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  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    Users Guide for Nokia 5100

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    List of menu functions

    1. Messages

    1. Text messages

    1. Create message2. Inbox3. Create e-mail4. Sent items5. Archive6. Templates7. My folders8. Delete messages

    2. Multimedia msgs.1. Create message2. Inbox3. Outbox4. Sent items5. Saved items6. Delete messages

    3. Chat

    4. Voice messages1. Listen to voice messages2. Voice mailbox number

    5. Info messages1. Info service2. Topics3. Language4. Info topics saved on SIM


    5. Read6. Message settings

    1. Text messages2. Multimedia msgs.3. Other settings

    7. Service commands

    2. Call register

    1. Missed calls

    2. Received calls3. Dialled numbers

    4. Delete recent call lists1. All2. Missed3. Received4. Dialled

    5. Call duration

    1. Last call duration2. Received calls duration3. Dialled calls duration4. All calls duration5. Clear timers

    6. Call costs1. Last call units2. All calls units

    3. Call cost settings7. GPRS data counter

    1. Data sent in last session2. Data received in last session3. All sent data4. All received data5. Clear counters

    8. GPRS connection timer

    1. Duration of last session2. Duration of all sessions3. Clear timers

    iv Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    3. Profiles

    1. General1. Activate2. Personalise3. Timed

    2. Silent (same submenus as inGeneral)

    3. Meeting (same submenus as inGeneral)

    4. Outdoor (same submenus as inGeneral)

    5. Pager (same submenus as inGeneral)

    4. Settings

    1. Time and datesettings1. Clock2. Date3. Auto-update of date & time

    2. Call settings1. Automatic volume control2. Call divert3. Anykey answer4. Automatic redial5. Speed dialling6. Call waiting7. Summary after call8. Send my caller identity9. Line for outgoing calls1

    3. Phone settings1. Language2. Automatic keyguard3. Cell info display

    4. Welcome note5. Network selection6. Confirm SIM service actions7. Help text activation8. Start-up tone

    4. Display settings1. Wallpaper2. Colour schemes3. Operator logo4. Screen saver timeout5. Display brightness

    5. Tone settings1. Incoming call alert2. Ringing tone3. Ringing volume4. Vibrating alert5. Light alert6. Message alert tone7. Keypad tones8. Warning tones9. Alert for

    6. Accessory settings2

    1. Headset2. Handsfree3. Loopset

    7. Security settings1. PIN code request2. Call barring service3. Fixed dialling4. Closed user group

    5. Security level6. Access codes

    8. Restore factory settings

    5. Alarm clock

    1. For availability, contact your network operator or service provider.2. This menu is shown only if the phone is or has been connected to a headset, handsfree

    unit or loopset available for the phone.

    Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved. v

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    6. Radio

    7. Gallery

    1. View folders

    2. Add folder

    3. Delete folder4. Rename folder

    5. Gallery services

    8. Organiser

    1. Calendar

    2. To-do list

    9. Games

    1. Select game

    2. Game services

    3. Memory

    4. Settings

    10. Applications

    1. Select application

    2. App. services

    3. Memory

    11. Extras

    1. Calculator

    2. Countdown timer

    3. Stopwatch

    4. Calorie counter

    5. Thermometer6. Sound meter

    12. Connectivity

    1. Infrared

    2. GPRS1. GPRS connection2. GPRS modem settings

    13. Services

    1. Home


    3. Service inbox

    4. Settings1. Active service settings2. Edit active service settings

    3. Appearance settings4. Cookie settings5. Authority certificates6. Service inbox settings

    5. Go to address

    6. Clear the cache

    14. SIM services1

    1. Only shown if supported by your SIM card. The name and contents vary depending onthe SIM card

    vi Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En



    We, NOKIA CORPORATION declare under our sole responsibility that the product NPM-6is in conformity with the provision of the following Council Directive: 1999/5/EC. Acopy of the Declaration of Conformity can be found fromhttp://www.nokia.com/phones/declaration_of_conformity/

    Copyright 2002-2003 Nokia. All rights reserved.

    Reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of part or all of the contents in thisdocument in any form without the prior written permission of Nokia is prohibited.

    Nokia, Nokia Connecting People and Pop-Port are trademarks or registered trademarksof Nokia Corporation. Other product and company names mentioned herein may betrademarks or tradenames of their respective owners.

    Nokia tune is a sound mark of Nokia Corporation.

    US Patent No 5818437 and other pending patents. T9 text input software Copyright (C)1997-2003. Tegic Communications, Inc. All rights reserved.

    Includes RSA BSAFE cryptographic or security protocol software from RSASecurity.

    Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

    Nokia operates a policy of continuous development. Nokia reserves the right to makechanges and improvements to any of the products described in this document withoutprior notice.

    Under no circumstances shall Nokia be responsible for any loss of data or income or any

    special, incidental, consequential or indirect damages howsoever caused.The contents of this document are provided "as is". Except as required by applicable law,no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, theimplied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are made inrelation to the accuracy, reliability or contents of this document. Nokia reserves theright to revise this document or withdraw it at any time without prior notice

    The availability of particular products may vary by region. Please check with the Nokiadealer nearest to you.

    Issue 1

    Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved. vii

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En



    FOR YOUR SAFETY........................ x

    Network Services ..........................xiAbout accessories .........................xi

    General information .................. xii

    Stickers in the sales package ........ xiiAccess codes ...................................... xiiShared memory ............................... xiiiTypographics used in this guide . xiii

    1. Your phone .............................. 1Improved durability............................ 1Using your phone in wet anddamp conditions ................................. 2Keys......................................................... 2Connectors............................................ 3Standby mode...................................... 3

    Flashlight.................................................... 4

    List of indicators in standby mode ..... 4

    2. Getting started ........................ 6

    Installing the SIM card and thebattery ................................................... 6Changing the shells............................ 7Charging the battery ......................... 7Switching the phone on and off .... 8

    Strap for carrying and fastening.... 8Keypad lock (Keyguard)..................... 9

    3. Call functions ........................ 10

    Making a call .................................... 10Making a conference call ................... 10

    Answering or rejectingan incoming call .............................. 11

    Call waiting ............................................ 11

    Options during a call ...................... 11Loudspeaker............................................ 12

    4. Phone book (Names).............. 13

    Selecting the phone

    book settings ..................................... 13Saving names and phone numbers(Add name)......................................... 13

    Saving multiple numbers and

    text items per name............................. 14

    Searching for a name inthe phone book ................................. 14Editing a name, number ortext item ............................................. 15Erasing names and numbers ......... 15Copying phone books ...................... 15Sending and receiving abusiness card ..................................... 15Speed dials ......................................... 16Info and service numbers............... 16

    My numbers ....................................... 16Caller groups...................................... 16

    5. Using the menu...................... 18

    Accessing a menu function ........... 18By scrolling ............................................. 18

    By shortcut ............................................. 18

    6. Menu functions...................... 19

    Messages (Menu 1).......................... 19Text messages........................................ 19Multimedia messages.......................... 23

    Erasing messages .................................. 26

    Chat .......................................................... 26

    Voice messages...................................... 27

    Info messages ........................................ 27

    Message settings................................... 27

    Service commands................................ 29

    viii Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    Call register (Menu 2)..................... 29Recent calls lists ................................... 30

    Call counters and call timers............. 30

    Profiles (Menu 3) ............................. 31Settings (Menu 4)............................ 32

    Time and date settings........................ 32Call settings............................................ 32

    Phone settings ....................................... 34

    Display settings ..................................... 36

    Tone settings .......................................... 37

    Accessory settings ................................ 38

    Security settings ................................... 38

    Restore factory settings...................... 39

    Alarm clock (Menu 5) ..................... 39Radio (Menu 6)................................. 40

    Tuning a radio channel........................ 40

    Using the radio ...................................... 41

    Gallery (Menu 7) .............................. 42Organiser (Menu 8) ......................... 42

    Calendar .................................................. 43

    To-do list ................................................. 44

    Games (Menu 9)............................... 44Launching a game ................................ 44Game services ........................................ 45

    Memory status for games .................. 45

    Game settings ........................................ 45

    Applications (Menu 10) ................. 45Launching an application ................... 46

    Downloading an application.............. 47

    Memory status for applications........ 47

    Extras (Menu 11) ............................. 48Calculator................................................ 48

    Countdown timer.................................. 49

    Stopwatch............................................... 50

    Calorie counter ...................................... 51

    Thermometer .......................................... 51

    Sound meter........................................... 52

    Connectivity (Menu 12)................. 52Infrared .................................................... 52

    GPRS......................................................... 53

    WAP services (Menu 13) ................ 54Basic steps for accessing and using

    WAP services.......................................... 54

    Setting up the phone for

    a WAP service ........................................ 54

    Making a connection toa WAP service ........................................ 57

    Browsing the pages of

    a WAP service ........................................ 57

    Ending a WAP connection.................. 59

    Appearance settings of

    WAP browser.......................................... 59

    Cookie settings ...................................... 59

    Bookmarks............................................... 59

    Service inbox.......................................... 60The cache memory................................ 61

    Authority certificates........................... 61

    SIM services (Menu 14).................. 62

    7. Battery information............... 63

    Charging and Discharging ............. 63

    8. Genuine Accessories .............. 64

    Battery................................................. 64Indoor................................................... 64

    Standard Charger (ACP-7).................. 64

    Indoor and Vehicle........................... 65Boom Headset (HDB-4)....................... 65

    Vehicle ................................................. 65Mobile Charger (LCH-9)...................... 65

    9. Care and Maintenance........... 66

    10. Important Safety

    Information................................. 67

    Index............................................ 71

    Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved. ix

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En



    Read these simple guidelines. Breaking

    the rules may be dangerous or illegal.

    Further detailed information is given inthis manual.

    Do not switch the phone on when

    wireless phone use is prohibited

    or when it may cause

    interference or danger.

    ROAD SAFETY COMES FIRSTDon't use a hand-held phone

    while driving.INTERFERENCEAll wireless phones may get

    interference, which could affect


    SWITCH OFF IN HOSPITALSFollow any regulations or rules.

    Switch the phone off near

    medical equipment.SWITCH OFF IN AIRCRAFTWireless devices can cause

    interference in aircraft.

    SWITCH OFF WHEN REFUELLINGDon't use the phone at a

    refuelling point. Don't use near

    fuel or chemicals.

    SWITCH OFF NEAR BLASTINGDon't use the phone where

    blasting is in progress. Observe

    restrictions, and follow any

    regulations or rules.

    USE SENSIBLYUse only in the normal position.

    Don't touch the antenna


    QUALIFIED SERVICEOnly qualified personnel may

    install or repair phoneequipment.

    ACCESSORIES AND BATTERIESUse only approved accessories

    and batteries. Do not connect

    incompatible products.

    CONNECTING TO OTHERDEVICESWhen connecting to any other

    device, read its user's guide for

    detailed safety instructions. Do

    not connect incompatible


    BACKUP COPIESRemember to make backup

    copies of all important data.

    CALLINGEnsure the phone is switched on

    and in service. Enter the phone

    number, including the area

    code, then press . To end a

    call, press . To answer a call,

    press .

    x Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    Network Services

    The wireless phone described in this guide is approved for use on the EGSM 900, GSM

    1800 and GSM 1900 network.

    Triband is a network dependent feature. Check with your local service provider if youcan subscribe to and use this feature.

    A number of features included in this guide are called Network Services. These are

    special services that you arrange through your wireless service provider. Before you can

    take advantage of any of these Network Services, you must subscribe to them through

    your service provider and obtain instructions for their use from your service provider.

    Note: Some networks may not support all language-dependent characters

    and/or services.

    About accessories

    Check the model number of any charger before use with this device. This device is

    intended for use when supplied with power from ACP-7, ACP-8, ACP-12, LCH-9 and


    Warning: Use only batteries, chargers and accessories approved by the phone

    manufacturer for use with this particular phone model. The use of any other

    types may invalidate any approval or warranty applying to the phone, and may

    be dangerous.

    For availability of approved accessories, please check with your dealer.

    When you disconnect the power cord of any accessory, grasp and pull the plug, not the


    Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved. xi

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    General information

    Stickers in the salespackage

    The stickers contain importantinformation for services andcustomer support purposes.

    Attach the sticker to Your Detailspage of this users guide

    Access codesFor specific settings of Access codes,see Security settingson page 38.

    Security code (5 to 10 digits):The security code protects yourphone against unauthorised use,and is supplied with the phone.The preset code is 12345. Change

    the code, and keep the new codesecret and in a safe placeseparate from your phone.

    PIN code and PIN2 code (4 to 8digits): The PIN (PersonalIdentification Number) codeprotects your SIM card against

    unauthorised use. The PIN code isusually supplied with the SIMcard.

    The PIN2 code may be suppliedwith the SIM card and is required

    to access some functions, such ascharging unit counters.

    If you key in an incorrect PINcode three times in succession,the phone may display PIN codeblockedand ask you to key in thePUK code. Contact your service

    provider to get the PUK code. PUK and PUK2 codes (8 digits):

    The PUK (Personal UnblockingKey) code is required to change ablocked PIN code. The PUK2 codeis required to change a blockedPIN2 code.

    If the codes are not supplied withthe SIM card, contact your localservice provider for the codes.

    Barring password (4 digits): Thebarring password is needed whenusing the Call barring service,see Security settingson page38. You can obtain the password

    from your service provider.

    xii Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    Shared memoryThe following features in this phonemay share memory: phone book, textand multimedia messages, imagesand ringing tones in gallery,calendar, to-do notes, and Javagames and applications. Using anysuch features may reduce thememory available for any featuressharing memory. This is especiallytrue with heavy use of any of thefeatures (although some of the

    features may have a certain amountof memory specially allotted to themin addition to the amount of memoryshared with other features). Forexample, saving many images, javaapplications etc. may take all of theshared memory and your phone maydisplay a message that the memory

    is full. In this case, delete some ofthe information or entries stored inthe shared memory features beforecontinuing.

    Typographics used inthis guide

    The display texts which appear onthe phones display are indicated initalic typeface, for example Calling.

    The display texts related to theselection keys and areindicated in bold typeface, forexample Menu.

    Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved. xiii

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    xiv Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    Y o u r p h o n e

    Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved. 1

    1. Your phone

    Improved durabilityThe Nokia 5100 has been designedfor an active lifestyle. It is a phonewith enduring quality and reliability.It has an improved protectionagainst water splashes, dust andbumps. The rubbery surface providesa firm and reliable grip andconvenience.

    The top and bottom shells provideimproved protection against water

    splashes and dust. Also the innermodule has resistance to splashesand dust when the shells and keymat are mounted. There aremembranes and gaskets to giveprotection for inner parts.

    The phone has improved durability

    to protect against accidental bumps.The bottom flap gives extraprotection for the connectorsagainst bumps and dirt.

    The Nokia 5100 phone also hasseveral features to accompany youin your activities, like:

    Loudspeaker (p. 12), Radio (p. 40),Flashlight (p. 4), Calorie counter(p. 51), Thermometer (p. 51),Countdown timer (p. 49),Stopwatch (p. 50), Automaticvolume control (p. 32) and Soundmeter (p. 52)

    downloadable personal games

    and applications via Javatechnology (p. 45), Multimediamessages (p. 23), WAP services(p. 54) and Polyphonic (MIDI)tones (p. 23).

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    Y o u r p h o n e

    2 Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.

    Using your phone inwet and dampconditions

    You can use your phone in damp

    environments and outdoors evenin the rain.

    Never immerse the phone inwater.

    If water gets inside the phoneshells, let the inner module andshells dry out or wipe them drywith a lint-free cloth.

    Always be sure that the phone iscompletely dry when you openthe battery cover: SIM card,battery and inner parts are notprotected against water.

    Always be sure that the batterycover is dry and clean and that it

    is properly closed.

    Always remember that theaccessories do not meet the samedurability or water resistancespecifications as the phone itself.

    Never charge the phone whenthe bottom connectors are wet or


    Never use a damp phone withaccessories that have anelectrical functionality.

    Always close the bottom flapproperly after using anyaccessories.

    Keys1. Power key switches the phone

    on and off.

    With keypad locked, pressing thepower key briefly turns thephones display lights on for a

    short time.2. Volume keys ,

    Keys for adjusting the earpiece,headset and loudspeaker volume.

    3. 4-way scroll keys

    , , and enable scrollingthrough names, phone numbers,

    menus or settings.

    If pressed in the standby mode:

    activates and deactivatesthe flashlight.

    opens the list of phonebook names.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    Y o u r p h o n e

    Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved. 3

    opens the message creationview.

    opens the calendar view.

    4. Selection keys and

    Perform the function indicated bythe text immediately above them,for example, Menu and Namesin standby mode.

    5. dials a phone number, andanswers a call. In standby mode itshows the list of most recentlycalled numbers.

    6. ends an active call. Exitsfrom any function.

    7. - enter numbers andcharacters.

    - can be used forspeed dialling predefined phonenumbers.

    dials the voice mailboxnumber

    and are used for variouspurposes in different functions.


    1. Charger connector

    2. Pop-PortTM connector for

    headsets and the data cable, forexample.

    3. Infrared (IR) port

    The bottom connectors areprotected with a rubber flap. Keepthe rubber flap closed if there are noaccessories connected. Never use

    the rubber flap for carrying yourphone.

    Standby modeThe indicators below are shownwhen the phone is ready for use,with no characters entered. This

    screen is called standby mode.

    XXXX Indicates in which cellularnetwork the phone iscurrently used.

    Shows the signal strength ofthe cellular network at yourcurrent location. The higherthe bar, the stronger the

    signal.Shows the battery charge

    level. The higher the bar, themore power in the battery.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    Y o u r p h o n e

    4 Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.


    There is a flashlight in your phone.You can activate it in standby modewhen the keypad is not locked.

    To activate the flashlight press and hold . To switch it

    off, release .

    press twice quickly. Theflashlight is now continuously on.To switch it off again, pressonce.

    List of indicators in standbymode

    You have received one orseveral text or picturemessages. See Reading andreplying to a message or an

    e-mailon page 22.You have received one orseveral multimediamessages. See Reading andreplying to a multimediamessageon page 25.

    You have received one or

    several voice messages. SeeVoice messageson page27.

    The phones keypad islocked. See Automatickeyguardon page 35.

    The phone does not ring atan incoming call or textmessage when Incomingcall alertis set to OffandMessage alert toneis set toOff. See Tone settingsonpage 37.

    The alarm clock is set to On.See Alarm clock (Menu 5)

    on page 39.

    The countdown timer isrunning. See Countdowntimer on page 49.

    The stopwatch timing isrunning in the background.See Stopwatchon page50.

    A GPRS dial-up connectionis established, refer toGPRS modem settingsonpage 53.

    There is an incoming or

    outgoing call during a GPRSdial-up connection. TheGPRS connection issuspended.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    Y o u r p h o n e

    Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved. 5

    Infrared connectionindicator, see Infrared onpage 52.

    All your calls are diverted toanother number, Divert allvoice calls. If you have twophone lines, the divertindicator for the first line is

    and for the second line. See Call diverton

    page 33.

    or If you have two phone lines,

    indicates the selected phoneline. See Line for outgoingcallson page 34.

    Loudspeaker is active, seeLoudspeaker on page 12.

    Calls are limited to a closeduser group. See Securitysettings on page 38.

    The timed profile is selected.See Profiles (Menu 3) onpage 31.


    Headset or loopset

    accessory is connected tothe phone.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    G e t t i n g s t a r t e d

    6 Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.

    2. Getting started

    Installing the SIM cardand the battery

    Keep all miniature SIM cards out ofthe reach of small children.

    The SIM card and its contacts caneasily be damaged by scratchesor bending, so be careful whenhandling, inserting or removingthe card.

    Before installing the SIM card,always make sure that the phoneis switched off and then removethe battery.

    1. With the back of the phonefacing you, press the bottom shellfirmly from sides and remove itby sliding it downwards.

    2. Lift up the battery cover.

    3. Remove the battery if there.

    4. Release the SIM card holder bypulling it downwards.

    5. Insert your SIM card into the SIMcard holder and ensure that thebevelled corner is on the top leftand the golden contact area isfacing downwards.

    6. Close the SIM card holder.7. Replace the battery.

    8. Attach the battery cover back on.

    9. Slide the bottom shell back onuntil it locks into its place. Seethe step 5 in Changing theshellsfor reference.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    G e t t i n g s t a r t e d

    Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved. 7

    Changing the shellsBefore changing the cover, alwaysswitch off the power and disconnectthe phone from the charger or anyother device. Always store and usethe phone with the covers attached.

    1. Remove the bottom shell of thephone, see for details the step 1in Installing the SIM card andthe battery on page 6.

    2. Detach the top shell by pressingthe locking springs on sides and

    then sliding the top shellupwards.

    3. Replace the new top shell bysliding it over the phones display.

    4. Attach the key mat to the bottomshell.

    5. With the back of the bottom shellfacing you slide the new bottomshell with key mat into its place.

    Charging the battery1. Lift up the flap protecting the

    bottom connectors of your phoneand connect the lead from thecharger to the socket on thebottom of your phone. SeeConnectors on page 3.

    2. Connect the charger to an AC

    wall outlet.

    The text Chargingis displayedbriefly if the phone is switchedon. If the battery is completelyflat, it may take a few minutesbefore the charging indicatorappears on the display or any

    calls can be made.You can use the phone while thecharger is connected. Thecharging time depends on thecharger and the battery used.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    G e t t i n g s t a r t e d

    8 Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.

    Switching the phone onand off

    Press and hold the power key onthe top of your phone.

    If the phone asks for a PIN code orfor a security code

    Key in the PIN code or securitycode, which are displayed asasterisks *****, and press OK.

    See also Access codeson pagexii.

    Warning: Do not switch thephone on when wirelessphone use is prohibited orwhen it may causeinterference or danger.

    TIPS ON EFFICIENT OPERATION: Yourphone has a built-in antenna. As

    with any other radio transmittingdevice, do not touch the antennaunnecessarily when the phone isswitched on. Contact with theantenna affects call quality and maycause the phone to operate at ahigher power level than otherwiseneeded. Not touching the antenna

    area during a phone call optimisesthe antenna performance and thetalktime of your phone.

    Strap for carrying andfastening

    Insert the narrower plastic strapholders one by one to the strap

    holes at the bottom of the phone(1 & 2). Make sure the buckle onthe strap is on outer side.

    Insert similarly the other end ofthe strap by stretching it a bit tothe top of the phone (3 & 4).

    Adjust the strap length to your

    liking and fasten the buckle.

    To remove the strap, lift up thetop part of the strap and pull outthe strap holders from the strapholes separately. Then pull downthe lower part of the strap andpull out the strap holders.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    G e t t i n g s t a r t e d

    Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved. 9

    Keypad lock (Keyguard)You can lock the keypad to avoidaccidental keypresses.

    Press Menu and then within 1.5

    seconds. See also Automatickeyguard on page 35.

    When the keypad is locked,appears at the top of the display.

    Unlocking the keypad

    Press Unlock and then within1.5 seconds.

    When the keyguard is on

    To answer a call press . Duringa call, the phone can be operatedin the normal way. When you endor reject the call, the keypad willbe locked automatically.

    Activation during a call

    To activate keyguard during acall, press Options and selectLock keypad.

    Note: When Keyguard is on,calls may be possible to theemergency numberprogrammed into your

    phone (e.g. 112 or otherofficial emergency number).Key in the emergencynumber and press . Thenumber is displayed onlyafter you have keyed in itslast digit.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    C a l l f u n c t i o n s

    10 Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.

    3. Call functions

    Making a call1. Key in the phone number,

    including the area code. If youkey in a wrong character, pressClear to delete it.

    For international calls, presstwice for the international prefix(the + character replaces theinternational access code) and

    then key in the country code,area code and the phone number.

    2. Press to call the number.

    3. Press to end the call or tocancel the call attempt.

    Making a call using the phone book

    SeeSearching for a name in thephone book on page 14. Pressto call the number on the


    Last number redialling

    In standby mode, press onceto access the list of the 20numbers you last called orattempted to call. Scroll to thenumber or name you want, andpress to call the number.

    Speed dialling a phone number

    Assign a phone number first to

    one of the speed dialling keys( - ). SeeSpeeddiallingon page 34. Then callthe number in either of the twoways:

    Press the speed dialling key youwant and then press .

    IfSpeed diallingis set to on,press and hold a speed diallingkey until the call is started.

    Calling your voice mailbox

    In standby mode, press and hold, or press and .

    See also Voice messages on

    page 27.

    Making a conference call

    Conference calling is a networkservice that allows up to six personsto take part in a conference call.

    1. Make a call to the first

    participant.2. To make a call to a new

    participant, press Options andselect New call.

    3. Key in, or retrieve from thememory, the phone number ofthe new participant and press

    Call. The first call is put on hold.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    C a l l f u n c t i o n s

    Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved. 11

    4. When the new call has beenanswered, join the firstparticipant in the conferencecall. Press Options and selectConference.

    5. To add a new participant to thecall, repeat steps 2 to 4.

    6. To have a private conversationwith one of the participants:

    Press Options and select Privateand select the desiredparticipant. Rejoin the

    conference call as described instep 4.

    7. To end the conference call, press.

    Answering or rejectingan incoming call

    Press to answer the incomingcall and press to end the call.

    Press to reject the incoming call.

    If you press Silence, only the ringingtone is muted. Then either answer orreject the call.

    If the Stereo Headset HDS-3 or someother compatible Nokia headset isconnected to the phone, you cananswer and end a call by pressingthe headset key.

    Tip: If the Divert if busyfunction is activated todivert, rejecting an incomingcall will also divert the call.See Call diverton page 33.

    Note that when somebody is callingyou, the phone shows the caller'sname, phone number or the textPrivate numberor Call. If more thanone name is found in the phone bookwith the same phone number as thecaller's number, only the phone

    number will be displayed, if this isavailable.

    Call waiting

    During a call, press to answerthe waiting call. The first call is puton hold. Press to end the activecall.

    To activate the Call waitingfunction, see Call waitingon page34.

    Options during a callMany of the options that you canuse during a call, are networkservices. Press Options during a callfor some of the following options:

    Muteor Unmute, End call, End allcalls, Phone book, Menuand HoldorUnhold, New call, Conference,Private, Answer, Reject,Loudspeakeror Handsetand Lock


  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    C a l l f u n c t i o n s

    12 Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.

    Send DTMFto send DTMF tonestrings, for example, passwords orbank account numbers. Key in theDTMF string or search for it in thephone book and press OK. Note that

    you can key in the wait character wand the pause character p byrepeatedly pressing .

    Swapto switch between the activecall and the call on hold, Transfertoconnect a call on hold to an activecall, and disconnect yourself from

    the calls.


    You can use your phone as aloudspeaker when making orreceiving calls. Do not hold thephone to your ear when using theloudspeaker function.

    By arriving call, press Optionsand select Loudspeaker. The callis accepted immediately.

    During a call, press Options andselect Loudspeakeror pressLoudsp. if visible on the phonesdisplay.

    When making a call, wait untilthe initialising call alerts andthen activate the loudspeakerlike during a call.

    To stop using the loudspeaker, press

    Options and select Handsetor pressHandset if visible on the phonesdisplay.

    Using the loudspeaker with the

    radio, see Using the radioon page41.

    Note: Using the loudspeakerconsumes the battery and thephones operating time will bereduced considerably.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    P h o n e b o o k ( N a m e s )

    Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved. 13

    4. Phone book (Names)

    You can save names and phonenumbers in the phones memory

    (internal phone book) and in the SIMcards memory (SIM phone book).

    The internal phone book maysave up to 300 names withnumbers and textual notes foreach name. The number of savednames depends on the length of

    the names, phone numbers andtext items.

    The phone supports SIM cardsthat can save up to 250 namesand phone numbers. Names andnumbers saved in the SIM cardsmemory, are indicated by .

    Selecting the phonebook settings

    Press Names and select Settings.Select

    Memory in useto select thephone book you want to use. Torecall names and numbers from

    both phone books, select Phoneand SIM. The names and numberswill then be saved in the phonesmemory.

    Phone book viewto select howthe names (and numbers) in thephone book are displayed.

    Memory statusto see how manynames and phone numbers are

    currently saved and how manycan still be saved in the selectedphone book.

    Saving names andphone numbers (Addname)

    Names and numbers will be saved inthe used memory, see Selecting thephone book settingsabove.

    1. Press Names and select Addname.

    2. Key in the name and press OK.See Using traditional text input

    on page 19.3. Key in the phone number, and

    press OK. To key in the numbers,see Making a call on page 10.

    4. When the name and number aresaved, press Done.

    Tip: Quick save In standby

    mode, key in the phonenumber. Press Options, andselect Save. Key in the name,press OK and Done.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    P h o n e b o o k ( N a m e s )

    14 Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.

    Saving multiple numbers andtext items per name

    You can save different types ofphone numbers and short text itemsper name in the phones internalphone book.

    The first number saved isautomatically set as the defaultnumber and it is indicated with aframe around the number typeindicator, for example . Whenyou select a name from the phone

    book, for example to make a call, thedefault number is used unless youselect another number.

    1. Make sure that the memory inuse is either Phoneor Phone andSIM. See Selecting the phonebook settings on page 13.

    2. To access the list of names andphone numbers, press instandby mode.

    3. Scroll to the name saved in thephones internal phone book towhich you want to add a newnumber or text item, and press


    4. Press Options and select Addnumberor Add detail.

    5. Select one of the followingnumber types General,Mobile, Home, Officeand


    or text types E-mail address,Web address, Postal

    addressand Note.

    To change the number or texttype, select Change typein theoptions list.

    6. Key in the number or text itemand press OK to save it.

    7. Press Back and then Exit toreturn to standby mode.

    Searching for a name inthe phone book

    1. Press Names and select Search.

    2. You can key in the firstcharacters of the name you aresearching for in the pop-upwindow.

    Press and to scroll throughthe names in the list, press and

    to move the cursor in the pop-up window.

    3. Scroll to the name you want, andpress Details. Scroll to view thedetails of the selected name.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    P h o n e b o o k ( N a m e s )

    Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved. 15

    Editing a name, numberor text item

    Search for the name (and number)you want to edit and press Details.

    Scroll to the name, number or textitem you want to edit, and press

    Options. Select Edit name, Editnumber, or Edit detail, and edit thename, number, or text and press OK.

    Erasing names andnumbers

    Press Names and select Delete.

    Select One by oneand scroll tothe name (and number) you wantto delete. Press Delete and press

    OK to confirm.

    Select Delete alland then scrollto the phone book, Phoneor SIM

    cardand press Delete. Press OKand confirm with the securitycode.

    Copying phone booksYou can copy names and phonenumbers from the phones memory

    to your SIM cards memory and viceversa.

    1. Press Names and select Copy.

    2. Select the copying direction,From phone to SIM cardor FromSIM card to phone.

    3. Select One by one, Allor Default


    If you select One by one, scrollto the name you want to copyand press Copy.

    Default numbersis shown if youcopy from the phone to the SIM

    card. Only the default numberswill be copied.

    4. To choose whether you want tokeep or delete the original namesand numbers, select Keeporiginalor Move original.

    If you select Allor Default

    numbers, press OK whenStart copying?or Startmoving?is displayed.

    Sending and receiving abusiness card

    You can send and receive a persons

    contact information as a businesscard either via IR or as an Over TheAir (OTA) message if supported bythe network.

    Receiving a business card

    To receive a business card via IR,make sure that your phone is ready

    to receive data through its IR port,see Infrared on page 52.

    When you have received a businesscard via IR or as an OTA message,press Show. Press Save to save thebusiness card in the phonesmemory. To discard the businesscard, press Exit ad then OK.

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    P h o n e b o o k ( N a m e s )

    16 Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.

    Sending a business card

    You can send a business card via IRor as an OTA message to acompatible phone or other handhelddevice which supports the vCard


    1. To send a business card, searchfor the name and phone numberyou want to send from the phonebook, press Details and Optionsand select Send bus. card.

    2. To send the business card via IR,

    make sure that the other phoneor the PC is set up to receive datavia its IR port and select Viainfrared.

    To send the business card as anOTA message, select Via textmessage.

    Speed dialsTo assign a number to a speeddialling key, press Names, selectSpeed dialsand scroll to the speeddialling key number you want.

    Press Assign, press Search, and

    select first the name and then thenumber you want to assign. If anumber has already been assigned tothe key, press Options, and you canview, change or delete the assignednumber. If the Speed diallingfunction is off, the phone askswhether you want to activate it.

    PressYes to activate the function.Refer to Speed diallingon page 34.

    To make a call using the speeddialling keys, see Speed dialling aphone numberon page 10.

    Info and servicenumbers

    You can call the information andservice numbers of your serviceprovider if the numbers are includedin your SIM card. For availability,contact your network operator orservice operator.

    Press Names and select Infonumbersor select Service numbers.Scroll to an information number orto a service number and press tocall the number.

    My numbers

    The phone numbers assigned to yourSIM card are saved in My numbersifthis is allowed by the SIM card. Toview the numbers press Names andselect My numbers. Scroll to thedesired name or number, and press


    Caller groupsYou can arrange the names andphone numbers saved in the phonebook into caller groups. For eachcaller group, you can set the phoneto sound a specific ringing tone andshow a selected graphic on the

    display when you receive a call froma phone number in the group, see

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    P h o n e b o o k ( N a m e s )

    Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved. 17

    below. To set the phone to ring onlyupon calls from phone numbersbelonging to a selected caller group,see Alert forin Tone settingsonpage 37.

    Press Names, and select Callergroupsand select the desired callergroup. Select

    Group name, key in a new namefor the caller group and press OK.

    Group ringing toneand selectthe ringing tone for the group.

    Defaultis the ringing toneselected for the currently activeprofile.

    Group logoand select On to setthe phone to display the grouplogo, Offnot to display it, or Viewto view the logo.

    Group membersto add a name tothe caller group, press Optionsand select Add name. Scroll tothe name you want to add to thegroup and press Add.

    To remove a name from a callergroup, scroll to the name youwant to remove, and press

    Options and select Removename.

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    U s i n g t h e m e n u

    18 Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.

    5. Using the menu

    The phone offers you an extensiverange of functions that are arranged

    in menus and submenus.Most of the menu functions areprovided with a brief help text. Helptext activation can be set separately,see the page 35. To view the helptext, scroll to the menu function youwant and wait for 15 seconds.

    Accessing a menufunction

    By scrolling

    1. To enter the main menu, pressMenu, scroll with or for

    example to Settingsand pressSelect.

    2. If the menu contains anysubmenus, for example Callsettings, scroll with or tothe one you want and pressSelect.

    If the menu you have selectedcontains submenus, repeat thisstep.

    3. Scroll with or to thesetting you want and pressSelect. To return to previousmenu level, press Back.

    Tip: You can exit the menu

    without changing the menusettings by pressing .

    By shortcut

    The menus, submenus and settingoptions are numbered and you canaccess most of them by using theirshortcut numbers.

    1. Press Menu in the standby mode.

    2. Within two seconds, key in thefirst digit of the shortcut number.Repeat this for each digit of the

    shortcut number.

    Note that accessing the menufunctions in menu 1, press Menuand key in the digits 0 and 1.Then key in the rest of the digitsof the desired shortcut number.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    M e n u f u n c t i o n s

    Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved. 19

    6. Menu functions

    Messages(Menu 1)

    You can read, write,send and save text, multimedia, ande-mail messages. All messages areorganised into folders.

    WARNING: Do not switch the phoneon when wireless phone use isprohibited or when it may cause

    interference or danger.

    Before you can send any text,picture, or e-mail message, you needto save your message centre number,see Message settingson page 27.

    Note: When sendingmessages, your phone may

    display the words "Messagesent". This is an indicationthat the message has beensent by your phone to themessage centre numberprogrammed into yourphone. This is not anindication that the message

    has been received at theintended destination. Formore details aboutmessaging services, checkwith your service provider.

    Your phone can send and receivemulti-part messages, which consist

    of several ordinary text messages(network service). Invoicing is basedon the number of ordinary messages

    that are required for a multi-partmessage.

    You can also send and receive textmessages that contain pictures.Each picture message is made up ofseveral text messages. Therefore,sending one picture message maycost more than sending one textmessage.

    Note: Picture messagefunction can be used only ifit is supported by yournetwork operator or serviceprovider. Only phones thatoffer picture messagefeatures can receive anddisplay picture messages.

    Text messages

    You can key in text, for examplewhen writing messages, using thetraditional or predictive text input.

    Using traditional text inputPress a number key, to ,repeatedly until the desiredcharacter appears. Not all charactersavailable under a number key areprinted on the key. The charactersavailable depend on the languageselected in the Languagemenu, seeLanguageon page 34.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    M e n u f u n c t i o n s

    20 Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.

    To insert a number while in lettermode, press and hold the desirednumber key.

    If the next letter you want islocated on the same key as the

    present one, wait until the cursorappears, or press any of the scrollkeys and then key in the letter.

    The most common punctuationmarks and special characters areavailable under the number key


    Setting predictive text inputon or offWhen writing text, press Optionsand select Dictionary.

    To set the predictive text inputon, select a language in thedictionary options list. Predictive

    text input is only available for thelanguages on the list.

    To change back to the traditionaltext input, select Dictionary off.

    Tip: To quickly set thepredictive text input on or offwhen writing text, press

    twice, or press and holdOptions.

    Using predictive text inputYou can key in any letter with asingle keypress. The predictive textinput is based on a built-indictionary to which you can also add

    new words.

    1. Start writing a word by using thekeys to . Press each keyonly once for one letter. The wordchanges after each keystroke.

    To insert a number while in letter

    mode, press and hold the desirednumber key.

    2. When you have finished writingthe word and it is correct,confirm it by adding a space with

    or by pressing any of thescroll keys. Pressing a scroll key

    also moves the cursor.If the word is not correct,

    press repeatedly or press

    Options and select Matches.When the word you wantappears, confirm it.

    If the ? character is displayed

    after the word, the word youintended to write is not in thedictionary. To add the word to thedictionary, press Spell, key in theword (traditional text input isused) and press Save. When thedictionary becomes full, the newword replaces the oldest one that

    was added.

    3. Start writing the next word.

    Writing compound wordsKey in the first part of the word andconfirm it by pressing . Write thelast part of the word and confirm theword.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    M e n u f u n c t i o n s

    Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved. 21

    Writing and sending messagesThe number of available charactersand the current part number of amulti-part message are shown onthe top right of the display.

    1. Press Menu, and selectMessages, Text messagesandCreate message.

    Tip: To quickly open themessage editor, press instandby mode.

    2. Key in a message. To insert text

    templates or a picture into themessage, see Templatesonpage 23.

    3. To send the message, press

    Options and select Send.

    4. Enter the recipients phonenumber or search for the phone

    number in the phone book.Press OK to send the message.

    Options for sending a messageAfter you have written a message,press Options and select Sendingoptions.

    To send a message to severalrecipients, select Send to many.When you have sent the messageto everyone you want to send itto, press Done.

    To send a message using amessage profile, select Sendingprofileand then the desiredmessage profile.

    To define a message profile, see

    Message settings on page 27.

    Writing and sending e-mailBefore you can send e-mail via SMS,you need to save the settings forsending e-mail, see Messagesettingson page 27. For availabilityand subscription to the e-mail

    service, contact your networkoperator or service provider. To savean e-mail address in the phone book,see Saving multiple numbers andtext items per name on page 14.

    1. Press Menu, and selectMessages, Text messagesand

    Create e-mail.2. Key in the recipients e-mail

    address or search for it in thephone book and press OK.

    3. If you wish, you can key in thesubject for the e-mail and press


    4. Key in the e-mail message. Thetotal number of characters thatyou can key in is shown on thetop right of the display. Thee-mail address and subject areincluded in the total number ofcharacters.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    M e n u f u n c t i o n s

    22 Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.

    See also Inserting a texttemplate into a message or intoan e-mail on page 23. Picturescannot be inserted.

    5. To send the e-mail, press Options

    and select Send e-mail. If youhave not saved the settings forsending e-mails, the phone asksfor the number of the e-mailserver.

    Press OK to send the e-mail.

    Reading and replying to amessage or an e-mailWhen you have received a messageor an e-mail, the indicator andthe number of new messagesfollowed by ... messages receivedisshown.

    The blinking indicates that the

    message memory is full. Before youcan receive new messages, deletesome of your old messages in theInboxfolder.

    1. Press Show to view the newmessage, or press Exit to view itlater.

    Reading the message later:Press Menu, and selectMessages, Text messagesandInbox.

    2. An unread message is indicatedby in front of it.

    3. While reading or viewing the

    message, press Options.

    You can for example delete,forward or edit the message as atext message or an e-mail, andmove or rename the message youare reading.

    Select Copy to calendarto copytext at the beginning of themessage to your phones calendaras a reminder note for the currentday.

    Select Message detailsto viewthe senders name and phone

    number, the message centreused, and the date and time ofreceipt.

    Select Use detailto extractnumbers, e-mail addresses andwebsite addresses from thecurrent message.

    When reading a picture message,select Save pictureto save thepicture in the Templatesfolder.

    4. Select Replyto reply to amessage. Select Original texttoinclude the original message inthe reply, or select a standardanswer to be included, or select

    Empty screen.

    When replying to an e-mail,confirm or edit the e-mailaddress and subject first. Thenwrite your reply message.

    5. Press Options, select Send, andpress OK to send the message to

    the displayed number.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    M e n u f u n c t i o n s

    Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved. 23

    Inbox and outbox foldersThe phone saves incoming textmessages in the Inboxfolder andsent messages in the Sent itemsfolder of the Text messages


    Text messages that you wish to sendlater can be saved in the Archive, Myfoldersor Templatesfolder.

    TemplatesYour phone includes text templates,indicated by , and picture

    templates, indicated by .

    To access the template list, press

    Menu, and select Messages, Textmessagesand Templates.

    Inserting a text template into a

    message or into an e-mail

    When you are writing a messageor an e-mail, press Options.Select Use templateand selectthe template that you want toinsert.

    Inserting a picture into a text


    When you are writing a message,press Options. Select Insertpictureand select a picture toview it. Press Insert to insert thepicture into your message. The

    indicator means that apicture has been attached. Thenumber of characters that you

    can enter in a message, dependson the size of the picture.

    To view the text and the picturetogether before sending themessage, press Options andselect Preview.

    Archive folder and my foldersTo organise your messages, you canmove some of them to the Archivefolder, or add new folders for yourmessages.

    While reading a message, press

    Options. Select Move, scroll to thefolder that you want to move the

    message to and press Select.

    To add or delete a folder, pressMenu, and select Messages, Textmessagesand My folders.

    Press Options and select Addfolder.

    Scroll to the folder that you want

    to delete, press Options andselect Delete folder.

    Multimedia messages

    Note: This function can beused only if it is supportedby your network operator or

    service provider. Onlyphones that offermultimedia messagefeatures can receive anddisplay multimediamessages.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    M e n u f u n c t i o n s

    24 Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.

    A multimedia message can containtext, picture and sound. The phonesupports multimedia messages thatare up to 45 kB in size. If themaximum size is exceeded, the

    phone may not be able to receive themessage. Depending on the network,you may receive a text message thatincludes an Internet address whereyou can view the multimediamessage.

    If the message contains a picture,

    the phone scales it down to fit thedisplay area.

    If the indicator blinks, themultimedia messages memory is full.To view the waiting message, pressShow. To save the message, press

    Options, select Save messageanddelete old messages by first

    selecting the folder and then an oIdmessage to be deleted.

    Note: IfAllow multimediareception is set to Yesor Inhome network, youroperator or service providermay charge you for every

    message you receive.Multimedia messaging supports thefollowing formats:

    Picture: JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP.

    Sound: Scalable Polyphonic MIDI(SP-MIDI) and monophonicringing tones.

    If a received message contains anyunsupported elements, they may bereplaced with the file name and thetext Object format not supported.

    Writing and sending amultimedia messageTo set the settings for multimediamessaging, see Settings formultimedia messageson page 28.For availability and a subscription tothe multimedia messaging service,contact your network operator or

    service provider.1. Press Menu, and select

    Messages, Multimedia msgs.and Create message.

    2. Key in a message.

    You can insert one picture in amultimedia message. To insert a

    picture, press Options, and selectInsert image. The list of availablefolders in the Galleryis shown.Open a specific folder, scroll tothe desired picture, pressOptions and select Insert. The

    indicator means that apicture has been attached.

    To insert a name from the phonebook, press Options, select Moreoptionsand Insert name. Scrollto the desired name, press

    Options and select Insert name.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    M e n u f u n c t i o n s

    Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved. 25

    To insert a number, press

    Options, select More optionsand Insert number. Key in thenumber or search it in the phonebook, and press OK.

    3. To view the message beforesending it, press Options andselect Preview.

    4. To send the message, press

    Options and select Send tonumber(or Send to e-mail).

    5. Enter the recipients phone

    number (or e-mail address) orsearch for it in the phone book.Press OK and the message ismoved to the Outboxfolder forsending.

    It takes more time to send amultimedia message than to send

    a text message. While themultimedia message is beingsent, the animated indicatoris displayed and you can useother functions on the phone. Ifthere is an interruption while themessage is being sent, the phonetries to resend it a few times. If

    this fails, the message willremain in the Outboxfolder andyou can try to resend it later.

    The messages that you have sentwill be saved in the Sent itemsfolder if the setting Save sentmessagesis set to Yes. SeeSettings for multimediamessageson page 28.

    Reading and replying to amultimedia messageWhen your phone is receiving amultimedia message, the animatedindicator is displayed. When the

    message has been received, theindicator and the textMultimedia message receivedareshown.

    1. Press Show to view the message,or press Exit to view it later.

    Reading the message later: Press

    Menu, and select Messages,Multimedia msgs. and Inbox.

    2. Scroll to view the message. PressOptions if you wish to:

    delete a saved message, replyto the message, forward themessage or edit a message.

    Or select Message detailstoview the subject, size andclass of the message, Detailsto view the details of theattached image or sound, Playto listen to the ringing tonethat is contained in themessage, Save sound clipto

    save the ringing tone in theGallery, Save imageto savethe picture in the Gallery.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    M e n u f u n c t i o n s

    26 Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.

    Inbox, Outbox, Saved and Sentitems foldersThe phone saves the multimediamessages that have been received inthe Inboxfolder of the Multimedia

    msgs. submenu.

    Messages that have not yet beensent are moved to the Outboxfolder.

    The multimedia messages that youwish to send later, can be saved inthe Saved itemsfolder.

    The multimedia messages that have

    been sent are saved in the Sentitemsfolder if the setting Save sentmessagesis set to Yes. See Settingsfor multimedia messages on page28.

    Erasing messages

    1. To delete text messages ormultimedia messages, press

    Menu, and select Messages, Textmessagesor Multimedia msgs.and Delete messages.

    2. To delete all messages from afolder, select the folder whereyou want to delete the messagesand press OK. If the foldercontains unread messages, thephone will ask whether you wantto delete them also.

    To delete all read messages fromall text message folders, selectAll messagesand when Delete

    all messages from all folders?isdisplayed, press OK. If the folder

    contains unread messages, thephone will ask whether you wantto delete them also.


    You can have a conversation withanother person using this faster textmessaging application. You cannotsave received or sent messages, butyou can view them while chatting.Each chat message is priced as a textmessage.

    1. Press Menu, select Messagesand Chat. Key in or search thephone book for the phonenumber of the person with whomto start a chat session and press


    Another way to start a chat:

    When you have received amessage, press Show to read it.To start a chat, press Options andselect Chat.

    2. Key in your nickname for the chatand press OK.

    3. Write your chat message.

    4. To send the message, pressOptions and select Send.

    5. The reply message from the otherperson is shown above youroriginal message.

    To reply to the message, press OKand repeat steps 3 and 4.

    6. To end the chat session, press OK,press Options and select Quit.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    M e n u f u n c t i o n s

    Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved. 27

    Voice messages

    Voice mailbox is a network serviceand you may need to subscribe to it.For more information and for thevoice mailbox number, contact yourservice provider.

    Press Menu, and select Messagesand Voice messages. Select

    Listen to voice messagesto callyour voice mailbox at the phonenumber that you have saved inthe Voice mailbox numbermenu.

    Each phone line may have its ownvoice mailbox number, see Linefor outgoing callson page 34.

    Voice mailbox numberto key in,search for or edit your voicemailbox number and press OK tosave it.

    If supported by the network, theindicator will show new voicemessages. Press Listen to call yourvoice mailbox number.

    Tip: Pressing and holdingcalls your voice mailbox.

    Info messagesWith the info message networkservice you can receive messages onvarious topics from your serviceprovider, for example weather ortraffic conditions. For availabletopics and the relevant topicnumbers, contact your serviceprovider.

    Message settings

    Settings for text and e-mailmessages1. Press Menu, and select

    Messages, Message settings,Text messagesand Sendingprofile.

    2. If more than one message profileset is supported by your SIM card,select the set you want tochange.

    Select Message centrenumberto save the phonenumber of the message centrethat is required for sendingtext messages. You willreceive this number from yourservice provider.

    Select Messages sent asto

    select the message type Text,E-mail, Pagingor Fax.

    Select Message validitytoselect the length of time forwhich the network shouldattempt to deliver yourmessage.

    For message type Text, selectDefault recipient numbertosave a default number forsending messages for thisprofile.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    M e n u f u n c t i o n s

    28 Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.

    For message type E-mail,select E-mail serverto savethe e-mail server number.

    Select Delivery reportsto askthe network to send delivery

    reports for your messages(network service).

    Select Use GPRSto set GPRSas the preferred SMS bearer.

    Select Reply via same centreto allow the recipient of yourmessage to send you a reply

    via your message centre(network service).

    Select Rename sendingprofileto change the name ofthe selected message profile.

    Overwrite settingsWhen the text message memory is

    full, the phone cannot receive orsend any new messages. However,you can set the phone toautomatically replace old textmessages with the new ones.

    Press Menu, and select Messages,Message settings, Text messages

    and Overwriting in inboxorOverwriting in sent items. SelectAllowedto set the phone to replacethe old text messages with new onesin the Inboxor the Sent itemsfolder,respectively.

    Settings for multimediamessagesPress Menu, and select Messages,Message settingsand Multimediamsgs.. Select

    Save sent messages. Select Yesto set the phone to save sentmultimedia messages in the Sentitemsfolder.

    Allow multimedia reception.Choose No, Yesor In homenetworkto use multimedia

    service. If you choose In homenetwork, you cannot receivemultimedia messages whenoutside your home network.

    Incoming multimedia messages.Select Retrieveto set the phoneto automatically fetch newlyreceived multimedia messages, orselect Rejectif you do not wish toreceive them.

    Connection settings. DefineWAP connection settings forretrieving multimedia messages.Activate the set where you wantto save the connection settings

    and then edit the settings. Settings name. Key in the

    new name for the connectionset and press OK.

    Homepage. Key in thehomepage address of the WAPservice that you want to use,

    press for a dot, and pressOK.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    M e n u f u n c t i o n s

    Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved. 29

    Session mode. SelectPermanentor Temporary.

    Data bearer. Select GPRS.

    GPRS access point. Key in the

    access point name and pressOK. An access point name isneeded to establish aconnection to a GPRSnetwork. You obtain theaccess point name from yournetwork operator or serviceprovider.

    IP address. Key in the address,press for a dot, and press

    OK. You obtain the IP addressfrom your network operator orservice provider.

    Authentication type. SelectSecureor Normal.

    User name. Key in the username and press OK.

    Password. Key in thepassword and press OK.

    Allow adverts. You can receive orreject adverts.

    To receive the multimedia

    connection settings as a textmessage

    You may receive the service settingsas a text message from the networkoperator or service provider thatoffers the WAP service that youwant to use. For more information,contact your network operator orservice provider.

    Font size settingTo select the font size for readingand writing messages, press Menu,and select Messages, Messagesettings, Other settingsand Font


    Service commands

    Press Menu, and select Messagesand Service commands. Key in andsend service requests (also known asUSSD commands), such as activation

    commands for network services, toyour service provider.

    Call register(Menu 2)

    The phone registersthe phone numbers of dialled calls,

    and the approximate length and costof your calls.

    The phone registers missed andreceived calls only if the networksupports these functions, the phoneis switched on and within thenetworks service area.

    When you pressOptions

    in theMissed calls, Received callsandDialled numbersmenu, you can, forexample, view the date and the timeof the call, edit or delete the phonenumber from the list, save thenumber in the phone book, or send amessage to the number.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    M e n u f u n c t i o n s

    30 Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.

    Recent calls lists

    Press Menu, and select Call registerand then select

    Missed callsto view the list of

    the last ten phone numbers fromwhich somebody has tried to callyou (network service).

    Tip: When a note aboutmissed calls is beingdisplayed, press List toaccess the list of phonenumbers. Scroll to the

    number you would like tocall back and press .

    Received callsto view the list ofthe last ten phone numbers fromwhich you have most recentlyaccepted calls (network service).

    Dialled numbersto view the list

    of the 20 phone numbers thatyou have most recently called orattempted to call. See also Lastnumber redialling on page 10.

    Delete recent call liststo deletethe recent calls lists. Selectwhether you want to delete allthe phone numbers in the recentcall lists, or only those numbersin the missed calls, received callsor dialled numbers lists. Youcannot undo the operation.

    Call counters and call timers

    Note: The actual invoice forcalls and services from yourservice provider may vary,depending upon networkfeatures, rounding-off forbilling, taxes and so forth.

    Press Menu, and select Call registerand then select

    Call duration, scroll to view theapproximate duration of yourincoming and outgoing calls in

    hours, minutes and seconds. Toclear the timers, the securitycode is needed.

    Each phone line has its own calltimers and the timers of theselected line are displayed. SeeLine for outgoing callson page

    34. Call costs(network service).

    Select Last call unitsor All callsunitsto check the cost of yourlast call or all calls in terms ofunits specified within the Showcosts in function.

    Select Call cost limitto limit thecost of your calls to a certainamount of charging units or unitsof currency. The PIN2 code isneeded for the call cost settings.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    M e n u f u n c t i o n s

    Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved. 31

    Note: When no morecharging units orcurrency units are left,calls may only bepossible to the

    emergency numberprogrammed into yourphone (e.g. 112 or otherofficial emergencynumber).

    GPRS data counter, scroll tocheck the amounts of sent and

    received data in last session, datasent and received in total, and toclear the counters. The countersunit is a byte. To clear thecounters, the security code isneeded.

    GPRS connection timer, scroll tocheck the duration of the last

    GPRS connection or the totalGPRS connection. You can alsoclear the timers. To clear thetimers, the security code isneeded.


    (Menu 3)Your phone hasvarious setting groups, profiles, forwhich you can customise the phonetones for different events andenvironments. At first, personalisethe profiles to your liking and thenyou only need to activate a profile to

    use it. Available profiles are General,Silent, Meeting, Outdoor, and Pager.

    Press Menu, and select Profiles.Scroll to a profile and press Select.

    To activate the selected profile,select Activate.

    To set the profile to be active fora certain amount of time up to 24hours, select Timedand set theend time. When the time set forthe profile expires, the previousprofile that was not timed,activates.

    To personalise the profile, select

    Personalise. Select the settingyou want to change and makethe changes.

    The settings can also be changedin the Tone settingsmenu, seepage 37.

    In addition you can rename a

    profile, Profile name. The Generalprofile can not be renamed.

    Tip: To change the profilequickly in standby mode,press the power key , scrollto the profile you want toactivate and press Select.

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    M e n u f u n c t i o n s

    32 Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.

    Settings(Menu 4)

    Time and date

    settingsClockPress Menu, and select Settings,Time and date settingsand Clock.

    Select Show clock(or Hide clock) toshow (or hide) the time on the topright of the display.

    Select Set the timeto adjust theclock to the correct time, and Timeformatto select 12-hour or 24-hourtime format.

    The clock serves the functionsMessages, Call register, Alarmclock, timed Profiles, Calendarandscreen saver, for example.

    If the battery is removed from thephone for a long time, you may needto set the time again.

    DatePress Menu, and select Settings,Time and date settingsand Date.

    Select Show date(or Hide date) andthe date is shown (or hidden) on thedisplay when the phone is in standbymode. Select Set the dateto adjustthe date. You can also select thedate format.

    Auto update of date and timePress Menu, and select Settings,Time and date settingsand Auto-update of date & time(networkservice). To set the phone to

    automatically update the time anddate according to the current timezone, select On. To set the phone toask for a confirmation before theupdate, select Confirm first.

    The automatic update of the dateand time does not change the time

    that you have set for the alarm clock,calendar or the alarm notes. They arein local time. Updating may causesome alarms that you have set toexpire.

    For information on availability,contact your network operator orservice provider.

    Call settings

    Note: The following call settings canall be found by pressing first Menu,and selecting Settings, Call settingsand then selecting the neededsetting.

    Automatic volume controlAutomatic volume control controlsthe earpieces volume levelaccording to the environment noiselevel. If the environmental noiseand/or level of received speechchanges, Automatic volume control

    changes also the earpieces volumelevel accordingly.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    M e n u f u n c t i o n s

    Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved. 33

    Note: Auto volume on or off settingduring an active call affects only thecurrent call. The usage of Automaticvolume control is possible only inhandportable mode.

    Activating Automatic volumecontrol via a menu

    1. Select Automatic volumecontrol.

    2. Choose either Offor On. Thedefault is Off.

    Activating Automatic volume

    control during a call

    1. Press Options during an activecall.

    2. Select Auto volume on if youwant to activate the Automaticvolume control or select Autovolume offif you want to turn it


    If you increase the volume levelduring an active call by pressing thevolume key , the phones volumelevel increases regardless ofAutomatic volume control being onor off.

    When you end the call, the volumelevel returns to the level previous toAutomatic volume controladjustment.

    Call divertSelect Call divert(network service)and you can divert your incomingcalls to another number, forexample, to your voice mailbox

    number. For details, contact yourservice provider. Divert options notsupported by your SIM card or yournetwork operator may not be shown.

    Select the divert option you want,for example, select Divert if busytodivert the voice calls when your

    number is busy or when you rejectan incoming call.

    To set the divert setting to on, selectActivate, and then select thetimeout after which the call isdiverted, if this is available for thedivert option. To set the divertsetting to off, select Cancel. To

    check whether the divert is activatedor not, select Check status, if this isavailable for the divert option.Several divert options may be activeat the same time.

    Anykey answerSelect Anykey answer. Select On

    and you can answer an incoming callby briefly pressing any key, except

    , selection keys and , and.

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    M e n u f u n c t i o n s

    34 Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.

    Automatic redialSelect Automatic redial. Select Onand your phone will make up to tenattempts to connect the call after anunsuccessful call attempt.

    Speed diallingSelect Speed dialling. Select On andthe names and phone numbersassigned to the speed dialling keys,from to , can be dialled bypressing and holding thecorresponding number key.

    Call waitingSelect Call waiting- Activateandthe network will notify you of anincoming call while you have a callin progress (network service). SeeCall waiting on page 11.

    Summary after callSelect Summary after call. SelectOn and the phone will after each callbriefly display the duration and cost(network service) of the call.

    Send my caller identitySelect Send my caller identity.Select Yesand your phone numberwill be displayed to the person youare calling (network service). SelectSet by networkand the settingagreed upon with your serviceprovider is used.

    Line for outgoing callsLine for outgoing calls is a networkservice to select the phone line 1 or2, that is subscriber number, formaking calls.

    Select Line for outgoing calls. If youselect Line 2and have notsubscribed to this network service,you will not be able to make calls.However, calls on both lines can beanswered regardless of the selectedline.

    If supported by your SIM card, youcan prevent the line selection byselecting the option Lock.

    For more information on availability,contact your network operator orservice provider.

    Tip: In standby mode you can

    switch from one line to theother by pressing andholding .

    Phone settingsNote: The following phone settingscan all be found by pressing firstMenu, and selecting Settings,Phone settings, and then selectingthe needed setting.

    LanguageSelect Language. Select thelanguage for the display texts. IfAutomaticis selected, the phoneselects the language according tothe information on the SIM card.

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    M e n u f u n c t i o n s

    Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved. 35

    Automatic keyguardWhen the keypad is locked,appears at the top of the display.

    Note: When Keyguard is on,calls may be possible to theemergency numberprogrammed into yourphone (e.g. 112 or otherofficial emergency number).However, one keyemergency dialling ('the 9key') does not operate. Key

    in the emergency numberand press . The number isdisplayed only after youhave keyed in its last digit.

    You can set the keypad of yourphone to lock automatically after apreset time delay when the phone isin standby mode and no function of

    the phone has been used.

    1. Select On if you want to set theautomatic keypad lock on.

    2. Give the time entry in minutesand seconds after Set delay:appears on the display. Thedefault is 01:00. The maximum

    time entry for the delay is 60minutes and the minimum entry10 seconds.

    The automatic keyguard activates ifthe phone is in standby mode and auser selectable time delay expires.

    Cell info displaySelect Cell info display. Select On toset the phone to indicate when it isused in a cellular network based onMicro Cellular Network (MCN)


    Welcome noteSelect Welcome note. Key in thenote you would like to be shownbriefly when the phone is switchedon. To save the note, press Options,and select Save.

    Network selectionSelect Network selection. SelectAutomaticand the phoneautomatically selects one of thecellular networks available in yourarea.

    If you select Manual, you can select

    a network that has a roamingagreement with your home networkoperator. IfNo accessis displayed,you must select another network.The phone stays in manual modeuntil the automatic mode is selectedor another SIM card is inserted.

    Confirm SIM service actionsSee SIM services (Menu 14) on

    page 62.

    Help text activationSelect Help text activation to setthe phone to show or hide the helptexts. See also Using the menuon

    page 18.

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    M e n u f u n c t i o n s

    36 Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.

    Start-up toneSelect Start-up toneto set thephone to play or not to play a start-up tone when the phone is switchedon.

    Display settingsNote: The following display settingscan all be found by pressing first

    Menu, and selecting Settings,Display settings, and then selectingthe needed setting.

    WallpaperYou can set your phone to display abackground picture, wallpaper, whenthe phone is in standby mode. Somepictures are presaved in the Gallerymenu. You can also receive picturesvia multimedia messages, download

    them from WAP pages or transferthem with PC Suite from your PC andthen save them in Gallery. Yourphone supports JPEG, GIF, BMP andPNG formats.

    Selecting a wallpaper picture

    1. Select Wallpaper.

    2. Select Change imageand thefolder list in the Gallerymenu isshown.

    3. Select the folder and scroll to thedesired picture.

    4. To set the picture as wallpaper,press Options and select Set as


    Note that the wallpaper is notdisplayed when the phone activatesthe screen saver.

    Activating or deactivating the


    Select Wallpaper. To activate/deactivate the wallpaper, select On/Off, respectively.

    Colour schemesSelect Colour schemes. Select thedesired colour scheme e.g. forindicators and signal bars.

    Operator logoTo set your phone to display or hidethe operator logo, select Operatorlogo. If you have not saved theoperator logo, the Operator logomenu is dimmed.

    Note that the operator logo is notdisplayed when the phone activatesthe screen saver.

    For more information on availabilityof an operator logo via SMS, MMS orWAP, contact your network operatoror service provider.

    Screen saverDigital clock screen saver is used forpower saving in standby mode. It isactivated when no function of thephone has been used for a certaintime. Press any key to deactivate thescreen saver. Screen saver is alsodeactivated when the phone is out

    of the network coverage area.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    M e n u f u n c t i o n s

    Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved. 37

    Select Screen saver timeoutandselect the timeout after which thedigital clock display will beactivated. The length of the timeoutcan vary from 5 seconds to 60

    minutes.Note that the screen saver overridesall the graphics and texts on thedisplay in standby mode.

    Display brightnessYou can change the displaybrightness. Select Display

    brightness, scroll with and todecrease and increase brightnessand press OK to accept it.

    Tone settingsPress Menu, and select Settingsandthen Tone settings. You can find the

    same settings in the Profilesmenu,see Profiles (Menu 3) on page 31.Note that the settings you make,change the settings in the activeprofile.

    Select Incoming call alerttoselect how the phone notifies youof an incoming voice call. Theoptions are Ringing, Ascending,Ring once, Beep onceand Off.

    Select Ringing tonefor incomingvoice calls. To select ringingtones that have been saved in theGallery, select Open galleryfromthe ringing tone list.

    Select Ringing volumeandVibrating alertfor incomingvoice calls and messages. Thevibrating alert does not workwhen the phone is connected to a

    charger, a desktop stand, or a carkit.

    Tip: If you receive a ringingtone via infrared connectionor by downloading, you cansave the ringing tone in theGallery.

    Select Light alertto set thephone to flash the integratedflashlight during an arriving call.

    Note: If you have switched theflashlight on before the incomingcall, the flashlight will not flash.

    Select Message alert toneto set

    the alert tone for the incomingmessages, Keypad tones, orWarning tonesto set the phoneto sound tones for example,when the battery is running outof power.

    Select Alert forto set the phoneto ring only upon calls from

    phone numbers that belong to aselected caller group. Scroll tothe caller group you want or Allcallsand press Mark.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    M e n u f u n c t i o n s

    38 Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.

    Accessory settings

    Accessory settings menu is shownonly if the phone is or has beenconnected to one of the compatibleheadsets or loopsets.

    Press Menu, and select SettingsandAccessory settings. You can selectHeadsetor Loopsetif thecorresponding accessory is or hasbeen connected to the phone.

    Select Default profileto selectthe profile you want to be

    automatically activated whenyou connect the selectedaccessory. You can select anotherprofile while the accessory isconnected.

    Select Automatic answerto setthe phone to answer an incoming

    call automatically after fiveseconds. If the Incoming callalertis set to Beep onceor Off,automatic answer will not be inuse.

    Select Lightsto set the lightspermanently On. SelectAutomaticto set the lights on for

    15 seconds after a keypress. TheLightsoption is available onlywhen Handsfreeis selected.

    Security settings

    Note: When securityfeatures that restrict callsare in use (call barring,closed user group and fixeddialling), calls may bepossible to certainemergency numbers in somenetworks (e.g. 112 or otherofficial emergencynumbers).

    Press Menu, and select Settingsand

    Security settings. Select PIN code requestto set the

    phone to ask for your PIN codeevery time the phone is switchedon. Some SIM cards do not allowthe PIN code request to be turnedoff.

    Call barring service(networkservice) to restrict incoming callsto and outgoing calls from yourphone. A barring password isrequired.

    Fixed diallingto restrict youroutgoing calls and text messagesto selected phone numbers if this

    function is supported by your SIMcard. The PIN2 code is required.

  • 7/29/2019 Nokia 5100 Apac Ug En


    M e n u f u n c t i o n s

    Copyright 2004 Nokia. All rights reserved. 39

    When the fixed dialling is on,GPRS connections are notpossible except while sendingtext messages over a GPRSconnection. In this case, the

    recipient's phone number and themessage centre number have tobe included on the fixed diallinglist.

    Closed user groupis a networkservice that specifies the group ofpeople whom you can call and

    who can call you. For moreinformation contact yournetwork operator or serviceprovider.

    Security level. Select Phoneandthe phone will ask for thesecurity code whenever a newSIM card is inserted into the


    Select Memoryand the phonewill ask for the security codewhen SIM cards memory isselected and you want to changethe memory in use, (seeSelecting the phone book

    settings on page 13) or copyfrom one memory to another(Copying phone books on page15).

    Access codesto change thesecurity code, PIN code, PIN2code or barring password. Codescan only include numbers from 0

    to 9.

    Restore factory settin