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Nintendo And Weight Loss

Date post:26-May-2015
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It is a common conception that computer games promote obesity. But Nitendo Wii and Phenocal can fight weight gain and prevent obesity.
  • 1. Fight the war againstWeight gainwith Nintendo Wii and Phenocal

2. As per the scientific study playing games onNintendoWii consoles can burn four times as many calories as playingmore traditional computer games. Nintendo Wiifocuses more on physical interaction while playing games. 3. It is found in the study that players can burn up to150 calories in 35 minutes while playing motion oriented Sportson there Wii. Which is enough to stop any weight gain. 4. Nintendo has launched a range in Wii called as Nintendo fit Which uses an electronic balance board to monitor aplayers weight. 5. NintendoWii asks player toenter their height. Then it usesBMI (Body mass Index), ameasure of body fatbased on an adult's height and weight. Andcalculatetheir level of obesity, placing them incategoriessuch as"underweight" and "fat". 6. Players can then be guided throughyoga exercisesor play games to improve their balance. So weight loss program could be a great fun. 7. Playing sports onNintendo Wiiis more fun than doingexercise in gym. 8. And what else you need other thanWiito lose your weight Aweight loss supplementwhich could help you for diet control. Phenocal 150is a natural weight loss pills which boost yourweight loss program. 9. Nintendo Wii +Phenocal= Weight Loss For more Information on Phenocallog on to: www.phenocal.net

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Fight the war against Weight gain with Nintendo Wii and Phenocal
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