2006
  • 7. 7 2006 Toyota Yaris online newsbrand sites highly efficient Online newspapers drive Yaris web traffic increase equivalent to 66% of keyword Search campaign increase. Source: Sophus3 ,2006
  • 8. 8 2007 Toyota Yaris: newsbrands drive web traffic Newspaper Advertising effect on Web Traffic -Unique visitors to Toyota Yaris microsite % increase Source: Sophus3, 2007 +10% +22% Direct access from newspaper Online newspaper Non-referrer traffic
  • 9. 9 2007 Toyota Yaris: newsbrands drive web traffic Source: Sophus3, 2007 Newspaper Advertising effect on Web Traffic Unique visitors to Toyota Auris landing pages - % increase -13% 14% 17% TV Online newspapers Newspapers - print
  • 10. 10 2007 Toyota Yaris: newsbrands deliver high worth traffic Newspaper Advertising effect on Website Visitors % taking further action 4.78 1.09 0.85 Newspapers -print Online Newspapers 7.02 Test drive request Brochure request Source: Sophus3, 2007
  • 11. 11 2005 Vauxhall Tigra: Newspapers drive 39% increase Unique visitors to Tigra pages of Vauxhalls website increased by an impressive 39% as a direct result of the 2005 newspaper campaign. Tigra Website Pages Unique Visitors Daily Average +39% Non-advertised period NP campaign period Source: Sophus3, 2005
  • 12. 12 Newspaper readers are highly responsive Though not designed as a direct response ad, presence of web address increased Tigra web traffic by 39%. Source: Sophus3, 2005
  • 13. 13 Food Kraft Philadelphia 2006 & 2007
  • 14. Kraft Philadelphia (March 2007): Newspapers more than double search traffic Uplift Total Online Newspaper Estimated NP (paper) Total Search Sites Philadelphia Non Referrer Traffic 167% 99% 61% 228% Newspaper Advertising effect on Web Traffic Unique visitors to Kraft Philadelphia website March-April 2007 - % increase Source: Sophus3, 2007
  • 15. Kraft Philadelphia (Aug 2007): Newspapers outperform TV in driving web traffic Total Indirect NP (paper) Total Online Newspaper Total Direct NP url (paper) All TV + Sponsorship for Philadelphia brand and variants Average UVs when no advertising 160% Uplift 114% 67% 21% 72% Source: Sophus3, 2007
  • 16. Kraft Philadelphia (Aug 2007): Newspapers create desired web behaviour 5292% Newspaper Advertising effect on Web Traffic Unique visitors to Kraft Philadelphia Recipes homepage August-September 2007 - % increase Uplift UVs to Recipes homepage during NP campaign Average UVs to Recipes homepage July 1st - Aug 19th (TV/TV Sponsorship only) Source: Sophus3, 2006
  • 17. 17 Kraft Philadelphia 2006: Newspapers drive 440% increase in visits Visits to the recipe section of the Philadelphia website increased by a massive 440% due to newspapers Total Philadelphia web traffic increased by 240% Source: Sophus3, 2006
  • 18. 18 Finance Capital One Abbey
  • 19. Capital One: TV + Newspapers drive web traffic TV + NP campaign Capital One Homepage Security Landing page No advertising +61% +157% Newspaper and TV Advertising effect on Web Traffic % uplifts versus no advertising Source: Sophus3
  • 20. 20 Abbey: Newspapers drive 51% uplift in web traffic Print and online newspaper advertising effect on web traffic Unique visitors % increase vs period with no advertising +51% Abbey Savings Campaign Landing Pages Source: Sophus3, 2008
  • 21. 21 Abbey: Longer dwell time for newspaper readers Source: Sophus3 2008 Newspaper advertising effect on dwell time and page views % increase vs. all visitors 3 4 2 3 +19% +44% All visitors Visitors from NP pages
  • 22. 22 Abbey: Search and direct traffic boosted by newspapers TV + Print newspaper advertising effect on web traffic Average daily UV traffic to abbey.com % increase Natural Search via Google Direct Traffic First 4 days of TV + NP Last 4 days of TV only +39% +47% Source: Sophus3 2008
  • 23. 23 Toiletries & Cosmetics Garnier Nutrisse Listerine Corsodyl
  • 24. 24 Online newspapers provide relevant editorial 23% of women recognising Garnier Nutrisse online newspaper ads clicked on the ad. Garnier Nutrisse online newspaper creative Source: Millward Brown 2006
  • 25. 25 Newspapers generate sample requests via website Newspapers alone drove 20,000 requests on the Listerine website for free Cool Citrus samples in the first 2 weeks of the 2005 campaign. Source: Pfizer 2005
  • 26. 26 Corsodyl: newsbrands drive more traffic than TV Source: Sophus3 Comparison of web traffic Newsbrands (print & online) v.

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