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NintendoHistory, Company Profile, and Significance

AgendaCompany HistoryHanafudaTransition to Video GamesContributions to GamingSignificanceConclusion (2 Questions)

Nintendo: Company HistoryFounded as Nintendo Koppei in 1889 by Fusajiro YamauchiPresident was a Yamauchi family member until 2002 whenHiroshi Yamauchi retired and Satoru Iwata became presidentOriginally a manufacturer of hanafuda cards (1889-present)Experimented with other business ideas (1951-1963)Found success with toys & electronics (1964-present)

HanafudaJapanese card game invented in the late 1700sOriginally used to gamble often illegallyDeck of 48 cards, 12 suits 4 cards eachOne suit for each month of the yearWithin each suit there are 2 regular cards and 2 special cardsEach card has a point value and certain combinations of cards yield extra points

Hanafuda Cards

Hanafuda: Quick How To PlayEach player is dealt 8 cards and 8 are placed face upFind a card in your hand that has the sameseason as one that is face up and has high point valuePut it on top of a card and then place both cardsin your point pileIf you dont have a matching card place a cardface up on the tableDraw a card and attempt to match card, if no matchplace face upDifferent cards have different point values, the onewith the most points at the end wins the game

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gw31Qz0FyCE#t=65Success With HanafudaBecame most popular manufacturer of Hanafuda cards in JapanOriginal cards were hand craftedSwitched to mass production to meet demandFirst company to manufacture and sell plastic playing cards in JapanLicensing agreement with Disney brings Hanafuda to younger generation

Expanding to ToysNintendo begins manufacturing toysFirst toy is called Rabbit CoasterSecond toy is Ultra Hand, over 1 millionunits were sold

Transition to ElectronicsBegan making Kousenjuu series of light gun toys in 1970Included games such as Duck Hunt and Jumping BottleBegan manufacturing simple light gun arcade units in 1974

Transition to Video GamesNintendo hires several Sharp employees in 1975Releases first home video game system called Color TV Game 6 in 1977Consists of six variations of table tennis or pongReleases additional Colour TV Games including a racing version

First Steps Into Modern GamingIn 1978 Nintendo releases their first more modern standalone electronic arcade unitsGames include: Space Fever (1979), HeliFire (1980), and Radar Scope (1980)Popularity of Radar Scope begins to fade and Nintendo assigns junior designer Shigeru Miyamoto task of creating a game to replace itShigeru Miyamoto comes up with the first game that is internationally famous for Nintendo.

Success with Donkey KongThanks to Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo releases Donkey Kong and instantly finds international successIntroduced Nintendos longest running characters Mario (originally Jump Man) and Donkey KongSold thousands of arcade cabinets around the world

Release of Famicom/NESReleases Famicom in Japan in 1983 and NES around the world in 1985NES is a huge successLaunch titles included Super Mario Bros., another game designed by Shigeru Miyamoto which sold millions of copies and held the record for best selling video game for over 25 years

Nintendo: ConsolesOver the next 30 years Nintendo releases many hugely successful consoles such as:GameBoy (Original, Pocket, Colour, Advance) (1989-1990s)SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) (1990)N64 (1996)Gamecube (2001)Nintendo DS (2004)Wii (2006)Wii U (2012)

Nintendo: Games/IPsDonkey KongMetroidDuck HuntSuper MarioLegend of ZeldaPokemonPikminStarFoxKirbyAnimal Crossing

SignificanceOne of Japans most valuable companies with $85 billion in market value, was the third most valuable company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2007Contributes to Japans economyMade Japan a country known for excellent video game production

ConclusionStarted with Hanafuda cards and make them to this dayTransitioned to toys and then electronics & video gamesMade iconic characters that are recognized internationallyMade Japan known for quality video gamesQuestion 1: Nintendo only produced Hanafuda cards for half of their existence.[True or False]Question 2 : Hanafuda cards were invented in the late 1700s [True or False]

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