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Nintendo Wii

Date post: 01-Jan-2016
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Nintendo Wii. The benefits of using the Wii in Physical Education. Obesity Epidemic. More than 1/3 of U.S. adults are obese Approximately 17% of kids and teens age 2-19 are obese. Future Teacher. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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Nintendo Wii The benefits of using the Wii in Physical Education
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Nintendo Wii

The benefits of using the Wii in Physical Education

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Obesity Epidemic

• More than 1/3 of U.S. adults are obese• Approximately 17% of kids and teens age 2-19

are obese

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Future Teacher

• As a future Health and Physical Education teacher , my goal is to educate students about the dangers of obesity, and encourage them to lead healthy, active lifestyles.

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Wii Console

• Cost=$149.99• The Wii is a video game console from

Nintendo. • It is motion controlled which leads to very

active game play.• It comes equipped with a controller and a


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Wii Sports and Sports Resort• Cost=$19.99 for Wii Sports; $39.99 for Wii

Sports Resort• Wii Sports comes with boxing, tennis, golf,

bowling, and baseball.• Resort come with 12 different sports,

including canoeing, basketball, frisbee, and table tennis among others.

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Wii Fit

• Cost=$99.99• Wii Fit combines fitness and fun• You are able to do the exercises with the

controller while on the Wii Fit balance board• Includes 6 training modes like yoga, strength

training and aerobics, and includes more than 60 exercises

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Balance Board

• Cost=$19.99• Similar to the way the controller works• Reads your body movements and brings them

to life on the screen

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• Cost=$200-$400• Needed in order to project the Wii so that the

whole class can see the screen

Page 9: Nintendo Wii

Benefits of the Wii

• The Wii allows for the player to really control the character

• It makes it fun to do fitness• Wii Fit allows for the whole class to do

exercises together using the balance boards• Will promote life long fitness doing something

students like to do

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Final Costs

• For a class of 30 students it would cost the school about $1160

• This is very reasonable especially since it will be able to be used by different classes

• This cost will be put to great use by assisting in turning around the obesity epidemic in the country