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2. TABLOID 3. CODES AND CONVENTIONS OF A TABLOID NEWSPAPER 4. Main Headline Strapline Ear Piece Masthead Slogan Captio n Second Story 5. CODES AND CONVENTIONS OF A BROADSHEET NEWSPAPER 6. BERLINERS / COMPACTS 7. Left Wing Right Wing Conservative Traditional Look to the past for the answers Financial views the more money you have the more you should keep Concerned with the individual/ self Progressive Idealists Look to the future for inspiration Financial views- the more money you have the more that should be distributed Believe in equality 8. Left Wing Right Wing 9. HTTP://WWW.YOUTUBE.C OM/WATCH?V=RCYVPF9 BDWM 10. "STICKY BUNS KILL 31 IN CHINA" 11. GUIDE DOG DROWNS IN BOG 12. NO-NOBBY BOBBY KEEPS JOBBY 13. ROO IN THE POO 14. SCUMBAG MILLIONAIRE 15. MILK- FLOAT 16. BIN BAGGED 17. HALF INCHED 18. ALLITERATION Repetitions of a sound How now brown Cow some mammals are clammy

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