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  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    Nokia 6303 classic User Guide


    Issue 3

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    Emergency calls 40Certification information (SAR) 40

    Index 41

    Contents 3

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En



    Read these simple guidelines. Notfollowing them may be dangerous orillegal. Read the complete user guide forfurther information.


    Do not switch the device onwhen wireless phone use isprohibited or when it maycause interference or danger.


    Obey all local laws. Always keepyour hands free to operate thevehicle while driving. Your firstconsideration while drivingshould be road safety.


    All wireless devices may besusceptible to interference,

    which could affectperformance.


    Follow any restrictions. Switchthe device off in aircraft, nearmedical equipment, fuel,chemicals, or blasting areas.


    Only qualified personnel mayinstall or repair this product.


    Use only approved accessoriesand batteries. Do not connectincompatible products.


    Your device is not water-resistant. Keep it dry.

    4 Safety

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    Start up

    Get to know your phone, insert thebattery, SIM card, and memory card, andlearn some important information aboutyour phone.

    Keys and parts

    1 Earpiece2 Display3 Left and right selection key4 Navi key (scroll key)5 Call key6 Keypad7 Microphone

    8 End key9 Light sensor10 Charger connector11 Wrist strap eyelet12 Nokia AV Connector (3.5 mm)13 Micro USB cable connector

    14 Volume down key15 Volume up key16 Loudspeaker17 Power key18 Camera flash19 Camera lens

    Install SIM card and battery

    Always switch the device off and

    disconnect the charger before removingthe battery.

    This phone is intended for use with aBL-5CT battery. Always use original Nokiabatteries. See "Nokia batteryauthentication guidelines", p. 37.

    The SIM card and its contacts can be easilydamaged by scratches or bending, so becareful when handling, inserting, orremoving the card.

    1 Slide the cover (1), and remove it.Remove the battery (2).

    Start up 5

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    2 Open the SIM card holder (3). Insertthe SIM card into the holder with thecontact surface facing down (4). Closethe SIM card holder (5).

    3 Observe the battery contacts (6), andinsert the battery (7). Replace theback cover (8).

    Insert and remove the memory card

    Use only compatible microSD cardsapproved by Nokia for use with thisdevice. Nokia uses approved industrystandards for memory cards, but somebrands may not be fully compatible withthis device. Incompatible cards maydamage the card and the device andcorrupt data stored on the card.

    Your phone supports microSD cards of upto 4 GB.

    Insert the memory card

    1 Remove the back cover.

    2 Insert the card into the memory cardslot with the contact surface facingdown, and press until it locks intoplace.

    3 Replace the back cover.

    Remove the memory card

    Important: Do not remove the memorycard in the middle of an operation whenthe card is being accessed. Removing thecard in the middle of an operation maydamage the memory card as well as thedevice, and data stored on the card may

    be corrupted.

    You can remove or replace the memorycard during phone operation withoutswitching the device off.

    1 Ensure that no application is currentlyaccessing the memory card.

    2 Remove the back cover.

    3 Press the memory card slightly in torelease the lock, and remove it.

    4 Replace the back cover.

    Charge the battery

    Your battery has been precharged, but thecharging levels may vary.

    1 Connect the charger to a wall outlet.

    6 Start up

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    2 Connect the charger to the device.

    3 When the battery is fully charged,disconnect the charger from thedevice, then from the wall outlet.

    If the battery is completely discharged, itmay take several minutes before the

    charging indicator appears on the displayor before any calls can be made.


    Your device may have internal andexternal antennas. As with any radiotransmitting device, avoid touching theantenna area unnecessarily while theantenna is transmitting or receiving.

    Contact with such an antenna affects thecommunication quality and may cause thedevice to operate at a higher power level

    than otherwise needed and may reducethe battery life.

    The figure shows the antenna areamarked in grey.

    AccessoriesConnect a USB cable

    Open the cover of the USB connector, andconnect the USB cable to the device.


    Warning:Listen to music at a moderate level.Continuous exposure to high volume maydamage your hearing. Do not hold thedevice near your ear when theloudspeaker is in use, because the volumemay be extremely loud.

    Warning:When you use the headset, your ability tohear outside sounds may be affected. Donot use the headset where it canendanger your safety.

    When connecting any external device orany headset, other than those approvedby Nokia for use with this device, to the

    Nokia AV Connector, pay special attentionto volume levels.

    Start up 7

    The charging time depends on the chargerused. Charging a BL-5CT battery with theAC-8 or AC-15 charger takesapproximately 1 hour 30 minutes whilethe phone is in the homescreen mode.

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    Do not connect products that create anoutput signal as this may cause damageto the device. Do not connect any voltagesource to the Nokia AV Connector.

    Strap1 Remove the back cover.

    2 Attach a strap, and tighten it.

    3 Replace the back cover.

    Switch it on

    Learn how to switch on your phone, andhow to use the basic functions.

    About your device

    The wireless device described in this guideis approved for use on the GSM 900, 1800,and 1900 MHz networks. Contact yourservice provider for more informationabout networks.

    When using the features in this device,obey all laws and respect local customs,privacy and legitimate rights of others,including copyrights.

    Copyright protection may prevent someimages, music, and other content frombeing copied, modified, or transferred.

    Your device may have preinstalledbookmarks and links for third-partyinternet sites. You may also access otherthird-party sites through your device.Third-party sites are not affiliated with

    Nokia, and Nokia does not endorse orassume liability for them. If you choose to

    access such sites, you should takeprecautions for security or content.

    Warning:To use any features in this device, other

    than the alarm clock, the device must beswitched on. Do not switch the device onwhen wireless device use may causeinterference or danger.

    Remember to make back-up copies orkeep a written record of all importantinformation stored in your device.

    When connecting to any other device,read its user guide for detailed safetyinstructions. Do not connect incompatibleproducts.

    Remember to make back-up copies orkeep a written record of all importantinformation stored in your device.

    Refer to the user guide for other

    important information about your device.

    Network services

    To use the device you must have servicefrom a wireless service provider. Many ofthe features require special networkfeatures. These features are not availableon all networks; other networks mayrequire that you make specificarrangements with your service providerbefore you can use the network services.Using network services involvestransmission of data. Check with yourservice provider for details about fees inyour home network and when roaming onother networks. Your service provider cangive you instructions and explain whatcharges will apply. Some networks mayhave limitations that affect how you can

    use network services. For instance, somenetworks may not support all language-dependent characters and services.

    8 Switch it on

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    Your service provider may have requestedthat certain features be disabled or notactivated in your device. If so, thesefeatures will not appear on your devicemenu. Your device may also have a special

    configuration such as changes in menunames, menu order, and icons. Contactyour service provider for moreinformation.

    Access codes

    To set how your phone uses the accesscodes and security settings, selectMenu > Settings > Security > Access


    The security code helps to protectyour phone against unauthorised use.The preset code is 12345. You canchange the code and set the phone torequest the code. Some operationsrequire the security code regardless ofthe settings, for example if you wantto restore the factory settings. Keep

    the code secret and in a safe placeseparate from your phone. If youforget the code and your phone islocked, your phone will requireservice and additional charges mayapply. For more information, contacta Nokia Care point or your phonedealer.

    The PIN (UPIN) code, supplied with theSIM (USIM) card, helps to protect thecard against unauthorised use.

    The PIN2 (UPIN2) code, supplied withsome SIM (USIM) cards, is required toaccess certain services.

    PUK (UPUK) and PUK2 (UPUK2) codesmay be supplied with the SIM (USIM)card. If you enter the PIN codeincorrectly three times in succession,you are asked for the PUK code. If thecodes are not supplied, contact yourservice provider.

    The barring password is requiredwhen using the call barring service torestrict calls to and from your phone(network service).

    To view or change the securitymodule settings for the browser,select Menu > Settings >Security > Security module sett..

    Switch the device on and off

    Switch on and off

    Press and hold the power key.

    Enter the PIN code

    If requested, enter the PIN code (displayedas ****).

    Set the time and date

    If requested, enter the date, the local time,and the time zone and the daylight savingtime of your location.

    When you switch on your device for thefirst time, you may be prompted to get theconfiguration settings from your serviceprovider (network service). For moreinformation, contact your serviceprovider.

    Standby mode

    When the phone is ready for use, and youhave not entered any characters, thephone is in the standby mode.

    Switch it on 9

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En



    1 Signal strength of the cellular

    network2 Battery charge status3 Indicators4 Clock5 Name of the network or the operator

    logo6 Date

    7 Display8 Function of the left selection key9 Function of the Navi key; hereafter

    referred to as scroll key10 Function of the right selection key

    You may change the function of the leftand right selection key. See " Left and rightselection keys ", p. 14.

    Power savingYour phone has a Power saver and aSleep mode feature in order to savebattery power in the standby mode whenno keys are pressed. These features maybe activated. See "Display", p. 13.

    Home screen

    The home screen mode displays a list of

    selected phone features and informationthat you can directly access.

    Select Menu > Settings > Display >Home screen.

    To activate the home screen mode, selectHome screen mode.

    To organise and change the home screenmode, select Personalise view.

    To select the key that is used to activatethe home screen mode, select Homescreen key.

    Depending on the setting, in the homescreen mode, scroll up or down to

    navigate in the list, and select Select,View, or Edit. The arrows indicate thatfurther information is available. To stopnavigating, select Exit.


    When your device is in the standby orhome screen mode, you can use thefollowing shortcuts.

    List missed, received, and dialled callsPress the call key. To make a call, scroll tothe number or name, and press the callkey.

    Start the web browser

    Press and hold 0.

    Call the voice mailbox

    Press and hold 1.Use other keys as shortcuts

    See "Dialling shortcuts", p. 18.


    You have unread messages.

    You have unsent, cancelled, or

    failed messages.The keypad is locked.

    The phone does not ring forincoming calls or text messages.

    10 Switch it on

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    An alarm is set.

    / The phone is registered to theGPRS or EGPRS network.

    / The phone has an open GPRS orEGPRS connection.

    / The GPRS or EGPRS connection issuspended (on hold).Bluetooth connectivity is turnedon.If you have two phone lines, thesecond phone line is selected.All incoming calls are diverted toanother number.Calls are limited to a closed user

    group.The currently active profile istimed.

    Navigate the menus

    The phone offers you an extensive rangeof functions that are grouped into menus.

    1 To access the menu, select Menu.

    2 Scroll through the menu, and select anoption (for example, Settings).

    3 If the selected menu contains furthersubmenus, select one (for example,Call).

    4 Select the setting of your choice.

    5 To return to the previous menu level,select Back.

    To exit the menu, select Exit.

    To change the menu view, selectOptions >Main menu view. Scroll right,and select from the available options.

    To rearrange the menu, select Options >Organise. Scroll to the menu item to bemoved, and select Move. Scroll to whereyou want to move the menu item, andselect OK. To save the change, select

    Done > Yes.

    Keypad lock

    To lock the keypad to prevent accidentalkeypresses, select Menu, and press *within 3.5 seconds.

    To unlock the keypad, select Unlock, andpress * within 1.5 seconds. If requested,enter the lock code.

    To answer a call when the keypad islocked, press the call key. When you endor reject the call, the keypad locksautomatically.

    Further features are automatic keyguard

    and security keyguard. See"Phone", p. 12.

    When the device or keypad is locked, callsmay be possible to the official emergencynumber programmed into your device.

    Functions without a SIM card

    Some functions of your phone may beused without inserting a SIM card, such asOrganiser functions and games. Somefunctions appear dimmed in the menusand cannot be used.

    Flight mode

    Use flight mode in radio sensitiveenvironments on board aircraft or inhospitals to deactivate all radiofrequency functions. You still have access

    to offline games, the calendar, and phonenumbers. When flight mode is active,

    is displayed.

    To activate or set up flight mode, selectMenu > Settings > Profiles > Flight >Activate or Personalise.

    To deactivate flight mode, select any otherprofile.

    Switch it on 11

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    Warning:With the flight profile you cannot make orreceive any calls, including emergencycalls, or use other features that requirenetwork coverage. To make calls, you

    must first activate the phone function bychanging profiles. If the device has beenlocked, enter the lock code.

    If you need to make an emergency callwhile the device is locked and in the flightprofile, you may be also able to enter anofficial emergency number programmedin your device in the lock code field andselect 'Call'. The device will confirm thatyou are about to exit flight profile to startan emergency call.

    Make it your phone

    Set up your phone, personalise it, andconnect it in several ways.

    Basic settingsPhone

    Select Menu > Settings > Phone andfrom the following:

    Language settings to set thelanguage of your phone, select Phonelanguage and a language. To set thelanguage of your phone according to theinformation on the SIM card, select Phone


    Automatic.Memory status to check the memoryconsumption

    Automatic keyguard to lock thekeypad automatically after a preset timedelay when the phone is in the homescreen mode and no function has beenused

    Security keyguard to ask for the

    security code when you unlock thekeyguard

    Voice recognition See "Voicecommands", p. 14.

    Flight query to be asked whether touse the flight mode when you switch thephone on. With flight mode, all radioconnections are switched off.

    Phone updates to receive softwareupdates from your service provider(network service). The available optionsmay vary. See "Software updates over theair", p. 35.

    Operator selection to set a cellularnetwork available in your area

    Help text activation to set the phoneto show help texts

    Start-up tone to play a tone when youswitch the phone on

    Confirm SIM actions (network service)See "SIM services", p. 17.


    When security features that restrict calls

    are in use (such as call barring, closed usergroup, and fixed dialling), calls may bepossible to the official emergency numberprogrammed into your device.

    Select Menu > Settings > Security andfrom the following:

    PIN code request or UPIN coderequest to request for your PIN or UPINcode every time the phone is switched on.

    Some SIM cards do not allow the coderequest to be turned off.

    Call barring service to restrictincoming calls to and outgoing calls fromyour phone (network service). A barringpassword is required.

    Fixed dialling to restrict youroutgoing calls to selected phone numbersif supported by your SIM card. When the

    fixed dialling is on, GPRS connections arenot possible except while sending textmessages over a GPRS connection. In this

    12 Make it your phone

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    case, the recipients phone number andthe message centre number must beincluded in the fixed dialling list.

    Closed user group to specify a groupof people whom you can call and who cancall you (network service)

    Security level to request the securitycode whenever a new SIM card is insertedinto the phone, select Phone.

    Access codes to change the securitycode, PIN code, UPIN code, PIN2 code, orbarring password

    PIN2 code request to select whether

    the PIN2 code is required when using aspecific phone feature which is protectedby the PIN2 code. Some SIM cards do notallow the code request to be turned off.This option may not be availabledepending on your SIM card. For details,contact your network operator.

    Code in use to select the type of PINcode

    Authority certificates or Usercertificates to view the list of theauthority or user certificates downloadedinto your phone. See "Browsersecurity", p. 29.

    Security module sett. to view Secur.module details, activate Module PINrequest, or change the module PIN andsigning PIN. See "Access codes", p. 9.

    Personalise your phone

    Give your phone a personal touch withringing tones, display backgrounds, andthemes. Add shortcuts for your preferredfeatures, and attach enhancements.


    Your phone has various setting groupscalled profiles, which you can customise

    with ringing tones for different eventsand environments.

    Select Menu > Settings > Profiles, thedesired profile, and from the followingoptions:

    Activate to activate the selectedprofile

    Personalise to change the profilesettings

    Timed to set the profile to be active fora certain time. When the time set for theprofile expires, the previous profile thatwas not timed becomes active.


    A theme contains elements forpersonalising your phone.

    Select Menu > Settings > Themes andfrom the following options:

    Select theme Open the Themesfolder, and select a theme.

    Theme downloads Open a list of linksto download more themes.


    You can change the tone settings of theselected active profile.

    Select Menu > Settings > Tones. You canfind the same settings in the Profilesmenu.

    If you select the highest ringing tone level,the ringing tone reaches its highest levelafter a few seconds.


    To activate or deactivate light effectsassociated with different phonefunctions, select Menu > Settings >Lights.


    Select Menu > Settings > Display andfrom the following:

    Make it your phone 13

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    Wallpaper to add a background imagefor the home screen mode

    Home screen to activate, organise,and personalise the home screen mode

    Home screen font col. to select thefont colour for the home screen mode

    Navigation key icons to display thescroll key icons in the home screen mode

    Notification details to display detailsin missed call and message notifications

    Power saver to dim the displayautomatically, and to display a clock whenthe phone is not used for a certain length

    of timeSleep mode to switch off the displayautomatically when the phone is not usedfor a certain length of time

    Font size to set the font size formessaging, contacts, and web pages

    Operator logo to display the operatorlogo

    Cell info display to display the cellidentity, if available from the network

    My shortcuts

    With personal shortcuts, you get quickaccess to frequently used functions ofyour phone.

    Left and right selection keys

    To change the function assigned to the leftor right selection key, select Menu >Settings >My shortcuts > Leftselection key or Right selection key,and the desired function.

    In the home screen mode, if the leftselection key is Go to, to activate afunction, select Go to >Options and fromthe following:

    Select options to add or remove afunction

    Organise to rearrange the functions

    Other shortcuts

    Select Menu > Settings >My shortcutsand from the following:

    Navigation key to assign other

    functions from a predefined list to thenavigation key (scroll key)

    Home screen key to select themovement of the navigation key toactivate the home screen mode

    Assign dialling shortcuts

    Create shortcuts by assigning phonenumbers to the number keys 2-9.

    1 Select Menu > Contacts > Speeddials, and scroll to a number key.

    2 Select Assign, or, if a number hasalready been assigned to the key,select Options > Change.

    3 Enter a number or search for acontact.

    Voice commandsYou can use voice commands to makephone calls, launch applications, andactivate profiles.

    Select Menu > Settings > Phone.

    Voice commands are language-dependent. To set the language, selectLanguage settings > Phone language

    and the language.

    To train the voice recognition of yourdevice to your voice, select Voicerecognition > Voice recog. training.

    To activate a voice command for afunction, select Voice recognition >Voice commands, a feature, and thefunction. indicates that the voice

    command is activated.

    To activate the voice command, selectAdd.

    14 Make it your phone

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    To play the activated voice command,select Play.

    To use voice commands, see "Voicedialling", p. 18.

    To manage voice commands, scroll to afunction, select Options and from thefollowing:

    Edit or Remove to rename ordeactivate the voice command

    Add all or Remove all to activate ordeactivate voice commands for allfunctions in the voice commands list


    Your phone provides several features toconnect to other devices to transmit andreceive data.

    Bluetooth wireless technology

    Bluetooth technology allows you toconnect your phone, using radio waves, toa compatible Bluetooth device within 10metres (32 feet).

    This device is compliant with BluetoothSpecification 2.1 + EDR supporting thefollowing profiles: SIM access, objectpush, file transfer, dial-up networking,headset, handsfree, generic access, serialport, generic object exchange, advancedaudio distribution, audio video remote

    control, and generic audio/videodistribution. To ensure interoperabilitybetween other devices supportingBluetooth technology, use Nokiaapproved accessories for this model.Check with the manufacturers of otherdevices to determine their compatibilitywith this device.

    Features using Bluetooth technology

    increase the demand on battery powerand reduce the battery life.

    Set up a Bluetooth connection

    Select Menu > Settings >Connectivity > Bluetooth, and do thefollowing:

    1 Select My phone's name, and enter aname for your phone.

    2 To activate Bluetooth connectivity,select Bluetooth >On. indicatesthat Bluetooth connectivity is active.

    3 To connect your phone to an audioaccessory, select Conn. to audio acc.and the device that you want toconnect to.

    4 To pair your phone with anyBluetooth device in range, selectPaired devices > Add new device.

    5 Scroll to a found device, and selectAdd.

    6 Enter a passcode (up to 16 characters)on your phone and allow theconnection on the other Bluetoothdevice.

    Operating the device in hidden mode is asafer way to avoid malicious software. Donot accept Bluetooth connectivity fromsources you do not trust. Alternatively,switch off the Bluetooth function. Thisdoes not affect other functions of thedevice.

    PC connection to the internet

    Use Bluetooth technology to connect yourcompatible PC to the internet without PCSuite software. Your phone must be ableto connect to the internet (networkservice), and your PC must supportBluetooth technology. After connecting tothe network access point (NAP) service ofthe phone, and pairing with your PC, yourphone automatically opens a packet data

    connection to the internet.

    Make it your phone 15

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    Packet data

    General packet radio service (GPRS) is anetwork service that allows mobilephones to send and receive data over aninternet protocol (IP)-based network.

    To define how to use the service, selectMenu > Settings > Connectivity >Packet data > Packet data conn. andfrom the following options:

    When needed to establish the packetdata connection when an applicationneeds it. The connection is closed whenthe application is terminated.

    Always online to automaticallyconnect to a packet data network whenyou switch the phone on

    You can use your phone as a modem byconnecting it to a compatible PC usingBluetooth technology. For details, see theNokia PC Suite documentation.

    USB data cable

    You can use the USB data cable to transferdata between the phone and a compatiblePC or a printer supporting PictBridge.

    To activate the phone for data transfer orimage printing, connect the data cableand select the mode:

    PC Suite to use the cable for Nokia PCSuite

    Printing & media to use the phonewith a PictBridge compatible printer orwith a compatible PC

    Data storage to connect to a PC thatdoes not have Nokia software and use thephone as data storage

    To change the USB mode, select Menu >Settings > Connectivity >USB data

    cable and the desired USB mode.

    Synchronisation and backup

    Select Menu > Settings > Sync andbackup and from the following:

    Phone switch Synchronise or copy

    selected data between your phone andanother phone using Bluetoothtechnology.

    Create backup Create a backup ofselected data.

    Restore backup Select a storedbackup file, and restore it to the phone.Select Options > Details for informationabout the selected backup file.

    Data transfer Synchronise or copyselected data between your phone andanother device, PC, or network server(network service).

    Connect a USB device

    You can connect a USB storage (forexample, a memory stick) to your deviceand browse in the file system and transferfiles.

    1 Connect a compatible adapter cable tothe USB port of your device.

    2 Connect the USB storage to theadapter cable.

    3 Select Menu > Gallery and the USBdevice to browse.

    Note: Not all USB storage devices are

    supported, depending on their powerconsumption.

    Network provider services

    Your network provider provides severaladditional services you may want to use.For some of these services, charges mayapply.

    Operator menuAccess a portal to services provided byyour network operator. For moreinformation, contact your network

    16 Make it your phone

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    operator. The operator can update thismenu with a service message.

    SIM services

    Your SIM card may provide additionalservices. You can access this menu only ifit is supported by your SIM card. The nameand contents of the menu depend on theavailable services.

    Accessing these services may involvesending messages or making a phone callfor which you may be charged.

    Position log

    The network may send you a positionrequest (network service). To subscribeand agree upon the delivery ofpositioning information, contact yourservice provider.

    To accept or reject the position request,select Accept or Reject. If you miss therequest, the phone automatically accepts

    or rejects it according to what you haveagreed with your network operator orservice provider.

    To view the information on the 10 mostrecent privacy notifications and requests,select Menu > Log > Positioning >Position log.

    Info messages, SIM messages, and

    service commandsInfo messages

    You can receive messages on varioustopics from your service provider(network service). For more information,contact your service provider.

    Select Menu >Messaging > Infomessages and from the available options.

    Service commandsService commands allow you to write andsend service requests (USSD commands)

    to your service provider, such as activationcommands for network services.

    To write and send the service request,select Menu >Messaging > Serv.

    commands. For details, contact yourservice provider.

    SIM messages

    SIM messages are specific text messagesthat are saved to your SIM card. You cancopy or move those messages from theSIM to the phone memory, but not viceversa.

    To read SIM messages, select Menu >Messaging >Options > SIM messages.


    You can configure your device withsettings that are required for certainservices. You may receive these settings asa configuration message from yourservice provider.

    Select Menu > Settings >Configuration and from the following:

    Default config. sett. View the serviceproviders saved in the device, and set adefault service provider.

    Act. def. in all apps. Activate thedefault configuration settings forsupported applications.

    Preferred access pt. View savedaccess points.

    Device manager sett. Allow orprevent the device from receivingsoftware updates. This option may not beavailable, depending on your device.

    Personal config. sett. Add newpersonal accounts for various servicesmanually, and activate or delete them. To

    add a new personal account, select Add,or Options > Add new. Select the servicetype, and enter the required details. To

    Make it your phone 17

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    activate a personal account, selectOptions > Activate.

    Stay in touch

    Learn how to make calls, write text, sendmessages, and use the e-mailfunctionality of your device.

    Make callsMake a voice call

    You can start a call in several ways:

    Manual dialling

    Enter the phone number, including thearea code, and press the call key.

    For international calls, press * twice forthe international prefix (the + characterreplaces the international access code),enter the country code, the area codewithout the leading 0, if necessary, andthe phone number.

    Repeat a call

    To access the list of dialled numbers, pressthe call key once in the standby mode.Select a number or name, and press thecall key.

    Select a number from Contacts

    Search for a name or phone number thatyou saved in Contacts.

    Answer an incoming call

    Press the call key.

    End a call

    Press the end key.

    Mute the ringing tone

    Select Silence.

    Reject an incoming callPress the end key.

    Adjust the volume in a call

    Press the volume key up or down.

    Dialling shortcuts

    Assign a phone number to one of thenumber keys, 2-9. See "Assign diallingshortcuts", p. 14.

    Use a dialling shortcut to make a call inone of the following ways:

    Press a number key, then the call key.

    IfMenu > Settings > Call > Speed


    On is selected, press andhold a number key.

    Voice dialling

    Make a phone call by saying the name thatis saved in Contacts.

    As voice commands are language-dependent, before voice dialling, youmust select Menu > Settings > Phone >

    Language settings > Phone languageand your language.

    Note: Using voice tags may be difficult ina noisy environment or during anemergency, so you should not rely solelyupon voice dialling in all circumstances.

    1 In the home screen mode, press andhold the right selection key.A short

    tone sounds, and Speak after thetone is displayed.

    2 Say the name of the contact you wantto dial. If the voice recognition issuccessful, a list with matches isshown. The phone plays the voicecommand of the first match on thelist. If it is not the correct command,scroll to another entry.

    18 Stay in touch

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    Options during a call

    Many of the options that you can useduring a call are network services. Foravailability, contact your service provider.

    During a call, select Options and from theavailable options.

    Some of the network options are Hold,New call, Add to conference, End allcalls, and the following:

    Send DTMF to send tone strings

    Swap to switch between the active calland the call on hold

    Transfer to connect a call on hold toan active call and disconnect yourself

    Conference to make a conference call

    Private call to have a privatediscussion in a conference call

    Warning:Do not hold the device near your ear when

    the loudspeaker is in use, because thevolume may be extremely loud.

    Voice messages

    The voice mailbox is a network service towhich you may need to subscribe. Formore information, contact your serviceprovider.

    Call your voice mailboxPress and hold 1.

    Edit your voice mailbox number

    Select Menu >Messaging > Voicemessages > Voice mailbox no..

    Call log

    To view the information on your calls,messages, data, and synchronisation,select Menu > Log and from the availableoptions.

    Note: The actual invoice for calls andservices from your service provider mayvary, depending on network features,rounding off for billing, taxes, and soforth.


    Select Menu > Settings > Call and fromthe following:

    Call divert to divert your incomingcalls (network service). You may not beable to divert your calls if some call barringfunctions are active. See "Security", p. 12.

    Anykey answer to answer an

    incoming call by briefly pressing any key,except the power key, the left and rightselection keys, or the end key

    Automatic redial to automaticallyredial the number if a call fails. The phonetries to call the number 10 times.

    Voice clarity to enhance speechintelligibility, especially in noisyenvironments

    Speed dialling to dial the names andphone numbers assigned to the numberkeys (2-9) by pressing and holding thecorresponding number key

    Call waiting to have the networknotify you of an incoming call while youhave a call in progress (network service)

    Call duration display to display theduration of the call in progress

    Summary after call to briefly displaythe approximate duration after each call

    Send my caller ID to show your phonenumber to the person you are calling(network service). To use the settingagreed upon with your service provider,select Set by network.

    Outgoing call line to select the phone

    line for making calls, if your SIM cardsupports multiple phone lines (networkservice)

    Stay in touch 19

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    Text and messages

    Write text, and create messages andnotes.

    Write text

    Text modes

    To enter text (for example, when writingmessages) you can use traditional orpredictive text input.

    When you write text, press and holdOptions to switch between traditionaltext input, indicated by , and

    predictive text input, indicated by .

    Not all languages are supported bypredictive text input.

    The character cases are indicated by ,

    , and .

    To change the character case, press #. Tochange from the letter to number mode,indicated by , press and hold #, andselect Number mode. To change from thenumber to the letter mode, press and hold#.

    To set the writing language, selectOptions >Writing language.

    Traditional text input

    Press a number key, 2-9, repeatedly untilthe desired character appears. The

    available characters depend on theselected writing language.

    If the next letter you want is located onthe same key as the present one, wait untilthe cursor appears, and enter the letter.

    To access the most common punctuationmarks and special characters, press 1repeatedly. To access the list of special

    characters, press *. To insert a space, press0.

    Predictive text input

    Predictive text input is based on a built-indictionary to which you can also add newwords.

    1 Start writing a word, using the keys2 to 9. Press each key only once forone letter.

    2 To confirm a word, scroll right or adda space.

    If the word is not correct, press *repeatedly, and select the wordfrom the list.

    If the ? character is displayed afterthe word, the word you intendedto write is not in the dictionary.To add the word to the dictionary,select Spell. Enter the word usingtraditional text input, and selectSave.

    To write compound words, enterthe first part of the word, and

    scroll right to confirm it. Write thelast part of the word, and confirmthe word.

    3 Start writing the next word.

    Text and multimedia messages

    You can create a message and optionallyattach, for example, a picture. Your phoneautomatically changes a text message toa multimedia message when a file isattached.

    Text messages

    Your device supports text messagesbeyond the limit for a single message.Longer messages are sent as two or moremessages. Your service provider maycharge accordingly. Characters withaccents or other marks, and characters

    from some language options, take upmore space, and limit the number of

    20 Stay in touch

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    characters that can be sent in a singlemessage.

    The total number of characters left andthe number of messages needed for

    sending are displayed.

    To send messages, the correct messagecentre number must be stored in yourdevice. Normally, this number is set bydefault through your SIM card. To set thenumber manually, select Menu >Messaging >Message settings > Textmessages >Message centres > Addcentre, and enter a name and the number

    from the service provider.

    Multimedia messages

    A multimedia message can contain text,pictures, and sound or video clips.

    Only devices that have compatiblefeatures can receive and displaymultimedia messages. The appearance of

    a message may vary depending on thereceiving device.

    The wireless network may limit the size ofMMS messages. If the inserted pictureexceeds this limit the device may make itsmaller so that it can be sent by MMS.

    Important: Exercise caution whenopening messages. Messages may contain

    malicious software or otherwise beharmful to your device or PC.

    For availability and subscription to themultimedia messaging service (MMS),contact your service provider.

    Create a text or multimedia message

    1 Select Menu >Messaging > Createmessage >Message.

    2 To add recipients, scroll to the To:field, and enter the recipientsnumber or e-mail address, or select

    Add to select recipients from theavailable options. Select Options toadd recipients and subjects and to setsending options.

    3 Scroll to the Text: field, and enter themessage text.

    4 To attach content to the message,scroll to the attachment bar at thebottom of the display and select thedesired type of content.

    5 To send the message, press Send.

    The message type is indicated at the topof the display and changes automatically

    depending on the content of the message.

    Service providers may charge differentlydepending on the message type. Checkwith your service provider for details.

    Read a message and reply

    Important: Exercise caution whenopening messages. Messages may contain

    malicious software or otherwise beharmful to your device or PC.

    Your phone issues a notification when youreceive a message. Select View to displaythe message. If more than one messagewas received, to display a message, selectthe message from the Inbox and Open.Use the scroll key to view all parts of themessage.

    To create an answer message, selectReply.

    Send and organise messages

    To send a message, select Send. Thephone saves the message in the Outboxfolder, and the sending starts.

    Note: The message sent icon or text on

    your device screen does not indicate thatthe message is received at the intendeddestination.

    Stay in touch 21

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    If message sending is interrupted, thephone tries to resend the message a fewtimes. If these attempts fail, the messageremains in the Outbox folder. To cancelmessage sending, in the Outbox folder,

    select Options > Cancel sending.

    To save the sent messages in the Sentitems folder, select Menu >Messaging >Message settings >General settings > Save sentmessages.

    The phone saves received messages in theInbox folder. Organise your messages in

    the Saved items folder.

    To add, rename, or delete a folder, selectMenu >Messaging > Saved items >Options.

    Flash messages

    Flash messages are text messages that areinstantly displayed upon reception.

    1 To write a flash message, selectMenu >Messaging > Createmessage > Flash message.

    2 Enter the recipients phone number,write your message (maximum 70characters), and select Send.

    Instant messaging

    With instant messaging (IM, network

    service) you can send short text messagesto online users. You must subscribe to aservice and register with the IM serviceyou want to use. Check the availability ofthis service, pricing, and instructions withyour service provider. The menus mayvary depending on your IM provider.

    To connect to the service, select Menu >Messaging > IMs and follow the

    instructions on the display.

    Nokia Xpress audio messages

    Create and send an audio message usingMMS in a convenient way.

    1 Select Menu >Messaging > Create

    message > Audio message. Thevoice recorder opens.

    2 Record your message. See "Voicerecorder", p. 27.

    3 Enter one or more phone numbers inthe To: field, or select Add to retrievea number.

    4 To send the message, select Send.

    Message settings

    Select Menu >Messaging >Messagesettings and from the following:

    General settings to save copies of sentmessages in your phone, to overwrite oldmessages if the message memorybecomes full, and to set up otherpreferences related to messages

    Text messages to allow deliveryreports, to set up message centres for SMSand SMS e-mail, to select the type ofcharacter support, and to set up otherpreferences related to text messages

    Multimedia messages to allowdelivery reports, to set up the appearanceof multimedia messages, to allow thereception of multimedia messages and

    advertisements, and to set up otherpreferences related to multimediamessages

    E-mail messages to allow e-mailreception, to set the image size in e-mail,and to set up other preferences related toe-mail

    Service messages to activate servicemessages and to set up preferences

    related to service messages

    22 Stay in touch

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En



    Access your POP3 or IMAP4 e-mail accountwith your phone to read, write, and sende-mail. This e-mail application is differentfrom the SMS e-mail function.

    Before you can use e-mail, you must havean e-mail account and the correct settings.For availability and the correct settings,contact your e-mail service provider.

    E-mail setup wizard

    The e-mail setup wizard startsautomatically if no e-mail settings are

    defined in the phone. To start the setupwizard for an additional e-mail account,select Menu >Messaging and theexisting e-mail account. Select Options >Add mailbox to start the e-mail setupwizard. Follow the instructions on thedisplay.

    Write and send an e-mail

    You may write your e-mail before

    connecting to the e-mail service.

    1 Select Menu >Messaging > Createmessage > E-mail message.

    2 Enter the recipients e-mail address,the subject, and the e-mail message.To attach a file, select Options >Insert and from the available options.

    3 If more than one e-mail account is

    defined, select the account fromwhich you want to send the e-mail.

    4 To send the e-mail, select Send.

    Read an e-mail and reply

    Important: Exercise caution whenopening messages. Messages may containmalicious software or otherwise beharmful to your device or PC.

    1 To download e-mail messageheaders, select Menu >Messagingand your e-mail account.

    2 To download an e-mail and itsattachments, select the e-mail andOpen or Retrieve.

    3 To reply to or forward the e-mail,select Options and from the availableoptions.

    4 To disconnect from your e-mailaccount, select Options >Disconnect. The connection to the e-mail account automatically ends aftersome time without activity.

    New e-mail notifications

    Your phone can automatically check your

    e-mail account in time intervals and issuea notification when new e-mail isreceived.

    1 Select Menu >Messaging >Message settings > E-mailmessages > Edit mailboxes.

    2 Select your e-mail account,Downloading sett., and the

    following options:Mailbox upd. interval to set howoften your phone checks your e-mailaccount for new e-mail

    Automatic retrieval to retrievenew e-mail automatically from youre-mail account

    3 To enable the new e-mail notification,select Menu >Messaging >Message settings > E-mailmessages >New e-mail notif. >On.

    Image and video

    Capture an image

    Activate the still camera

    Select Menu>


    Camera; or, if thevideo function is on, scroll left or right.

    Image and video 23

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En



    In the camera mode, scroll up and down,or press the volume keys.

    Capture an image

    Select Capture. The phone saves theimages on the memory card, if available,or in the phone memory.

    Select Options > Flash > Flash on tocapture all images with camera flash, orAutomatic to activate the flashautomatically when the light conditionsare dim.

    Keep a safe distance when using the flash.Do not use the flash on people or animalsat close range. Do not cover the flash whiletaking a picture.

    To display an image immediately afteryou take it, select Options > Settings >Image preview time and the previewtime. During the preview time, select

    Back to capture another image, or Sendto send the image as a multimediamessage.

    Your device supports an image captureresolution of up to 1536x2048 pixels.

    Record a video clip

    Activate video function

    Select Menu >Media > Video, or, if thecamera function is on, scroll left or right.

    Video recording

    To start recording, select Record; to pauserecording, select Pause; to resumerecording, select Continue; to stoprecording, select Stop.

    The phone saves the video clips on thememory card, if available, or in the phonememory.

    Camera and video options

    In the camera or video mode, selectOptions and from the following:

    Effects Apply different effects (for

    example, greyscale and false colour) tothe captured image.

    White balance Adapt the camera tothe current light conditions.

    Settings Change other camera andvideo settings, and select the image andvideo storage.


    Manage images, video clips, music files,themes, graphics, tones, recordings, andreceived files. These files are stored in thephone memory or on a memory card andmay be arranged in folders.

    Folders and files

    1 To view the list of folders, selectMenu > Gallery.

    2 To view the list of files in a folder,select a folder and Open.

    3 To view the folders of the memorycard when moving a file, scroll to thememory card, and press the scroll keyright.

    Print images

    Your phone supports Nokia XpressPrint to

    print images that are in the jpeg format.

    1 To connect your phone to acompatible printer, use a data cableor send the image by Bluetooth to aprinter supporting Bluetoothtechnology. See "Bluetooth wirelesstechnology", p. 15.

    2 Select the image you want to printand Options > Print.

    24 Image and video

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    Share images and videos online

    Share images and video clips incompatible online sharing services on theweb.

    To use online sharing, you must subscribeto an online sharing service (networkservice).

    To upload an image or a video clip to anonline sharing service, select the file fromGallery, Options > Send >Upload toweb, and an online sharing service.

    For more information on online sharing

    and compatible service providers, see theNokia product support pages or your localNokia website.

    You can view uploads on the internetpages of the online sharing service onyour device. See "Web uploads", p. 28.

    Memory card

    Use a memory card to store yourmultimedia files, such as video clips,songs, sound files, images, and messagingdata.

    Some of the folders in Gallery with contentused by the phone (for example, Themes)may be stored on the memory card.

    Format the memory card

    Some supplied memory cards are pre-formatted; others require formatting.When you format a memory card, all dataon the card is permanently lost.

    1 To format a memory card, selectMenu > Gallery or Applications, thememory card folder, and Options >Format memory card > Yes.

    2 When formatting is complete, enter a

    name for the memory card.

    Lock the memory card

    To set a password (maximum 8characters) to lock your memory cardagainst unauthorised use, select thememory card folder and Options > Set


    The password is stored in your phone, andyou do not have to enter it again while youare using the memory card in the samephone. If you want to use the memorycard in another device, you are asked forthe password.

    To remove the password, select

    Options >Delete password.

    Check memory consumption

    To check the memory consumption ofdifferent data groups and the availablememory to install new software to yourmemory card, select the memory card andOptions >Details.

    EntertainmentListen to music

    Listen to music with the music player orradio, and record sounds or voice with thevoice recorder. Download music from theinternet, or transfer music from your PC.

    Media player

    Your phone includes a media player forlistening to songs and viewing video clips.Music and video files stored in the musicfolder in the phone memory or on thememory card are automatically detectedand added to the music library.

    To open the media player, select Menu >Media >Media player.

    Music menuAccess your music and video files stored inthe device memory or on the memorycard, download music or video clips from

    Entertainment 25

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    the web, or view compatible videostreams from a network server (networkservice).

    Listen to music or play a video clip

    Select a file from the available folders andPlay.

    Download files from the web

    Select Options > Downloads and adownload site.

    Update music library after you haveadded files

    Select Options >Update library.

    Create a playlist

    1 Select Playlists > Create playlist,and enter the name of the playlist.

    2 Add music or video clips from thedisplayed lists.

    3 Select Done to store the playlist.

    Configure a streaming service(network service)

    You may receive the streaming settings asa configuration message from yourservice provider. You can also enter thesettings manually. See"Configuration", p. 17.

    1 Select Options > Downloads >Streaming settings >Configuration.

    2 Select a service provider, Default, orPersonal config. for streaming.

    3 Select Account and a streamingservice account from the activeconfiguration settings.

    Play songs

    Warning:Listen to music at a moderate level.Continuous exposure to high volume may

    damage your hearing. Do not hold thedevice near your ear when theloudspeaker is in use, because the volumemay be extremely loud.

    To adjust the volume level, press thevolume keys.

    Operate the player with the virtual keys on

    the display.

    To start playing, select .

    To pause playing, select .

    To skip to the next song, select . Toskip to the beginning of the previoussong, select twice.

    To fast-forward the current song, selectand hold . To rewind the current song,select and hold . Release the key at theposition you want to continue the musicplayback.

    To switch to the music menu, select .

    To switch to the current playlist, select.

    To close the media player menu, and tocontinue music playback in thebackground, press the end key.

    To stop the media player, press and holdthe end key.

    Change the media player look

    Your phone provides several themes to

    change the look of the media player.

    Select Menu >Media >Media player >Go to Media player > Options >

    26 Entertainment

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    Settings >Media player theme and oneof the listed themes. The virtual keys maychange depending on the theme.


    The FM radio depends on an antenna otherthan the wireless device antenna. Acompatible headset or accessory needs tobe attached to the device for the FM radioto function properly.

    Warning:Listen to music at a moderate level.Continuous exposure to high volume may

    damage your hearing. Do not hold thedevice near your ear when theloudspeaker is in use, because the volumemay be extremely loud.

    Select Menu >Media > Radio.

    To adjust the volume, use the volumekeys.

    Use the graphical keys on the displayScroll up, down, left, or right.

    Close the radio menu

    Briefly press the end key. The radiocontinues playing in the background.

    Switch the radio off

    Press and hold the end key.

    Tune radio stations

    1 To start the search, press and hold thescroll key left or right. To change theradio frequency in 0.05 MHz steps,briefly press the scroll key left or right.

    2 To save a station to a memorylocation, select Options > Save

    station.3 To enter the name of the radio

    station, select Options > Stations >Options > Rename.

    Select Options and from the following:

    Search all stations to automaticallysearch for the available stations at yourlocation

    Set frequency to enter the frequencyof the desired radio station

    Stations to list and rename or deletesaved stations

    Change stations

    Scroll up or down, or press the numberkeys corresponding to the number of thestation in the station list.

    Radio settings

    Select Options > Settings and from thefollowing:

    RDS to select whether to displayinformation from the radio data system

    Auto-frequency to enable theautomatic switch to a frequency with the

    best reception of the tuned in station(available when RDS is activated)

    Play via to select the headset or theloudspeaker

    Output to switch between stereo andmono output

    Radio theme to select a radio theme

    Voice recorder

    Record speech, sound, or an active call,and save them in Gallery.

    Select Menu >Media > Voice recorder.To use the graphical keys , , or onthe display, scroll left or right.

    Record sound

    1 Select , or, during a call, select

    Options > Record. While recording acall, all parties to the call hear a faintbeeping. To pause the recording,select .

    Entertainment 27

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    2 To end the recording, select . Therecording is saved in the Recordingsfolder in Gallery.

    Select Options to play or send the last

    recording, to access the list of recordings,or to select the memory and the folder tostore the recordings.


    Adjust the sound when using the musicplayer.

    Select Menu >Media > Equaliser.

    To activate a predefined equaliser set,scroll to one of the sets, and selectActivate.

    Create a new equaliser set

    1 Select one of the last two sets in thelist and Options > Edit.

    2 Scroll left or right to access the virtualsliders and up or down to adjust the

    slider.3 To save the settings and create a

    name for the set, select Save andOptions > Rename.

    Stereo widening

    Stereo widening creates a wider stereosound effect when you are using a stereoheadset.

    To activate, select Menu >Media >Stereo widening.


    You can access various internet serviceswith your phone browser. The appearanceof the internet pages may vary due toscreen size. You may not be able to see allthe details on the internet pages.

    Important: Use only services that youtrust and that offer adequate security andprotection against harmful software.

    For the availability of these services,pricing, and instructions, contact yourservice provider.

    You may receive the configuration

    settings required for browsing as aconfiguration message from your serviceprovider.

    To set up the service, select Menu >Web >Web settings > Configurationsett., a configuration, and an account.

    Connect to a service

    To make a connection to the service, select

    Menu >Web > Home; or in the standbymode, press and hold 0.

    To select a bookmark, select Menu >Web > Bookmarks.

    To select the last visited URL, selectMenu >Web > Last web addr..

    To enter the address of a service, select

    Menu >Web > Go to address. Enter theaddress, and select OK.

    After you make a connection to theservice, you can start browsing its pages.The function of the phone keys may varyin different services. Follow the textguides on the phone display. For moreinformation, contact your serviceprovider.

    Web uploads

    Open the web page of your online sharingservice to view uploaded images andvideos and to change settings (networkservice).

    Open an online sharing service

    1 Select Menu >Web >Web uploads

    and an online sharing service.2 Select from the links offered by the


    28 Entertainment

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    Change settings of an online sharingservice

    1 Select Menu >Web >Web uploadsand an online sharing service.

    2 Select Options>

    Settings to openthe settings page of the service.

    Appearance settings

    While browsing the web, selectOptions > Settings and from thefollowing:

    Display Select the font size, whetherimages are shown, and how the text isdisplayed.

    General Select whether web addressesare sent as Unicode (UTF-8), the encodingtype for the contents, and whetherJavaScript is enabled.

    The available options may vary.

    Cache memory

    A cache is a memory location that is used

    to store data temporarily. If you have triedto access or have accessed confidentialinformation requiring passwords, emptythe cache after each use. The informationor services you have accessed are storedin the cache.

    A cookie is data that a site saves in thecache memory of your phone. Cookies aresaved until you clear the cache memory.

    To clear the cache while browsing, selectOptions > Tools > Clear the cache.

    To allow or prevent the phone fromreceiving cookies, select Menu >Web >Web settings > Security > Cookies; or,while browsing, select Options >Settings > Security > Cookies.

    Browser security

    Security features may be required forsome services, such as banking services or

    online shopping. For such connectionsyou need security certificates and possiblya security module which may be availableon your SIM card. For more information,contact your service provider.

    To view or change the security modulesettings, or to view a list of authority oruser certificates downloaded to yourphone, select Menu > Settings >Security > Security module sett.,Authority certificates, or Usercertificates.

    Important: Even if the use of certificates

    makes the risks involved in remoteconnections and software installationconsiderably smaller, they must be usedcorrectly in order to benefit fromincreased security. The existence of acertificate does not offer any protectionby itself; the certificate manager mustcontain correct, authentic, or trustedcertificates for increased security to beavailable. Certificates have a restrictedlifetime. If "Expired certificate" or"Certificate not valid yet" is shown, even ifthe certificate should be valid, check thatthe current date and time in your deviceare correct.

    Games and applications

    You can manage applications and games.Your phone may have some games or

    applications installed. These files arestored in the phone memory or anattached memory card and may bearranged in folders.

    Launch an application

    Select Menu > Applications >Games,Memory card, or Collection. Scroll to agame or an application, and select Open.

    To set sounds, lights, and shakes for agame, select Menu >Applications >Options >Application settings.

    Entertainment 29

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    Other available options may include thefollowing:

    Update version to verify that a newversion of the application is available for

    download from the web (network service)Web page to provide furtherinformation or additional data for theapplication from an internet page(network service), if available

    Application access to restrict theapplication from accessing the network

    Download an application

    Your phone supports J2ME Javaapplications. Ensure that the applicationis compatible with your phone beforedownloading it.

    Important: Only install and useapplications and other software fromtrusted sources, such as applications thatare Symbian Signed or have passed theJava Verified testing.

    You can download new applications andgames in different ways.

    Select Menu > Applications >Options > Downloads > App.downloads or Game downloads;the list of available bookmarks isshown.

    Use the Nokia Application Installerfrom PC Suite to download theapplications to your phone.

    For the availability of different servicesand pricing, contact your service provider.


    You can browse maps for different cities

    and countries, search for addresses andpoints of interest, plan routes from onelocation to another, save locations as

    landmarks, and send them to compatibledevices.

    Almost all digital cartography isinaccurate and incomplete to some

    extent. Never rely solely on thecartography that you download for use inthis device.

    To use the Maps application, selectMenu > Organiser >Maps and from theavailable options.

    Download maps

    Your phone may contain pre-installed

    maps on the memory card. You candownload a new set of maps through theinternet using the Nokia Map Loader PCsoftware.

    Nokia Map Loader

    To download the Nokia Map Loader onyour PC and for further instructions, seewww.maps.nokia.com.

    Before you download new maps for thefirst time, ensure that you have a memorycard inserted in the phone.

    Select Menu > Organiser >Maps to doan initial configuration.

    To change the selection of maps on yourmemory card, use the Nokia Map Loaderto delete all maps on the memory card anddownload a new selection, to ensure thatall maps are from the same release.

    Network map service

    You can set your phone to automaticallydownload maps that you do not have inyour phone when needed.

    Select Menu > Organiser >Maps >


    Network settings>

    Allownetwork usage > Yes or In homenetwork.

    30 Maps

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    To prevent automatic download of maps,select No.

    Note: Downloading maps may involvethe transmission of large amounts of data

    through your service providers network.Contact your service provider forinformation about data transmissioncharges.

    Maps and GPS

    You can use the Global Positioning System(GPS) to support the Maps application.Find out your location, or measuredistances and plot coordinates.

    Before you can use the GPS function withyour phone, you must pair your phonewith a compatible external GPS receiverusing Bluetooth wireless technology. Formore information, see the user guide foryour GPS device.

    After pairing the Bluetooth GPS devicewith the phone, it may take severalminutes for the phone to display thecurrent location. Subsequent connectionsshould be faster, but if you have not usedGPS for several days, or are very far awayfrom the last place you used it, it may takeseveral minutes to detect and display yourlocation.

    The Global Positioning System (GPS) is

    operated by the government of the UnitedStates, which is solely responsible for itsaccuracy and maintenance. The accuracyof location data can be affected byadjustments to GPS satellites made by theUnited States government and is subjectto change with the United StatesDepartment of Defense civil GPS policy andthe Federal Radionavigation Plan.Accuracy can also be affected by poor

    satellite geometry. Availability andquality of GPS signals may be affected byyour location, buildings, naturalobstacles, and weather conditions. The

    GPS receiver should only be used outdoorsto allow reception of GPS signals.

    Any GPS should not be used for preciselocation measurement, and you should

    never rely solely on location data from theGPS receiver and cellular radio networksfor positioning or navigation.

    Extra services

    You can upgrade Maps to fully voice-guided navigation, which requires aregional licence.

    To use this service, you need a compatible

    external GPS device that supportsBluetooth wireless technology.

    To purchase a navigation service withvoice guidance, select Menu >Organiser >Maps > Extra services >Purchase navigation, and follow theinstructions.

    To use navigation with voice guidance,

    you must allow the Maps application touse a network connection.

    The navigation licence is connected toyour SIM card. If you insert another SIMcard in your phone, you are asked topurchase a licence when startingnavigation. During the purchaseprocedure, you are offered to transfer theexisting navigation licence to the new SIMcard without extra charge.


    Let your phone help you to organise yourlife.

    Manage contacts

    Save names, phone numbers, and

    addresses as contacts in the phone and onthe SIM card.

    Select Menu > Contacts.

    Organise 31

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    Select the memory for contacts

    The phone memory can save contacts withadditional details, such as various phonenumbers and text items. You can also savean image, a tone, or a video clip for a

    limited number of contacts.

    The SIM card memory can save names withone phone number attached to them. Thecontacts saved in the SIM card memory areindicated by .

    1 Select Settings >Memory in use toselect the SIM card, the phonememory, or both for your contacts.

    2 Select Phone and SIM to recallcontacts from both memories. Whenyou save contacts, they are saved inthe phone memory.

    Handle contacts

    Search for a contact

    Select Menu > Contacts >Names.

    Scroll through the list of contacts, or enterthe first characters of the contact's name.

    Save a name and phone number

    Select Menu > Contacts > Add new.

    Add and edit details

    Select a contact and Details >Options >Add detail.

    Delete a detail

    Select a contact and Details. Select adetail and Options > Delete.

    Delete a contact

    Select a contact and Options > Deletecontact.

    Delete all contacts

    Select Menu > Contacts > Del. allcontacts > From phone memory orFrom SIM card.

    Copy or move contacts between thephone and SIM card memories

    Copy single contacts

    Select Options >Mark >Mark. Mark the

    contacts you want to copy or move, andselect Options > Copy marked or Movemarked.

    Copy all contacts

    Select Menu > Contacts > Copycontacts or Move contacts.

    Create a contact group

    Arrange contacts into caller groups withdifferent ringing tones and group images.

    1 Select Menu > Contacts > Groups.

    2 Select Add or Options > Add newgroup to create a new group.

    3 Enter the group name, optionallyselect an image and a ringing tone,and select Save.

    4 Select the group and View > Add toadd contacts to the group.

    Business cards

    You can send and receive a personscontact information from a compatibledevice that supports the vCard standard.

    To send a business card, search for the

    contact, and select Details > Options >Send business card.

    When you receive a business card, selectShow > Save to save the business card inthe phone memory.

    Date and time

    To change the clock type, time, time zone,or date, select Menu > Settings > Date

    and time.

    When travelling to a different time zone,select Menu > Settings > Date and

    32 Organise

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    time > Date & time settings > Timezone:, and scroll left or right to select thetime zone of your location. The time anddate are set according to the time zoneand enable your phone to display the

    correct sending time of received text ormultimedia messages.

    For example, GMT -5 denotes the timezone for New York (USA), 5 hours west ofGreenwich, London (UK).

    Alarm clock

    To sound an alarm at a desired time.

    Set the alarm

    1 Select Menu > Organiser > Alarmclock.

    2 Set the alarm on, and enter the alarmtime.

    3 To issue an alarm on selected days ofthe week, select Repeat: >On andthe days.

    4 Select the alarm tone. If you select theradio as the alarm tone, connect theheadset to the phone.

    5 Set the snooze time-out, and selectSave.

    Stop the alarm

    To stop the sounding alarm, select Stop.If you let the alarm sound for a minute orselect Snooze, the alarm stops for the

    snooze time-out, then resumes.


    Select Menu > Organiser > Calendar.

    The current day is framed. If there are anynotes set for the day, the day is in boldtype. To view the day notes, select View.To view a week, select Options >Week

    view. To delete all notes in the calendar,select Options > Delete notes > Allnotes.

    To edit settings related to date and time,select Options > Settings and from theavailable options. To delete old notesautomatically after a specified time, selectOptions > Settings > Auto-delete

    notes and from the available options.

    Make a calendar note

    Scroll to the date, and select Options >Make a note. Select the note type, and fillin the fields.

    To-do list

    To create a note for a task that you must

    do, select Menu>



    To create a note if no note is added, selectAdd; otherwise, select Options > Add.Fill in the fields, and select Save.

    To view a note, scroll to it, and selectView.

    NotesTo write and send notes, select Menu >Organiser >Notes.

    To make a note if no note is added, selectAdd; otherwise, select Options >Make anote. Write the note, and select Save.

    Nokia PC Suite

    With Nokia PC Suite, you can manage your

    music and synchronise contacts, calendarentries, notes, and to-do notes betweenyour device and a compatible PC or aremote internet server (network service).For more information, and to download PCSuite, see www.nokia.com/support.


    Your phone provides a standard, a

    scientific, and a loan calculator.

    Select Menu >Organiser > Calculatorand, from the available options, the

    Organise 33

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    calculator type and the operatinginstructions.

    This calculator has limited accuracy and isdesigned for simple calculations.

    Countdown timer

    Normal timer

    1 To activate the timer, select Menu >Organiser > Countd. timer >Normal timer, enter a time, andwrite a note that is displayed whenthe time expires. To change the time,select Change time.

    2 To start the timer, select Start.3 To stop the timer, select Stop timer.

    Interval timer

    1 To have an interval timer with up to10 intervals started, first enter theintervals.

    2 Select Menu >Organiser > Countd.timer > Interval timer.

    3 To start the timer, select Starttimer > Start.

    To select how the interval timer shouldstart the next period, select Menu >Organiser > Countd. timer >Settings > Contin. to next period andfrom the available options.


    You can measure time, take intermediatetimes, or take lap times using thestopwatch.

    Select Menu >Organiser > Stopwatchand from the following options:

    Split timing to take intermediatetimes. To reset the time without saving it,select Options > Reset.

    Lap timing to take lap timesContinue to view the timing that youhave set in the background

    Show last to view the most recentlymeasured time if the stopwatch is notreset

    View times or Delete times to view ordelete the saved times

    To set the stopwatch timing in thebackground, press the end key.

    Support and updates

    Nokia helps you in many ways to gain themost benefit from your phone.

    SupportWhen you want to learn more about howto use your product or you are unsure howyour device should function, see the userguide or see the support pages atwww.nokia.com/support or your localNokia website, or with a mobile device,www.nokia.mobi/support.

    If this does not resolve your issue, do the


    Restart the device: switch off thedevice, and remove the battery. Afterabout a minute, replace the battery,and switch on the device.

    With the Nokia Software Updaterapplication, update your devicesoftware regularly for optimum

    performance and possible newfeatures. See www.nokia.com/softwareupdate or your local Nokiawebsite. Remember to back up yourdevice data before updating thedevice software.

    Restore the original factory settingsas explained in the user guide.

    If the issue remains unsolved, contact

    Nokia for repair options. Seewww.nokia.com/repair. Before sendingyour device for repair, always back up thedata in your device.

    34 Support and updates

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    My Nokia

    Receive free tips, tricks, and support foryour Nokia phone, plus free trial content,interactive demonstrations, apersonalised web page, and news about

    the latest Nokia products and services.

    Get the most out of your Nokia phone andregister to My Nokia today! For moreinformation and availability in yourregion, see www.nokia.com/mynokia.

    Download content

    You may be able to download new content

    (for example, themes) to your phone(network service).

    Important: Use only services that youtrust and that offer adequate security andprotection against harmful software.

    For the availability of different servicesand pricing, contact your service provider.

    Software updates using your PCSoftware updates may include newfeatures and enhanced functions thatwere not available at the time of purchaseof your device. Updating the software mayalso improve the device performance.

    Nokia Software Updater is a PC applicationthat enables you to update your devicesoftware. To update your device software,

    you need a compatible PC, broadbandinternet access, and a compatible USBdata cable to connect your device to thePC.

    To get more information, to check therelease notes for the latest softwareversions, and to download the NokiaSoftware Updater application, seewww.nokia.com/softwareupdate or your

    local Nokia website.

    To update the device software, do thefollowing:

    1 Download and install the NokiaSoftware Updater application to yourPC.

    2 Connect your device to the PC using aUSB data cable, and open the NokiaSoftware Updater application. TheNokia Software Updater applicationguides you to back up your files,update the software, and restore yourfiles.

    Software updates over the air

    Your service provider may send phonesoftware updates over the air directly to

    your phone (network service). This optionmay not be available, depending on yourphone.

    Downloading software updates mayinvolve the transmission of large amountsof data through your service provider'snetwork. Contact your service provider forinformation about data transmissioncharges.

    Make sure that the device battery hasenough power, or connect the chargerbefore starting the update.

    Warning:If you install a software update, youcannot use the device, even to makeemergency calls, until the installation iscompleted and the device is restarted. Be

    sure to back up data before acceptinginstallation of an update.

    Software update settings

    This option may not be available,depending on your phone.

    To allow or disallow software andconfiguration updates, select Menu >

    Settings > Configuration > Devicemanager sett. > Serv. softw. updates.

    Support and updates 35

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    Request a software update

    1 Select Menu > Settings > Phone >Phone updates to request availablesoftware updates from your serviceprovider.

    2 Select Current softw. details todisplay the current software versionand check whether an update isneeded.

    3 Select Downl. phone softw. todownload and install a softwareupdate. Follow the instructions on thedisplay.

    4 If the installation was cancelled afterthe download, select Install softw.update to start the installation.

    The software update may take severalminutes. If there are problems with theinstallation, contact your service provider.

    Restore factory settings

    To restore the phone back to factory

    conditions, select Menu > Settings >Rest. factory sett. and from thefollowing:

    Restore settings only Reset allpreference settings without deleting anypersonal data.

    Restore all Reset all preferencesettings and delete all personal data, suchas contacts, messages, media files, and

    activation keys.

    36 Support and updates

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En




    Use only batteries, chargers, and accessories approved by

    Nokia for use with this particular model. The use of any other

    types may invalidate any approval or warranty, and may be


    For availability of approved accessories, please check with

    your dealer. When you disconnect the power cord of any

    accessory, grasp and pull the plug, not the cord.


    Battery and charger information

    The battery can be charged and discharged hundreds of

    times, but it will eventually wear out. When the talk and

    standby times are noticeably shorter than normal, replace the

    battery. Use only Nokia approved batteries, and recharge

    your battery only with Nokia approved chargers designated

    for this device. Use of an unapproved battery or charger may

    present a risk of fire, explosion, leakage, or other hazard.

    If a battery is being used for the first time or if the battery has

    not been used for a prolonged period, it may be necessary to

    connect the charger, then disconnect and reconnect it to

    begin charging the battery. If the battery is completely

    discharged, it may take several minutes before the charging

    indicator appears on the display or before any calls can be


    Always switch the device off and disconnect the charger

    before removing the battery.

    Unplug the charger from the electrical plug and the device

    when not in use. Do not leave a fully charged battery

    connected to a charger, since overcharging may shorten its

    lifetime. If left unused, a fully charged battery will lose its

    charge over time.

    Always try to keep the battery between 15C and 25C (59F

    and 77F). Extreme temperatures reduce the capacity and

    lifetime of the battery. A device with a hot or cold battery may

    not work temporarily. Battery performance is particularly

    limited in temperatures well below freezing.

    Do not short-circuit the battery. Accidental short-circuiting

    can occur when a metallic object such as a coin, clip, or pen

    causes direct connection of the positive (+) and negative (-)

    terminals of the battery. (These look like metal strips on the

    battery.) This might happen, for example, when you carry a

    spare battery in your pocket or purse. Short-circuiting the

    terminals may damage the battery or the connecting object.

    Do not dispose of batteries in a fire as they may explode.

    Batteries may also explode if damaged. Dispose of batteries

    according to local regulations. Please recycle when possible.Do not dispose as household waste.

    Do not dismantle, cut, open, crush, bend, deform, puncture,

    or shred cells or batteries. In the event of a battery leak, do

    not allow the liquid to come in contact with the skin or eyes.

    In the event of such a leak, flush your skin or eyes immediately

    with water, or seek medical help.

    Do not modify, remanufacture, attempt to insert foreign

    objects into the battery, or immerse or expose it to water or

    other liquids.

    Improper battery use may result in a fire, explosion, or other

    hazard. If the device or battery is dropped, especially on a

    hard surface, and you believe the battery has been damaged,

    take it to a service centre for inspection before continuing to

    use it.

    Use the battery only for its intended purpose. Never use any

    charger or battery that is damaged. Keep your battery out of

    the reach of small children.

    Nokia battery authentication guidelines

    Always use original Nokia batteries for your safety. To check

    that you are getting an original Nokia battery, purchase it

    from a Nokia authorised service centre or dealer, and inspect

    the hologram label using the following steps:

    Successful completion of the steps is not a total assurance of

    the authenticity of the battery. If you have any reason to

    believe that your battery is not an authentic, original Nokia

    battery, you should refrain from using it, and take it to the

    nearest Nokia authorised service centre or dealer for

    assistance. If authenticity cannot be verified, return the

    battery to the place of purchase.

    Accessories 37

    Your device is powered by a rechargeable battery. The battery

    intended for use with this device is BL-5CT. Nokia may make

    additional battery models available for this device. This

    device is intended for use when supplied with power fromthe following chargers: AC-8 or AC-15. The exact charger

    model number may vary depending on the type of plug. The

    plugvariant is identified by one of the following: E, EB, X, AR,

    U, A,C, or UB.

  • 8/8/2019 Nokia 6303 Classic UG En


    Authenticate hologram

    1 When you look at the hologram on the label, you should

    see the Nokia connecting hands symbol from one angle

    and the Nokia Original Enhancements logo when

    looking from another angle.

    2 When you angle the hologram left, right, down and up,

    you should see 1, 2, 3 and 4 dots on each siderespectively.

    What if your battery is not authentic?

    If you cannot confirm that your Nokia battery with the

    hologram on the label is an authentic Nokia battery, please

    do not use the battery. Take it to the nearest Nokia authorised

    service centre or dealer for assistance. The use of a battery

    that is not approved by Nokia may be dangerous and may

    result in poor performance and damage to your device and

    its accessories. It may also invalidate any approval or

    warranty applying to the device.

    To find out more about original Nokia batteries, see

    www.nokia.com/battery .

    Care and maintenance

    Your device is a product of superior design and craftsmanship

    and should be treated with care. The following suggestions

    will help you protect your warranty coverage.

    Keep the device dry. Precipitation, humidity, and all

    types of liquids or moisture can contain minerals that

    will corrode electronic circuits. If your device does get

    wet, remove the battery, and allow the device to dry

    completely before replacing it.

    Do not use or store the device in dusty, dirty areas. Its

    moving parts and electronic components can be


    Do not store the device in hot areas. High temperatures

    can shorten the life of electronic devices, damage

    batteries, and warp or melt certain plastics.

    Do not store the device in cold areas. When the device

    returns to its normal temperature, moisture can form

    inside the device and damage electronic circuit boards.

    Do not attempt to open the device other than as

    instructed in this guide.

    Do not drop, knock, or shake the device. Rough

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