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  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    Nokia 6110

    Users Guide

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En



  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    SAFETY Read these simple guidelines. Not following them may bedangerous or illegal. Read the complete user guide forfurther information.

    SWITCH ON SAFELY Do not switch the deviceon when wireless phone use is prohibited orwhen it may cause interference or danger.ROAD SAFETY COMES FIRSTObey all locallaws. Always keep your hands free to operatethe vehicle while driving. Your firstconsideration while driving should be road

    safety.INTERFERENCEAll wireless devices may besusceptible to interference, which could affectperformance.


    any restrictions. Switch the device off inaircraft near medical equipment fuel

    ENHANCEMENTSapproved enhancemconnect incompatib

    WATER-RESISTANwater-resistant. Kee

    About your deviThe wireless device described i

    use on the GSM 850, 900, 1800networks. Contact your serviceinformation about networks.When using the features in thisrespect local customs, privacy others, including copyrights.Copyright protection may preve

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    and multimedia messaging, require network support forthese technologies.

    Battery removingAlways switch the device off and disconnect the chargerbefore removing the battery.

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    S u p p o r t


    Help application Your device has context-sensitive help. You can access thehelp from an application or from the main menu.To access help when an application is open, select Options > Help. To switch between help and the application that isopen in the background, select and hold Menu. SelectOptions and from the following options:Topic list to view a list of available topics in theappropriate category

    Help category list to view a list of help categoriesSearch by keyword to search for help topics usingkeywordsTo open help from the main menu, select Menu >Applications > Help. In the list of help categories, selectthe desired application to view a list of help topics. Toswitch between the help category list indicated with

    Issues with your dIf you have operational issuesfollowing before taking it to a

    Reset the deviceSwitch the device off, removeswitch the device on.

    Restore original faSelect Menu > Settings > PhFactory settings . Your documdeleted.

    Update your deviceNokia may produce software

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    and a compatible data cable to connect your device to thePC.To get more information and to download the NokiaSoftware Updater application, visitwww.nokia-asia.com/softwareupdate or your local Nokiawebsite.If software updates over the air are supported by yournetwork, you may also be able to request updates through

    the device. See "Update software," p. 97.Downloading software updates may involve thetransmission of large amounts of data through your serviceprovider's network. Contact your service provider forinformation about data transmission charges.Make sure that the device battery has enough power, orconnect the charger before starting the update.

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    G e t s t a r t e d

    Get started

    Insert a SIM or USIM card andbatteryAlways switch the device off and disconnect the chargerbefore removing the battery.This device uses BP-5M batteries.With the back of thedevice facing you, pressthe back cover releasebutton (1), and lift theback cover to remove it(2).

    To remove the battery, liftit as shown (3).

    To release the SIM card holdegently pull the locking clip ofthe card holder, and open it (4)Insert the SIM or USIM card the SIM card holder (5). Mak

    sure that the SIM or USIM caris properly inserted and thatthe gold-colored contact areaon the card is facingdownwards. Close the SIMcard holder, and press it until i

    snaps into position (6).

    Replace the battery (7).

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    Press the back cover intoplace (8).

    microSD cardUse only compatible microSD cardsapproved by Nokia for use with thisdevice. Nokia uses approved industrystandards for memory cards, but somebrands may not be fully compatible with this device.Incompatible cards may damage the card and the deviceand corrupt data stored on the card.Keep microSD cards out of the reach of small children.

    You can extend the available memory with a microSDmemory card. You can insert or remove a microSD cardwithout switching the device off

    Insert a memory cardNote that amemory card,including a map,may already beinserted in thedevice.

    1. With the

    back of thedevice facingupward, openthe memorycard slot door.

    2. Place the memory card in thgold-colored contact area fagently to lock it into place.

    3. Close the memory card slot

    Remove a memory card

    1 Open the memory card slot

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    G e t s t a r t e d

    Charge the batteryConnect the charger to awall socket. Connect thecharger to the device.If the battery iscompletely discharged, itmay take a few minutesbefore the chargingindicator appears on thedisplay or before any calls can be made.The charging time depends on the charger and the batteryused. Charging a BP-5M battery with the AC-4 chargertakes approximately 80 minutes.

    Switch the device on or off Press and hold the end key.If the device asks for a PIN code, open theslide, enter the PIN code, and select OK.If th d i k f th l k d t th

    Set time and dateTo set the correct time zone, tcountry you are in, and enter

    Normal operatingUse the device only in its noroperating position.During extended operation, suactive video call or high speeconnection, the device may feIn most cases, this condition isIf you suspect the device is n

    working properly, take it to thnearest authorized service facCellular antenna (1)Bluetooth antenna (2)GPS antenna (3)

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    Your device may have internal and external antennas. Aswith any radio transmitting device, avoid touching theantenna area unnecessarily while the antenna is

    transmitting or receiving. Contact with such an antennaaffects the communication quality and may cause thedevice to operate at a higher power level than otherwiseneeded and may reduce the battery life.

    Configuration settingsBefore you can use multimedia messaging, instantmessaging, push to talk, e-mail, synchronization,streaming, and the browser, you must have the properconfiguration settings on your device. Your device mayautomatically configure browser, multimedia messaging,access point, and streaming settings based on the SIM cardused. You may also receive the settings directly as aconfiguration message, which you save to your device. Formore information on availability, contact your serviceprovider or nearest authorized Nokia dealer.

    When you receive a configuration message and thell d d d

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    Y o u r p h o n e

    Your phone

    Keys and partsLight sensor (1)Earpiece (2)Secondary camera lens (3)Display (4)Left and right selectionkeys (5)End key and power key (6),hereafter referred to as end

    keyCall key (7)Menu key (8)Clear key (9)Navigator key (10)

    Navi scroll key (11)

    USB mini-B connector (13)My own key (14)microSD card slot (15)Microphone (16)Back cover releasebutton (17)Loudspeakers (18)Camera slide cover (19)Main camera lens (20)Camera flash (21)

    Nokia AV connector(2.5 mm) (22)Charger connector (23)

    Volume keys (24)Camera key (25)

    Warning: This devic

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    To change the profile, press the end key, and select aprofile.To open the list of last dialed numbers, press the call key.To start a connection to the web, press and hold 0.

    Active standbyWhen active standby is enabled, you can use the display forfast access to frequently used applications. To selectwhether the active standby is shown, select Menu >Settings > Phone sett. > General > Personalisation >Standby mode > Active standby > On or Off .To access active standby applications, scroll up or down,then scroll to the application, and select it. In active

    standby the default applications are shown across the topof the active standby area, and calendar, to-do, and playerevents are listed below. To select an application or event,scroll to it, and select it.


    The device is in offlinto a cellular networkThe GPS receiver is

    You have received onthe Inbox folder in M

    You have received nemailbox.There are messages wOutbox. See "Outbox

    You have missed callShown if Ringing typMessage alert toneset to Off . See "Profi

    The device keypad is(keyguard)", p. 21.The loudspeaker is aAn alarm is active.The second phone lin

    use in "Call" p 79

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    Y o u r p h o n e

    A headset is connected to the device.A loopset is connected to the device.

    The connection to a Bluetooth headset has beenlost./ A data call is active.

    A GPRS packet data connection is active.indicates the connection is on hold and thata connection is available.A packet data connection is active in a part of the network that supports EGPRS.indicates the connection is on hold andthat a connection is available. The iconsindicate that EGPRS is available in thenetwork, but your device is not necessarilyusing EGPRS in the data transfer.A UMTS packet data connection is active.indicates the connection is on hold andthat a connection is available.Bluetooth is switched on.Data is being transmitted using Bluetooth See

    MenuIn the menu you can access thTo access the main menu, selTo open an application or a fothe edges of the scroll key, anTo change the menu view, selChange Menu view and a vie

    If you change the order of theorder may differ from the defuser guide.To close an application or a fomany times as needed to retuselect Options > Exit.

    To display and switch betweeand hold Menu. The applicatishowing a list of open applicaapplication, and select it.

    To mark or unmark an item in

    or unmark several consecutivell d

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    Welcome applicationWelcome application starts when you switch on yourdevice for the first time. With the Welcome application,you can access the following applications:Tutorial Learn about the features of your device andhow to use them.Sett. wizard Configure connection settings.

    Transfer Copy or synchronize data from othercompatible devices.

    To open Welcome later, select Menu > Applications >Welcome.

    Volume controlTo adjust the earpiece or loudspeaker volume during a callor when listening to an audio file, press the volume keys.To activate the loudspeaker during a call, selectLoudspeaker.

    To deactivate the loudspeaker during a call select

    Keypad lock (keygTo lock the keypad when the sli

    Settings > Phone sett. > GeneKeyguard activation > On whehandling", p. 76.When the keypad is locked and to activate the main display lighthe slide also unlocks the keypTo unlock the keypad when theUnlockand OKwithin 1.5 secocamera lens cover unlocks the When the device or keypad is loto the official emergency numb


    Access codes

    Lock codeThe lock code (5 digits) helps to


  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    Y o u r p h o n e

    If you enter an incorrect lock code five times in succession,the device ignores further entries of the code. Wait for 5minutes, and enter the code again.

    When the device or keypad is locked, calls may be possibleto the official emergency number programmed into yourdevice.

    PIN codesThe personal identification number (PIN) code and theuniversal personal identification number (UPIN) code (4 to8 digits) help to protect your SIM card againstunauthorized use. See "Security", p. 77. The PIN code isusually supplied with the SIM card.The PIN2 code (4 to 8 digits) may be supplied with the SIMcard and is required for some functions.The module PIN is required to access the information in thesecurity module. The module PIN is supplied with the SIMcard if the SIM card has a security module in it.The signing PIN is required for the digital signature. The

    signing PIN is supplied with the SIM card if the SIM cardh it d l i it

    to change a blocked PIN codeThe PUK2 code is required toIf the codes are not supplied wyour local service provider fo

    Barring passwordThe barring password (4 digitbarring . See "Call barring", p

    password from your service pIf you enter an incorrect barrisuccession, the password is bprovider.

    My own keyTo configure the my own keythe message reader when presSettings > Phone sett. > Genown key, scroll to the desired

    To give voice commands pre

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    When push to talk is started, the my own key functions asa push-to-talk key, overrides voice commands and theconfigured application, and activates push to talk.

    Attach a wrist strap

    Connect a compatible headsetDo not connect productsthat create an outputsignal as this may causedamage to the device. Donot connect any voltage

    this device, to the Nokia AV coattention to volume levels.

    Connect a USB daTo set thedefault modeand selectwhether thedefault modeis activatedautomatically,see "USB datacable", p. 89.

    C l l f t i

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    C a l l f u n c t i o n s

    Call functions

    Make a call1 In the standby mode, enter the phone number,

    including the area code. Press the clear key to removea number.

    For international calls, press*twice for theinternational prefix (the + character replaces theinternational access code), and enter the country code,area code (omit the leading zero if necessary), andphone number.

    2 To call the number, press the call key.

    To adjust the volume during the call, press the volumekeys.3 To end the call, or to cancel the call attempt, press the

    end key.

    To make a call fromContacts , select Menu > Contacts .Scroll to the desired name; or enter the first letters of thename and scroll to the desired name To call the number

    To call a recently dialed numstandby mode. The list of the lattempted to call is shown. Scand press the call key.To make a push to talk call, s

    Speed dialing You can assign a phone numbekeys,2 to 9. See "Assign speeCall a speed dialing number i

    ways: Press the speed dialing ke If Speed dialling is set to

    dialing key until the call bto On, select Menu > Sett> Call > Speed dialling >

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    Before using voice tags, note the following: Voice tags are not language-dependent. They are

    dependent on the speaker's voice. You must say the name exactly as you said it when you

    recorded it. Voice tags are sensitive to background noise. Record

    voice tags and use them in a quiet environment. Very short names are not accepted. Use long names,

    and avoid similar names for different numbers.Note: Using voice tags may be difficult in a noisyenvironment or during an emergency, so youshould not rely solely upon voice dialing in allcircumstances.

    1 In the standby mode, press and hold the my own key. A

    short tone is played, and Speak now is displayed.If you are using a compatible headset with the headsetkey, press and hold the headset key.

    2 Speak the voice command clearly. The device plays thevoice command of the best match. After 1.5 seconds,the device dials the number; if the result is not the

    correct one before dialing scroll to another entry

    Make a conference cservice)1 Make a call to the first parti2 To make a call to another pa

    New call. The first call is au3 To join the first participant i

    the new call is answered, sel To add a new person to th

    select Options > ConfereThe device supports confmaximum of six particip

    To have a private conversparticipants, select OptioSelect a participant and Pis put on hold on your devcan still continue the conthe conference call, selecconference .

    To drop a participant, sele> Drop participant , scroselect Drop

    C a l l f u n c t i o n s

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    C a l l f u n c t i o n s

    To determine whether calls are answered automaticallywhen opening the slide, select Menu > Settings > Phonesett. > General > Slide handling > Opening the slide >

    Answer incoming call or Call not answered . See "Slidehandling", p. 76.To adjust the volume during the call, press the volume keys.To mute the ringing tone, select Silence.

    Tip: If a compatible headset is connected to the

    device, press the headset key to answer and end acall.To reject the call, press the end key. The caller hears a linebusy tone. If you have activated the call divert option If busy to divert calls, rejecting the call diverts the call.To send a text message to inform the caller as to why youcannot answer the call, select Options > Send textmessage. You can edit the text before you send it. SeeReject call with SMS and Message text in "Call", p. 79.Note that when a headset is connected, the slide callhandling settings are not in use.

    d ll

    the caller. If you select No, ornot activated, and a grey screvideo.

    Even if you have denied videthe call is still charged as a viwith your service provider.To end the video call, press th

    Call waiting (netwDuring a call, to answer the wThe first call is put on hold. Toend key.To activate the call waiting fuSettings > Phone sett. > PhoActivate.To switch between the two ca

    Options during a caMany of the options that you

    t k i F il b

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    Replace to end an active call and replace it by answeringthe waiting callSend DTMF to send DTMF tone strings (for example, apassword). Enter the DTMF string or search for it inContacts . To enter a wait character (w) or a pausecharacter (p), press *repeatedly. To send the tone, selectOK.

    Tip:You can add DTMF tones to the phone numberor DTMF fields in a contact card.

    Make a video callWhen you make a video call, you can see a real-time,two-way video between you and the recipient of the call.

    The live video image or video image captured by thecamera in your device is shown to the video call recipient.To be able to make a video call, you must be in thecoverage of a UMTS network. You may need to use a USIMcard to make video calls. For availability of andsubscription to video call services, contact your serviceprovider A video call can only be made between two

    You are not receiving videsending video or the network is

    You have denied video sen1 Enter the phone number in t

    Menu > Contacts , and scro2 Select Options > Call > Vid

    Starting a video call may tavideo image is shown. If thexample, video calls are notor the receiving device is noasked if you want to try a norinstead.The video call is active whenand hear the sound through recipient may deny video seyou hear the sound and maybackground graphic.To increase or decrease the the volume keys.To change between showingsound, select Enable or DisSending audio or Sending

    C a l l f u n c t i o n s

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    C a l l f u n c t i o n s

    Even if you have denied video sending during a videocall, the call will still be charged as a video call. Checkthe pricing with your network operator or service

    provider.To end the video call, press the end key.

    Video sharingTo send live video from your mobile device to anothercompatible mobile device during a voice call, select Videosharing.

    Video sharing requirementsBecause Video sharing requires a 3G universal mobile

    telecommunications system (UMTS) connection, yourability to use Video sharing depends on 3G networkavailability. Contact your service provider for questionsabout network availability and fees associated with thisapplication. To use Video sharing you must do thefollowing:

    Ensure that your device is set up for person to person

    Enter the SIP address in thsip:username@domainnamaddress instead of a doma

    Ensure you have an activewithin UMTS network covsession while you are withand a handover to GSM odiscontinued, but your vo

    Ensure that both the sende

    registered to the UMTS neto a sharing session and thoff, or the person is not witthey do not know that youHowever, you receive an erecipient cannot accept th

    Share videoTo receive a sharing session,

    Video sharing and configure tmobile device. You and the re

    registered to the service befor

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    If the recipient has several SIP addresses in the contactcard, select the SIP address to which you want to sendthe invitation, and Select to send the invitation.

    If the SIP address of the recipient is not available, entera SIP address. SelectOKto send the invitation.3 Sharing begins automatically when the recipient

    accepts the invitation.The loudspeaker is active. You can also use a headset tocontinue your voice call while you share live video.

    4 Select Pause to pause the sharing session. SelectContinue to resume sharing.5 To end the sharing session, selectStop. To end the voice

    call, press the end key.

    Accept an invitationWhen someone sends you a share invitation, an invitationmessage is displayed showing the senders name or SIPaddress. If your device is not set to Silent, it rings whenyou receive an invitation.If someone sends you a share invitation and you are not

    within UMTS network coverage you will not know that you

    To end the sharing session, sele

    LogIn the log, you can monitor phopacket data connections, and faby the device.Connections to your remote mamessaging centre, or browser pcalls or packet data connectioncommunications log.

    Note: The actual invofrom your service proon network features, r

    taxes, and so forth.Note: Some timers, inbe reset during service

    Recent callsThe device registers the phone

    C a l l f u n c t i o n s

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    To clear all recent call lists in the Recent calls view, selectOptions > Clear recent calls . To clear only one of the callregisters, open the register you want to erase, and select

    Options > Clear list.

    General logTo view the general log, select Menu > Log, and scrollright.

    To filter the log, select Options > Filter and the filter type.To erase all the log contents permanently, select Options >Clear log > Yes.

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    N a v i g a t o r

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    The Global Positioning System (GPS) is operated by thegovernment of the United States, which is solelyresponsible for its accuracy and maintenance. The

    accuracy of location data can be affected by adjustmentsto GPS satellites made by the United States governmentand is subject to change with the United StatesDepartment of Defense civil GPS policy and the FederalRadionavigation Plan. Accuracy can also be affected bypoor satellite geometry. Availability and quality of GPS

    signals may be affected by your location, buildings, naturalobstacles, and weather conditions. The GPS receiver shouldonly be used outdoors to allow reception of GPS signals.Any GPS should not be used for precise locationmeasurement. and you should never rely solely on locationdata from the GPS receiver and cellular radio networks forpositioning or navigation.Almost all digital cartography is inaccurate andincomplete to some extent. Never rely solely on thecartography provided for use in this device.If your device cannot find the satellite signal, consider the

    f ll i g

    If the weather conditions asignal strength may also b

    Establishing a GPS conne


    Navigator applicaTo start the Navigator applicaor select Menu > Navigator.With the Navigator applicatioplaces and routes, and plan trguidance and visual travel insturn-by-turn during your trip.When you launch the Naviga

    the last known position and duntil the GPS receiver is able

    Navigator key You can use the Navigator kefunctions depending on the st

    l h h

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    If the Navigator application is in the foregroundshowing the current position, the Navigator key opensthe navigation function.

    If the Navigator application is running in thebackground, the Navigator key brings the applicationto the display and goes to the GPS position on map.

    Keypad shortcuts in the Navigator

    application1 Open theSearch view.2 Change view layout.3 Toggle between Day colors and Night colors.4 Show or hide the progress bar (only when navigating).

    5 Show or hide theGPS information view.6 Toggle between 2-D and 3-D perspective.7 Open theFree text search view.8 Zoom to the entire map.9 Toggle between sound on and off.

    0 R t th i i i t ti ( l h

    Navigate to locatioTo define a travel mode in the N

    Options > Travel mode and Asas possible or Pedestrian . To dconditions, select Options > Setmode can be changed at any tim

    Navigate to a destin1 In the Navigator application

    Navigate and a navigation osearch an address, select Adpoint-of-interest (POI), sele

    You can also search for a de

    by scrolling the cursor to th2 To start navigating, select thof results or from the map viIf navigation is in progress aone, select Yes when the coTo continue a previous navi

    i l t N

    N a v i g a t o r

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    To add a waypoint to a navigation in progress:1 Search and select a waypoint from the list of results or

    from the map view.

    2 Select Navigate via . If there is no intermediarywaypoint defined for the trip, the navigation continuesautomatically.If an intermediary waypoint has been defined, aconfirmation query is displayed. To continue thenavigation with the new waypoint, select Yes, or to

    continue the navigation with the old waypoint, selectNo.

    AlarmsTo receive a visual or acoustic alarm when approaching a

    certain location, select Options > Settings > Alarm andthe category to which the location belongs. For example,select Points-of-interest and mark the the desiredsubcategories.

    Set road blocksT id t i t f th l d t h

    Browse the mapWhen not navigating, you can

    application to browse the maplocations (for example, by adrequired when browsing the m

    View location infor

    To view a searched item and map view, select the item fromInformation can also be viewlocation on the map, selectingTo call to a number of a selecuse the call function, select theresults or in the map view.

    Send and save locaTo send location data (such aitinerary, or your current GPS

    d i l t O ti > S d

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    To send your cursor position on the map to a compatibledevice, for example as an SMS or MMS, select it andSendcursor position > Via text message or Via multimedia .

    To save data, such as current GPS or cursor position to yourdevice, select Options > Save and the data to be saved.

    You can add a location, for example, a cursor position, inContacts . Select Save cursor position > New contact .

    Plan trips1 In the Navigator application, select Options > Trips>

    Plan new route . Enter the route name, and select Save.2 Select Departure > Set departure to search, and select

    the departure point of the trip.

    3 Select Destination > Set destination to search, andselect the destination point of the trip.4 To add waypoints to your route, select Options > Add

    waypoint, and search and select the waypoint to beadded.

    5 To start the trip, select Options > Start navigation and

    th fi t i it f th t i

    To change the order of the waypto be moved, Options > Move, you want to move the waypoin

    SettingsTo change the Navigator applicOptions > Settings and the featexample, to choose specific podisplayed on the map, select Minterest and the desired categoTo configure the behaviour of vphone call, select Navigation >instructions to set the voice inthan the phone conversation, C

    have the voice instructions and the same volume level, orBeepthe voice instructions with a beFor detailed information about Navigator help. To access the hOptions > Help.

    N a v i g a t o r

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    the maps from your PC or a DVD to a memory card in yourdevice, see "Transfer maps from PC", p. 36.

    You can also use the Navigator application to download

    smaller amounts of data (network service), such as travelguides and traffic and weather information to a memorycard in your device. Before you can use the maps or othercontents, you must purchase licenses, for example, withthe Navigator application.In case of problems with purchased contents, trysynchronising the licenses. SelectExtras > Options >Synchronise license keys.Extra services are provided by a third-party serviceprovider. Availability depends on the country, operator, andlocal legislation.

    Transfer maps from PCThe requirements of the PC for map transfer are as follows: Microsoft Windows XP operating system (or later) Nokia PC Suite 6.82 or later

    N ki M M li i ( dd PC

    device to a PC with a compatiSuite as the connection modeTo change the default USB co

    > Settings > Connectivity >Nokia Map Manager is optimiFor information about transfeManager, see the Nokia Map

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    Write textWhen you write text, appears on the top right of the display, indicating predictive text input, orappears, indicating traditional text input. To set thepredictive text input on or off when writing text, press # repeatedly until the desired mode is active.

    , , or is displayed next to the text inputindicator, indicating the character case. To change thecharacter case, press # .

    indicates the number mode. To change betweenletter and number mode, press # repeatedly until thedesired mode is active.

    Traditional text inputPress a number key,1 to 9, repeatedly until the desiredcharacter appears. Not all characters available under anumber key are printed on the key. The availability of h d d h l d i i l S

    The most common punctuationcharacters are available under tcharacters, press and hold *.To erase a character, press the ccharacters, press and hold the c

    To insert a space, press 0. To mline, press 0 three times.

    Predictive text inpuTo enter any letter with a singletext input. To activate predictivrepeatedly until appeartext input for all editors in the d1 To write the desired word, p

    each key only once for one after every keypress.


    W r i t e t e x t

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    2 When you have finished the word and it is correct, toconfirm it, scroll forward or insert a space.If the word is not correct, to view the matching words

    the dictionary has found one by one, press *repeatedly.If the? character is shown after the word, the word youintended to write is not in the dictionary. To add a wordto the dictionary, select Spell. Enter the word (up to 32letters) using traditional text input, and select OK. Theword is added to the dictionary. When the dictionary

    becomes full, a new word replaces the oldest addedword.

    Write compound wordsWrite the first half of a compound word, and scroll forwardto confirm it. Write the last part of the compound word,and to complete the compound word, press 0 to add aspace.

    Copy and delete text

    1 T l l d d d h ld# d h

    If you want to delete the skey.

    3 To insert the text, scroll to

    hold # , and at the same tim

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    MessagingTo open the Messaging menu, select Menu > Messaging.

    You can see the New message function and a list of default folders:

    Inbox contains received messages except e-mailand cell broadcast messages. E-mail messages are saved inthe Mailbox folder. To read cell broadcast messages, selectOptions > Cell broadcast .

    My folders for organizing your messages intofolders

    Mailbox for connecting to your remote mailbox toretrieve your new e-mail messages or viewing yourpreviously retrieved e-mail messages offline. After youdefine settings for a new mailbox, the name given to thatmailbox is displayed instead of Mailbox.

    Drafts saves draft messages that have not beensent

    S h h l di

    Reports (network service) of the text messages, special mbusiness cards, and multimediaReceiving a delivery report of has been sent to an e-mail addr

    Write and send meThe wireless network may limitIf the inserted picture exceeds tmake it smaller so that it can be

    Your device supports text messsingle message. Longer messagmessages. Your service provideCharacters with accents or othefrom some language options, takthe number of characters that c

    M e s s a g i n g

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    Before you can send and receive an SMS message, amultimedia message, or an e-mail, or connect to yourremote mailbox, you must have the correct connection

    settings in place. See "Messaging settings", p. 43.1 To create a message, select Menu > Messaging > Newmessage and the message type.To create an audio message, see "Nokia Xpress audiomessaging", p. 40.

    2 Select the recipients or groups from Contacts , or enter

    the phone number or e-mail address of the recipient inthe To field. Separate recipients with a semicolon (;).3 When creating an e-mail or multimedia message, scroll

    down to the subject field, and write the messagesubject.

    4 Scroll down to move to the message field.

    5 Write the message.When writing text messages, the message lengthindicator shows how many characters you can enter inthe message. For example, 10 (2) means that you canstill add 10 characters for the text to be sent as twoseparate text messages.

    T l f h l O i

    To add a media object to aOptions > Insert object >clip. To create and add a n

    Options > Insert new > Imor Slide. When sound is aTo add a media object to aInsert > Image, Sound cliTemplate.

    6 To send the message, sele

    Nokia Xpress audiAudio messages are multimedsingle sound clip. To create anthe following:

    1. Select Menu > Messagingmessage.

    2. In the To field, select the renter the phone number orto the message field.

    3 T d d li

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    To play the sound clip , selectOptions > Play soundclip.

    4. To send the message, select Options > Send.

    E-mail settingsBefore you can send, receive, retrieve, reply to, and forwarde-mail to a separate e-mail account, you must configurean internet access point (IAP) and define your e-mail

    settings correctly, see "Connection," p. 81 and "E-mailsettings," p. 45.Follow the instructions given by your e-mail serviceprovider and internet service provider.

    Inboxreceive messagesSelect Menu > Messaging > Inbox.When there are unread messages in the inbox, the iconchanges to .To open a received message, selectMenu > Messaging >

    b d h d d

    send it using Bluetooth technolmessage to another compatible

    Special message typ Your device can receive many koperator logos, business cards, ringing tones.To open a received message, se

    Inbox and the desired messagemessage content to your devicereceived calendar entry to the cSave to Calendar .The appearance of a message mreceiving device.

    Service messagesService messages (network serexample, news headlines) that mor the address of a browser serv


    M e s s a g i n g

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    Select Menu > Messaging > My folders. To create a folder,select Options > New folder, and enter a name for thefolder.

    MailboxSelect Menu > Messaging > Mailbox. Connect tomailbox? is displayed. Select Yes to connect to yourmailbox (network service) orNo to view previouslyretrieved e-mail messages offline.To connect to the mailbox afterwards, select Options >Connect.When you create a new mailbox, the name you give to themailbox replacesMailbox. You can have up to six

    mailboxes.When you are online, to end the data connection to theremote mailbox, select Options > Disconnect.

    Retrieve e-mail messages from the

    New to retrieve all newdeviceSelected to retrieve on

    have been markedAll to retrieve all mess3 After you have retrieved t

    continue viewing them onDisconnect to close the coe-mail messages offline.

    4 To open an e-mail messagmessage has not been retriselect Open, you are askemessage from the mailboxTo view e-mail attachmenOptions > Attachments . Y

    save attachments in suppo

    Delete e-mail messTo delete an e-mail from the din the remote mailbox, selectonly. The e-mail header stays h d ll d l h

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    To cancel deletion of an e-mail from both the device andserver, scroll to an e-mail that has been marked to bedeleted during the next connection, and select Options >


    OutboxThe outbox folder is a temporary storage place formessages that are waiting to be sent.

    To access the outbox folder, select Menu > Messaging >Outbox. Message statuses are as follows:Sending The device is sending the message.Waiting or Queued The device is waiting to sendmessages or e-mail.

    Resend at ... Sending failed. The device tries to send themessage again after a time-out period. To retry sending themessage immediately, select Options > Send.Deferred To set documents to be on hold while they arein the outbox folder, scroll to a message that is being sent,

    Cell broadcast You may be able to receive me

    such as weather or traffic condprovider (network service). To broadcast in "Cell broadcast seSelect Menu > Messaging > OA packet data connection may reception.

    Service command To enter and send service commcommands) such as activation

    services to your service provide> Options > Service commandselect Options > Send.

    Messaging settings

    M e s s a g i n g

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    Message centre in use defines which message centre isused for delivering text messages and special messagetypes such as business cards.

    Character encoding > Full support to select allcharacters in the message to be sent as viewed. If youselect Reduced support , characters with accents andother marks may be converted to other characters.Receive report (network service) When set to Yes, thestatus of the sent message ( Pending, Failed, Delivered) is

    shown in Reports.Message validity If the recipient of a message cannotbe reached within the validity period, the message isremoved from the message service centre. Note that thenetwork must support this feature.Message sent as to define how the message is sent. Thedefault is Text.Preferred connection You can send text messages usingthe normal GSM network or packet data if supported byyour network.Reply via same centre (network service) If you select

    Multimedia messagSelect Menu > Messaging >Multimedia message and froImage size Define the sizemessage. If you select OriginMMS creation mode If yoinforms you if you try to sendsupported by the recipient. To

    from sending messages that aRestricted . If you select Freerestricted, but the recipient mmessage.Access point in use Selectthe preferred connection for m

    Multimedia retrieval To ronly when you are in your hohome netw. . To always receivselect Always automatic . To select Manual. To not receiveadvertisements, select Off .

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    Reports, select Yes. Receiving a delivery report of amultimedia message that has been sent to an e-mailaddress may not be possible.

    Deny report sending > Yes to deny sending deliveryreports.Message validity (network service) If the recipient of amessage cannot be reached within the validity period, themessage is removed from the multimedia message centre.

    E-mail settingsMailbox settingsSelect Menu > Messaging > Options > Settings > E-mail > Mailboxes and a mailbox.

    If no mailbox settings have been defined before, you areasked if you want to define the settings.Connection settings > Incoming e-mail and Outgoinge-mail To define the correct settings, contact youre-mail service provider.

    User settings

    Send copy to self Select Yese-mail to the address defined inInclude signature Select Yes

    your e-mail messages and to crtext.New e-mail alerts To not ree-mail, select Off .

    Retrieval settings

    Select Retrieval settings and fE-mail to retrieve To only Headers only. To limit how muSize limit, and enter the maximmessage in kilobytes. To retrievattachments, select Msgs. & at

    Msgs. & attachs. are only avaiRetrieval amount To limit tretrieve from the inbox of the reInbox > No. of e-mails and enof messages to retrieve. You camessages to retrieve from other

    M e s s a g i n g

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    or unsubscribe from a folder, scroll to it, and selectOptions > Subscribe or Cancel subscription .

    Automatic retrievalSelect Automatic retrieval and from the followingsettings:E-mail notifications To automatically retrieve theheaders to your device when you receive a notification of new e-mail in your remote mailbox, selectAuto-update orOnly in home netw. .E-mail retrieval To have e-mail headers automaticallyretrieved at set intervals, select Enabled, or if you onlywant headers to be retrieved in your home network, selectOnly in home netw. . Headers can be automaticallyretrieved for two mailboxes at most. You can set on which

    days, at what times, and how frequently the headers areretrieved in Retrieval days, Retrieval hours, and Retrievalinterval .

    E-mail notifications and E-mail retrieval cannot beactive at the same time.

    Download messages Downor manually.

    Cell broadcast settiCheck with your service prov(network service) is available and related topic numbers areSelect Menu > Messaging >

    broadcast and from the folloReception SelectOn or OfLanguage Select in whichmessages are received.Topic detection To automunknown topic numbers in remessages, select On.

    Other settingsSelect Menu > Messaging >and from the following settin

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    C o n t a c t s

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En



    Manage contactsSelect Menu > Contacts .To add a new contact, select Options > New contact . Fillin the fields you want, and select Done.

    To edit a contact, scroll to it, and select Options > Edit.To assign default numbers and addresses to a contact,select it, and select Options > Defaults. Scroll to thedesired default option, and select Assign.To copy names and numbers from a SIM card to your

    device, select Options > SIM contacts > SIM directory.Scroll to the names you want to copy, mark the desirednames, and select Options > Copy to Contacts .To copy a phone, fax, or pager number from contacts toyour SIM card, scroll to the contact you want to copy, andselect Options > Copy> To SIM directory.

    Manage contact gCreate a contact group so thatmessages to several recipient

    1. Scroll to the right, and sel

    2. Enter a name for the grou

    3. Select the group and Opti

    4. Mark the contacts you waselect OK.

    Add a ringing ton You can set a ringing tone (aneach contact and group.1 Select Menu > Contacts .

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    To add a ringing tone to a group, scroll right to thegroups list, and scroll to a contact group. SelectOptions > Ringing tone and the ringing tone for thegroup.

    To remove the personal or group ringing tone, selectDefault tone as a ringing tone.

    Assign speed dialing keys You can assign a phone number to the speed dialing keys,2 to 9. The1 key is reserved for the call mailbox. Speeddialing has to be activated before using speed dialing. SeeSpeed dialling in "Call", p. 79.1 Select Menu > Contacts and a contact.

    2 Scroll to a number, and select Options > Assign speeddial. Scroll to the desired speed dialing key, and selectAssign. When you return to the contact informationview, next to the number indicates the assignedspeed dial.

    To call the contact by speed dialing, in the standby mode,

    G a l l e r y

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    GalleryUseGallery to store and organize your images, video clips,music tracks, sound clips, track lists, streaming links, .ramfiles, and presentations.Select Menu > Gallery and a folder.To set an image as your wallpaper, select Images and thedesired image. Select Options > Use image > Set aswallpaper. To assign the image to a contact, select Assignto contact .To set a video as a video ringing tone, select Video clips and the desired video. Select Options > Use video> Set asringing tone . To assign the video for a contact, select

    Assign to contact .To copy files to device memory or to the memory card,scroll to the file or mark the files, and select Options >Organise > Copy to phone mem. or Copy to memorycard.To create image folders and move images to them, select

    Edit imagesTo edit images in Gallery, scrOptions > Edit.To crop an image, select OptiTo crop the image size manuapredefined aspect ratio from ta cross appears in the upper leto select the area to crop, andappears in the lower right corbe cropped. To adjust the firsThe selected areas form a reccropped image.If you selected a predefined aleft corner of the area to be crhighlighted area, use the scroarea, press the scroll key. To m

    i h l fi h i f h ll d Add l ff i

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    resize the loop to fit the size of the eye, scroll up, down,left, or right. To reduce the redness, press the scroll key.Shortcuts in the image editor are as follows:

    To view an image in the full screen, press*. To return tothe normal view, press *again.

    To rotate an image clockwise or counterclockwise,press 3 or 1.

    To zoom in or out, press5 or 0. To move on a zoomed image, scroll up, down, left, or


    Edit video clipsTo edit video clips inGalleryand create custom video clips,scroll to a video clip, and select Options > Video editor .In the video editor you can see two timelines: video cliptimeline and sound clip timeline. The images, text, andtransitions added to a video clip are shown on the videoclip timeline. To switch between the timelines, scroll up ordown.

    Add colour effect inserts a clip.Use slow motion slows the

    Mute sound or Unmute soundoriginal video clip sound.Move moves the video clip Remove removes the video Duplicate makes a copy of t

    Edit text (shown only if you adremove, or duplicate text; changtext; define how long it stays oeffects to the text.Edit image (shown only if you a

    remove, or duplicate an image; the screen; and set a backgrounimage.Edit sound clip (shown only ifclip) to cut or move the sounor to remove or duplicate the cl

    G a l l e r y

    M i P i th i i th f ll If t th USB bl

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    Movie Preview the movie in the full screen or as athumbnail, save or send the movie, or cut the movie to aproper size for sending it in a multimedia message.

    To take a snapshot of a video clip, in the cut video view,select Options > Take snapshot . In the thumbnail previewview, press the scroll key, and selectTake snapshot .To save your video, selectOptions > Movie > Save. Todefine the Memory in use, select Options > Settings .To send the video, select Send > Via multimedia , Viae-mail , or Via Bluetooth . Contact your service provider fordetails of the maximum multimedia message size that youcan send. If your video is too large to send in a multimediamessage, appears.

    Transfer videos from PCTo transfer videos use a compatible USB cable or Bluetoothconnectivity.The requirements of the PC for video transfer are asfollows:

    If you connect the USB cable Video Manager in Nokia PC the connection mode.

    To change the default USB co> Settings > Connectivity >Nokia Video Manager in Noktranscoding and transferring vabout transferring video withthe Nokia Video Manager hel

    Download filesSelect Menu > Gallery, the fowant to download, and the doexample, Images > Downl. gChoose a bookmark for the si

    M di

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En



    Camera Your device has two cameras, a high resolution camera onthe back cover (the main camera in landscape mode) anda lower resolution camera on the front (the secondarycamera in portrait mode). You can use both cameras totake still pictures and record videos.To use the main camera, open the maincamera slide cover. To activate thecamera, press the camera key.

    To zoom in orout, use thevolume keys or

    viewfinder, selectBack. To delekey.To capture images sequentially, mode > On. In the sequence moimages in short intervals and di

    To use the panorama mode, selmode. Press the capture key to cThe panorama preview is displaleft. You cannot change the dirdisplay is red, you are turning tpanorama, press the capture ke

    mode is available only in the mTo turn the flash on or off, selecOff . If you select Automatic , thautomatically when necessary. Tthe main camera.Keep a safe distance when usin

    M e d i a

    To use the self timer select Options > Self timer and the Select Video and from the fol

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    To use the self-timer, select Options > Self-timer and thetime you want the camera to wait before capturing theimage. Press the scroll key, and the timer starts.

    To adjust the white balance or color tone, select Options >Adjust > White balance or Colour tone . The adjustmentis available only in the main camera.To record a video, selectOptions > Video mode, and pressthe scroll key to start recording.

    Camera settings Your device supports an image capture resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels.To change camera settings, select Menu > Media >Camera > Options > Settings .Select Image and from the following settings:Image quality, Resolution (Camera 1) , and Resolution(Camera 2) The better the image quality and the higherthe resolution, the more memory the image consumes.Show captured image To not display the image after

    Select Video and from the folLength If set toMaximumrecorded video is only restric

    memory. If set toShort, the refor MMS sending.Resolution (Camera 1) and RSelect the video resolution.Default video name Selecnamed.Memory in use Select whyour video clips in the device mcard.

    Music playerTo open the music player, selplayer.

    Music libraryMusic library is a database of

    To play a specific album selectAlbums scroll to the forward or rewind press and h

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    To play a specific album, selectAlbums, scroll to thealbum, and select Options > Play. To listen to specifictracks on the album, select Albums and an album, markthe tracks, and select Options > Play.

    Track listsTo compile and save your own track list, selectTrack lists > Options > New track list . Select the memory in whichto save the track list, and enter a name for the track list.Mark the desired tracks, and press the scroll key.To listen to a track list, select Track lists, scroll to the tracklist, and select Options > Play.

    You can add tracks to a saved track list from other views.For example, to add an album, select Albums, locate thealbum, scroll to it, and select Options > Add to track list

    > Saved track list . Select the track list to which to add thealbum.

    Listen to musicWarning: Listen to music at a moderate level.

    forward or rewind, press and hup.To see the currently playing tra

    Open Now playing.To return to the standby mode ain the background, press the enTo play the music tracks repeateSelect Allto repeat all the currerepeat the currently playing tratracks.To play music in random orderplay > On.

    Audio settings

    To adjust the tone of the soundsound, select Options > AudioEqualiserTo enhance or diminish frequenand modify how your music soAudio settings > Equaliser.

    M e d i a

    2 To move between frequency bands scroll left or right To stream live content you m

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    2. To move between frequency bands, scroll left or right.To enhance or diminish sound in the frequency band,scroll up or down.

    3. Select Back.

    RealPlayerWith RealPlayer, you can play media files such as videoclips saved in the device memory or memory card, orstream media files over the air by opening a streaming link.To open RealPlayer, selectMenu > Media > RealPlayer.RealPlayer does not support all file formats or all thevariations of file formats.

    Play media filesTo play a media file in RealPlayer, selectOptions > Open and from the following:Most recent clips to play media files that you haverecently played

    To stream live content, you mdefault access point. See "AcMany service providers requi

    access point (IAP) for your dservice providers allow you tContact your service provideIn RealPlayer, you can only opcannot open an http:// URL arecognizes an http link to a .r

    text file containing an rtsp linWarning: Do not howhen the loudspeakevolume may be extre

    Shortcuts during playScroll up to seek forward or dofile.Press the volume keys to incrvolume.

    network operator supports the service The Visual Radio Radio functions

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    network operator supports the service. The Visual Radioservice uses packet data (network service).Radio cannot be started when the device is in offline mode.

    The FM radio depends on an antenna other than thewireless device antenna. A compatible headset orenhancement needs to be attached to the device for theFM radio to function properly.

    Warning: Listen to music at a moderate level.Continuous exposure to high volume may damageyour hearing. Do not hold the device near your earwhen the loudspeaker is in use, because thevolume may be extremely loud.

    You can make a call or answer an incoming call whilelistening to the radio. The radio is muted when there is an

    active call.To open Radio, selectMenu > Media > Radio.To turn the radio off, select Exit.

    Tune and save a radio station

    Radio functionsTo adjust the volume, press theSelect or to scroll to tstation. The buttons are inactivstations.When using a compatible headsscroll to the next saved radio stTo save the current station, selea preset position, and enter the To set the station frequency maManual tuning .To listen to the radio in the bacstandby mode, select Options >

    Station listWhen the radio is on, select Op

    The station list is used for manstations.

    M e d i a

    View visual content Station directory

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    View visual contentTo check availability and costs, and to subscribe to theservice, contact your service provider.To view visual content of the current station, select .If the visual service ID was not saved in the station list, youare asked for the visual service ID. Enter the visual serviceID, and selectOK. If you do not have the visual service ID,select Retrieve to access the station directory (network

    service).To end the visual content feed but not the FM radio, selectClose.To set light settings and the power saver time-out, selectOptions > Display settings.

    Visual Radio settingsWhen the radio is on, select Options > Settings and thefollowing:Start-up tone to enable or disable the start-up toneAuto-start service to enable or disable the automatic

    Station directoryWith the station directory (net

    Visual Radio enabled or tradilist, grouped in folders.To check availability and cosservice, contact your service

    Access the station directcontent viewTo retrieve the visual service for the currently tuned radio sRetrieve. After the connectioestablished, select the nearestposition from a list of folders

    The device compares the freqstations with the currently tunmatching frequency is found,tuned radio station is displayethe visual content.If there is more than one radi

    Access the station directory from options

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    Access the station directory from optionsTo access the station directory (network service) from thestation list, select Options > Station directory .

    After the connection to the station directory, you arerequested to select the nearest location to your currentposition from a list of locations.Radio stations that provide visual content are indicatedwith .

    Select the desired radio station and from the followingoptions:Listen to tune to the highlighted radio station. Toconfirm the frequency setting, select Yes.Start visual service to open the visual content of theselected radio station (if available)Save to save the details of the selected radio station tothe station listDetails to view channel information

    W e b


  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    WebTo browse web pages written in XHTML, WML, or HTML,select Menu > Web, or press and hold 0 in the standbymode.Check the availability of services, pricing, and tariffs withyour service provider. Service providers also give youinstructions on how to use their services.

    Important: Use only services that you trust andthat offer adequate security and protectionagainst harmful software.

    Set up the phone for the browserservice

    Your device may configure the WAP or internet accesspoint automatically based on your SIM card.

    You can use Settings wizard to configure WAP or internet

    Make a connectioTo access web pages, do the f Select the home page ( Select a bookmark from th In the bookmarks view, en

    page, and select Go to.

    View bookmarksBookmarks are indicated by t

    The starting page definedThe automatic bookmark

    ( ) that are collected autompages.

    Any bookmark showing tthe bookmark.

    2 Fill in the fields. Browse web pages

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    3 Select Options > Save.

    Send bookmarksScroll to a bookmark or mark several bookmarks, selectOptions > Tools> Send and an option.

    Connection securityIf the security indicator is displayed during aconnection, the data transmission between the device andthe internet gateway or server is encrypted.The security icon does not indicate that the datatransmission between the gateway and the content server

    (or place where the requested resource is stored) is secure.The service provider secures the data transmissionbetween the gateway and the content server.To view details about the connection, encryption status,and information about server authentication, selectOptions > Tools> Page info .

    Browse web pagesCopyright protections may prev(including ringing tones), and ocopied, modified, transferred, o

    Important: Only instaother software from trapplications that are Spassed the Java Verifi

    Keys and commandTo open a link, make selectionsthe scroll key.To go to the previous page whi

    Back is not available, select Opt> History to view a chronologiduring a browsing session. To cscroll left or right, and select iteach time a session is closed.To save a bookmark while brow

    W e b

    Keypad shortcuts while browsing To show the page overview of

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    1 Open your bookmarks.2 Search for keywords in the current page.

    3 Return to the previous page.5 List all open windows.8 Show the page overview of the current page. Press8 again to zoom in and view the desired section of the page.9 Enter a new web address.

    0 Go to the start page.*or # Zoom the page in or out.

    Mini mapMini map helps you navigate web pages that contain large

    amount of information. When Mini map is on in browsersettings and you scroll through a large web page, Minimap opens and displays an overview of the web page youare browsing. To move inMini map, scroll. When you stopscrolling,Mini map disappears and the area outlined inMini map is displayed.

    find the desired spot on the pa8 again to zoom in and view page.

    Web feeds and blogWeb feeds are .xml files on weto share the latest entry headlirecent news in the form of ne

    are web diaries. Most of the wtechnologies.The browser automatically deweb feeds. To subscribe to a wSubscribe and a feed, or clickfeeds you have subscribed to, Web feeds .To update a web feed, select iTo define how the web feeds > Settings > Web feeds .

    To open the Saved pages view, in the bookmarks view, Browser settings

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    select Saved pages. To open a page, select it.To start a connection to the browser service and retrieve

    the page again, select Options > Navigation options >Reload. The device stays online after you reload the page.

    End a connectionTo end the connection and view the browser page offline,

    select Options > Tools > Disconnect. To quit browsing,select Options > Exit.

    Empty the cacheA cache is a memory location that is used to store datatemporarily. If you have tried to access or have accessedconfidential information requiring passwords, empty thecache after each use. The information or services you haveaccessed are stored in the cache. To empty the cache,select Menu > Web > Options > Clear privacy data >Clear cache.

    Browser settingsSelect Options > Settings and

    GeneralAccess point Select the defaHomepage Define the addreMini map Set on or off.History list Select whether a

    visited during the current browwhen you select Back.Security warnings Hide or Java/Ecma Script Enable or


    Load content Select what tyautomatically while browsing. load images during browsing, sLoad images.Screen size Choose how to viewing pages.

    W e b

    Automatic reload Enable or disable automatic refresh

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    of browser pages.Font size Select the font size.

    PrivacyAuto. bookmarks SelectOn if you want the bookmarksto be automatically saved in the Auto. bookmarks folderwhen you visit a page. When you select Hide folder, thebookmarks are still automatically added to the folder.Form data saving If you do not want the data you enterto different forms on a web page to be saved and used nexttime the page is entered, select Off .Cookies Enable or disable the receiving and sending of cookies (a means for content providers to identify usersand their preferences for frequently used content).

    Web feedsAutomatic updates Define whether you want the webfeeds to be updated automatically or not, and how oftenyou want to update them. Setting the application toretrieve web feeds automatically may involve thetransmission of large amounts of data through your service


  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En



    Download! (network service) is a mobile content shopavailable on your device. You may be able to downloadsome content free of charge.With Download!you can discover, preview, buy, download,and upgrade content, services, and applications. The itemsare categorized under catalogs and folders provided bydifferent service providers. The available content dependson your service provider.Select Menu > Download!.Download!uses your network services to access the mostup-to-date content. For information on additional items

    available through Download!, contact your serviceprovider or the supplier or manufacturer of the item.

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    O r g a n i z e r

    The converter has limited accuracy and rounding errors Set a base currency

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    may occur.

    Convert unitsTo convert currency, you must first set the exchange rate.See "Set a base currency and exchange rates ", p. 68.1 Select Type, the type of measurement to convert, and

    OK.2 Select the first unit field, the unit from which you want

    to convert, and OK.3 Select the next unit field and the unit to which you

    want to convert.4 In the first amount field, enter the value to be

    converted. The other amount field changesautomatically to show the converted value.

    Press # to add a decimal and press *for the +, - (fortemperature), and E (exponent) symbols.The conversion order changes if you write a value in thesecond amount field. The result is shown in the firstamount field.

    yratesBefore you can convert currebase currency (usually your dexchange rates.The rate of the base currency idetermines the conversion rat1 Select Currency as the me

    Options > Currency rates2 To change the base curren

    (usually your domestic cuSet as base currency .

    3 Add exchange rates, scrolnew rate, that is, how manone unit of the base curren

    4 After you insert all the reqcan convert currency.

    When you change base currenexchange rates because all pr


  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En



    GPS dataTo start the GPS data application, select Menu >Applications > GPS data.Navigation

    To use route guidance, select Navigation.Route guidance shows the straightest route and theshortest distance to the destination. Any obstacles, such asbuildings and natural obstacles, are ignored. Differences inaltitude are not taken into account when calculating thedistance. Route guidance is active only when you move.To set your trip destination, select Options > Setdestination and a landmark as the destination, or enterthe latitude and longitude coordinates. Select Stopnavigation to clear the set destination.To view the position information of your current location,

    Trip distanceSelect Trip distance > Optionsdistance calculation and Stop tcalculated values remain on theSelect Reset to set the trip dista

    maximum speeds to zero and toSelect Restart to set also the odzero.The trip meter has limited accumay occur. Accuracy can also band quality of GPS signals.

    Position requests You may receive a request fromreceive your position informatioffer information about local totraffic conditions, based upon t

    A p p l i c a t i o n s

    Landmarks Open a .pdf file

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    With landmarks you can save the position information of specific locations to your device. You can use your savedlandmarks in compatible applications, such as theNavigator application.To create a new landmark, select Menu > Applications >Landmarks > Options > New landmark. To make apositioning request for the coordinates of your current

    location, select Current position . To enter the positioninformation manually, select Enter manually .To add a landmark to preset categories, select thelandmark, and Options > Add to category . Select thecategories to which you want to add the landmark.To send one or several landmarks to a compatible device,select Options > Send. Your received landmarks are placedin Inbox in Messaging.

    Adobe Reader

    To open a recently viewed dodocument that is not listed in

    Options > Browse for file thethe file resides and the file.

    View a documentTo move around within a pag

    page, scroll down at the bottoTo zoom in or out, select OptiTo find text, select Options >text you want to find. To findOptions > Find > Next.

    To rotate the document, selecleft or Rotate right .To save a copy of the documeand specify where to save it.


  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    A p p l i c a t i o n s

    Freeze panes to keep the rows and columns above andto the left of the selected cell visible


  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    to the left of the selected cell visibleResize to adjust the size of columns or rows

    QuickpointWith Quickpoint, you can view Microsoft PowerPointpresentations on the display of your device.Quickpoint supports the viewing of presentations createdin .ppt format in Microsoft PowerPoint 2000, XP, and 2003.Not all variations or features of the mentioned file formatsare supported.

    View presentationsTo move between the slide, outline, and the notes view,scroll left or right.To move to the next or previous slide in the presentation,scroll down or up.To view the presentation in full screen, select Options >Full screen.To expand items in the presentation outline in the outline

    With Quickmanager, you can dupdates, upgrades, and other

    pay for the downloads by phoTo open Quickmanager, selecQuickoffice, and scroll right

    More informationIf you experience problems wQuickpoint, visitwww.quickoinformation. Support is also avto [email protected]


  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En



    ProfilesSelect Menu > Settings > Profiles.InProfiles, you can adjust and personalize the device tonesfor different events, environments, or caller groups. Youcan see the currently selected profile at the top of thedisplay in the standby mode. If the General profile is in use,only the current date is shown.To activate the profile, select the profile and Activate.

    Tip: To quickly change toSilent from any otherprofile, in the standby mode, press and hold # .

    To personalize a profile, select the profile,Personalise, andfrom the following options:Ringing tone To set the ringing tone (also a videoringing tone) for voice calls, choose a ringing tone from thelist. Press any key to stop the sound. You can also changeringing tones in contacts See "Add a ringing tone" p 48

    Ringing type WhenAscendivolume starts from level one anthe set volume level.Ringing volume Set the volumessage alert tones.Message alert tone Set the multimedia messages.E-mail alert tone Set the almessages.

    Vibrating alert Set the deviincoming calls and messages.

    Keypad tones Set the volumWarning tones Activate or Alert for Set the device to rphone numbers that belong to aPhone calls coming from peoplehave a silent alert.

    S e t t i n g s

    Important: In the offline profile you cannot makeor receive any calls, or use other features that

    3-D tones

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    or receive any calls, or use other features thatrequire cellular network coverage. Calls may stillbe possible to the official emergency numberprogrammed into your device. To make calls, youmust first activate the phone function bychanging profiles. If the device has been locked,enter the lock code.

    ThemesTo change the look of your devices display, activate atheme. A theme can include the standby mode wallpaperand power saver. You can edit a theme to personalize yourdevice further.

    Select Menu > Settings > Themes. To see a list of theavailable themes, select General. The active theme isindicated by a check mark.To preview a theme, scroll to the theme, and select Options > Preview. To activate the previewed theme, select Set .In Themes you can also set the menu view type set a

    With 3-D tones you can appleffects to ringing tones. Not aeffects. To edit 3-D tone settin> 3-D tones .To enable the 3-D effects, selchange the ringing tone, selecdesired ringing tone.

    To change the 3-D effect thattone, select Sound trajectorymodify the effect, select Trajeor Reverberation. Doppler effsound trajectories.To listen to the ringing tone wOptions > Play toneIf you enable the 3-D tones beffect, stereo widening is app

    Voice commands

    To activate a new voice command for an application, selectOptions > New application and the application. To play

    Welcome note / logo to setwhich is displayed briefly each

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    p pp pp p ythe activated voice command, select Options > Playback.To use voice commands, see " Voice dialing", p. 24.

    Phone settings

    GeneralSelect Menu > Settings > Phone sett. > General >Personalisation , Date and time , Slide handling,Enhancement , Security, Factory settings , Positioning, orMy own key.


    Select Display, Standby mode , Tones, Language, Themes,or Voice comms. .DisplayLight sensor to adjust the light sensor that observes thelighting conditions and adjusts the brightness of thedisplay

    p y ydevice.Light time-out to set the timStandby mode Active standby to enable or"Active standby", p. 19.Active standby apps. to seleto appear in the active standby.only if Active standby is set toShortcuts to assign shortcutselection keys, scrolling in diffthe scroll key in the standby moare not available if Active stan

    Operator logo this setting isreceived and saved an operatorwhether the operator logo is shTonesChange the tones of the clock,

    S e t t i n g s

    device selects the language according to the informationon your SIM card. After you have changed the display text

    Time format to select betwtime format.

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    y y g p ylanguage, the device restarts.Writing language to change the writing language of your device. Changing the language affects the charactersand special characters available when writing text and thepredictive text dictionary used.Predictive text to set predictive text input On or Off forall editors in the device. Select a language for entering

    predictive text from the list.ThemesApply themes. See "Themes", p. 74.

    Voice commandsEdit voice command and voice dialing settings. See " Voice

    commands", p. 74.Date and timeTime and Date to set the time and date.Time zone to set the time zone of your location. If youset Network operator time > Auto-update , the local time

    Time separator to select th

    Clock type to select whethis shown in the standby modeClock alarm tone to selecWorkdays to specify days workdays.

    Network operator time (netwnetwork to update time, date,to your device. If you selectAconnections are disconnectedmay be affected.

    Slide handlingOpening the slide to selecanswered when opening the slcall or Call not answered .Closing the slide to selectended when closing the slide,

    EnhancementTo change settings of an enhancement in the

    Code in use to select the actthe active USIM. This is shown

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    To change settings of an enhancement, in theEnhancement sett. view, scroll to an enhancement, suchas Headset, select Options > Open and from the followingoptions:Default profile to select the profile you want to activateeach time you connect the enhancement to your deviceAutomatic answer to set the device to answer anincoming call automatically after 5 seconds when thisenhancement is connected to your device. If the Ringingtype is set to Beep once or Silent, automatic answercannot be used, and you must answer the call manually.Lights to set the device lights continuously on whileusing the enhancement, select On.

    SecuritySelect Phone and SIM card , Certificate management , orSecurity module .Phone and SIM card

    You can change the following codes: lock code, PIN or

    supports UPIN, and the UPIN iPIN code request or UPIN coddevice to request the code each ton. Some SIM cards may not albe turned Off . If you selectCodrequest is shown instead.PIN code or UPIN code, PIN2

    change the codesKeypad autolock period > Useautomatically lock the keypad ainactivityPhone autolock period to sthe device is automatically lockyou need to enter the correct loautolock period, select None.Lock if SIM card changed tfor the lock code when an unkninserted into your device. The d

    S e t t i n g s

    provider, selectDefault. If you want to use another group(you need to know the group index number), select On.

    Important: Even if tthe risks involved in

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    When calls are limited to closed user groups, calls may bepossible to the official emergency number programmedinto your device.Confirm SIM services(network service) to set thedevice to display confirmation messages when you use aSIM card serviceCertificate management

    A list of authority certificates that have been stored in yourdevice is displayed inCertificate management . To see alist of personal certificates if available, scroll right.Digital certificates should be used if you want to connectto an online bank or another site or remote server for

    actions that involve transferring confidential information.They should also be used if you want to reduce the risk of viruses or other malicious software and be sure of theauthenticity of software when downloading and installingsoftware.When security features that restrict calls are in use (such

    software installation must be used correctincreased security. Tdoes not offer any prcertificate manager mauthentic, or trusted security to be availabrestricted lifetime. If"Certificate not validcertificate should be date and time in you

    Before changing any make sure that you rcertificate and that thto the listed owner.

    View certificate details and c You can only be sure of the cwhen the signature and the pecertificate have been checked

    certificate details, the device checks the validity of thecertificate and one of the following notes may appear:

    My own keyMy own key to configure pr

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    Expired certificate The validity period has ended for theselected certificate.Certificate not valid yet The validity period has not yetbegun for the selected certificate.Certificate corrupted The certificate cannot be used.Contact the certificate issuer.Certificate not trusted You have not set any

    application to use the certificate.Change the trust settingsBefore changing any certificate settings, you must makesure that you really trust the owner of the certificate andthat the certificate really belongs to the listed owner.

    Scroll to an authority certificate, and select Options >Trust settings . Depending on the certificate, a list of theapplications that can use the selected certificate is shown.Security module

    View or edit security modules.

    My own key to configure propen a specific application. See

    PositioningWith the positioning service yofrom service providers about loand traffic conditions, based on (network service).

    To enable a positioning methodmethods , scroll to the positioniOptions > Enable. To stop usinDisable.To define the positioning servePositioning server > Access po

    point. Then select Server addrename or URL address of the se

    PhoneSelect Menu > Settings > Pho

    S e t t i n g s

    service provider when you subscribe to the service (Set bynetwork ).

    Anykey answer > On to anbriefly pressing any key, exce

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    Call waiting (network service) to set the network tonotify you of a new incoming call while you have a call inprogress. To request the network to activate call waiting,select Activate . To request the network to deactivate callwaiting, select Cancel. To check whether the function isactive, select Check status .Reject call with SMS to enable rejecting phone calls

    with a text message. See "Answer or reject a call", p. 25.Message text to enter a text to be sent when you rejecta call with a text messageImage in video call to select a still image to be showninstead of the video when you deny video sending in avideo callAutomatic redial to set the device to make a maximumof 10 attempts to connect the call after an unsuccessfulcall attempt. Press the end key to stop automatic redialing.Summary after call to set the device to briefly displaythe approximate duration of the last call

    keys, volume keys, my own kkey

    Line in use (network service) supports two subscriber numbSelect which phone line (Linefor making calls and sending Calls on both lines can be ans

    selected line. You cannot makand have not subscribed to thiline selection, select Line chanyour SIM card. To change thicode.

    Call divertCall divert is a network servic1 Select which calls you wan

    and video calls , or Fax ca2 Select the desired option.

    calls when your number is

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    S e t t i n g s

    Access pointsTo establish a data connection, an access point is required.

    Authentication , Homepage,only), andMaximum data spe

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    , p q You can define different kinds of access points:

    MMS access point to send and receive multimediamessages WAP access point to view web pages Internet access point (IAP) (for example, to send and

    receive e-mail)

    Check which kind of access point you need with yourservice provider for the service you wish to access. Foravailability and subscription to data connection services,contact your service provider.

    You may receive access point settings in a message fromyour service provider, or you may have preset access pointsettings in your device.To create a new access point or edit an existing accesspoint, select Options > New access point or Edit. Tocreate a new access point using the settings of an existingaccess point, scroll to an access point, and select Options > Duplicate access point .

    Connection name Enter aconnection.Prompt password If you mevery time you log onto a sersave your password to the devIf necessary, to define the intephone IP address, domain nam

    proxy server, and advanced dcallback, PPP compression, linitialization string, select OpContact your service provide

    Packet data

    The packet data settings affecpacket data connection.Packet data connection Iand you are in a network thatdevice registers to the packet messages are sent using a pac

    If there are no packet data services available and you havechosen When available , the device periodically tries to

    bli h k d i

    receive the settings from your s"Configuration settings", p. 17.

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    establish a packet data connection.Access point The access point name is needed when youwant to use your device as a modem with your computer.High speed packet access Enable or disable the use of HSDPA (network service) in UMTS networks.When HSDPA support is activated, downloading data suchas messages, e-mail, and browser pages through the

    cellular network may be faster.Data callThe data call settings affect all access points that use aGSM data call.Online time to set the data call to disconnectautomatically after a time-out if there is no activity. Toenter a time-out, select User defined, and enter the timein minutes. If you select Unlimited, the data call is notdisconnected automatically.

    SIP settings

    To delete a configuration, scrolselect Options > Delete.

    Access point name controWith the access point name conrestrict the use of packet data aconly available if a USIM card issupports the service. To changePIN2 code.

    ApplicationsTo view and edit settings of appdevice, select Menu > Settings


    Speed dialTo assign phone numbers to theMenu > Settings > Speed dial

    S e t t i n g s

    number. To change or remove the number, select Change or Remove.

    Change number , and enter thnetwork service. Contact you

    ilb b

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    SpeechTo select the default language and voice used for readingmessages and adjust the voice properties, such as rate andvolume, select Menu > Settings > Speech.To view details of a voice, scroll right, scroll to the voice,

    and select Options > Voice details . To test a voice, scrollto the voice, and select Options > Play voice.

    Settings wizardThe settings wizard configures your device for operator(MMS, GPRS, and internet) and e-mail settings based onyour service provider. Configuring other settings may alsobe possible.To use these services, you may have to contact your serviceprovider to activate a data connection or other services.

    mailbox number.

    Instant messagingInstant messaging (IM) allowand join discussion forums (IM(network service).

    Check the availability of IM with your service provider. Sinstructions on how to use the

    Connect to an IM sSelect Menu > Settings > IM

    1 To log in, selectOptions >2 Enter your user ID and pa

    To log out, select Options > L

    messages or invitations, select Allow messages from orAllow invitations from .

    d l ll

    know, select Options > Join negroup ID.

  • 8/9/2019 Nokia 6110 Apac Ug En


    To edit IM server connection settings, selectServers, scrollto the server, and select Options > Edit. Contact yourservice provider for the settings. To define new serversettings, select Options > New server.To choose the default server, select Default server and theserver.To be automatically connected to the IM server during the

    days and times you define, select IM login type >Automatic . To only be automatically connected while inyour home network, select Auto in home netw. . To beautomatically connected when you start the IMapplication, select On app. start-up . To connect manually,select Manual.

    To set days and times when to establish a connectionautomatically, select Automatic login days andAutomatic login hrs. .

    Join and leave an IM groupSelect Menu > Settings > IM > IM groups

    To leave the IM group, selectO

    Search for IM groupTo search for groups, selectMegroups > Options > Search. YoGroup name, Topic, or Membea group that is found in the sea

    Options > Join or Save.To search for new contacts, sele> New IM contact > Search frconversation with a new user, sOptions > Open conversation .select Add to IM contacts .

    Chat in an IM groupSelect Menu > Settings > IM >

    After you join an IM group, youare exchanged in the group and

    S e t t i n g s

    To reply to a private me